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BDSM Social Organizations

The organizations listed here are support groups and social clubs that provide education and social opportunities for people in the S/M community. This does not include groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, which are listed on another page.

The Arizona Power Exchange is a support and educational organization for people whose lifes or interests include S/M, Bondage & Discipline, or Dominance & Submission.

The Boston Dungeon Society is a kinky group of dominance and submission enthusiasts who get to know one another and keep in contact via a computer bulletin board. They sponsor monthly play parties for members, regular BDSM classes and demonstrations, as well as non-play socials.

Crimson Moon (formerly the Socity of Spanking Friends) is a Chicago-area organization that sponsors occasional spanking parties. I personally have a problem with their homophobic party rules, but your mileage may vary.

The Eulenspiegel Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 for the furtherance of sexual liberation with particular focus on the exploration of dominant and submissive fantasies. They are located in New York City.

The Kink Aware Professionals list isn't a support organization, per se, but it's a wonderful support resource, with lists of kink-friendly doctors, therapists, lawyers, dentists, and other professionals.

National Leather Association - Austin is a pansexual educational and support group serving the central Texas Leather/Fetish/SM community.

The Northeast Erotic Spanking Society is a New England area group for couples and single women who are into erotic spanking and/or domestic discipline. I attended their June, 1997 "Summer Frolic" party near Boston and had a wonderful time. This is a very supportive, sweet bunch of people. Almost all of the members are heterosexual couples, but I and my female date both felt very comfortable and welcomed. I recommend this group highly, and wish they weren't so far away from where I live.

PEP Atlanta is a chapter of People Exchanging Power. The national PEP organization seems to have morphed into a phone sex service, but local chapters like the one in Atlanta still host good discussion groups, parties, demonstrations, etc.

The Rose and Thorn Society is a Seattle group for those interested in male dominant / female submissive BDSM.  They host occasional parties, publish a newsletter,and have a nice web site as well.

San Antonio S/Munch sponsors a monthly gathering for S&M;, Dominance & Submission, Bondage & Discipline, Goth, Fetish, Spanking, and Leather enthusiasts to meet and socialize. Their web site has a nice list of Texas-area S/M links.

Xcorriga is a Toronto group for individuals who practice or have an interest in various aspects of dominance/submission, sado/masochism. They welcome both women and men of all sexual persuasions.