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Laura's Spanking Corner


Mija doesn't write too many stories, but the ones she does write are usually good ones: very tender and sweet.


The Mushroom M/F semi-cons
The Conduct File M/F?, nc?
Cap's Tricks and Perils M/f
A Crisp White Shirt M/f, n/c no sex
For Tori F/F, semi-con, bondage, sex
The Town Square: Who's Doin' Whom? (F/F con, mild bondage, sexual)


Real Life

The Reprieve M/F, R/L, nc


Pablo & Mija

These stories were cowritten by Mija and Pablo, another member of the spanking newsgroup and an excellent writer in his own right. They are extremely sweet and loving.

Spelling (M/f)
Sleeping (M/f)
Surfing (M/f)
Safety (M/f)
Little Miss Naughty M/f nc (I think!)