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SM Clubs - SF Bay Area

The clubs listed here are San Francisco-area commercial establishments that provide an environment for spanking and S/M play. Most of the items on this list were contributed by my friend Searcher.  Clubs outside the Bay Area are listed on a separate page.

A nice session house and play space in the Bernal Heights district of San Francisco, a few miles south of downtown.  I was a big fan of the old Castlebar before Damion lost her lease, and I'm glad that she has found a new building, and in a nicer neighborhood no less.  I haven't been to the new facility yet, but I'm told that it's very nice.   Castlebar offers professional sessions with a number of professional dominants, submissives, and switches, as well as private room rentals and rental of the entire facility for parties.


A comfortable, homey private club and play space, featuring educational programs and play parties every week. Private lessons and "Bed & Bondage" also available. You must contact Elizabeth to make a reservation. This place is especially accepting of newcomers to the community. It's also a good place to meet people.

Power Exchange
Main Station (gay and bisexual male)
74 Otis St.
San Francisco, CA

Substation (pansexual)
86 Otis St.
San Francisco, CA

Two S/M play spaces that are open to the public. Visit their web site or call for hours

Bondage a Go Go
Wednesdays, 9 - 3:30
The Trocadero
520 4th St. (4th & Bryant)
San Francisco, CA 94107
415-495-6620, 415-495-4600 (recording)

A bar featuring a large dance floor, loud Industrial music, attractive young people in fetish attire, and a crowded, smoky play area. This isn't really representative of the Bay Area BDSM Scene. It can be useful for testing whether a partner is receptive to BDSM.