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SF Bay Area BDSM Groups

The organizations listed here are support groups and social clubs that provide education and social opportunities for people in the S/M community in and around San Francisco. My friend Searcher contributed much of this list.

This is an unincorporated non-profit association of leatherwomen that was formed out of the ashes of the Outcasts group (which was formed out of the ashes of Samois, ...). Members receive a monthly newsletter and calendar. Monthly eductational demonstrations are open to all women over 21 who are interested in S/M between women. Heterosexual and transsexual women are welcome.  I was an Outcasts member but let my membership lapse when the highly political transition to Exiles happened.  But I've heard that things are better now, and I'm probably going to join again soon.

Odyssey is a relatively new organization in the South Bay area that sponsors educational classes, social gatherings and occasional play parties.  I know two of the four founders and they are both nice, well-respected people -- one is even a former coordinator of Janus.  I haven't attended any of their events yet but all of the reports I've heard from friends have been positive.

The Society of Janus
415-292-3222 Hotline/Message line
Janus is a San Francisco educational and support organization which sponsors many seminars and social gatherings for adults interested in all areas of s/m. If you're in the Bay Area and you're kinky, you should seriously consider joining Janus. I'm happy and proud to be a member.

TLC (The Leather Community)
Meeting Second Sunday of each month
Santa Cruz Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Community Center,
1328 Commerce Lane
Santa Cruz, CA
Social somewhere else on the 4th Sunday. A newish group in Santa Cruz, still figuring out what it is. Open to all queer pervs. Contact MerrieSc@AOL.com to get on the newsletter list.

P.O Box 282719, San Francisco, CA, 94128
Male dominant/female submissive club for couples, featuring monthly parties.

The 15 Association
P.O. Box 421302, San Francisco, CA 92142
Gay male S/M social and educational group, featuring monthly parties.

PO Box 420989, San Francisco, CA, 94142-0989
An information network and party club that publishes the Leather Want Ads and a calendar of local BDSM events. They also sponsor parties for gay and transgendered people, straight women, and couples. Straight, non-TG males are typically not admitted without female escorts. Call for reservations, and leave your name and number. You can get on their snail-mail list for $20.

Service of Mankind Church
P.O. Box 1335, El Cerrito, CA 94530
A church devoted to goddess worship and rituals of female dominance. La Madrona, their secular party club, runs six parties a year, for dominant women and their submissive partners, male or female.