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Laura's Spanking Corner

Lurking Dragon

Lurking Dragon has come up with a few itriguing settings for spanking story, the 28th Century, a midwestern college in 1971, and Hell.

Melody's Stories

"It is the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, as well as as often as she deserves... "

I absolutely love these stories.  There's just one problem: they're almost too good.  Melody means well and tries so hard (well, most of the time :-), and often I'm rooting for her not to be spanked.  I sometimes identify with her so strongly that I just want her to be loved and cuddled, not spanked.  (Hmm... Perhaps Melody needs an Aunt Laura..... :-)

Story Title


Melody's Xmas Dec 25, 2747 F/f M/f
Melody's New Year Sitter Dec 31, 2747 m/f
Playing Jan 09, 2748 M/f
The Long Afternoon Jan 22, 2748 F/f
Sleepover Jan 30, 2748 M/f F/m
Two Many Mommies Feb 12, 2748 F/f
The Park Mar 04, 2748 F/f
Bedtime 1 Mar 14, 2748 M/f
Rodger and Cora Apr 03, 2748 F/f F/f M/f, edgy, enemas
Melody's Easter Sunday Apr 12, 2748 M/f F/f
Neighbors Apr 22, 2748 F/f f/f
Rainy Day May 06, 2748 F/f M/f
Babysitter May 23, 2748 m/f F/m, edgy, enemas
Sprinkled & Spanked May 27, 2748 F/ff
Melody's Summer Vacation Jun 12, 2748 F/f M/f
Summer Vacation -- Epilogue Jun 27, 2748 A/a A/f F/a
Swim Class Jun 29, 2748 FF/f+
All American Spanking Jul 03, 2748 FM/f
Visiting Jul 06, 2748 F/f
Bedtime 2 Jul 22, 2748 F/f M/f
Swimming Jul 15, 2748 F/f
Wading Jul 26, 2748 M/f
Lunchtime Aug 05, 2748 F/f
Vaccinations Aug 28, 2748 FM/f
Visiting 2 Aug 22, 2748
First day of School Sep 01, 2748 F/m+f+
Homework Sep 08, 2748 F/f M/f
Pop Quiz Sep 15, 2748 FM/f
Visiting 3 Sep 19, 2748
Diaspora Sep 30, 2748 Machine/f,very severe, squicky
The Trial Oct 01, 2748 F/f, very severe
Monday Oct 05, 2748 M/f F/f therm, shot
Melody's Turn Oct 07, 2748 A/f F/ff M/f f/f
Ironhand Oct 13, 2748 F/fm F/f M/f
Melody's Birthday Oct 21, 2748 F/f F/f m+f+/f M/f
Assembly Oct 30, 2748 small F/f
A Bad Day Nov 08, 2748 M/f F/f
Thanksgiving Nov 26, 2748 M+/m+ M+/f+ F+/m+ F+/f+
Visiting 4 Nov 28, 2748 f/d M/f F/f F/f F/f(cons)
Report Card Day Dec 17, 2748 M+F+m/f
The Great Mall Prank Dec 19, 2748 M/f+
Melody's Xmas 2 Dec 25, 2748 F/f M/f
Winter Sunday Dec 27, 2748 F/f f/f f/f
Melissa Babysits Dec 31, 2748 ff/dd F/ff f/f
Visiting 5 Jan 02, 2749 f/doll F/f M/f
School Trouble Jan 13, 2749 F/fffmffmf, FM/f
Janie Turns Five Mar 26, 2749 F/f, f+m+/f
Naughty Jane's Easter Sunday Mar 28, 2749 M/f F/f
All Falls Apart Feb 03, 2749 F/f
Hell on Earth Feb-Mar, 2749
The Choice Mar 30, 2749
Rejuvenation Mar 30, 2749 F/f
  The First Principle Apr. 1-2, 2749 MFF/f
  New Sister Apr. 3, 2749 FMf/f
  Final Assembly May 28, 2749 M/f, F/f
  Final Assembly-epilogue May 28, 2749 F/f
  Decisions, Decisions June 3, 2749 F/ff
How Bad Can it Get? f/m



The Time: 1971 The Place: 3rd Floor of Jameson Residence Hall (A Girl's floor). A Large Midwestern University.

  Story Title Content
  My New Roomie F/f
  Getting to Know You F/f
  The English Paper F/f
  Bicycle F/f
No! Mary! Jane! F/f, M/F



This is a new series set in, well, Hell. Lurking Dragon's Hell is rather different than the more traditional concepts, of course...

  Story Title Content
  Mary Lou Jenkins Arrives In Hell F/f
  Chapter 2 F/f M/f Machne/f