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Laura's Spanking Corner

Spanking and SM Publishers

These companies sell books, magazines, videos, and other publications related to S/M and spanking.

Blue Moon Books sells their own spanking-related books and videos, plus a few titles by North Star.

CF Publications claims to be the world's largest publisher of spanking fiction. This site contains their catalog and a few sample stories. I've looked at a few of their magazines and what I've seen has been nice, especially Just us Girls.

Cuir Underground is a bi-monthly newspaper for the San Francisco Bay Area pansexual kink community. The online version has articles, columns (including one by Lady Green), and a calendar of Bay Area events.

Different Loving is a site mostly dedicated to promoting the book of the same name. It also has a few interesting articles and photos and a good selection of links.

Greenery Press is a publishing company run by s.s.s's own Janet Hardy. She publishes s/m books by Lady Green, Catherine Liszt, Jay Wiseman, and others.

Miss Lyn's Spanking Page sells several English spanking magazines and has a selection of videos as well.  And there's a cute animated picture of a woman being birched.

Paddles is an Australian magazine devoted to spanking. This site is mostly just a teaser for their for-pay online magazine, but it does contain one free sample issue of the magazine plus quite a few personal ads.

Pink Flamingo Publications is a site where you can order spanking-related fiction by Lizbeth Dusseau.

QSM, or Quality SM, is a San Francisco company that sells S/M books and publications via mail order and sponsors classes on topics related to s/m.

S & M News is the online version of a magazine published by Carter Stevens, with articles, pictures, ads, and the other usual stuff. Their server is rather slow, but if you're patient it will work.

Shadow Lane is a mail order vendor of spanking videos and publications. They also orgranize occasional spanking parties for their customers.

WHAP! Magazine -- Women wHo Administer Punishment -- is a slightly kitschy, '50-s style magazine about, well, women who spank their men.  The web site has an archive of articles, columns, and so on, plus (of course) ordering information.

The Wildfire Club -- As their web site says, whatever you were expecting, the Wildfire Club is not quite what you expect. I'm not quite sure what to make of these folks, but they publish two books that I really enjoyed reading, and they sell some nice straps and canes as well. If the society described in their books really existed, I'd join in a minute.