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Laura's Spanking Corner


These are from Bookbabe, aka Michele.  I love the raw sexual energy that runs through some of these stories, and they're well-written too.

Always This Way With Us M/F, spanking, sex
  Coming Home to Daddy. M/F, ageplay, spanking, sexual
  The Couch M/F, cons spanking, yummy sex
Giving Me What I Want M/F, spanking, sex
The Hair Cut M/F, spanking, angst
  The Headmaster's Office M/F, sex
The Inelegance of Desire M/F, spanking, lotsa sex
  A Lesson in Responsibility M/F, noncon spanking, sex
  Love is a Battlefield. M/F, spanking, messy sex
  Meeting Jess. M/F
  Meeting Point M/F
Playing Dress Up F/M
  Strapping It On F/M, spanking, sex
This Is How We Begin M/F, masturbation, spanking
  This is What My Heart Wants M/F, spanking, sex, edgy
  Turning on the Light M/F, spanking, sex
Where We Find Grace M/F