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Mary Catherine Whitney

These stories by Mary Catherine captured my heart from the moment I first read one. The heroine, a student at the Saint Francis School for Girls, is quite a handful for the school's Dean of Discipline, Andrew Michaels.

I strongly identify with Mary Catherine. I just wish I could find a female "Dean" of my own. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have. The stories are organized chronologically, and all of them are M/f, with some f/f thrown in as well.

A complete archive of Mary Catherine's stories can be found at Saint Francis School for Girls:
  Mary Catherine's First Impressions, part 1
  Mary Catherine's First Impressions, part 2
  Time for a Spanking
  Casual Fridays
  Hot Seat
  Meeting Mr. Swat
  A Saint Francis Thanksgiving
  The Nightmare
  Honor Courses / Stripped to the Skin
  A Tale of Two Spankings


Stories Copright 1984-2003, Mary Catherine Whitney. All Rights Reserved.