Subject: No! Mary! Jane! (Collegegirl-6) (F/f) NC
From: Lurking Dragon <lurkdrag@nym.alias.net>
Date: 7 Nov 1999 19:40:36 -0000

No! Mary! Jane!

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a nine-year-old girl.

If you are under 18, get your parent's EXPLICIT permission before reading any further.

If you are offended by such material... DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

The Time: Thursday Evening, December The Place: 3rd Floor of Jameson Residence Hall (A Girl's floor). A Large Midwestern University.

* * *

Mary flounced into the dorm room a little before eight-thirty P.M. (She was SUPPOSED to be in the room by seven every night, unless escorted by Heather, but Heather had been pretty lenient in the past). She giggled as she locked the door, and seemed flushed to Heather.

But she was clearly lively enough as she stripped off her blouse and skirt, letting them fall to the floor. And proceeded into the bathroom, stripping off the rest of her clothing as she went.

Heather frowned a bit at this -- Mary had definitely been getting a bit of an attitude, lately. Still, kids were kids, and Heather sighed and bent over to toss Mary's discarded clothing into the hamper.

And froze...

* * *

Mary exited out of the steamy shower wearing nothing but her little pink bathrobe. She giggled as she flounced into the room -- and froze.

Heather was sitting on the couch. Mary's clothing next to her.

Frowning. "Get your little butt over here, Mary. Now!"

Mary was suddenly tearful at the stern viseage before her. Then she realized that Heather was mad about her throwing her clothes on the floor -- she HAD been getting a bit messy. Heather couldn't POSSIBLY know where she'd just been, or what she'd been doing... With a sigh of relief, Mary began to apologize as she approached her guardian.

"Save it, Brat!!" Heather pulled the child in front of her and pulled the tie of the robe, quickly stripping it off of the nine-year-old. "Over my knee, Brat! Now!"

"OK! OK! <snif> Pleeze, Heather, you don't haveta spank me! I won't throw my stuff on the floor anymore! Pleeze!" Yet even as she pleaded Mary wisely allowed Heather to help her damp, naked body up and over the elder girl's jeans-clad thighs.

As Heather settled Mary down over her knees, her heart sagged in despair. Please, PLEASE God, DON'T make her have to punish Mary the way she feared she'd HAVE to. PLEASE... But Heather, bound by her duty, opened the back of the couch-bed and slipped out the long piece of wood she'd concealed there...

<WHACK!!> "Yeeeeeeowww!! HEATHER!! Noooo! You CAAAAN'T!! Not THAT!" <SPLATT!> Again the rectangular piece of wood SPANKED down into Mary's tender bare nates, causing the child to howl. Heather frowned at the bright red stripe each swat of the paddle had left across Mary's damp bottom.

And at the pattern of small, white circles that had also sprung up.


Heather paused, reached over and grasped Mary's discarded clothing with her left hand, and shoved it up under the child's nose.

"SMELL!!!!" she commanded. Startled, the nine-year-old inhaled deeply.

"WELL!?!?" demanded Heather...<SPLACT!>

"YEEEAAAAAOW!! howled Mary, both in pain and despair. Oh, GOD! Heather KNEW! she KNEW!! "I'M SORRY!! REALLY!...I AM sorry! I-I just wanted to, you know, TRY it! Really, Heather... I-I only drank one little sip, I promise! And I HATED it! it tasted YUCKY! That's howcum I spilled it..."

<WHAP!> "BUT, young lady, you DID taste it!! And you are MUCH too young to be even TRYING beer, little miss!! And don't you agree that your Daddy would blister your bottom with the Wrath for pulling a stunt like that at your age?"

Mary yelped and shuddered as the awful paddle came down -- and gently patted her flinching hind-cheeks.

Not the Bear Paddle, that Heather had spanked her with before, when she was unusually naughty. But the paddle that had, for the past year, been her parents Ultimate Sanction.

It was made of some darkish wood. A full two inches longer than the Bear Paddle, and an inch wider.

But, where the Bear Paddle had its tip carefully rounded over into an oval, to prevent a paddle-corner from digging in to a tender, childish hind-cheek, this paddle's end was cut straight across, rectangular.

And while the Bear paddle's edges had been carefully rounded over and sanded, to prevent the welts and bruises that formed when a sharp edge encountered tender bottom-flesh; this paddle's edges had been left sharp.

And through the surface of the paddle had been drilled three rows of nickel-sized holes, each designed to pinch and blister a child's tender bare bottom. And across the holes lay the paddle's name.

The 'Hole'y Wrath of God. Along with a picture of God blistering a small (female) devil's bare bottom with a similar paddle...

Yes, Mary's Daddy would certainly have blistered her bottom with the Wrath of God for sneaking a taste of beer. But Heather wasn't Daddy!

"I-I'm Sorry, Heather. You're right, Daddy would use the Wrath. But, Please PLEASE couldn't you let me off an' just paddle me with the Bear paddle? Pleeeze? I-it WAS the first time, I promise!!"

<WHACK!!> "That's what I would've done, kid. But take a look at your skirt. Is that or is that not a CIGARETTE BURN???" <SMACKK!!>

"AIIEEEOW!! OWWW! NOO MORE!! <sob> <sniffle> <sob>" Oh, GOD! Heather knew EVERYTHING! WHY did she do dumb stuff like this? She was supposed to be smart...

"Yes, Heather. It is. I-I Oh GOD!! I'm SORRY! I'm so SORRY! PLEEZE! I-I HATED it!! It made me cough and I felt sick, PLEASE don' paddle me, PLEASE!!"

"Mary Thomas, I have no choice!!! I HAVE to blister your bare bottom until you can't sit down for a week, I HAVE to!! Mary...."



"AIIIIEEEIIIIIIIAAAAAOOOWW!! NOOOO! No! Heather, NO! I-It's NOT what you THINK!! Debbie said they were HERBAL!! S-She said they weren't LIKE reg'lar cigarettes, they weren't bad for you... She said..."

"She lied, Mary."


"That smell, young lady, is MARIJUANA. DRUGS."

Heather felt the small body under her hands stiffen into total rigidity for a second. Then relax into sobs.

"A-Are you SURE?"

"Yep. Believe, me, kid. I'm certain-sure."

"Th-then I guess you really gotta b-blister me. <sob> For real. But I swear, Heather, I DIDN'T KNOW!! I really, really DIDN'T!!!"

"I believe you, kid." Heather set the Wrath of God down on the couch next to her, then re-opened the back of the couch and withdrew another paddle. A smaller, more rounded paddle. The Bear Paddle.

"New RULE!! <Spank!!>"

"Yeeowww!! HUUUH??" Mary started as she felt the unmistakeable burning sting of the lighter paddle bite into her already well-reddended bare bottom. Sudden hope filled her heart, as she realized that, just maybe, a well-blistered bottom to sit in class on Friday was NOT her horrible fate...

Relief flooded Heather's heart as her greatest hopes were fulfilled, as she now knew, for certain, that she would NOT have to use that awful paddle to spank her young charge's bottom into a mass of blistered hamburger. She believed the child -- one word, in particular, had fulfuilled that belief -- Debbie.

"New Rule!" she repeated. "From now on, young lady, fourth floor West is OUT OF BOUNDS. Not just Debbie and Martha's room, mind you, but the ENTIRE FLOOR. Stepping out onto that floor without ME WITH YOU will now, ALL BY ITSELF be a bare-bottomed spanking offense. With the hairbrush-back, AT LEAST!! <Splaatt!>"

"And God help your bottom if I EVER hear about you visiting the California Girls again, DO <Spank!> You <Splatt!> UNDERSTAND?? <Spank! Splat! Whap!>"

"Yaaaaaowww! <Sob> Waaaaah! I unnerstand!! I won't ever go back there EVER again!! DRUGS!! Oh, GOD, THANK you Heather!! Thank you for understandin'..."

"Don't thank me too soon, young lady. You've still got a long, hard paddling coming to you tonight!! And ANOTHER good bedtime spanking TOMORROW night, do you understand?? Probably with my hairbrush!! And you are GROUNDED ALL DAY Saturday!! I'll think up something to keep you occupied... BESIDES a few more spankings! Understand?"

"<Sob> <sniffle> Yes, Heather. I understand -- and -- and I know I really deserve a good paddlin' an' even maybe the rest of it. I just can't believe -- they were so NICE!!!"

"Yeah, kid, I know..." And as Heather began to paddle the red and sore bare bottom over her knee her thoughts drifted back to HER first encounter with the terrors known thoughout the campus as the California Girls...

* * *

Friday night. Heather fumbled her keys as she tried to get back into her dorm room -- then discovered that the door was open. She was a bit surprised that Rachel or Susan were back yet, but gratefully opened the door and entered her room, again wiping tears of frustration and horror from her eyes. She couldn't believe what those awful girls had done to her.

And even worse, what she had done to them...Heather felt sick!

But as she gratefully entered her sanctum, her eyes fell on the couch, and on the lithe, athletic figure that sat there waiting for her.

Steve!! STEVE was there waiting for her!!

And Heather burst into tears as her boyfriend sprang to his feet, quickly taking her into his arms as he asked "Heather!! What is it! What's wrong, baby? Come here!! Where have you been? Are you hurt? Did you forget we were going out tonight? Are you O.K.?"

Oh, GOD, she was so ASHAMED!!

It took several minutes for Steve to cajole and prompt Heather into telling him everything that had happened.

Wanting to fit in SO badly. The gratitude of having SENIORS even TALK to her, much less invite her into their room. Being so NICE to her... Trying the beer -- which, Steve realized, had been spiked with something stronger. The 'herbal' cigarettes, that made the world sort of lose focus, as the eighteen-year-old tried so hard to look 'grown-up..."

And finally, the soft, eager hands slipping up under her blouse, lips kissing her breasts, feeling so uninhibited and floating, almost like it was all happening to somebody else.

Her clothes somehow disappearing. Soft, eager mouths kissing her all over, even down there. And it feeling so good, even as a tiny part of Heather rebelled and tried to stop...

More drinks and smoking, and the awful memory of the terrible things Heather's mouth and tounge had eventually done...

By the time Heather's confession and sobbing apologies had finished, the teenager was sobbing and crying.

Steve was angry and enraged. Angry at Heather -- who had, after all, willingly joined in the party, in the drinking and smoking (even if she HADN'T realized just WHAT she was actually drinking and smoking). Despite the fact that, at eighteen, she was a year-and-a-half away from being able to drink legally, at twenty. Enraged at the older girls who had enticed his love into their lesbian orgy.

But he sure couldn't do anything about THEM. They'd been careful enough to leave no evidence that wouldn't get Heather tossed out of school right along with them. He'd heard rumors about something like this from his fraternity brothers, but hadn't known about it for sure. Heather wasn't the first young freshman they'd seduced--and far from the first one they'd TRIED to seduce...

"Heather-HEATHER!! O.K., yes, I know, but YOU messed up, too. Now, go over there, pick up the phone, and call your Dad."

"STEVE! NOO! I can't tell Daddy!! I just can't! He'll kill me!"

"No he won't, Heath. Oh, he'll be mad, of course..."

"Steve, you KNOW Daddy!! He'll come up here and haul me out of school so fast..."

"Maybe. Maybe you should be kept home for a year, if this is the kind of descision you make on your own!! Besides, we both know that he'll probably let you come back Monday. After he blisters your butt for you!! Which you deserve!"

Heather blushed. Steve had been their next door neighbor since she'd been just a little girl of nine or so, and had admitted hearing her howling and bawling over her Mommy and Daddy's knee on more than one occasion through the years. As she'd heard him 'getting it'... though he'd never seemed to get into trouble as often as she had...

And he was right. Part of her fear of telling her father WAS the sound spanking she'd certainly be in for. Though it was her Mommy's hairbrush that would probably be worse...

"No, you're wrong, Steve, you don't know how he feels about drugs. I can't believe I fell for that bit about 'herbal' cigarettes -- he'll never believe it!! He'll stick me into junior college for two years and may never let me come to the University -- he almost didn't, anyway, you KNOW how conservative he is -- he think's a girl's place is married rasing babies, and you don't need a college degree for that!"

"Well, maybe. But you NEED to talk to him, or at least to your Mom. Heather, how do you feel about what happened?"

Heather had helplessly blushed, a look of unmistakeable guilt flashing across her features.

"You see? Heather, you need to put an end to this, or the guilt will rip you apart, you KNOW that!! Yeah, those, those California BRATS led you into temptation, but YOU yielded to it! For your own sake, you HAVE to forgive yourself -- and you can only do that after your Mommy or Daddy punishes you for it. Remember the cookies??"

Now THAT wasn't fair!! The cookie incident had been back when she was ten!!

But she HAD finally told her Mommy about swiping them, and taken her spanking for it. Maybe Steve was right. But not Daddy.

"M-maybe, Steve, but not Daddy. I just couldn't bear it! Not the spanking -- you know, Mommy would probably do it, anyway, Daddy says I'm too grown up now for him to. But I just can't bear to disappoint him this way. I just can't..."

"Not to mention losing your chance to swim in competition, maybe. O.K., Heather. It's your choice. But I really think you should call home. You really NEED to be punished for this -- to make you think twice about doing something this stupid again, if nothing else!!"

Heather sobbed again. She DID feel terrible. Soiled. BAD. But she just couldn't BEAR telling Daddy. Or even Mommy, who might understand better. But Mommy would tell Daddy anyway -- they never kept anything from each other about the girls.

But maybe there was another way...

"Y-you could do it, Steve."

"Huh? Do what?"

"P-punish me. You're right -- it WAS dumb. And stupid. And N-naughty. A-and I should be punished for it. B-but I just CAN'T give up college -- I've dreamed about it for so long. An' if I call home, that's what'll happen. So, so you do it! You punish me for bein' so stupid..."

Steve was shocked. And very, very tempted... He'd carefully never let Heather know it, but he'd more than once slipped into his Daddy's study when he'd heard her 'getting it', or knew (often from being sent home following one of her pecadillios) that she was about to get it.

The study on her house's side of his house. The one with the window that looked in on the girl's bedroom. Where he'd seen quite a few of Heather's spankings through the years... He'd thrilled to the sight of the little girl being turned over her Mommy's (or more rarely her Daddy's) lap, her little dress turned up neatly over her back (or, later, her jeans being lowered to her knees), her little cotton panties turned up, a parental palm rising and falling briskly... little Heather (or not-so-little Heather) bawling and sobbing as her panties were thoroughly warmed.

Or those rarer, treasured occasions when her Mommy pulled her little panties down, and spanked Heather's bare bottom.

He'd thrilled to her sister's spankings, too. Lucy, four years younger than Heather, who's five-year-old bottom had been the first Williams behind he'd seen getting spanked. Little Jane, too young to spank when the Williams family had moved in -- but spanked far more often than Heather ever was by the time they stared dating. And much more often on the bare. Michelle, the baby when they'd moved in, the good girl; rarely spanked, very rarely bare bottomed, at least during the summers when he'd been home. Little Nancy, who had just started getting the occasional spanking during the summer after his sophmore year.

Those wonderful occasions, later on, when he'd get to see one of the younger girls 'get it' over Heather's own lap, while she was babysitting. Her parents always took the child to the girl's room before spanking them, but Heather had sometimes just paddled the seat of their skirts right there in front of him.

And those terribly, terribly rare treats when, through the study window, he'd watched as two or more of the William's girls had their pantyseats warmed in succession. (And once, a pair of young bare bottoms, belonging to, inevitably, Jane and her older sister Lucy, apparantly for fighting. (Lucy had been about ten, and Jane seven or so).

The unbelieveably thrilling evening he'd watched an eleven-year-old Heather actually get a bare-bottomed spanking with her Mommy's hairbrush!!

(That was the only time he'd seen Heather get hairbrush-spanked. She really was pretty well behaved, most of the time. But he'd seen little Lucy 'catch it' with the brush several times. And even little Jane, who was just barely eleven NOW, had been getting bare-bottom hairbrush-spanked since she'd turned eight -- he'd seen what was, certainly, her first such spanking... HOW she'd bawled at the sting and shame of it!)

So the thought of 'punishing' his beautiful young steady was more tempting than Heather could possibly know!

And, after all, it was for her own good...

"O.K., Heather. If you really want me to, I'll punish you. But you should know -- I intend to punish you the way you told me your Mommy used to, the way I used to get it. I'm not gonna ground you, or something stupid like that." Steve helped Heather up from where she'd been seated, next to him on the couch. "If you want me to punish you, you're gonna have to go over my knee for the good, sound spanking you know you deserve. If that's what you want, hon... then go over to your dresser and bring me back your hairbrush."

Heather froze. Her hairbrush. Her HAIRBRUSH?!?! She'd only gotten a spanking with the hairbrush-back once, and that had been plenty.

But then, THAT had been for smoking, too. Tobacco smoking. And even if they had been 'herbal', she'd smoked them (and hated them. But she was desperate for acceptance in her new home, and lonely, despite Steve. But she'd KNOWN it was wrong...) Not to mention drinking under-age.

Oh, GOD, Steve was right -- she deserved the hairbrush.

Heather sobbed, and walked over to her dresser -- and fetched back the flat-backed implement of her doom. Sobbing, she handed it to Steve, then knelt down on the couch next to him when he patted it.

But he stopped her when she started to bend over his lap. "Just a second, Heather. Stay upright on your knees while I get you ready..."

To Heather's horror, her boyfriend began to unbuckle the belt of her Wrangler jeans. "No! Steve -- wh-what are you?"

Steve paused and said "I'm getting your jeans down so I can paddle your naughty little pantyseat -- just like your Mommy and Daddy did all the other times you were a naughty little girl. What did you expect -- that I'd wear out my hand on the seat of these jeans?"

Well, yes, that HAD been her expectation. Or maybe her hope. But Heather just burst out into sobs as Steve's fingers resumed their work, unsnapping and unzipping the pants and then rolling them neatly down Heather's smooth thighs to her knees -- carefully leaving her pink cotton panties in place.

With their large stain giving mute evidence to the full scope of her earlier shame...

To her relief, Steve didn't mention the mark of her journey to Lesbos. Instead, he merely helped Heather drape her five feet and three inches over his lanky six-foot-four frame.

Heather felt like a helpless child again as her strong 'steady' gently settled her into the traditional punishment position. But at the same time a strange thrill ran through her.

Heather had always enjoyed spanking her little sisters, when she'd been left in charge of them and they'd needed it (and they HAD needed it, especially Jane). But even as she'd enjoyed the feeling of power and control, she'd also secretly put herself in the place of the spanked child, with a secret desire to be helpless and controlled!

She'd regretted the too-early termination of her Daddy's spankings--it just hadn't been the same when her Mommy had been doing the swatting. But she'd secretly dreamed, on more than one night, of being turned over her strong Steve's lap and being held gently down while his large hand had gently stung her bottom with firm spanks.

But now her dream was coming true -- though that hairbrush would do far more than 'gently sting'!!

Heather yelped as Steve's hand SMACKed into the seat of her thin panties. It STUNG!! a LOT!!

"Yeeow!! Stevie!! Not so..." <SPANK!!> "Yooow! not so HARD! Please!"

<THWAP!> "Come on, Heather! <SPLAT!!> This isn't a <WHAP!> game! You <SPLAT!> need <SPANK!> a good <SPLACT!> sound <WHACK!> spanking <WHOP!> and that's <SPANK!> what <THWHAP!> you're <SPLAT!> gonna <CRACK!> get!! <SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!>

Heather was already crying as Steve's hard hand spanked unbelieveable fire into her tender teenaged bottom. Her thin panties were no protection from this!! They defended only her modesty, not her tender skin!!

So by the time the thirtieth and final spank had impacted her tender nates, Heather found herself bawling and sobbing like a well-spanked five year old, not the all-grown-up college freshman she'd believed herself to be!

And then the bawling girl felt the horrible, gentle pat-pat-pat of her very own hairbrush's solid wooden back against her flaming bottom. And managed to halt her crying just long enough to let out a whining "Nooooo!" before the first horrible, burning spank impacted her already well-warmed bottom...

It was followed by more spanks.

Many, many more spanks.

Eventually, Heather got herself under control, as she was gently held by her Steve, her flaming bottom gently resting on his lap, his strong arms gently comforting her like a small, well-spanked child.

Finally, Heather stopped bawling.

"Heather? Honey? Are you O.K. now?"

Heather managed to nod.

"This probably isn't the best time, but -- will you marry me? Not right away -- after you graduate. But I need to know."

"<sob> <sniffle> I can't believe it! That you'd DARE to ask me that NOW, right after you've all but worn out my poor butt with my own hairbrush!"

"You're absolutely right. I'm a horrible cad who was incredibly turned on by spanking your beautiful little bottom. So what's your answer?"

"YOU!! YOU!! Yes, damn it!! I've been waiting for you to ask me for YEARS!!"

"Good! I love you, Heather, and I always meant to marry you, but I wanted to wait to ask you until you'd had a chance to meet other guys and could be sure. But now I had to..."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Because the NEXT time you pull a naughty stunt like this, I really think I should give you your spanking on your naughty BARE bottom. And I really think a man should be at least engaged to a girl before he spanks her on the bare seat..."

"WHAT!! You! You! You!..." Heather spluttered at her new fiance as her hand instinctively tried to slap him--

Only to be intercepted by his own entrapping hand. "Uh, uh, uhhh! No slapping, little girl -- unless you want another little spanking, and I don't think your little red bum-bum is up to that right now. You know, Heather, you're pretty well behaved, but you WILL get into trouble again, sooner or later, and I'm now looking forward to it. You're now MY girl, and I'll expect you to behave yourself... now, up with you..."

To her surprise, the spluttering Heather was easily deposited onto her feet, as Steve stood up himself. He retained a strong grasp on her wrist, and Heather was startled as she felt herself being pulled along by her arm.

"Steve! Steve, where are you -- why are you taking me into the john?? Steve? STEVE!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING WITH THAT SOA<gack!!>"

"Now, Heather, a minute ago you used the NAUGHTY form of 'darn', and what kind of fiance would I be if I let my girl use language like that?? What would your Mommy or Daddy say?? What would they DO, Heather?? They'd wash out your mouth with soap -- wouldn't they, honey?? Just like I am now..."

Heather suddenly realized that her life at the university would be MUCH different from now on.

Much more like her life BEFORE she'd left home....

And even as she gagged on the horrible taste of Ivory, Heather suddenly felt comforted and loved, far less alone, far less lonely...

* * *

Heather critically scanned the small, crimson bare bottom arched over her right knee, and decided that little Mary was a sufficiently well-paddled little girl for now. Setting the Bear Bottom Paddle down onto the couch next to her, she began to rub and pat Mary's burning seat as the child continued to blubber and bawl over her lap.

Slowly Mary's sobs began to ease, and eventually she was just quietly crying. Heather rolled the child over on her lap, slightly increasing her sobs as her hot, sore bare bottom pressed into the rough cotton of Heather's jeans. For a few minutes, Heather held the child's head against her breast, comforting her after her ordeal. Then Heather began to scold the naughty little girl...

"Now, Mary, you knew you were being naughty when you took that beer and the cigarettes from those darn California Girls. You should know better than to trust strangers like that just because they seem nice! I spanked you for taking treats from strangers, too! And you've got another good spanking coming tomorrow afternoon, so you make sure you're back in the room by four -- our last class ends at two, but I have some research to do in the library first. When I get in, I expect to find you kneeling on your bed with your nose in the corner!"

New sobs escaped from the child on her lap -- but Mary had expected it. Alcohol and smoking would've earned her more than one spanking back home -- and at least the first one would've been a blistering with the 'Hole'y Wrath of God paddle. And her Daddy would probably given her a good welting with his belt -- OVER her blisters -- the next day!!

"I know, I know, but darn it, Mary, you deserve some good spanking for pulling such a silly, stupid stunt -- you don't know WHAT those two might've done if you'd really gotten stoned with them; you don't know them..."(But Heather did... and knew... which was one reason she was determined to really teach Mary a thorough lesson...)

"Tomorrow afternoon, I'm gonna give you a good spanking and put you to bed early without your supper, so you might want to get a big lunch. And don't make any plans for Saturday, young lady, because you'll be spending the entire day right here in the room getting punished! We'll go down to the cafeteria for meals together, of course, and I want you to sit quietly and eat like a little lady no matter HOW sore your little fanny is!!"

Again, Mary's sobs renewed as the nude child weeped into Heather's breast. Saturday was going to be a long, painful ordeal -- and she DESERVED it, too!

"I don't know about Sunday -- that depends on how you behave yourself. But at the very least you can expect a spanking first thing in the morning, to keep you nice and repentant as you sit on those hard, wooden pews in Church!! After that, we'll see. Now, it's time to stand up and go get into bed... AFTER I wash out your little mouth with soap. You DID try to fib your way out of this spanking, didn't you young lady?"

A horrified look on her face, Heather helped the child to her feet, and led her into the bathroom. There, the wet, partially used bar of Ivory soap was gently inserted into Mary's obediently opened mouth, and enthusiastically rubbed in and out until Mary's fresh tears displayed her regret for trying to lie her way out of her spanking.

But since Heather sympathetically knew that a little girl just HAD to try and avoid a sound spanking at any cost, she relented and actually allowed Mary to rinse before she led the still sobbing child over to her little bunk bed. There Heather pulled down the covers, well past the middle, and began to reach for the pillows...

Mary started to step towards the dresser..."Where are you going, young lady?"

"<sob> T-to put on <sniffle> my jammies."

"Not tonight, brat! I think I want you spending the night all bare, instead." Heather had moved both of Mary's pillows to the center of the bed. "Now, I want you to get onto the bed, face down, with your little bare bottom right over these pillows, up nice and high!!"

Mary burst into more sobs even as she obeyed Heather. "Nooo! <sob> No more spankin' Heather, not tonight! Pleeze, I thought you said you wanted me to go to bed!"

As Mary positioned herself over the pillows, Heather said "I do, brat!" and pulled the sheets and blanket up over Mary's small, shiverring form. "I just want you to realize just how naughty and spanked you are while you go to sleep!!"

Mary felt the rough sheets against her oh-so-sore bare bottom, pressed firmly down by the heavy blanket and comforter. With her bottom up and her head down, she couldn't HELP but pay attention to how spanked she was!!

As Heather tucked the child in, she grinned -- Mary would be feeling bare, and helpless, and oh-so-well spanked in that position!! Just what the little brat needed...

* * *

Friday afternoon, when Heather got back to the dorm room, she found Mary there waiting for her. The child was on her bed, her nose firmly pressed into the corner, her hands clasped behind her. As Heather set the small paper bag down on the bed, she ordered "Mary, pull up your dress and hold it above your waist so I can see your little panties -- and think about how soon I'll be spanking them. And how soon they'll be coming down, too!"

Mary blushed at the embarassing orders, but moved quickly to comply. It wasn't easy getting her long green woolen dress out from under her knees, so that she could roll and gather it up under her arms, but she did it. (It had been quite cold out that morning, and Mary had needed the extra protection and warmth of the long woolen dress). Heather pulled her desk chair out and positioned it in the center of the room. Then she turned to her purchase. "Look here, Mary". Mary turned her face from the corner obediently.

"The problem, brat, is that your bottom is probably just too well spanked for me to give you what you really deserve. And leave it in shape for what you've got coming tomorrow, that is. Pull down your panties and let's see."

Mary's obedience exposed a small bottom that was still lightly bruised from the previous evening's paddling. And there were several small, tender red spots from Heather's firm application of the Wrath of God paddle, before she'd been able to change over to the somewhat less painful paddle labelled "For the Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind." Heather nodded sagely. "Yep. That bottom is still too well spanked for me to paddle it again, or even use my hairbrush. You need a good, LONG spanking, Mary, and I'm afraid my hand just isn't up to it!! That's why I bought THESE..."

Heather opened the small paper bag and removed two toys. Toys Mary blanched at and began to sob.

They were little wooden paddles, each with a bright red rubber ball attached to it by a rubber band. Heather opened her desk drawer, rummaged in it for a moment, and pulled out her scissors. She quickly popped the staple out of one of the little paddles, freeing its rubber ball. "What are you looking at, brat! Get your nose back into the corner!" Heather calmly removed the string and ball from the other paddle as Mary obeyed.

She patted the lightweight paddle sharply against her left palm. Mary visibly flinched at the sharp slapping sound. "Yep, this will be perfect, baby-brat! It shouldn't sting any more than my hand--well, not much more -- but I'll be able to spank your bare little fanny for a LOT longer than I can handspank you. Without wearing out your little hams or leaving bruises on them, like the paddle or hairbrush does if I'm not really careful. Yep, I think you can plan on feeling these little paddles a LOT over the next few months, miss!"

Heather seated herself on the desk chair, placing one of the little paddles on the floor next to her, leaning against the chair's leg where she could easily reach it. "O.K. Mary, come and get the good, long, sound spanking you need..."

Sobbing, Mary made her way off of her bed and stood up on the floor. Her dress fell back down -- she hadn't been ordered to hold it up. With her panties hidden, but still around her knees, the child began to hobble her way over to her guardian. She was already sobbing a bit as she reached Heather's side.

Heather silently took hold of Mary's long, woolen dress, and began gathering it back up. Mary blushed again in embarassment as her little bare tummy and 'privates' were exposed briefly by her stern 'big sister', before they were concealed by her being turned face down over the larger girl's lap. Her bare tummy and loins pressed firmly into the older girl's scratchy woolen frock...

Mary's face went down, well below her bottom, almost level with her own knees. She hated being over Heather's lap on the chair -- much more than when she was taken over her knees on the couch. On the chair, she had no support for her legs or chest, and all of her weight was supported by her tummy and upper thighs. This meant that she was, inevitably, bent well over, at almost a ninety degree angle. Her little bare bottom (Heather already had the child's dress up in back, too) was sticking almost straight up, easily the highest point of Mary's body. Horribly exposed for the sound spanking it was about to get, the skin more tightly stretched than when they were on the couch, which Mary knew would make her spanking sting and burn even more!

And this time, Mary discovered, it would be even worse than usual, because Heather had made sure her woolen dress was well clear of her body. Which meant, in her well-bent-over position, that gravity made it fall to the floor.

Completely covering the child's head, blinding her, while leaving her exposed from the armpits back, except for the little cotton singlet she wore under the scratchy wool. Mary felt horribly helpless; she couldn't even see what was going on!! She couldn't look back and see what Heather was doing, or even use her eyes to plead for mercy once she was bawling too hard to ask for it!! Mary had never felt more exposed or helpless...

Heather patted the little bare bottom in front of her as she realized what poor Mary must be feeling. But the naughty little girl had every bit of this spanking coming, she really really needed a good lesson; Heather still shuddered at what those damned California Girls might--WOULD -- have done if Mary hadn't been put off by the strong taste of the rum-laced beer, or been made ill by the marijuana cigarettes... (Heather still thought those damn things had been treated with something else, something stronger. But she couldn't prove it...)

So, frowning in concentration, Heather began to spank Mary's bare bottom with her hand.

She spanked fairly slowly, about one swat per second. And not all that hard, either; Heather meant for this lesson to last a while, for Mary to spend a good, long time suffering over her knees doing penance for her naughtiness.

As the sharp spanks began to re-heat her behind, Mary began to sniffle and sob and let out little yips of pain as her tender well-paddled seat was sharply stung.

After a minute or so, Mary was crying softly, her bottom was turning a bright rosy red, and Heather had to pause -- her hand was beginning to burn very uncomfortably.

Well, that was why the young woman had bought the little Fly-Back paddles. So it was time to use one... Heather reached down for the light piece of wood...

Mary felt Heather shift under her tummy, after the pause in her spanking. She knew what this meant!! She steeled herself for the sting of the light little paddle...

And still let out a sharp howl as the hot, burning spanks began to pepper her pert posterior.

Heather was spanking faster -- a LOT faster!! She brought the little paddle down in a long series of fast, light, stinging spanks all over her charge's tender little nine-year-old behind. Mary quickly began to squirm and wiggle as two and sometimes three spanks slapped into her tender fanny each and every second... Heather was barely lifting the paddle clear of Mary's fanny before snapping it back down into the reddening, stinging, burning flesh, using just her wrist to snap the paddle home, not her arm at all!!

Heather grinned as Mary began to howl and wiggle and squirm, holding the child down over her lap easily. The little paddle was working just as she'd hoped! The quick, stinging spanks were rapidly building a burning bonfire in Mary's brattish behind -- but the light, quick spanks would confine the 'damage' to the very surface of Mary's rump! There would be no bruising, or welting, or blisters formed from these spanks -- just a perfectly intolerable burning STING!!

After a couple of minutes of rapid fire spanking... and several HUNDRED stinging little spanks... Heather varied things a bit. She slowed the spanking slightly -- but began to raise her arm occasionally to bring down a somewhat harder spank onto Mary's rapidly reddening bare begind. This resulted in Mary's bawling (and she was really bawling now) sounding a bit like: "Waaaaah! Waaaaah! WaaaaaIEEK! Waaaaah! Waaaaah! WaaaaaaIEEEK!" as the occasional harder spank sharpened the burn in her bare bummies. Heather had started out spanking all over the child's bottom and upper thighs... but now began to concentrate her swats on Mary's prime spank-spot, that tenderest region just above her thighs.

And Mary rewarded this concentration with still harder crying and sobbing. She was no longer squirming and wiggling; the child was working much to hard on feeling her butt burn and maintaining her hard bawling; she had no strength left to wiggle...

And the spanking continued. Heather again slowed the spanking -- but kept the spanks light, mostly wrist-swats with only the occasional sharper spank. Now a spank every second or two impacted the child's bare bottom -- which was still enough to maintain -- even increase -- the horrible sting in her tender fanny.

On the rare occasions that anything other that "WAAAAAAAH!" entered Mary's mind during the horrible spanking, she wondered if the awful, burning, stinging spanking would EVER end. It was, oddly, probably the easiest she'd ever been spanked; Mommy and Daddy had NEVER used such light, stinging spanks, even when she'd been little! No, they'd always spanked her bare bottom HARD! But on the other hand, they'd never paddled her HALF as long as this -- Mary thought she'd gotten MORE spanks than in her whole life, maybe, in this one spanking!

(She was wrong, of course. Her Mommy had 'often' paddled her for 'ten minutes straight' with the Bear Bottom Paddle. But the spanking you are GETTING is ALWAYS much worse than any spanking you've GOTTEN in the past...)

Oddly enough, while the spanking didn't HURT worse than a blistering with the Wrath of God, Mary almost felt that it WAS worse -- it just kept going on, and on, and on and On and ON and ON!

But mostly the only thought in the little prodigy's mind was a long, continuous, regretful "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"...

Finally the spanking came to an end. Heather rubbed the little paddle lightly over the strawberry-red, hot surface of Mary's thoroughly spanked behind, and was very, very pleased with the results. Mary's bottom had been turned into twin globes of unendurably hot, burning fire. They must sting and burn intolerably; there was no question that the child had learned a thoroughly painful, serious lesson, and that it would be some time before she even thought about being naughty again.

But her bottom was no more bruised than it had been when Heather had started the spanking. All the burning sting was in the surface of her bottom; almost none of it had been driven into the deeper muscle, the way one of her paddles, or Heather's hairbrush, always seemed to, unless Heather was really, really careful. Just a hot, burning sting to cry herself to sleep with...

Heather let Mary cry her spanking out over her lap for several minutes before she finally helped the child off of her lap. She quickly pulled Mary's dress on off her arms and over her head. Her little singlet followed. Her panties were retrieved from behind Heather's desk, where her flashing legs had kicked them. Heather finally removed the still sobbing little girl's socks, (she'd removed her shoes before climbing onto the bed to get into the corner, og course...) and then escorted the now bare child into the bathroom. Mary sobbed and cried as Heather helped her brush her teeth and get ready for bed. Finally the older girl put Heather into her cute little yellow baby-doll nightie, the one that made her look like a six-year-old, and tucked the little girl into bed, holding Snuggles, her little Teddy Bear. It was just barely five o'clock, and Mary would have to cry herself right to sleep.

Without her supper.

And with an entire DAY of spankings and other punishments to look forward to tomorrow...

Heather frowned. Something HAD to be done about those damned California Girls. But what? She looked at the telephone. And decided.

It was time to give Steve a call. He'd know what to do...

* * *

Heather pulled down Mary's covers and grinned as she briefly looked over her nine-year-old charge, sleeping quietly on her side. In her cute little yellow baby-doll nightie, she looked more like a six-year-old, an effect heightened by the brown teddy bear clasped firmly in her arms -- and the fact that her left thumb was firmly inserted into her pouting little mouth.

There was nothing like a good bedtime spanking to turn a naughty little girl back into a baby -- especially when 'bedtime' was in the afternoon!!

Heather was a little surprised that Mary was still firmly asleep--she'd been in bed for fourteen HOURS now. But, of course, despite her orders it had taken Mary a long time to cry herself to sleep last night, with her little bottom burning and stinging so badly.

Still, they had a long, painful (for Mary) day coming, and it was time to get Mary up. Heather placed her desk chair next to the little bunk beds, then reached over and grasped Mary under her arms. And pulled her out of bed and right over her lap, as she sat back down in the chair!

"Huuh? Whaa? Uhhh-OW!" went Mary as Heather's palm spanked home onto the seat of her little yellow panties. "OWW! Wait! Heather! Ow! Please! What!"

"Nothing like a little spanking to wake up a sleepyhead! Time to get up, baby-brat! Time to warm up your buns for breakfast! Just a little spanking, for NOW!" Heather finished up with a final hard handswat! "To keep your fanny stinging in the cafeteria. Your REAL punishment begins when we get back to the room. Any objections?"

"<sniffle> No, Heather. I know I was a real brat, and everything, and I deserve punishment. I-I AM really hungry, though..."

No surprise, after being sent to bed without her supper! "Which is why we eat first." Heather helped Mary back off of her lap, and pointed at the couch..."I've laid out your clothes, kid. Get dressed."

Mary winced as she looked at the couch. Of course -- Heather had carefully selected the little baby-blue Sailor dress that Mary kept pushed right to the back of her closet. A present from her Grandma, included in her 'school clothes' at her Mommy's insistence, the cute little dress made her look -- and feel -- like a six-year-old rather than a big girl of nine. Much less a college student!!

But Heather was in charge, and Mary quickly pulled off her equally-juvenile baby-doll nightie and reached for the light blue panties (with yellow sunflowers) that Heather had laid out.

"Whoa! Not yet, kid! Go get a shower, first -- you sorta missed last night, remember?"

Mary blushed at the reminder. She should've realized she was all sticky -- and stinky!! GETTING a spanking was almost as much hard exercise as GIVING a spanking! Mary was just glad Heather had turned up the radiator before waking her up -- it could be COLD in the morning, otherwise -- especially all bare! Mary turned and trotted into the little bathroom shared with Heather's friends next door. The door into the next room was open, and Mary looked in before closing it.

Nobody home? That was right, Mary remembered -- Rachel and Susan had left for the big concert after class yesterday -- they wouldn't be back until Sunday afternoon. That was a relief -- at least they wouldn't be listening in or, worse, coming over to WATCH her get punished like a naughty little girl! Mary closed the door and prepared herself for what would prove to be a long, painful day...

* * *

After breakfast, the two girls returned to their room. It was time. Heather seated herself on the couch, and told Mary "O.K., kid, it's time. Bring me the hairbrush and get ready for a good, sound spanking on your naughty little bare bottom!!"

Mary began to sob a bit as she obeyed her guardian. She fetched the horrible hairbrush from Heather's dresser and carried it over to the older girl.

"Hold on to it, kid, while I get you ready" ordered Heather, as she made her charge stand still in front of her. First she untied Mary's little tennis shoes, and slipped them off of her feet. "I don't want these flying off and smashing something from all the kicking you'll be doing soon." she commented.

Then it was time, and Heather took the brush, setting it on the shelf that topped the back of the couch. The older girl gently helped her young charge onto the couch and over her lap, then began to turn up the pleated skirt of Mary's cute sailor dress. Soon the child's little panty-seat was exposed to the cool air of the room (Heather had turned the radiator off before leaving, of course).

But the baby-blue panties didn't cover her tender behind for long, as Heather slowly drew them down. Down past the child's thighs -- PAST her knees!! "I want all of your little bottom AND THIGHS bare, kid. You've got a LOT of spanking coming, and I'll need a lot of you to spank!!" Heather patted the pale, bare flesh over her lap as Mary burst into new sobs at her words.

But she'd been right!! The effects of the long, light spanking of the previous evening had completely vanished. And, (possibly from her long sleep), so had all the traces of Thursday night's sounder lesson. Mary's little nates showed just a trace of rosy flush, probably from her short hand-spanking that morning. There were no bruises, much less any welting or marks from the nasty Wrath of God paddle's blister-forming holes. Mary's tender young behind was all pale and ready to be re-flamed with her next sound spanking.

Mary sniffled over Heather's lap, her little bottom flinching and twitching as the older girl ran her hand lightly over its tender surface. Flinching in anticipation of Heather's hand, beginning the child's warm-up spanking.

Unfortunately, this time Mary was in for a surprise. With regret Heather picked up her cherrywood hairbrush -- and brought the back down onto the child's bare bottom in a good, sound SPANK!!

"Yeeeow!!" went Mary as she realized there would be no warm-up spanks, no slowly building sting and burn to get used to. This spanking would be sharp, burning hairbrush-spanks from the beginning!!

And while Mary's little hams would not be tenderized by a preliminary warm-up spanking, neither would she have any opportunity to try and acclimate herself to the slowly building burn in her bottom!!

Mary was crying hard by the time the fifth spank impacted her tender young behind. But there would be many, many more spanks to go.

And Heather was spanking hard!! Not as hard as she could, of course. She was making every effort to make each brisk spank burn and sting as much as possible, but without seriously bruising Mary's poor bottom. Although, from experience, Heather knew that SOME bruising would be inevitable.

But poor Mary thought she was being killed!! She was quickly reduced to a bawling, crying, wiggling baby as crisp spank after crisp spank reddended her tender bottom.

And soon Heather extended the burning region right down onto the child's tender thighs!!

Once the entire spanking-area had been well-reddened, Heather began to concentrate her efforts on the delicate region where Mary's little hams met her oh-so-tender thighs. Spank after burning spank were firmly applied right where the little nine-year-old sat down. Heather was determined to make sitting down a serious ordeal for the child.

After all, the next part of her punishment would be completed while Mary WAS seated...

After about fifteen minutes Mary was bawling hard, crying and begging to be let off any more spanking. And finally her ordeal ended. "O.K., brat, you can stand up, now. No, turn around and face the beds... now, let me just get your little skirt well up... hold still! There!! You can turn around, now!"

Mary, still crying, obeyed. Heather had taken a couple of saftey pins and fastened the child's pleated skirt well up onto her back. And with her panties kicked off across the room, that left her bare bottom completely exposed. In fact, she was exposed right down to her little sock-covered feet!!

"All right, Mary. Calm down. I know your fanny's feels on fire; that's how a well-spanked little girl's bottom's supposed to feel, right?"

Mary, still crying and carefully keeping her little hands anywhere EXCEPT where they most wanted to be -- rubbing the burning sting out of her little rear end -- nodded.

"Good! Now, Mary, I want you to fetch the 'Hole'y Wrath of God. NOW!"

Mary froze. Oh NOOO! She COULDN'T! Heather WOULDN'T!! Even as the child obeyed the order, walking slowly over to the dresser, opening it, and drawing the horrible length of wood from under her panties, her crying and bawling increased. Why was Heather gonna blister her bottom NOW? Why not Thursday -- she thought Heather wasn't?? What was...

Her thoughts a jumble, Mary nevertheless obeyed her orders, and turned to take the paddle over to Heather.

Who was carefully placing Mary's Biology 101 text onto the child's desk chair. Huh??

As Mary reached Heather, the older girl said "Thanks, brat. Bet you thought I was gonna blister your behind after all, weren't you? Nope. But I think you'll find that the Wrath of God has other uses!"

As she spoke, Heather carefully placed the paddle across the book, which was carefully aligned with the front edge of Mary's desk chair.

And then Mary 'got it'. She blanched.

Sitting down right then was the LAST thing Mary wanted to do. Even on the thin padding that covered her desk chair.

Much less on the hard binding of her big, inch-thick Bio text.

And even the THOUGHT of pressing her tender, well-spanked bottom and thighs onto the hard wood and sharp edges of the Wrath of God... not to MENTION what sitting on those nickel-sized holes...

Mary's sobs increased yet again!!

Even as Heather helped the child onto her desk chair. Making certain that the hard edge of the paddle lay right along the crease between her bottom and thighs, so that every bit of the child's weight would press her tender, well-spanked bottom into the edge and holes of the blistering paddle.

Mary sobbed as the flame in her fanny renewed. The holes were worse than she'd feared!! And the EDGE!! it felt like a knife slicing into her tender young rump!!

Heather slid Mary and her chair up to her desk, where a spiral notebook and BIC ballpoint pen lay ready. Mary blanched. Not LINES, please, don't let it be LINES!!

"Now, Mary, I'm gonna give you a little test. The subject is, hmm, I guess you'd call it bio-physics!!"

Huh? A Test? Mary smiled a bit inside, even as she continued to cry. She was GOOD at tests!!

"It's an essay. Pick up your pen -- here's the title:

Shear Versus Impact Forces: Why The Holy Wrath of God Paddle Welts and Blisters My Bare Bottom, While the Hairbrush and Bear Behind Paddle Just Burn and Bruise It."

Mary dutifully wrote the title down. And then blanched! What a topic!

"Now, Mary, you have two hours, until ten. Then you'll sit still at your desk, hands on your head, while I grade it. After lunch, I will be giving you your next spanking. If you get an 'A', it will be with one of your new Flyback paddles. A 'B' will earn you the hairbrush-back, while a 'C' will mean a good dose of the Bear Paddle. DON'T get a 'D'. After the main spanking, though, I'll be giving you a bonus spanking; two good swats for every spelling or grammar mistake in your essay!! And these will be with the hairbrush -- IF you get an 'A'. The Bear Paddle, for a 'B'...and if you only earn a 'C', 'genius', then after I paddle your bare bottom raw with the Bear Paddle I'll give you your 'bonus' licks with The Holy Wrath of God, and if you get blisters you'll have earned them!! Now, I think you'd better get to work!!"

Heather seated herself at her own desk and began to work on her own assignments as Mary sobbed and planned out her essay. Soon the child began to write, and Heather heard the pen scratch and scrape behind her. She smiled at her own cleverness; sitting at the desk on her well-spanked bottom would've been bad enough; but the thick book and paddle lifted Mary up so that she had to lean forward more to reach her desk. Which would put more pressure on her bottom, especially along the crease -- and onto the hard wood of the Wrath of God paddle. Not to mention the tenderizing effect of those nasty little blister-holes!!

And all the while, the subject of her essay would keep Mary's mind focused on just what had happened to her poor behind. She'd have to carefully analyze just what the effects of a good spanking were, and think about what it did to her tender flesh....

Eventually Heather checked her watch and said "Pen down!! O.K., kid, let's see how you did." Heather gathered up Mary's essay as the child sat up straight and placed her hands on her head, as ordered.

This, of course, moved her weight from the edge of the paddle to the center -- moving the discomfort to a new area of her bottom.

As Heather read the essay, she had to admit the kid had done a pretty good job.

She'd described how, when a paddle impacted a bare bottom, it compressed the flesh, forcing blood out of the capillaries with the sudden increase in pressure, which caused bruising. But right at the edge of the paddle, flesh on one side was compressed, while it was not impacted at all on the other. This sharp difference in force resulted in a sharp shearing or tearing force being applied along the sharp edge of the paddle. This force tore the skin, rupturing the cells along it, and resulted in welts. If the paddle was rounded over, like the Bear paddle or hairbrush, then the falloff in force was spread out across a gradient, so that less shearing force was applied to the skin.

Mary had done a pretty good job, even drawing a bunch of diagrams illustrating the relative fall-off in force across a sharp edge versus a rounded edge. She'd even talked about how the holes in the paddle also resulted in shear forces across their sharp edges, which formed the blisters---which was wrong, of course.

"O.K., kid, I'm done grading." commented Heather. "You missed one thing, kid. The blisters raised by the holes in the Wrath of God paddle are only partially due to shear forces. Think about it! When the hole comes down on your bottom, the fluid all around the opening is forced into the un-spanked flesh at once. This is what, eventually, causes the blisters, right?"

Sobbing, Mary had to agree that the compression around the hole, like a hard pinch, would probably be more important to raising a blister than the shear forces around the hole -- which, however, would be more important in the raising of welts by the blister-holes. She quietly resented Heather's 'trick'--compression forces hadn't been mentioned in the title!! But she knew it was no less than what a lot of her teachers pulled -- after all, an 'A' meant you went BEYOND just what was asked for...

"Right!! Well, Mary, I'm giving you a 'B' on the essay. Almost an 'A', but I just don't think it qualifies as 'Excellent'. So after lunch you'll be getting a good, sound spanking with the back of my hairbrush AGAIN!! The bad news, though, is that I found 19 spelling errors and 7 grammar errors. That means fifty-two bonus swats with the Bear paddle after your main spanking!!"

The news caused Mary to renew her bawling, even as Heather helped her off of her chair and led her over to the couch. Heather sat down and pulled Mary onto her lap -- face UP -- and said "There, there kid. We have a few minutes before the cafeteria opens, let's see if we can get you calmed down a bit. I know it's hard, I know it hurts, and it'll hurt more after lunch, I'm sorry, but you know you need it... and that you definitely DESERVE it... that's OK..."

Heather cuddled and comforted the crying child on her lap as she rocked and petted her gently. Finally Mary's sobbing and crying eased, and Heather set her back on her feet with orders to go wash her face.

After Mary came back in, Heather unfastened her skirt from her back, smoothed it over the child's still strawberry-red bottom, and said "Now, let's go eat lunch!! Hey... where are you going, kid??"

"<snif> T-to find my panties, Heather. I-I'm all bare under my skirt!"

"So, that just means you'll keep your mind more on how well-spanked you are. No, I mean it, kid!! You go down to lunch bare-bottomed under your skirt. Nobody will see -- IF you sit up straight and are really careful!!"

Heather didn't mention that the rosyness in Mary's thighs would make her well-spanked state obvious to anybody in the cafeteria who cared to look -- skirt or no skirt. But most everybody in the dormitory knew that Mary got occasional spankings from her guardian-roommate by now, anyway. Most everybody thought it was kinda cute, and probably necessary, with a kid so young being off at college and all. Most of the kids were pretty old-fashioned and conservative at State, anyway...

And so the two left for lunch...

* * *

Mary's well-spanked state was obvious during lunch -- despite her care in moving, not to let her little pleated skirt bounce too far up, and in her carefully erect posture. It could be seen in the very, very careful way she sat down at the table -- and winced. At the way she just couldn't HELP but wiggle and squirm a bit as she ate. And, despite her careful face-washing, her red eyes and blushing cheeks make her earlier bawling clear to any careful observer.

But the other kids seemed to be cool. Oh, there was some giggling in the background, whispers to fellow dorm-mates that couldn't quite be heard -- enough for Mary to know that THEY knew. But not so much that she had to let on that SHE knew that THEY knew...

After lunch, Heather took Mary by the hand and led her out of the cafeteria, to the child's total motification, leading her along like a naughty five-year-old. The two girls left a path of chuckles and giggles from their table to the doorway, as even those dim bulbs in the room who hadn't realized what had happened that morning were left unquestioning about what was ABOUT to happen, maybe!!

As the girls reached their floor, Heather had a brief word with the floor monitor, a senior student who lived in the first room as you came down the hall. With her promise to keep non-residents off of the floor, unless they were there for a good reason, Heather then led her charge down to the far end, their room, her doom!!

In the bedroom, Heather closed and locked the door, then pulled her own chair out from under her desk and placed it carefully in the center of the room. Mary blanched at this, knowing how much she hated to be over Heather's knees on the chair than on the couch. How little the child knew!!

Heather pulled one of Mary's thin feather pillows from her bed, fluffed it a bit, and to Mary's consternation carefully placed it over the thin back of the chair, padding the hardwood edge.

Suddenly Mary realized that the chair might not be meant for sitting on, even by Heather...

"That's right, Mary. Come here, kid. Don't even think about trying to get away!! That's right, right behind... O.K., now, let me give you a boost... Ready?? Alle -- up! No, bend on over... that's right... hand's on the seat, reach forward -- can you get a hold of the edges now? That's good, take a firm hold... let me get your fanny adjusted a bit... that's it!! Now, stay right there, kid!!"

Heather had picked Mary up from behind, her hands under the child's armpits, and boosted her enough so that the slim girl could get her hips over the edge of the chair, on the padding provided by her own pillow (and a bit from her pleated skirt). Reaching far down, she could just reach under the seat to hold herself in position.

Her feet dangled several inches above the floor. ALL of her weight rested on her small loins, on the narrow edge of the chair.

With horror Mary realized just how terrible her position was -- in more ways than one!! Bent over the back of the chair, her poor skirt-clad bottom was sticking up well above, well, EVERYTHING. And her jack-knifed position, bent almost double, was already stretching the skin of her tender well-spanked buttocks and thighs terribly!! A spanking like THIS would be, would be...

Even more painful. Even more PUNISHING.

Even more effective in teaching a naughty little nine-year-old a good lesson about alcohol, drugs, and strangers who seemed so nice...

By bending her head back as far as she could, Mary could just see Heather as the girl opened Mary's panty-drawer and fished around for the smaller, lighter paddle with the motto "For the Cute Little Deer With the Bear Behind." Heather carried the paddle back to the couch, where she set it down. Mary shuddered, knowing that after the back of Heather's hairbrush had spanked her small behind to a red ball of fire, the longer, thicker piece of wood would then be applied FIFTY-TWO TIMES to her poor posterior -- and 'Bonus swats' just HAD to be harder than regular ones... oh WHY had she been so STUPID! She KNEW better than to drink, or smoke either!! And Mary guiltily knew that her Daddy certainly WOULD have blistered her fanny for EITHER action -- even if the cigarettes HAD been 'herbal' and not Marijuana.

And THIS licking, two days later, would've been with his BELT. After her Mommy had paddled her blistered fanny back to a ball of agony that morning, of course... Heck, she'd have been getting AT LEAST two good lickings a day for a WEEK over her blistered fanny, if she'd pulled this stunt at home! So, no matter HOW badly Heather paddled her, Mary gratefully knew, inside, that it wasn't HALF what she deserved; Heather was just SO good and nice to her.

Sometimes Mary felt guilty, that she was taking advantage of Heather's kindness. And as Heather flipped her pleated skirt up over her back, Mary promised herself, AGAIN, to be a really, really good girl and not give Heather any more trouble -- to PROVE that Heather's discipline was REALLY all she needed to keep her a good little girl...

Mary froze for an instant, as Heather fiddled around with the hem of her skirt. In her current position, no amount of kicking or bucking could possibly cause her little skirt to travel anywhere but where it was, well up on her back. Yet Heather had just used the safety pins to pin it up in position. Mary glanced over at her own desk -- at where her Biology book still lay on the seat. At the horrible Wrath of God paddle still lying on top of it. And suddenly knew where her little well-spanked fanny would be after her sound spanking. And winced.

Mary could take a spanking like the veteran she was. But she HATED sitting down and writing, especially on a well-spanked bottom. It was hard to concentrate when your fanny felt like you were sitting on a stove!! (That's why she'd missed the obvious about the compression effects, she felt). And, while the assignment was kinda interesting, she figured her next punishement at the desk would be worse... punishment was supposed to get worse and worse as it went along, at least her Mommy and Daddy's punishments always seemed to...

Heather patted and rubbed Mary's still-rosy pink bare bottom for a few moments, then lifted her hand and began to spank.

Mary yelped as the older girl's hand began to warm up the stretched skin of her tender, sore behind. "Now Mary... <Spank!> I'm NOT <Whap!> going to scold <Splat!> you very much. <Thwhap!!> You KNOW <Spank!> just how NAUGHTY <Splatt!> a LITTLE <Thwhap!> GIRL <Spank!> you've been. Well?" <Spank! Smack! Swat!>

"<Sniffle> <Sob> I-I know! I-I Yeeow! I'll be good! Yikes! F-from now on! Owww! I Promise! Yeeek! Owww! I won't EVER Owwieee! do it again! Yoww-owww! Pleeeze!"

As Heather picked up her cherry wood hairbrush, and patted the tender little bottom perched over the chair-back in front of her, she said "I know you won't do it again, kid. <SPANK!> Because I'm about to SPANK <SPLAT!> that fact into your bare bottom, until you'll never <SPANK!> EVER <WHACK!> forget it! But don't promise <SPANK!> what you can't keep! <SPLAT!> You're a normal <CRACK!> active <WHAP!> curious <SPANK!> and occasionally MISCHIEVOUS <SPANK-WHAP!> little girl, Mary. You WILL <SPANK!> be naughty again, sooner or later. And when you are, I WILL <SMACK!> give you another good <SPANK!> sound <WHAP!> spanking <SPLAT!> on your little <THWAP!> bare <SMACK!> bottom!! <SPANK-SPLAT-WHAP-THWAP-SMACK!!!>

By now Mary was beginning to bawl, as Heather's crisp spanks burned into her tender nates. Knowing that Mary's attention would be totally focused on her burning bottom, and not wanting to distract the child from concentrating on the pain that her naughtiness had eared her rear end, Heather stopped talking and concentrated on spanking the nine-year-old's tautly turned-up tush into a crimson ball of unendurable fire.

And thanks to the earlier spankings, after only about thirty additional crisp hairbrush-spanks, that's just what Heather had done.

For a few minutes, Heather gently rubbed the upturned bottom of her small charge, and her back, comforting the bawling baby as she cried out the burning fire in her arse. Heather had worried a bit that the sharply bent over position might have interfered with Mary's breathing, and had been ready to haul her upright if it had, but her continuous bawling had reassured her that her breathing was far from impaired.

Well before that bawling had more than eased, though, Heather told Mary that "O.K., kid, I know your fanny is on fire, but I'm afraid you've still got your bonus spanks to go. I've tried to tell you about your spelling, and maybe now you'll have an incentive to do better!! Hmm, maybe some paddle-swats for each misspelled word in ALL your assignments is in order, Hmmm? Well, kid, HERE THEY COME!!"

<WHAP!!> Mary's bawling jumped right back up to maximum as the first swat WHAPPED down onto her tightly-stretched, tender, well-spanked bottom. Right above her thighs (which, along with her bottom, had been thoroughly hairbrush-spanked). Again, Heather was concentrating the final, most horribly painful portion of the punishment right on the tender crease where Mary would feel each and every swat's burning punishment whenever she sat down for the rest of the day.

And she'd be sitting down all too soon.

By the time the last punishing swat had impacted her tender nates, Mary was bawling so hard she really DID have trouble breathing. Of course, Heather hadn't hauled off and walloped the kid as hard as she could (Though Mary would've SWORN she had). No, each measured spank was designed for the absolute maximum sting and burn, but Heather really was trying not to bruise the child's bottom TOO badly. A hot, unendureable burning STING was what she was after, with just enough deep-spanking to make sitting down a horribly painful ordeal afterwards.

Heather helped the bawling child off of the chair (She was far to wiped out to do so on her own) and helped Mary over to her desk.

"WAAAAAAAH!! WAAAAAAAAH!!! NOOOO! NO SIT! PLEEZE!! NOOO! WAAAAAH!" Mary actually managed some semi-comprehensible words as Heather made it clear that the horrible Wrath of God blister paddle was the intended destination of her well-paddled posterior.

But when Heather made it clear that Mary had a choice of sitting down on the awful paddle -- or bending back over the chair for a SPANKING with that self-same paddle, well, somehow she managed to plant her bare bottom as directed.

Which, naturally, increased the volume of her crying, as well as the flow of tears from her eyes.

Heather let Mary cry out her anguish on the chair for several minutes, until the child finally settled down enough to understand her instructions.

Mary blinked away her tears enough to see through to her desk. To the same spiral notebook that contained her recent essay, turned to a blank page.

To the horrible sight of her rarely-used fountain pen sitting next to it. She hated the thing -- you had to be a lot more careful in writing with it than a ballpoint, or everything smeared. And it made the quality of your handwriting (or lack of it) much more obvious. It worried her.

"O.K., Mary, that's enough!! Right now! There, there, good girl; just a couple more punishments and it'll be all over; you KNOW you deserve them. Right, now, pick up your pen and write down what I say:"

'Oh, NO!' Mary thought 'I KNEW it! I KNEW it! It's...'

"Little... Girls... Must... NOT, (all capitals for the NOT, kid)... Drink... Alcohol (A..L..C..O..H..O..L) or... Use... Drugs. Right. Now, copy over that line two hundred times. Neatly!! Best handwriting! You have two hours. Then, little miss, I'm turning you back over my knee for a good, long spanking with one of your new little paddles, just too get your little fanny all nice and sore again. And THEN, little miss, I'll be applying TWO good, hard swats WITH THE BACK OF YOUR HAIRBRUSH for each line you DON'T finish -- and another ONE good, hard swat for each line that isn't up to snuff -- my descision, no arguments, clear?? Right!! Two hours, Mary -- starting NOW!!"

'LINES' finished Mary's thought. It would HAVE to be LINES. Mary HATED lines. She hated the boring, repetitious nature of the chore. She hated having to sit still. She hated how her little hand would be cramping and sore after the first few -- and this time she'd have to ignore the pain and go on, until it was agony!! THIS time her lines had a TIME LIMIT.

And just to make her misery complete, her poor bottom felt like she was sitting on a red-hot bar of metal -- studded with dull spikes where the nickel-sized blister holes irritated and chafed her very well-paddled little seat! JUST the distraction she NEEDED when she had to concntrate on writing each line neatly and clearly!!

And as the child began to industriously work on her tedious task, Heather smiled. A hundred lines an hour was a harsh pace -- just thirty-six seconds to finish each line. Possible, even easy -- unless you HAD to make each line neat and clear. Until your hand began to burn and ache and cramp. No way would Mary be finishing up the assignment. Heather wondered briefly if she'd try to race through and get all the lines done -- and have most of them rejected, or take her time and at least get what she finished correct. Heather hoped for the latter -- even if, mathmatically, the first might be her better bet....

* * *

Heather was generous. She let Mary have an extra five seconds to finish the line she was working on, then "TIME!! Pen DOWN, Mary!"

Mary set down the fountain pen, and then rapidly shook her wrist as hard as she could (as she had HAD to do, off and on, throughout the punishment). She couldn't BELIEVE how much her arm hurt!! In some ways, it hurt worse than her bottom. No, NOTHING could hurt worse than her bottom, but it was close!

But Heather was pulling out the desk chair and pulling Mary over to the couch, with one hand, while the other collected the notebook.

And then Heather was seating herself on the plastic-upholstered furniture, even as she pulled Mary up and over her lap.

"Nooo! Heather!! Wait-Wait just a minute!! Please!"

"Nope, you've had two whole hours for your fanny to cool off. Before anything else I want to get it good and soundly spanked again!"

And with that, Heather swept up the little fly-back paddle and began to rapidly spank poor Mary's tender young bottom.

Mary had HATED the sound spanking she'd gotten from the little paddle Friday night. Even if it hadn't hurt NEARLY as much as the hairbrush, it had STUNG so bad, and Heather had spanked her so FAST with it!

But now the naughty little girl was learning that the light little paddle, while just as fast as before, hurt a LOT more when the naughty bottom it was SMACKing had been thoroughly spanked and paddled into a ball of pure agony a mere two hours earlier.

In other words, it HURT! A LOT!! Each spank seemed to just fan the bonfire that had only begun to die down in the child's poor rump!

A bonfire that was being fanned back to life at an unbeLIEVEable rate!!

And Mary released her fresh distress in a single loud HOWL of pain...

As Heather grinned and continued spanking her charge's rapidly re-reddening rear end...

* * *

At least the spanking wasn't as LONG as the earlier one. Once Mary had been reduced to a bawling, teary-eyed, well-spanked baby, Heather let up and set the paddle aside.

Then, keeping Mary over her knees, she rested the spiral notebook on Mary's lower back, on top of her turned-up skirt, and began to count her lines...

"Hmmm, One hundred and seventy-one lines. Better than I figured, Mary!! That will earn your bare bottom fifty-eight good licks with the back of my hairbrush..."

Mary's bawling increased slightly -- though she'd kept count and was well aware of how much additional spanking her poor bottom was in for.

"Hmmm, well, NONE of these are really GREAT. I think some handwriting drills are in order, young lady..."

Mary REALLY winced. Handwriting had NEVER been her best subject -- the main reason she'd taught herself to type...

"Still, you clearly were doing your best. Hmm. You misspelled alcohol in that one, I think -- but caught it by the next line." Mary winced--she was SO glad she'd caught that one in time!! "These two -- no, that writing just is NOT acceptable -- you let yourself hurry to much. Hmmm. O.K., kid, I'm rejecting just fifteen of these lines as unacceptable. I tell, you, that is a LOT better than I expected!! Good job!"

Even as she cried, Mary felt her heart warm a bit at Heather's praise.

"Still, that's seventy-three good, sound spanks on your well-spanked bare bottom, little miss." declaimed Heather, as she picked up her familiar hairbrush. "Which amounts to another whole good, sound spanking, doesn't it? Still, just remind yourself that <SPLAT!!!> 'WAAAAAAIIIEIEIOWWWWW!' It COULD have been a lot worse!!"

And Heather began to spank poor Mary's already thoroughly tormented tush with spank after crisp, firm SPANK.

And for the very first time, the child's small hand flew back to try and cover her poor tortured rear.

Heather almost SMACKED the child's poor hand before catching herself. Mary NEVER covered up.

And before she could say anything, Mary had snatched her hand back in front of her. And, incredibly, managed to speak through her sobs...


Finally Heather realized that Mary expected to be blistered with the Wrath of God paddle. Right then. No matter HOW badly she'd been spanked.

And that she clearly expected the hairbrush spanking to then be continued OVER HER BLISTERS.

"Noo! Mary, No, I understand!! I know it HURTS, that's O.K., But I need to make sure I don't hit your hand, so, yes, let me have it!"

Heather finally got Mary too put her little hand back again, and grasped it and firmly pressed it into the child's back. Then she raised her hairbrush and resumed spanking the small child's bare bottom.

And, since she knew she had to do SOMETHING, she started counting the crisp spanks over from the beginning...

By the end of the spanking Mary was, again, reduced to the naughty bawling, well-spanked child she truly was. And as Heather comforted the bawling baby on her lap after the end of the spanking, she again felt a flash of judgemental rage at Mary's parents.

She SHOULDN'T, she felt, but she did. It was only NATURAL to try and protect your bare bottom when somebody was spanking it into a rosy ball of crimson flame! How could they inflict such a HORRIBLE punishment just for trying to cover up?? Sure, it was dangerous, easy to hit a tender hand... but that was the SPANKER'S look out, not the SPANKEE'S! But to blister her with the Wrath of God paddle? Even after she'd already BEEN blistered? Come on!!

Still, Heather knew she'd have to add SOMETHING to Mary's punishment for trying to cover up -- or lose all credibility as a disciplinarian!

So once the child had calmed down...

"Mary, I know you expect me to blister you with the Wrath of God for trying to cover up, but I won't. I partially blame myself--I didn't really let you know that the brush was coming, so that you could prepare yourself. Still, I have to do something, so, to start, let's get you ready for bed, right now. That's right, honey, I'm afraid I'm putting you to bed at four P.M. without your supper AGAIN tonight!!"

"Come on, dear, let's get you into your little footed bunny jammies.."

When Mary had, still bawling, brushed her teeth and changed into the juvenile nightwear Heather turned down her bed and, again, piled the pillows in the center, where they would arch up little Mary's bare bottom. And, again, Heather got Mary into bed, face down, with her fire-engine red fanny centered over the pillows.

But this time Heather took the terrycloth belts that tied both of their bathrobes, and carefully tied Mary's hands to the headboard--and her feet to the foot of the double deck bunk. And then she slipped the child's pajama pants down to her knees.

When Mary lifted her head, to look at Heather as she came back from the closet, her crying almost doubled. Because in Heather's hands lay the wide, black belt that went with her fancy red outfit, the one she wore to dances with Steve.

Heather was wrapping the buckle end around her hand, leaving a foot long tail dangling. "I know, Mary, but I have no choice. A few good licks of the belt are the LEAST I can give you for what you did! I'm sorry, but you just put your head down and get ready for swats!"

As Mary obeyed, Heather snapped the belt down across the child's thoroughly spanked bottom. Mary howled obediently, and wiggled over the pillows elevating her bottom. Given her well-spanked rump, the child probably felt like a red-hot brand had burned her bottom--probably FELT the welt rising up...

The non-existent welt. The belt was made of shiny, lightweight black plastic, not leather. And it was very, VERY thin! As Heather had hoped, while it certainly FELT like a proper strap-welt on Mary's well-paddled posterior, in fact, the 'damage' was confined to the outer layer of Mary's thouroughly tenderized skin -- there was almost no welting at all!!

So Heather snapped the pseudo-strap down across her charge's bare bottom again... and again... and again!!

Mary, of course, howled and bawled and wiggled and weakly kicked as, in her mind, her poor fanny was whipped to a fair-the-well. She paid, in her mind, the full price she expected for her failure to maintain proper punishment protocol; the lesson was properly reinforced, to help her keep from trying to cover up the next time she WAS under her father's stern tyranny...

But, in fact, her poor bottom wasn't really damaged much more at all!! And in her position, with her fanny lifted well up by the pillows, Mary COULDN'T EVEN SEE IT!!

So when, after fifty licks, the child was allowed to bawl herself to sleep, convinced that her bottom had been thoroughly and properly whipped, Heather tucked her in, pajama pants still down, hobbling her knees, her sore, burning bottom gently caressed by the rough sheets pressed into it by the heavy covers. Heather knew that Mary would completely recover, at least by Monday, and be able to sit down easily in her classes.

Maybe not COMFORTABLY, but easily...

* * *

Heather looked at the small, bare bottom lofted over her knee and deeply regretted the strict discipline she'd felt forced to inflict upon its tender hemispheres yesterday. Despite her best efforts Mary's behind still clearly showed the marks and effects of her severe Saturday spankings.

Oh, there weren't any welts or blisters; Heather had managed to avoid those! But bruises clearly underlay the still-rosy and burning skin of Mary's nine-year-old bottom, and her bottom-skin was still warm and flushed to Heather's warm palm.

Still, Heather had promised Mary one last spanking this morning, to make her remember and regret her naughtiness, and to be properly repentant while praying to God to forgive her this morning in Church, with her tender re-heated bottom firmly planted on the hard wooden bench. So Heather raised her right hand and began to spank...

Mary's slight sobbing turned to crying, and her little legs kicked slightly, bound by the pajama pants twisted around her knees. Her poor, well-punished behind was incredibly sensitive this morning, thoroughly tenderized by the sound spankings she'd been given the previous day. So it didn't take long for Heather's palm to turn her little rump into a rosy ball of stinging pain, and for the child to be turned back into the naughty, bawling little girl she so truly was...

Soon Heather's palm was beginning to sting and burn itself; so she reached over and picked up the little fly-back paddle from where it lay on the back of the couch.

And Mary began to REALLY bawl as her 'proper' spanking began, with the little paddle impacting her posterior repeatedly...

Eventually the spanking was over, and Heather helped her charge get herself together and ready for Church. The knee-length, light cream dress was very plain, as was the little hat. Then the two bundled themselves into their coats and went off to Sunday School. Heather taught one of the youngest classes, while Mary attended one of girls her own age.

It was hard for Mary to concentrate in class, her firey bottom kept her wiggling. Eventually her teacher, Mr. Johnson, accosted her for her continuous wiggling, asking her if he was being boring.

So Mary had to admit, in front of the class, that she'd gotten spanked that morning, and that her bottom was still stinging enough to make her wiggle in class. All of her classmates giggled at her confession, but Mr. Johnson was more understanding, and let her stand for the rest of the class.

In the corner.

* * *

Mary's bottom had cooled down enough so that she was able to sit still through the service, which was fortunately short. Not that her bottom didn't itch and burn -- it did!! But she could stand it.

After church, they went to lunch in the main cafeteria in the Student Union. But afterwards, they headed off to a part of the campus that Mary wasn't familiar with -- greek row...

Mary, her hand firmly clasped in Heather's, asked "Ah, Heather, why are we goin' into THIS dorm? It isn't ours -- this is the Omega Tau Kappa fraternity house, isn't it? That's what the sign says..."

"Don't worry about it, kid. They're expecting us. This was Steve's old fraternity on campus, and they've put together a little surprise for you..."

Mary was now worried, and a little scared -- but, then, Heather had TOLD her that that morning's spanking was her last. She didn't know WHAT was going on...

Until one of the brother's escorted the two girls down into the basement...

Mary blushed as she saw the two girls -- bent over the back of the couch in the basement rec room...

Each had been stripped to their bra and panties, and next to each of them stood a burly young man -- holding one of the Omega Tau Kappa's large paddles, normally used to initiate freshman pledges...

As the two girls looked up in fright and alarm, Mary recognized them.

It was Debbie and Martha. The California Girls, themselves!!

Mary was escorted over to a pair of chairs placed strategically behind the two upthrust bottoms turned up over the couch.

The fraternity President for the year patted his paddle against his palm and addressed the panty-clad bottoms before him. "All right, you two. You know what this is about, but the kid doesn't, so I'll reiterate what you two are here for...."

"This time you two bitches went too far!! Trying your tricks with Freshmen was bad enough -- but a KID??? So, when Brother Steve, last year's President contacted us about it, we realized Something Had To Be Done. Right, girls?"

"You bastard!! You can't do this to us!!" sneered Debbie. I'll have the whole frat banned!! I'll get you all thrown in jail!!"

"Not alone!! We already went over this!! Would you prefer that I contact Brother Peter, like I threatened? The one who's a campus cop? He'd be glad to go talk to Brother Justin, the town judge, and get a warrant to search your rooms -- just to make sure everything is legal. We KNOW you've got pot in your rooms -- you admitted it! And THAT would be enough to get you kicked out of school, and maybe sent up to Frazier for a year or two. But we both know that Brother Peter would find more than just pot, don't we girls?"

The two girls were signifigantly silent.

"And THAT would be worth more like five years -- someplace a lot nastier than Frazier, too! And if we DID have to set you girls up... well, we've talked to a lot of the girls you, ah, 'partied' with when they were freshmen. Most of them still hate and resent what you did -- and all of them are very reluctant to talk to anybody about what all of you did. You did a real good job of picking your victims!"

Victims? thought Mary. That seemed a little strong...

"But!! After hearing about Mary..."

Huh!! "Hey! Wait a minute, I didn't want everybody on campus knowing about my screw-up!!..."

"Wha! Oh -- no, Mary, they don't!! We picked who we talked to VERY carefully -- and they all promised to keep it quiet. Besides, we only spoke to sorority sisters -- and they know their sisters will have THEM turned up for a paddling if they open their mouths about it, kid! Don't worry -- we're still keeping this on the Q.T.--it the California Bitches cooperate..."

"Like I said, you two, after hearing about Mary we've got five or six girls who are willing to testify about EVERYTHING you girls did! And, with THAT, well, if Mary testifies you'll be going up the river for a long, long time!! And, well, you two know what happens to MEN who try what you did, in prison. I can just imageine what your fellow lady prisoners might do to a couple of girls like you!"

"Noooo!" cried out Martha, always the subservient half of the twain. "You CAN'T!! They'd KILL Debs!! And... and"

"And blister your butt every day for several years, right?? You should've thought of that before you tried to get Mary drunk and stoned!!"

"That was Debbie's idea!! I-I didn't want to, she made me!!"

"Yeah, right, I've heard it all before. But we don't have to go to the cops, do we? You've already heard all this -- that's why you're lying over the couch with your little butts up, right??"

"Yeah, yeah!" snapped Debbie. "You've got us -- we know it. So go ahead and blister our butts! See if we care!!"

"Oh, its more than that, girls!! After your well-deserved spankings, we're turning you over to our sisters in Pi Delta Lambda. They are already moving some of your things from your dorm rooms to their house!!"

"WHAT!!" screamed both California Girls... as two frat brothers grasped their arms and held them down...

"Yep!! for the rest of this term, you girls will be staying with the Pi Delts! After class, you'll go right back to your room, there. If you need to hit the library or something, go back and one of the sisters will escort you..."

"They'll be helping you with your schoolwork, too. Imagine, the two of you, SIXTH year seniors, on probation all the time, straight C and D averages!! Major changes every year!! It's almost like you didn't WANT to graduate... well, a friend of mine in the administration building told me that the two of you CAN graduate at the end of this term -- IF you both ace your classes and don't change your majors, AGAIN!! And THAT's what the two of you are gonna do!! You'd better hit the books and ace all of your finals, girls, cause the Pi Delta Lamda's will paddle your bare butts for each one you DON'T get an 'A' on!! And if you two DON'T graduate, for ANY reason, THIS term... well, you CAN come back, next year. And spend the ENTIRE term with the sisters. In SEPARATE rooms. Getting your fannys paddled EVERY WEEK. For the whole spring term. If that's what you prefer..."

"You bastard!! O.K., O.K, Martha, we'll have to do it! We'll have to pull it together and graduate this term, like he said. Hell, our folks are getting fed up with paying for this shithole, anyway!!"

"Watch your mouth, bitch!!" Snapped one of the fraternity brothers guarding them.

"Well, now that that's agreed, it's time to proceed with the good, sound paddling you girls have earned over the years..."

And Frank (the president) and his helper stepped forward, reached out with their left hands, and pulled the two girl's panties down!!

Mary blushed and looked away as the twin globes of the big girl's bottoms were exposed to her view. She knew that the two deserved it... SHE'D had to pay for her naughtiness in drinking and smoking their pot, it was only fair that they pay the same way for giving it to her. And, from what the big boys had said, she hadn't been the first under-age kid they'd giver dope and drinks too -- just the youngest! And there was something else, too, that the grown-ups were talking around -- almost like they did with sex and other boy-girl stuff. Mary didn't understand that -- nothing like THAT could've been involved! After all, they were girls, too...

Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of two fraternity paddles upon the tender cheeks of two college girl bottoms, with loud, simultaneous SMACKS!!

"Yeeeeeeoww!!" yelped both girls, as they realized that their long-delayed lessons were now under way.

Mary blushed, but watched in fascination as the hard pine paddles SMAKED and WHACKED down onto the two upthrust rumps in front of her. Bottoms that rapidly turned a bright pink, then more slowly began to turn hot red.

"Ahhhh! Nooo! Stop!! Waait!! Aiieeee! OWWW! Nooo!" wailed Martha as her tender bottom cheeks turned a bright crimson under the hail of blistering spanks. Her partner, however, gritted her teeth and endured the torment stoically, determined to deny her punishers the satisfaction of making her howl. This was made harder by the fact that SHE lay to the left of Martha. Martha's spanking was being applied by the baseball team's star switch hitter -- the closest thing Omega Tau Kappa had to a leftie, this term... at least among the seniors, and only seniors had been involved in the plan.

So he wasn't quite as strong or skilled left handed as the fraternity president was right-handed. Close, but Martha's bare bottom was somewhat spared by it... as planned!! She shared Debbie's guilt and responsibility, but everybody knew who the mastermind of the California Bitch's schemes was...

Mary continued to watch as the two young women's bare bottoms were soundly paddled into twin balls of burning fire. Bruises could clearly be seen where the heavy fraternity paddles had burned and almost blistered tender girl-flesh. Finally, even Debbie began to howl and wail and bawl like a little baby!

Finally the hard paddling ended. Both bare bottoms had been spanked past crimson, all the way to the odd whiteness that, Mary knew (from personal experience) just preceeded the eruption of the horrible sting-blisters that made every act and movement a painful, punishing ordeal. Mary was a bit surprised -- after all, the two girls were old enough to know better, and SHE had almost been blistered for drinking and using drugs -- and only hadn't been because she hadn't known the cigarettes were really pot.

When the hard swats ended, Heather pulled Mary up from her chair and tugged her over to the couch. "Feel their bottoms, kid. Hot, aren't they? And so red!! What do you think, Mary, have these two BRATS had enough punishment. Remember, they are the ones really responsible for YOU getting your little bare bottom soundly spanked -- although you DESERVED it, you know! Think they've had enough??"

The two California girls were bawling too hard to make sense, but clearly they were trying to express their unwanted opinion that of COURSE they'd been punished enough...

"Well... I don't know. I guess so..." said Mary...

"Well, I don't think so, kid." And Heather reached into her large purse and book-bag she carried almost everywhere (though Mary had wondered why she'd carried it to Church -- she usually didn't). From the large bag she drew a VERY familiar object -- the 'Hole'y Wrath of God!!!

"Go ahead, kid! Take it and finish off these two!! Give the both of 'em the blistered bottoms they deserve!! These two REALLY DESERVE to have the Holy Wrath of God inflicted on them!!"

Mary took the paddle, implement of her own blistering punishments all-too-often. For a moment she juggled the too-large handle. The California girls managed to stop bawling long enough to release a simultaneous "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" A wicked, vengeful gleam appeared in the oh-so-well spanked nine-year-old's eye. And, taking the length of dark wood in both hands, she brought it down <SMAAAAAACK!!!> onto Debbie's bare behind with all her childish strength!!! And then, stepping over, she applied a matching swat to poor Martha's bottom!!

Swat after slow swat, forced to take her time since she (to be fair!) alternated bare bottoms, and so had to re-position herself for each swat, Mary continued the harsh lesson the California girls had earned. Passed on the burning, scorching pain that had so recently been inflicted upon her on sit-upon onto the larger, womanly bottoms of the two girls who had led her into temptation.

For which the two California Girls truly felt the Holy Wrath of God!!

Finally the paddle did its work, and the nickel-sized holes raised blisters on the bare bottoms of the two tenty-somethings, as it SMACKED down again and again. When Mary finally stopped paddling the two miscreants, her arms aching, barely able to hold the paddle, the severe paddling of Debbie and Martha ended. The two blistered brats were left to bawl out their agony over the couch. Heather replaced the Wrath of God in her handbag...

And the two roommates left the Omega Tau Kappa fraternity to return to their room.

After all, Mary had studying to do. As did Heather...