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Laura's Spanking Corner


I welcome feedback on this web site, but the number of email messages I get is becoming overwhelming. The vast majority of the mail is nice, but I get a few obnoxious or inappropriate messages, mostly from clueless folks who are obviously new to the net. Even if I ignore those, there is no way I can answer even all of the sincere email. I try, but my first priority is correspondence with my existing set of penpals, and mail from the web site comes second.

Most of the mail I get falls into just a few categories:

Positive or negative feedback about the web pages.
I enjoy hearing from people who like this web site. I am human, after all. I even like constructively worded criticism, because I'm always trying to make the site better. Most of the mail I get is web site feedback, however, and I don't have time to answer it all. Feel free to send your comments, but please don't feel bad if you do not get a reply.
Link Requests
A lot of people ask me to add a link to their web site to my Links page, or to "trade links."  Feel free to write to links@goodkitty.com and ask for a link, but keep the following in mind:
  1. Trading links has always seemed rather silly to me.  If I like your site I'll link to it, regardless of whether you link to mine.
  2. I don't link to phone sex sites or for-pay sites, including any that uses AdultCheck.
Stories for my web site.
I often get letters from people who have written a spanking story and would like me to include it on this web site. My answer is always a polite no. I don't accept stories for the web site via email unless they're from an an author who is already included on the site. If you are not represented on the site now, please do not send your stories to me. Instead, post them on soc.sexuality.spanking where a large audience will see them. If I like your story I'll archive it, and I'll eventually ask you for permission to put it on the Web.
Questions about spanking and BDSM
I also receive a lot of email from people who are excited by the spanking material on this web site but don't quite know what to do about it. They need safety information, want to get more involved in the scene, or are looking for technical tips. I am by no means an expert on s/m, but I try to help when I can. Please take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions list before you write. If I've already answered a question there, I'm not too likely to reply to you if you ask it again via email.
Questions about me
Some people, mostly men, ask personal questions about me. I have a small home page, but here are a few factoids. I'm thirty years old, single, and lesbian. By day, I'm a software architect in Silicon Valley. My hobbies include sailing, bicycling, reading (mostly SF), whipmaking, this web site, and of course S/M. You can find out a bit more by reading some of my Usenet posts.

That is about as personal as I get with total strangers. If you write and ask for intimate details of my life, I'll ignore you. If you want to meet me, get involved in the San Francisco S/M scene and you'll probably run into me at some point.

Guys who want a spanking
Yes, I get mail from total strangers who want me to spank them. Strange, but true. I ignore these messages. Most of these guys haven't even bothered to find out anything about me. I'm a lesbian, and I almost never play with men. I also don't play with people I don't know. Spanking is an emotional experience for me, and that connection doesn't happen with a stranger.
Sincere email with emotional content
Sometimes people feel an emotional connection with something I've written. Maybe they've had a similar experience, or they've had similar feelings at some point in their lives. Or they might have interesting insights or questions about my posts. I love this sort of email. If someone shares a bit about herself, I'm much more likely to want to do the same in response.

If you made it through all of that ranting and you still want to write to me, feel free. I really do not want to scare everyone away, but I do want people to understand why I don't always write back.