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Laura's Spanking Corner

What's New?

This page lists all of the changes that have been made to Laura's Spanking Corner since 7/22/96.

10/24/99 Stories by Jessie, Lurking Dragon. Updated links.
7/07/99 New stories by Jen.
7/03/99 New stories by Diane, Jessie, Lurking Dragon, Rosewood,
5/12/99 New stories by Corporal, Diane, Jessie.
4/01/99 More by Lurking Dragon.
3/29/99 New stories by Jessie, LurkingDragon
3/09/99 New stories by Diane.
3/09/99 Removed Uncle Larry's stories at his request.
2/25/99 New Mike & Maddy stories by Kfr.
2/02/99 Stories by Diane and Jessie,minor bug fixes.
1/17/99 Removed Sarah's stories at her request.
1/09/99 Search is working again; new stories by Oilbuckle
1/09/99 Stories by Lurking Dragon, Jessie.
12/15/98 Updated links , stories by Jessie, Lurking Dragon.
12/08/98 Updated links.
11/15/98 Stories by Diane, HBrushed, Jessie, Lurking Dragon.
10/20/98 Updated FAQ and links, stories by Lurking Dragon.
10/11/98 Stories by Bookbabe, Oilbuckle.
10/02/98 Stories by Jessie, HBrushed, Lurking Dragon, Oilbuckle.
9/13/98 Stories by  Rosy, Sarah.
7/21/98 Stories by Mija and John Benson.
7/05/98 Stories by Abel, Jessie Walker, and LurkingDragon.
7/03/98 Stories by Diane, LurkingDragon, and Uncle Larry.
6/02/98 Added stories by Corporal and LurkingDragon.
4/28/98 Added stories by John Benson.
4/22/98 Added stories by Elaryn,Ellie, and LurkingDragon.
1/18/98 Removed Barrister's stories at his request.  Updated Links, plus stories by Klick, Carolina Jim, Mike, and Kfr
12/21/97 More Links.
11/30/97 Added stories by Carolina Jim, Koala Bear, Pablo, and Sarah.
11/23/97 New stories by Sarah.
11/17/97 More changes in the site's look. Removed some of the pretty, anti-aliased text GIF's to reduce the number of hits needed when loading a page. Also moved 1996 Summer Story Contest to the SSS Resource Site.
11/13/97 Upgraded to a bigger (and more expensive) web server as an experiment to see if I can raise enough money with ads to pay for the site.
10/06/97 New stories by Gigi, Mike, and Solstice.
9/21/97 New look. New stories by Diane, Sarah, and me.
7/23/97 New stories by Diane.
7/20/97 New stories by Gaetana, James Stephenson, Pablo, and Sarah.
7/12/97 Added a simple search engine.
6/29/97 New stories by Sarah, Lily, Kent Stoneking, Solstice, and Gigi.
4/27/97 New stories by Thomas Bruns.
4/22/97 Updated links.
4/12/97 New stories from Diane, Gigi, Kfr965, Knax, Lily, and Mike
3/28/97 New stories by Gigi and new links.
1/11/97 New stories and posts by Kfr965, Lily, Mike, and me.
1/03/97 New FAQ's and links, plus new stories by Rosewood and Pablo.
12/03/96 Updated links and feedback pages.
11/24/96 New stories from BJ, Mary Jo, Lily, Pablo, and me.
11/04/96 New stories from Daria.
10/23/96 New stories from Rosy B. Goode and BJ.
10/08/96 Last (?) batch of Summer Story Contest entries.
9/11/96 New stories from Daria and Ted.
9/08/96 More Summer Story Contest entries.
8/31/96 New look! Let me know what you think.
8/20/96 New stories from Daria Little and Ron McIngle.
8/18/96 More Short Story Contest entries.
8/15/96 Added some classic stories by Ashley Wright.
8/13/96 Added Diane's Family Matters stories.
8/11/96 Yet more Short Story Contest entries.
8/06/96 More Short Story Contest entries, plus stories by Daria and Flogmaster.
8/05/96 More Short Story Contest entries.
8/03/96 More by Rosewood, Daria, and Hal.
7/30/96 Rosewood's stories (including Emma at School), and a few more by Hal and me.
7/28/96 Yet more Short Story Contest entries.
7/23/96 Stories by Hal and John Goetz, plus a few more by Barrister.
7/22/96 Added more stories by Kelley and Miss Lily. Added 1996 Short Story Contest.