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Video Vendors

These companies sell spanking and S/M videos....

Apple Red Asses has a large selection of spanking videos that you can order online, though their web site is a bit primitive.

Magnum Video sells spanking videos, which you can order from their web site.

Miss Lyn's Spanking Page has a selection of videos as well as several English spanking magazines. And there's a cute animated picture of a woman being birched.

Paddles Magazine, in addition to their printed material and web site, has about 15 videos for sale.

RedHot Videos sells lots of videos with "hot women and even hotter action." Some of them have gotten good reviews on the spanking newsgroup, though I haven't seen any of them myself.

The Santa Barbara Paddle Company sells lots of male/male paddling videos, plus fraternity-style paddles.

Shadow Lane is a mail order vendor of spanking videos and publications. They also orgranize occasional spanking parties for their customers.