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These stories were all written by Rosewood. I especially enjoy the Emma at School series, since schoolgirl stories are among my favorites.

Lately I've gotten a lot of queries about Rosewood.  The answers are, in no particular order:

  • Rosewood has started posting to the newsgroups. His first new post was a redelurk and commentary on the Emma series.
  • Yes, "his."  Rosewood is male.
  • I do not have a valid email address for Rosewood. At least not one that I can share.

Emma at School

The focus of this serial is the spanking of teenage girls, mainly in the context of school discipline. There is a variety of other material,including a high degree of sexual activity which may or may not be related to the spankings depicted.

This work is FANTASY FICTION. The events depicted have taken place only in the imagination of the author, who would consider many scenes abusive if they were to occur in real life. There are a number of scenes, some real and some in the characters' imaginations, involving both brother-sister and father-daughter incest.  Most are just mild fantasies, but there are one or two rather serious cases as well.  There are also a few instances of non-consensual sex. If any of this is likely to disturb you, please don't read these stories. [At the time these stories were posted, I (Laura) loved them.  I still think they're well-written, entertaining, and more than a little sexy, but I find the incest disturbing enough that I don't enjoy them quite as much as I once did.]


  1. A Change is Called For
  2. A Sight For Sore....
  3. The Cost of Failure
  4. Asking for It
  5. Meeting the Locals
  6. Lessons out of School
  7. Paying the Penalty
  8. For all the World to See
  9. House Public
  10. Fagging
  11. Getting Settled In
  12. A Letter from Home
  13. Night Life
  14. Going Home


  1. Vows
  2. Home at Last
  3. Apres Bridge
  4. Drinking is Bad for Your Health
  5. Going Back for More
  6. His Sister's Keeper
  7. The Rest of the Family
  8. Maggie's New Deal
  9. End of the Iinterlude
  10. Back at School
  11. After the Birching
  12. What's Coming to Her
  13. Woke Up this Morning...
  14. Epilogue - Full Circle

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