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Laura's Spanking Corner

Spanking Story Sites

Daria's Story Corner has a few Daria Little's stories that aren't on my site yet, plus writing by Helier and Corporal.

Elfie's Home Page has stories by s.s.s's ElfEllie and some nice SM artwork by Kessily.

Jimka's Archive of M/M Spanking Stories contains over 100 stories. M/M stories aren't my particular kink, but if they're yours, this is a good place to start.

Julnik's Story Nook is an archive of some of the yummy stories that Julnik has posted to s.s.s.

MrSpraycan's Page -- A few of his stories from s.s.s are archived here, along with an index of the rest, info about a forthcoming book, and other tidbits.

Mule's Home Page contains a number of nice spanking stories that he wrote, including some that have been published in magazines.

Stories by NaughtyGirl -- about a half a dozen stories, a mix of F/M and M/F.

Old Tom's Archive of Caning and Spanking Stories - Caning and Spanking Stories with a D/s Flavor, and Home of the Loopy Johnny Fan Page.

Playground of the Mind is a site containing Old Tom's 17-part story portraying one woman's journey into submission.

Stories by Qullis contains quite a few spanking stories by Quillis, an occasional poster to the spanking newsgroup.

Summer Story Contests from soc.sexuality.spanking are archived on their own web site.

The Treehouse belongs to Pablo and Mija from s.s.s. They're both wonderful authors, and I love their stories.