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Personal Spanking Sites

Castle Handyman is the home page of Charles Handyman and Magdala Nikhazy. It has spanking fiction by them and a few other authors, plus some photos, links, and other goodies.

Domino's Site is the virtual home of Domino, a frequent poster to s.s.s and a.s.s. It has a collection of her stories, her diary, and some photos of her punishments.

Jennifer's Web Page has some nice spanking stories and pictures, lesbian erotica, and other goodies.

JonTorLang's Home Page has some chat-based spanking stories and a small photo gallery.

Lorac's Spanking Site has personals, photos, links, and an archive of Lorac's stories.

Louiza's Spanking Files is an archive of stories, song parodies, and other material from the spanking newsgroups.

Maman - "The home of maternal discipline," this is a site devoted to the sharing of childhood spanking experiences, hosted by soc.sexuality.spanking's "Warmbotty".

The Salon is the home page of Darla and Ming, two denizens of alt.sex.spanking during its glory days.   It has a nice collection of stories, plus a guest book.

RedHiney's / Roseybtm hosts online spanking personal ads, photographs, chat rooms, etc.

Ritch's Silly Spanking Page is the virtual home of Ritch Flynn, the resident "police chief" on s.s.s.   He's got some nice photos, spanking video reviews, a home page, and assorted other goodies and, er, silliness.

The Spanker's Guide to the Galaxy has a list of links and a way to register for the mailing list of the same name.

The Spanking Resources Guide is a link list to Net sites and a specialized bibliography. It includes a variety of references to Internet web sites, newsgroups, mail lists, BBSes, e-mail connections, FTP sites, and IRC Chat groups.

S/Martass, aka "Laugh 'til it Hurts" has a quiz to determine your Brat Quotient, the Trew Sub Club, and other nice tidbits.  It's hosted by Randi from s.s.s.

Summer's Home Page is the virtual home of s.s.s's Summer Nicole Daniels and her guardian Adrian. There are stories about their R/L spanking relationship, some fiction, and other kewl stuff.

The Swat Team is adult male to male contact club for both homosexual and heterosexual male spanking enthusiasts.  A friend of mine has met a couple of play partners via this site.

Whitesocks.com is dedicated to young college girls in and out of uniform.  There are some Janus-esque photos, plus a chatroom.

Wulfram's Photo Gallery has a lot of nicely-digitized scans of spanking photos. There are some wonderful pictures here.