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These stories were written by Kfr965.

Mike and Maddy

This is a very touching, loving, and bittersweet series of M/F stories set during World War II.

Calm Before the Storm
Time of Their Lives
End of Innocence
Hard Work & Horseplay
Path to Conflict
Into the Fray
Fortunes of War
Fires of Creation

Other Stories

Accidental Apprentice (F/M)
Megan's Law (F/M)
Birds of a Feather (M/F, sex)
Course Correction (M/f)
The Discipline Direction (F/m)
Fate Takes a Hand (F/m)
Future Imperfect (?/M)
Future Imperfect II (M?/F)
Indian Summer (F/m)
Laura (F/M)
Legacy of Love (F/f)
A New Attitude (FM/m)
Nomad's Delight (M/F,sex)
Perchance to Dream
Renewal (F/f,M/f)
Rite of Passage (F/m)
Triad (MM/F)
We are such stuff (M/F,sex)