Subject: Hot Seat (M/f, nc, no sex)
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Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 22:48:38 -0800

Hot Seat

Spring of Mary Catherine's junior year

"Oh man it's roasting in here. Someone open the window before I die," Mandy says dramatically as she pulls a load of laundry out of the washing machine and carries it toward the dryer. It's a Friday afternoon just after final period and Mary Catherine, Mandy, Kristin, Alex and Samantha are in the laundry room in Trustees Hall. They're sitting on the machines, joking and laughing, a portable CD player blaring over the hum of the dryers and the thumping of the washing machines. "Alex! Your machine's on tilt again," Mary yells out over the noise, as she places a stack of neatly folded towels in her laundry basket. As Alex balances out her clothes and restarts the spin cycle, Mary turns and opens the window, letting in a faint breeze. It was late April and Saint Francis was in the middle of a heat wave. The air conditioning in Trustees Hall had gone out on Wednesday night, leaving a dorm full of hot and grumpy girls. The last place any of them wanted to be this afternoon was in the stuffy laundry room, but they needed clean clothes and since all of them were going to be leaving first thing in the morning for a big horse show at Linden Hills Prep this was their only chance. It was against a number of schools in the Tri-State Equitation League and everyone was looking forward to it. The show van was due to leave at 5:00 am and they 'd be staying overnight at Linden Hills. There wouldn't be enough time to do laundry when they got back on Sunday night. Besides, there was going to be a dance tomorrow night after the show with one of the boys schools near Linden Hills and the girls were all looking forward to meeting some new guys. Everyone wanted to look their best. Knowing them that meant packing half their closets for a two-day trip!

The girls continue to talk and laugh as they run more loads through the wash and fold their clean clothes, placing them in their baskets. Friday's at Saint Francis are a little more relaxed in that classes let out at 2:15 pm instead of 3:45 pm. It gave the girls extra study time in the library, a chance to catch up on housekeeping chores like laundry, as well as opportunities for clubs to meet and longer practices for the athletic teams. Jeffrey had cancelled this afternoon's riding practice on account of the show tomorrow; the horses would be getting enough exercise at Linden Hills. Samantha leaves for a moment and returns with another CD. As she pops it into the portable player she says, "Hey, I just got this one from my brother Michael. He saw this band when he went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. He said they're really hot." Mary Catherine picks up the case. "Better than Ezra-Friction Baby. Yeah, I've heard of them," she says, "the college station at Penn State's been playing that song of theirs a lot recently." "Which one is that?" Kristin asks, looking at the CD cover over Mary Catherine's shoulder. Mary scans the titles and points at track eight. "That one, Desperately Wanting". Samantha forwards the CD to track eight and turns up the sound. "Oh, hey yeah," Mandy says. "I know that one!" In moments the girls are all singing along at the top of their lungs, dancing around the room.

As the girls continue to sing, Andy is walking across the Quad toward his office in Old Main. He stops as he passes Trustees Hall, Looking up toward the second floor of the old wing, he can clearly hear the stereo blaring and the sound of a group of girls singing slightly off-key. It's coming from the second floor laundry room it appears. While they're being a little too loud, Andy decides to let it go. The girls are in high spirits with the weekend just beginning and they're not getting into trouble so so Andy figures he might as well let them have a little fun. Between the riding team going to Linden Hills and the softball team going to a regional meet in Harrisburg tomorrow, not to mention all the girls who signed up for the museum trip to New York being led by Sister Angelina, the campus was going to be pretty quiet this weekend. Andy continues along, a smile on his face. Spring fever was definitely spreading across campus!

He makes his way into his office and shuts the door behind him loosening his tie and hanging up his blazer on the coatrack near the door. He sits down and begins to work, glad the air conditioning hasn't given out in Old Main yet. The heating and air contractor was due tomorrow morning to fix the problems with the central air in Trustees Hall. He didn't want to think of what would happen if the air went out in the main buildings as well. At least most of the girls had small portable fans in their dorm rooms to help cool things off a bit. They would overload the power supply if they had to cool the classrooms and administration offices as well!

Trustees Hall was sweltering though and getting hotter by the moment. The girls were red-faced and out of breath from singing and they had the laundry room door open trying to cool off the room-wandering in and out between the hall and the laundry. "God, now I know why they call laundry's sweatshops!" Mandy says wiping her forehead on the back of her sleeve. "That's what they call factories not run to union standards, not laundry's Brinkley!" Alex said as she started to laugh. "We just covered that last week in class. Did you fall asleep in there again?" Mandy blushes, history isn't her best subject, all those names and dates and facts to memorize. She did much better at english and art and drama . . . those classes were FUN! Returning to the laundry room, the girls' start their final loads as they continue to talk and joke. "Man, I'm hot . . . me too, and thirsty! God . . . I hope we have ice cream for dessert tonight." Mary Catherine is over by the window, her eyes closed, letting the breeze cool her off. Opening her eyes and turning around she asks, "Who wants a soda?" All the girls answer at once, "MEEEE!" One of the best things about being upperclassmen is that they were allowed soft drinks and candy bars. Of course they could only have so many per week, but still . . . it was a privilege and one they were glad to have! "Ok, I'll go for them," Mary says. "Give me your Smart Cards and I'll run over to the junior lounge." The girls dig in their pockets and Kristin goes running to her room to get her card. The cards were a new idea Dean Michaels had this year. The cards were programmed with a certain amount of points a week. Extra points could be bought with merits and points were detracted for excessive demerits. All you had to do was swipe your card with the magnetic strip on the side of the machine and you were able to get your snacks. All the girls liked the new system. It meant they didn't have to save quarters for the machines anymore!

Handing Mary Catherine the cards, they all tell her what they want. "Ok," she says, "that's three Coke's, one root beer and a diet Doctor Pepper, right?" They all nod . . . "Oh," Kristin adds . . . could you get a pack of licorice too? I've got enough left on my card and there's10 pieces in a pack. We can all have two." "Sure thing." Mary heads for the door then pauses, turning around thinking. She walks back into the room and goes to the window where she spent most of the afternoon. She looks out, then down, across the L-shaped building to the junior lounge on the far side of Trustees Hall. "Hey, did you guys realize that the porch roof goes right from the laundry room to the lounge?" The porch was over the front entrance of Trustees Hall. The original building had been a single rectangular two-story structure. When the new three-story wing was added eight years ago-turning the building into it's current L-shape-the porch was constructed to link the two wings. The other girls crowded around the window, looking outside. "Hey you're right!" Mandy said. "That's cool. I bet you could walk right across the roof and get into the lounge instead of walking all the way around!" "Bet you couldn't," Kristin says, wrinking her nose. "There's at least a two foot drop. How would you get in the other window?" "Easy, just climb . . . you could pull yourself up easy through the window." "No you couldn't . . . could . . . couldn't . . ." The girls all start to argue. Finally Mary says, "Ten bucks says I can do it." They all look at her, digging into their pockets. "You're on Whitney!" Alex says. "Bet you can't!" The money gets tossed onto the nearest washing machine, Mary and Mandy betting she can do it, the other girls betting she can't. Mary laughs, telling them she'll be right back and swings her legs over the windowsill, jumping onto the porch roof.

Mary starts walking across the roof . . . even though it's only the second floor it's a lot higher than it looks and she realizes the roof is slightly sloped. Mary hurries along, making her way to the other window. Thank goodness it's open. Mary judges the window and taking a few steps back, makes a running leap at the wall, planting her foot on the bricks then grabbing hold of the window sill, pulling herself up. The other girls watch as she shimmies into the open window. Mandy has a big smile on her face and the rest of them groan, knowing their money is already half gone. Mary's friends aren't the only ones watching . . . Dean Michaels had just gotten up from his desk to stretch and take a break. He was standing by one of the big picture windows looking out at the campus, when he saw a girl go running across the roof of Trustees Hall, pulling herself headfirst into an open window. He stares, feeling himself anger. It's Mary Catherine . . . What in heaven's name was she thinking of climbing on the roof like that?! Being on the roof wasn't a written rule in the Student Handbook, but then again he wouldn't think it would need to be. How was it possible that she didn't think what a dangerous stunt that was to try?! It might only be two stories high, but if she were to fall it could cause a terrible amount of damage to her body. He didn't want to think what she might break in a fall. She disappeared through the window, her skirt up around her waist as she slid from view. He quickly turned from the window and hurried out of his office, leaving Old Main and racing across the Quad toward Trustees Hall.

Inside the lounge Mary quickly runs the cards through the soda and candy machines. Gathering up the cold cans, pausing a moment to press one up against her forehead, she loads them into a plastic bag she finds in one of the cabinets. She looks around thinking perhaps they should play some pool after dinner. She wanted a little extra spending money for the weekend. There was always a snack trailer at the shows and she loved cotton candy. More importantly though she had a business meeting with Shelby Canfield at Linden. Shelby was her Linden Hills primary supplier of contraband . . . alcohol, condoms, BOB's, fake ID's . . . you name it, she had it. Mary had her own sources for the bulk of her and Mandy's business. From time to time though an item surfaced on the Plaid Market that took some time to track down for her own customers. (The Plaid Market is the prep school version of the Black Market and I'm going to write an update on that soon I think!) Right now the girls at Saint Francis were clamoring for something new Shelby showed off during the last weekend the Linden Hills girls spent at Saint Francis-latex bras and matching thongs! Shelby was from San Francisco and apparently they had some pretty wild stores there. Mary hadn't found anything like that from her regular sources so far, so she decided that she' d better buy a few from Shelby to sell to her best customers in the interim. She could work on finding her own supplier if the bras and thongs caught on the way Mary thought they might over the summer break. Mary decided to mention an impromptu pool tournament to the other girls on her floor tonight at supper. For now though she needed to hurry back. She and Mandy were about to split $30.00 for her pulling off this stunt.

Andy climbs the front stairs two by two and tears open the door to Trustees Hall. As he's making his way to the second floor of the new wing, Mary is dropping back down onto the roof and walking back toward the laundry room. Under the window she holds up the bag and Kristin leaning out the window grabs it and pulls it into the room. Then, Mary takes a few steps back, calling out for the other girls to clear away from the window. With a running leap she catches the windowsill and scrambles back into the laundry room. Meanwhile Andy opens the door to the lounge, ready to read Mary Catherine the riot act. The room is empty though. He hurries to the window and just catches sight of Mary's backside wriggling back into the laundry room. He breathes a sigh of relief. At least she made it across safely. It made him wonder though just how many times she'd pulled this particular stunt. It didn't really matter though, this was going to be the last time and he planned to make sure she knew it! He turns to leave, taking a moment to retrieve a small item off the table near the door. "Yes," he thought turning it over in his hand. This was something that should make enough of an impression to assure she won't pull something like that ever again!

Back in the laundry room Mary and Mandy scoop up the money, then laughing all the girls pop open their soda's. Kristin pulls apart the licorice and hands it out. Turning back up the sound on the CD player they all get back to their laundry. They're so busy singing and laughing they don't hear the Dean walk in, but they all stop dead as the Dean turns off the CD player. "Party's over girls," he says crossing his arms and leaning up against the wall. "All of you back to your rooms and wash up. The dinner bell is going to sound in about 10 minutes." They frown, it's not as if they were THAT loud! Not wanting to argue with the Dean when he has that look on his face though, they quickly pack up their belongings. The girls figure they can get their final loads from the dryer after dinner. They start to file out and as Mary, who is trailing the group gets to the door, the Dean puts his hand firmly on her shoulder. "Not so fast Miss Whitney, we have something to discuss."

He steers Mary back around and closes the laundry room door. Taking her basket from her and putting it down on the counter along the wall, he crosses over, takes her by the hand and leads her over to the open window. Pointing outside he asks, "Care to explain that little stunt I saw a few minutes ago?" Mary gulps, her face paling as she realizes he must have seen her on the roof. "I, uh, well, I . . . well see we were really hot and thirsty and I offered to get the sodas . . ." she trails off, realizing he won't care what reason she gives for climbing across the roof that way. His words confirm it. "I CAN'T believe that you would do something so dangerous Mary Catherine Whitney!" "Her palms start to sweat. "Oh god," she thinks, "he used her full name!" She was in DEEP trouble for sure. "Do you realize what a chance you took young lady? It might not look that far, but one slip on that roof and you could have fallen right off onto the stone path below! You could've broken your leg or worse your neck! I can't believe you'd be so irresponsible Mary. I expect more of you, you usually have more sense. This is the type of behavior I'd expect from a freshman. Tell me, do you make a habit of crossing the building this way?" Mary quickly shakes her head, "No Dean, I swear . . . I've never done it before. I'm sorry, I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sorry . . . I promise I won't do it again. I just wasn't thinking." "Just wasn't thinking," he says, repeating Mary Catherine's words. "That's pretty obvious I'd say from your behavior. You are never, and I mean EVER to do that again young lady. Is that perfectly clear?" Mary nods, shaking slightly. "Yes Sir, Dean . . . I, I won't . . . won't do it again, I swear."

"That's right," he answers shutting the window firmly, "you WON'T do it again. More importantly, by the time I'm through you won't even be thinking of doing something so dangerous again." Taking her by the hand again he sits down on one of the chairs, quickly pulling her over his lap. Mary begins to struggle slightly, embarrassed that she's finding herself in this position yet again. "No, oh please Dean, I swear I've learned my lesson. I won't do it again. Please! Ground me instead . . . a week . . . no, two weeks, anything! He firmly clamps an arm around her waist, stopping her from squirming. "Oh I plan to ground you young lady, don't worry about that. You' re going to be on detention for the next two weeks as a result of that little stunt of yours. You're just lucky I don't suspend you from the riding team for those two weeks as well, but that would hurt the other girls as much as it would you and that's not fair to them. Now settle down Mary, the sooner we start this, the sooner it'll be over." He tugs Mary more firmly over his lap, her bottom raised prominently over his knee, her head low, legs in the air. She felt very vulnerable and off balance. Precisely how he wanted her to feel, she realized as she felt her skirt being pulled up over her bottom and tucked into the waistband of her plaid pleated skirt. She feels his fingers hook into the waistband of her panties and she twists and turns again . . . oh god, she HATED it when he bared her bottom for a spanking! It made her feel like such a little girl. She was 17, a junior . . . she was too old to still be turned over the Dean's knee as though she were a 12 year old who got caught making mischief!

He stops, firmly smacking her bottom with his hand over her panties. "Mary, I'm not going to warn you again," he scolds. "If you don't settle down and take your spanking gracefully I'm going to open that door and let the other girls watch, is that clear?" Mary gasps loudly, growing still immediately. Andy wouldn't actually let the other girls watch Mary's spanking, but she didn't have to know he wouldn't make good on that threat. He didn't believe in humiliating his girls and allowing other students to watch a spanking if they weren't waiting to be disciplined themselves as part of a group stunt fell into that category. He personally found that a little embarrassment on the part of the girl being spanked was much more effective. Spankings, particularly the bare bottom ones over his knee were embarrassing to the girls but the embarrassment was part of what made the girls remember their discipline and helped them behave better in the future. He knew some schools, Saint Anne's in particular, believed in spanking girls in front of their classmates, but he firmly believed that did a lot more harm than good. He knew the mere threat would settle her down and get her to take her spanking like a lady or at least as gracefully as she could considering he planned to give her a very firm one that she'd remember for quite some time. He might be letting her ride at the show tomorrow at Linden Hills, but he was certain she'd have a pretty sore bottom to contend with during her classes.

As Mary settles down, Andy says encouragingly in a quiet voice, "That's better Mary Catherine. Now I'm sorry this is necessary, but you are NEVER and I mean EVER to do something so foolish again. I swear, if I catch you pulling a stunt like that again, you won't be able to sit for a week. Am I making myself clear?" "Yes Sir," Mary says softly, her voice now quite contrite. "Good. I'm glad we've cleared the air. Now we'll be clearing the slate." He grabs the item he took from the junior lounge and gives her a sharp pat on the seat of her panties which encase her full, round cheeks. Ready to take your medicine Sport?" Mary is biting her lower lip now, alarm bells going off as she wonders what he has in his hand. She expected him to give her a hand spanking, "What on earth is that? It almost feels like a paddle!" She nods slowly, hot angry tears welling up in her eyes. "NO!" she thinks, "I'm not going to cry like a baby. I'm NOT!" Andy taps her again on the bottom. I asked you a question, Miss Whitney and I expect an answer, not a mere nod of the head. Now have I made myself PERFECTLY clear?" "Yes Sir, Dean," she says in an unsteady voice, tensing up to try and anticipate the first spank.

"Good," he says. Andy puts his fingers into the waistband of her panties, and with one swift, smooth tug, pulls her cotton panties to her knees. He notices they're white with little pink rosebuds on them. Not the regulation white briefs described in the Saint Francis Student Handbook to be sure, but they're still modest and full cut. She should earn demerits for those, even a couple of extra swats on the bare, but he decides not to press the issue. He'd rather she remembers this spanking for the right reason . . . that she did something foolish and dangerous and that he was spanking her to assure it would never happen again.

He draws up the ping pong paddle, taking careful aim. Mary is rigid and rebellious across his lap now, but he knows it will only be a few minutes before he has a very different girl over his knee. He stops, at its highest point, and says, "I'm waiting Mary." Mary looks back at him confused. She still can't see what's in his hand, but she's not sure what he's waiting for . . . does he want her to apologize again? Does he want more promises that she'd never do it again? She could tell him that right now, before the first spank even landed on her bare bottom that she wouldn't go across the roof again. He sees her confusion, realizing he's never required this of her before, but he wants this to be a real lesson . . . and heightening her embarrassment and discomfort a little will help make sure the lesson will stick. "I can't start until you ask me to Mary." She stares harder at him, uncomprehending. Then as he pats her bottom again, his words sink in. She turns bright red, her lower lip beginning to quiver. Closing her eyes she says, "I'm sorry I did it Dean, honest." "And? he asks, more gently now knowing how difficult this was difficult for her to say. Mary can practically hear him raising his eyebrow with that single word just by the tone. Gulping, she adds, "I'm sorry . . . and . . . and I know I earned this, so please," Mary takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Please give me the spanking I deserve Dean."

The words are barely out of her mouth before the first spank lands squarely across her bare bottom. Mary gasps thinking, "Oh my god, he does have a paddle!"

"Smack, Smack, SMMAAAACCCCKK". The initial spanks cause Mary to merely let out a little gasp with each stroke, but it doesn't take long for Andy to sharpen the pace and the intensity of the spanks. Quickly Mary's legs quickly start kicking and little cries come tumbling out of her mouth as the bite of the spanks increase . . . "Ooooh, Owww, . . . Oowwww . . .Noooo" "SMACKK, SMACKS, WHHHHHAPPPP, CRACKKK!!" As the spanks grow sharper and faster, Mary Catherine shifts, twisting across his knee. Mary's mind is still trying to figure out just what he's using to cause her bottom to sting so furiously! It's not a regular floor paddle, or even Thor that much is certain. It's got a wicked sting just like her hairbrush, but it's catching a much larger portion of her bottom it seems. It also has a funny texture, she can feel it stick slightly on her bottom with each stroke. . . but it's hot and burning just like a spanking with her hairbrush. "Ouchhh, NO, Owwwww, Please Dean, I've" "Smack, SMMMMMACCCK" "Ouuuuuw . . . I've learned my lesson!!!" "Smack, SMACKKKK, SSMMMMACCCK, SMMMMMMAAACKKKK". "Have you learned it young lady? I don't want a," "SMMMMMAACK, SMMMMMACCCCCK, CRACCCCKK!" "repeat" "SMAAACK, CRACCCCK, WHHHHHAPPP!!!!" "of that little stunt, "SSSSMMMMACCCK, WHHAPPP" ever, EVER again!!! "SMACKKKKK, SMAAAAACKKK!!"

Mary starts to cry, nodding earnestly-her bottom blazing. The Dean really knew how to give quite a spanking. He administers a final half-dozen spanks to each cheek, working his way down, being sure to catch the very bottom of her rounded cheeks as well as a couple of spanks each to her tender upper thighs, causing her to howl like a little girl. "OOWWW, OWWW, Ohhhhh, owwww . . . uh . . . uh . . hwwww, hhhwwwww." He stops, putting the ping pong paddle on the counter, setting her on her feet unsteadily. Her hands immediately fly to her bottom as she tries to put out the fire he lit across her bare bottom, the back her skirt still tucked into waistband. "Hands Mary," he says firmly and watches her bring them to her sides, pulling on the pleats of her skirt in frustration. He hates seeing any of the girls cry, particularly Mary Catherine. He knew how much a spanking had to hurt in order for her to lose control of her emotions like that, but she had needed and deserved a stiff lesson. He thought about how easily her little stunt could've backfired and caused her to be hurt. He even strongly considered turning her back over his knee for a second dose with the ping pong paddle. He meant it, he needed to be certain she NEVER, EVER thought about doing anything that dangerous again.

A buzzer went off in the background, pulling him away from his thoughts. Mary Catherine was still sobbing, though quietly now, her face red and streaked with tears. Her hands had crept back around to her bottom and she was rubbing furiously again. "Mary, I warned you . . . hands, now," he says quietly but insistently. As Mary brings her hands to her sides again, tugging on the pleats of her skirt, Andy pulls off his already loosened tie, brings her hands together in front of her and swiftly loops the necktie around her wrists pulling it taut. "There, that should do the trick," he says. Mary lowers her head in embarrassment, a fresh flood of tears pouring down her face. She felt like a freshman . . . no worse . . . her bottom burned and she couldn't control herself. She'd NEVER needed her hands tied before. Normally if the Dean told her to stop rubbing she could always manage it somehow until she was alone. She prided herself on the fact that she always took her spankings with some degree of grace, even if she ended up crying.

Andy glanced from Mary to the row of dryers and back again. He knew she was sorry, very sorry in fact, he could tell by the look on her face. He also saw how embarrassed she was to have her hands tied in front of her like a little girl who had no self-control. He watched as she struggled to compose herself, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot, bouncing on her toes. Her fidgeting caused her panties to slide down from her knees to around her ankles. She closed her eyes, shaking her head. He knew a lot of her pain was physical at the moment, but he knew she also had to be embarrassed by her predicament. Her spanking served as an important lesson, but in this case he knew a strong reinforcement was in order . . . something she wouldn't soon forget. Too often Andy had to give the same lesson, albeit sterner, a second time to Mary Catherine. What she'd done today though he needed to make sure she didn't try again, no matter how tempting. He walks over to the row of dryers and checks each one. Four of them are dry; the fifth one has a large load of jeans and sweats and is still quite damp. Andy pulls out a couple of quarters and pops them into the slot, pushing in the coin holder and pressing the button to start the machine back up.

By this time Mary has managed to get herself more or less back under control. She wishes desperately that she could pull up her panties which have fallen all the way to her ankles during her struggles. Andy walks over to her and puts a hand on Mary's shoulder. "Ok young lady, step out." Mary gasps, her face turning as red as her bare bottom. The words "step out" have a very significant meaning at Saint Francis. They mean she's not getting her panties back right away. Oh no, he wouldn't, couldn't be planning another spanking! She didn't know if she take it! Slowly she picks up one foot, then the other, stepping out of her panties. Staring at them on the floor she nearly starts to cry again, she's so embarrassed. He picks up the end of his tie and tugs. Mary silently follows him across the room.

Stopping by the dryers he says raises her chin off her chest and looks her in the eye with a kind gaze. "I know you're sorry Mary, I honestly believe that and I forgive you, ok?" Mary nods, her eyes dropping again. "Yes Sir," she whispers. "Thank you." He gives her a quick hug. "I know you learned a valuable lesson Sport, but I want you to understand . . . really understand inside that what you did today showed poor judgment. Your safety is something I take very seriously Mary Catherine. If I could watch you every moment to assure you didn't pull a stunt like that again I would. I can't though, and more importantly Mary I need to be able to trust you when I'm not around looking out for you. So I'm going to give you some strong reinforcement to help you remember right from wrong." Mary flinches, he DID plan on giving her a second spanking! She gulps, wondering if he plans to use that ping pong paddle again or if he was going to get the Mighty Thor to "reinforce" her lesson.

Andy though had other plans. "In this case I don't think a spanking is going to be enough. Do you know what being given a 'hot seat' means Mary?" She shakes her head, sighing slightly to herself with relief that he didn't plan to spank her again. She'd heard of the term "on the hot seat" of course, but she always thought that was a figurative expression, not a literal one. She wasn't sure how someone would give one. "Well Mary, I'm not surprised, but you're about to find out. I think this will reinforce your spanking quite effectively, more than another spanking would or anything I can say." Mary's brow knits, she knows he has something up his sleeve, but what that was . . . well, she didn't have a clue.

She quickly finds out what he has in mind. "This is how you're given a 'hot seat Mary Catherine." With that he puts his hands around her waist and lifts her up, sitting her firmly on the running dryer. Mary gasps audibly, tears flooding her eyes. It hurts-it really, REALLY hurts! Her bottom is already hot and sore from the thorough spanking she just received . . . but the dryer . . . the warm metal against her already well-reddened cheeks makes it feel as though her bottom was being burned on a griddle. She twists and kicks squirming, trying to keep her bottom off of the warm surface, her loafers making a clanging sound against the dryer as a loud cry escapes her mouth. "NOOOOOO!!!! I PROMISE, NOOO . . . I'LL NEVER DO IT AGGGAAAAAINNNN!!!!!! Please Dean, it hurts!" She starts to cry in earnest, the dryer feeling hotter against her bottom with every passing second. He puts his hand on her knee giving it a small squeeze, his voice slicing through her discomfort. "I know it hurts Sport and that's the point it's supposed to hurt. I hate to see any of you girls in pain, but this is a small amount of pain compared to what would've happened if you had fallen off the roof. Now the dryer will be on for the next hour and I expect you to sit here and REALLY think about how lucky you are that it's just your bottom that hurts so much at the moment. You could've been badly injured if you had fallen while crossing the roof like that. If it hadn't been you, it could've been one of the other girls that got hurt Mary. The other girls all look up to you and want to be like you. They would've more than likely tried that stunt too, just to say they did it. I bet you didn't think of that. Now I want you to think about what you did, why it was wrong and why you'll never try it again."

It was one of the longest, most uncomfortable hours of Mary Catherine's life. The dryer didn't get hot enough to burn her of course, the Dean would never do anything to physically harm her, but with her thoroughly-spanked bare bottom pressed firmly on the top of the dryer it certainly felt as though a hot iron was being applied to her tender cheeks. Andy left her to her thoughts, taking the clothes out of the other dryers, neatly folding them into piles and putting them on the counter. It hurt him inside to listen to Mary cry and gasp over the discomfort, but he knew she'd never forget this lesson. Finally the dryer sounded with a little ping and slowly stopped and Andy lifted Mary off the dryer hugging her close and stroking her hair, telling her it was all over. He reached around and untucked her skirt, letting it fall over her crimson bottom. Then, taking a washcloth from one of the piles, he walked over to the faucet, wet it with cool water and gently wiped the tears away from her face.

Contrite didn't begin to describe the expression on her face at the moment. For the first time in her life she had a look that was completely chastened. "Learn your lesson Mary?" She nods slowly, "Yes Sir, and then some." He smiles at her, "I thought you would. The hot seat is quite effective, isn't it young lady?" She looks at him . . . "Yes, I think you could say that lesson was permanently burned into me Dean Michaels." Unfastening her wrists he slips his tie back over his neck, giving a small laugh. "I thought the same thing Mary when I got that particular lesson during my days at Saint Sebastian's." She's so stunned her mouth actually drops open. "When you got that lesson . . . you . . . yyouuuu mean you were given a hot seat Dean?" She can't believe it . . . both that he'd actually been disciplined like that and that he admitted it to her! He nods. "Really Dean?" she asks. "Yes Mary, really." he says, slipping his arm around her shoulder and leading her out of the laundry room and back to her room. Mary is stunned, she knew a lot about his adventures at Saint Sebastian's. He didn't know she knew, not remembering her of course (or so she thinks) but she always thought for the most part he was a lot better than she was at not getting caught.

"What did you do to earn that?" she asks curious now. Andy laughs, loudly this time, "Oh no, I'm not giving you any more bright ideas young lady. You already get into WAY too much trouble on your own as it is. I'm not about to give you any ideas that contribute to your errant ways. Let's just say I never forgot that lesson and I think it's safe to say neither will you. Now I want you to lie down and try to take a little nap Mary. I'll have Mandy bring you a tray with some supper and a tube of sunburn lotion on her way back from the dining hall. Your bottom is going to sting for quite a while and I know you'll want to rest up so you're ready to ride in the show at Linden Hills tomorrow."

Mary groans as she flops down on the bed on her tummy remembering the show in the morning, not knowing how she'll ever be able to ride. Her bottom actually hurt a little less though now . . . his confession made her feel as if the two of them shared a very special secret. He didn't have to tell her he'd been disciplined the like that himself, but she was glad he did. Mary felt very close to him at the moment and as he left her alone just thinking about that, her face blushed as bright as her bottom . . .