Subject: A Tale of Two Spankings (M/f, semi-cons, no sex)
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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 15:09:59 -0800

A Tale of Two Spankings

This takes place during Mary Catherine's freshman year at Stanford

It was a Thursday night about 8:00 pm and Mary Catherine and Amy were in their dorm room studying. They had a large corner room on the second floor and the windows were open even though the night was cool and rain was coming down quite hard at the moment. It was a picture perfect room, neat and inviting-just the type Stanford liked to show in its school catalogues. One girl was curled up on her bed reading, a pair of headphones over her ears; the other was hard at work on her computer. Outside their closed door was chaos. Girls were running up and down the hall, calling out to each other for lipstick, curling irons, and a pair of black stockings that didn't have runs in them. A number of stereos were blasting and the unmistakable smell of pizza was wafting under the door.

Amy looks up from her copy of Northanger Abbey and breathes deeply as she turns off her CD player and removes the headphones. "God that smells good." Mary Catherine hits the "Save" button on her computer and turns around in her chair so she can see Amy. "I know and it's making me hungry," Mary Catherine replies as she wrinkles her nose. They look at each other and then at the door. That pizza smelled delicious-they could practically taste the spicy sauce and mozzarella. Dinner had been particularly bad in the cafeteria so they'd both opted for the soup and salad bar, passing up the Swiss steak, lumpy mashed potatoes and overcooked string beans that were the main items on the menu tonight. Most of the meals at prep school were way better than the cafeteria fare at Stanford. "There's some fruit in the fridge," Mary says. "Pears, nectarines, a couple of granny smith apples probably." "Do we have any yogurt left?" Amy asks hopefully. "No, we're all out. I put it on the list for when we go to the market on Sunday," she responds. "What do you want?" "An apple I guess," Amy says wistfully. Mary gets up and pulls out an apple and a nectarine and tosses the large green apple to Amy who catches it with one hand. "Thanks," she says as she sits cross-legged on her bed, polishes it on the sleeve of her blue oxford shirt and takes a large bite.

"How much more do you have to do?" Amy asks Mary Catherine who's gone back to her desk and is printing out her homework for Political Science. "Uhm, I need to read a chapter for my English Lit class and label my prints for photography. They're not due until next week but I want to do it before the weekend so I don't have to worry about it before class. I always put stuff like that off until the last minute then I end up feeling rushed. I should probably go over my notes for that art history quiz that we have tomorrow morning one more time as well. What about you?" "Oh, ten more pages for my classical novelist's class and then I have to answer six questions about what I've read. I forgot how much I like Jane Austen. I'm glad I decided to reread it instead of just getting the Cliff Notes." Mary smiles to herself, she knew PRECISELY why Amy was rereading Northanger Abbey and it had nothing to do with enjoying Jane Austen. If Tim were to find out that Amy was relying on her memory and Cliff Notes instead of completing her assignment the way she was supposed to, Amy's bottom would be reddened in the blink of an eye. "What else?" Mary Catherine asks. "Not too much. I still have to do a couple of quick sketches for my drawing class tomorrow. Our assignment is to do four five-minute sketches and I've only finished two of them. I guess I could study a little more for that quiz too. I've got most of it down cold but I want to review Steiglitz, Steichen and Strand again. Their names are all so similar I keep mixing the three of them up!"

They talk a few more minutes as they eat their snacks, mapping out their strategy. Reading, then their artwork, and finally a quick quiz review. "How about a couple of hands of gin rummy before bed if we have the time?" Amy says. Mary brightens, Amy was an excellent card player-nearly as good as she was. "A penny a point?" Mary Catherine asks. "You're on Em," Amy responds.

As they turn back to their studies the two girls sigh simultaneously. "We're pathetic, huh Em?" Amy says as she picks up her paperback. Mary gives her a lopsided grin. "I know. I'm starting to think the other girls are right. We DO act like we're a million years old! What happened to us Amy? A year ago I was climbing out of windows after curfew, making out in the boathouse-getting into so much trouble I'm surprised I'm able to sit down comfortably even today!" "Tell me about it," Amy interjects, "I used to be SO wild and now my idea of a hot time is staying up until 11:00 pm on a school night and playing cards with you! Maybe we'll get REALLY wild tonight and make some popcorn and have a soda while we play cards." Mary laughs loudly now. "Remember we used to say that when we were in college we'd do anything we wanted Amy? We wouldn't have any silly rules to follow or be under the guidance of Dean Michaels and Dean Downs anymore . . ."

Mary's voice trails off as she picks up a framed photograph of Andy from her desk and traces her fingers over his handsome face. She wasn't under Dean Michaels' watchful eye anymore. She answered to Andy Michaels now and that meant so much more because Andy trusted her to make good choices when he wasn't with her. Mary Catherine smiled as she looked at the photo. She missed him terribly. They saw each other most weekends now that he was in California and only a couple of hours away, but between a full class load at Stanford for Mary and Andy starting up the new software company it never seemed as though they had enough time together. She couldn't wait until summer vacation; she'd already accepted an internship at the town paper so they'd be together every single day. She was glad tomorrow was Friday. After class Amy and Mary would load up the car and head for the coast where the abandoned cannery housing the new offices for Andy, Ted and Tim's company were being renovated. She loved the tiny town where they were headquartered. She'd only been there a handful of times so far but it already felt like home. There were quaint shops, tiny art galleries and a variety of first-rate restaurants and intimate cafes. Most of all Mary Catherine was completely enraptured with the old lighthouse she and Andy were slowly transforming into a home of their own.

Mary always felt like Andy was around though watching over her. He'd given her plenty of rules to follow; Tim had done the same for Amy. Their rules were so similar in fact that the two girls had the sneaking suspicion their boyfriends had sat down together to write them up! They were firm, but fair. Deep down Amy and Mary Catherine both knew Andy and Tim were only trying to look out for their best interests and they tended to be overprotective because they couldn't be around day in and day out the way they were used to after all those years at prep school. A lot of the girls on the floor had really gone wild when they first got to school-partying half the night, skipping classes, gaining the freshmen 15 from too many nights of pizza and Chinese take-out. Even though it was their second semester now most of the girls hadn't settled down. Amy and Mary though were very focused. A lot of their discipline came from their years at boarding school. It wasn't just the lines and restrictions and numerous spankings they'd endured through the years as the result of mischief making. School had taught them to follow a schedule, budget their time, their money, how to study and do their homework without someone constantly pushing them. They understood the importance of hard work, why they needed enough sleep and healthy meals and regular exercise. As hard as it might be to admit (and they'd NEVER actually tell Andy and Tim) they understood, accepted and most of the time even appreciated the fact that they guys had set down rules for them to follow, college coeds or not.

That didn't mean they wanted anyone else to know about their rules. It was FAR too embarrassing for words! What went on between the girls and their respective boyfriends was private. Mary Catherine was glad though that she had Amy to confide in and vise versa. In a lot of ways she still felt like a schoolgirl but in others she felt as though she was far older than her years. None of her other friends would understand-not the ones she'd made at Stanford, not even Mandy or Kristin or the girls she'd known for much of her life.

The girls in the dorms and their friends in various classes might not know the complexities of Mary and Amy's relationships with Andy and Tim, but the two girls were a constant source of amusement to their friends. Mary Catherine and Amy had developed quite a reputation on campus, and not the type they'd had during their prep school years. At Stanford they were known as consummate good girls. Their dorm room was always tidy-beds made each morning, clothes neatly ironed. They were never late for appointments or skipped class. Their homework was done early and they were always well prepared for exams. They even ate healthy meals and snacks, saving pizza and ice cream for special occasions like receiving an A on a tough test. For the most part they spent their time at school quietly . . . an occasional movie or small dinner party or a trip into San Francisco to check out the art museums and do a little shopping or have their hair done on the weekends if they weren't seeing their boyfriends. During the week though their schedule was very rigid-breakfast, labs and classes, lunch, more classes, study groups, dinner, homework, perhaps a few hands of cards or an hour or so of TV before turning in for the night. Stanford was tough, but luckily Saint Francis and Flintridge had prepared them for the rigors of college and they' d done very well. Tim and Andy rewarded Amy and Mary Catherine in all sorts of ways when they were together and it made up for the demanding schedule they kept. School was challenging but the girls were having a wonderful time.

Amy and Mary hit the books again and by 9:30 they had finished their homework and had changed into their jammies. They were about to turn their attention to a final review for their art history quiz when there was a knock on the door. Mary Catherine crossed the room and opened the door. Traci, Hannah and Lauren came in laughing. "See, I told you they'd be ready for bed," Hannah said as Mary Catherine closed the door behind them. "I can' t believe you two aren't going to go with us to the SAE party!" "Yeah," Traci and Lauren chorus, "it's going to be WAY cool . . . tons of cute guys, a band, BEER!" "Sorry, honest we can't. Big Art History quiz tomorrow," Amy says. "Maybe another time," Mary Catherine adds. "Oh come on . . . sorority rush starts next week. SAE's the most popular fraternity on campus which means all the girls from the sororities will be there. This is our chance to meet people before rush, make an impression before there's hundreds of other girls trying to catch their eye. You two said you were going to rush, right?" Mary and Amy look at each other and nod. The sororities had really nice houses with much bigger rooms than the dorms and they did all kinds of fun stuff. Joining a sorority would also give them that feeling of sisterhood they'd felt at school. Mary was surprised how much she missed having a close bond like that with a group of friends. A sorority couldn't take the place of the Thorned Roses or the Deadbeat Club but it would somehow fill a void she'd felt. She'd made a lot of friends at college but except for Amy she wouldn't say they were particularly close friends.

Amy and Mary quickly glanced at each other-everything the other girls said was true, but their rules were clear. No parties during the school week, no being out past 11:00 pm unless they were at the library or the art lab and no drinking whatsoever as they were under age. Andy allowed Mary Catherine a glass of wine with dinner or one mixed drink when they were home alone (no hard liquor of course); Tim didn't even permit that. "Oh, come on, do you know how lucky we were to even get invited? It's a closed party you know. If Lauren's brother wasn't a member . . ." "Yeah," Lauren chimes in, "come on, get dressed, we'll wait for you." "No really," Mary said, "it's already late and we've got a class at 9:00 am tomorrow and . . ." "See, I told you they wouldn't come," Traci said with a smirk on her face. "Little Miss Pure and Little Miss Innocent . . . locked away in a convent all those years. They've probably never even been to a REAL party in all their lives!!!"

Mary Catherine and Amy look at each other, both girls blushing furiously. "No, I know why they really won't go," Lauren says. The other girls turn to look at her. "Why?" Traci asks. "Probably those boyfriends of theirs won't allow it. The three girls laugh loudly now causing Mary and Amy's eyes to flash in anger. Their friends' taunts were uncomfortably true. They looked at each other and nodded slightly. "Well, maybe for just a little while they say simultaneously. "Yes!" the other girls exclaim. "Ok, hurry up and get dressed, we'll be out front . . ."

Mary and Amy race to their closets and start pulling out clothes. Ten minutes later they're dressed and ready to go. On their way out the door they look at each other. "The guys will never know, right?" Mary says to Amy. "Right!" Amy responds. "Relax, we won't stay long, an hour or two at the most-just long enough to put in an appearance, get the girls off our case and blow off a little steam. We'll still be in bed by 12:00 like we're supposed to. Besides, it'll be fun, the kind we were just saying we never have anymore!" Mary grabs her purse and keys. "I'll drive, no sense breaking another rule by walking." Agreeing, Amy grabs her jacket and handbag and they head out the door . . .

As Mary Catherine and Amy headed out with their friends to the frat party, Andy and Tim were in Andy's Jeep headed inland from the coast toward Palo Alto. "This was a great idea Andy, the girls are going to be so surprised." "I know. Mary's always teasing me, saying I'm too serious . . . that I'm absolutely incapable of being impulsive!" Tim laughs. "Ames says the same thing about me (Ames is Tim's pet name for Amy)." "Well this will show them," Andy replies. "Coming up on a school night to tuck them in and surprising them with a weekend getaway since school's closed on Monday. They 've been working so hard between classes and helping us with stuff on the weekends. I can't even remember the last time I saw Mary Catherine without a book or a paintbrush or sandpaper in her hand." "I can tell you Andy it was an inspired idea on your part. Amy's going to love the lodge I picked out up in Tahoe. Skiing and ice-skating during the day and long nights in front of the fire. The snow up in the Sierra is great this year and Ames is an absolute demon on the slopes. Thanks again for loaning us your Jeep by the way. My MG would never be able to handle the roads up in the mountains-not to mention all the gear Ames is bound to pack!"

They talk about the snow up in the Sierra for a few more minutes then Tim asks, "Now what about you and Mary? You said you just needed us to drop you two off at the airport and that bag of yours is awfully small. Where are you taking her-a nudist colony?" Andy laughs loudly. "Not quite, but she won't need to pack much for where we're going. I figured with all the hard work Mary's been putting in between school and renovations and on helping us with marketing plans for the business she deserved a weekend of total rest and relaxation. She doesn't have a class on Tuesday until 4:00 pm so I figured we could go someplace a little further away. I asked Ted and Janet if we could borrow their beach house on Kauai. I've seen the photos and it's absolutely beautiful . . . it has a private beach isolated by a small cove, a tennis court, and an enormous four-poster bed on a platform surrounded by floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean. We catch a flight right after her quiz tomorrow and we should be in Hawaii in time to have dinner and take a sunset walk on the beach. I figure we'll get some sun and swim in the ocean, play some tennis, maybe do some biking and I've planned a day hike to the falls. There's supposed to be lots of places to picnic and private lagoons to swim in all over the mountains. Ted called ahead and got the woman who cooks and cleans for them while they're on holiday to set up the house and cook for us so Mary won't have to lift a finger." Andy thinks to himself how great it will be. He'd bought a new bikini for Mary Catherine to wear, tiny, pink and white plaid-though given the privacy of their accommodations he planned on her wearing it very little!

The guys talk the miles away-a little business, a little pleasure, how the renovations were coming along at the lighthouse, what the house in town that Tim was looking to buy was like. With Andy's lead foot they make it into Palo Alto shortly before 10:00 pm. They exit the highway and after a quick stop at the market they pull up in front of the dorms.

Andy and Tim get out of the Jeep and head upstairs. The dorm was nearly empty and very quiet. "Knock, knock, knock," Andy quickly raps on the door, anxious to see the look on Mary's face when he wrapped his arms around her for that first hug. There's no answer. The guys look at each other. "You think they're asleep already?" Tim asks. Andy looks at his watch. "It's only 10:15. They're probably at the library." Andy pulls his keys out of his pocket and sorts trough the ring for a copy of their room key. "Here we go. Why don't we let ourselves in and get things ready? I don't want this ice cream to melt."

An hour-and-a-half later the girls still aren't back in their dorm room and Tim and Andy are growing anxious. "Where are they?" Tim asks as he paces the floor. "I don't know for sure but my guess is no where that they're allowed on a school night," Andy responds. He'd just come back from the library and he hadn't found a trace of either girl. He'd run into one of the girls who lived down the hall from them on his way back though and he asked if she'd seen Mary or Amy. "I think I saw them a couple of hours ago leaving with some of other girls from the floor." "For the art lab perhaps?" Andy asked. He hadn't been able to check there. For security reasons only students who had classes there had an access card to enter the building after hours. It was a long shot, he knew the girls scheduled their lab times on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when they didn't have classes until late in the day.

Perhaps they'd gone to keep their friends company or to put in some extra work on an assignment. The girl he vaguely remembered Mary introducing to him as Jane laughed when he asked. "Little Miss Pure and Little Miss Innocent maybe . . . if they'd been by themselves-but with Traci, Lauren and Hannah no way! Those three were headed for the big SAE kegger. I don't know how they managed to convince Em and Amy to go, those two are always studying or fast asleep by now, but my guess is that's where they'd be. Don't worry though, they're always back on the floor and in bed by midnight so they should be back any time now."

Andy relayed what he'd learned to Tim and as they continued to wait for the girls they began to arrange things for a very special surprise party for the girls . . .

At the SAE house . . .

Mary Catherine looked at her watch for the 100th time since they arrived at the party. She was having an absolutely miserable time. Judging by the look on Amy's face she was wishing they'd stayed home too. The band was pretty good and the other kids at the party were nice, but that was the problem-they were all just kids. Most of them might be older than Mary and Amy, but you'd never know it by the way they were acting. Half of them were plastered and the other half were well on their way. The house was too hot, too noisy and too full of horny guys trying to hit on anything in a skirt or a tight pair of jeans. Mary leaned over and said loudly in Amy's ear. "Let's leave, it's getting close to curfew." Amy looked at her frowning slightly. "I can't hear you," she yelled back. Mary pointed at her watch and the door and Amy understood immediately. They stopped for Traci and their other friends, but they were having too much fun and didn't want to leave. "What are you going to do about a ride home?" Amy asked. The girls discussed it a moment and finally decided that Lauren's brother could take them home. A quick check with Paul confirmed it. "Don't wait up!" they chorused as Mary and Amy left the house and headed down the path toward the car. The air was quite cold but it had stopped raining and after the heat and noise of the frat house, it was very peaceful.

Once in the car they lock the doors and buckle up. "Remind me to never do that again," Mary says as she turns the key in the ignition, firing up the engine. "No problem there," Amy says. "I can't believe I used to think a scene like that was fun!" They drive back to the dorm and pull into the lot, quickly walking into the building. "I know, I guess the guys have modified more than our errant ways!" Mary responds. Laughing the two girls climb the stairs and reach their room. Mary puts her key in the door and turns the deadbolt letting them in.

The two girls stop dead in their tracks as they catch sight of Andy and Tim in the middle of their room. The two guys have identical expressions on their face and they are NOT happy ones! Tim has his arms crossed and Andy has his right eyebrow raised. Both girls' mouths drop into silent O's. "I can explain Dean Michaels . . ." Mary Catherine quickly says. "I'm sorry Dean Downs, it's just . . ." Both guys hold up their hands, to stop them, barely able to keep the smiles off their faces. In their panic both girls had regressed to their prep school days and the word "Dean" was just about the first thing out of their mouths! "You girls ok?" Andy asked as he crossed the room and shut the door behind them. Mary and Amy blushed furiously, dropping their eyes to the ground. "Yes Sir," they said in unison, their voices barely above a whisper.

Over their bowed heads Andy nodded at Tim. Andy crossed over to Mary Catherine and took her in his arms as Tim did the same with Amy. "I'm sorry," Mary whispers over and over as she hugs him tightly, her head on his shoulder. Andy strokes her hair. Amy is apologizing to Tim, tears running down her face.

After a few minutes of comforting the girls and Tim drying Amy's tears away they lead them to the chairs they've placed in the center of the room. "Sit down girls," the two of them say. They look at each other and Andy nods, starting things off. "You girls want to tell us where you were tonight?" Mary and Amy look at each other. It would be so easy to lie, to say they were at the library or one of their study groups or the art lab. Blushing slightly Mary mumbles, "At a party De . . . uhmmm, Andy." She felt about 12 at the moment, and it didn't make things easier that she kept accidentally calling him Dean! "A party, huh?" He drops down onto one knee and pulls Mary Catherine's chin up so her eyes are meeting his. "What did we decide about going to parties during the school week Sport?" Mary blushes furiously, starting to squirm in her chair. Andy had retired the nickname Sport more or less when they started dating. He tended to lean toward Princess now (Princess Brat depending on her behavior) when he didn't call her by name. He only used Sport these days when she'd behaved like a little girl. "We agreed that I'd save parties for the weekends . . . and . . . and . . . I promised if I went to one I'd tell you where I was going first and when I'd be home." "That's right," Andy said kindly, giving her knee a fond squeeze. "So what happened tonight Mary?" She shrugged her shoulders, "We . . ." Mary glances over at Amy who had her head in her hands, "I that is . . . I guess I made a mistake." Andy nods. "I think that's a safe guess. Is this the first time you've done something like this young lady?" She nods miserably; he sounded so disappointed in her! She wished Andy would yell or scream or something but she knew it wasn't his way. Even when they had a disagreement (and they had plenty as they had hammered out her new rules and how her trust should be handled . . . allowance, car, etc.) he never raised his voice. He always spoke to Mary Catherine calmly and rationally.

Tim picked up the conversation as he began to question Amy. "Was going to this party worth breaking your promise to me Ames?" he asked. Amy looked up and her lower lip trembled as the tears began to spill again. Amy shook her head. "No Tim," she whispers. He drops down beside her and wipes her eyes again with his handkerchief. Suddenly he stops and looks at her sternly. "Amy Louise Pendry have you been drinking?" he asks. Amy starts to cry in earnest nodding her head. "I had a beer Tim . . . only one I swear and not even the whole glass!" "You know you're not allowed to do that Amy. You're only 19, you're not old enough to drink yet and don't you dare tell me that Andy lets Mary Catherine have a drink every once in a while because you're not Mary Catherine and different rules apply to you when it comes to this young lady." Amy began to sob harder, this was the third time Tim had caught her drinking since they'd started dating. Last time Tim caught her he'd given her a hairbrushing that made it hard to sit comfortably for several days.

Andy looks from Tim and Amy back at Mary Catherine. "Mary, were you drinking tonight?" Silently he prayed that she'd say no. Her rules were very clear, she was allowed to drink in moderation when she was with Andy but if she got caught drinking on her own it meant six of the best on the bare. Mary shook her head. "No Andy . . . I wouldn't and I was driving, you know I'd never . . ." Andy hugs her again. She'd made a mistake by going to the party but she hadn't done anything stupid or truly dangerous. She'd also owned up to things immediately, no excuses which showed him just how much growing up she 'd done in the past year.

Finally after a lot of questions and a lot of gentle scolding, Andy and Tim stood and helped the girls up. "I'm going to speak for both of us," Andy says, "because we discussed this before you girls got home. "We are VERY disappointed in both of you. You two know better than this and while you both showed a lot of maturity by admitting breaking your rules and not making any excuses they WERE broken and that means some consequences have to be faced." Mary and Amy nodded, their eyes riveted to their shoes. "Normally that would mean me disciplining Mary Catherine and Tim disciplining Amy. When we couldn't find you we were very upset, frantic even. No note, your cell phones weren't turned on, we had no idea where you girls were or if you were safe." They blushed furiously, they had been in such a hurry to leave they'd forgotten to leave a note and neither girl realized her phone was turned off. "You said that would normally mean spanking us," Amy said. "Do you mean we're not going to get spanked?" Andy shakes his head, "You're each going to be spanked tonight, but not in quite the way you're probably expecting." Both girls frown and look at each other. "What do you mean then Andy?" Mary Catherine asks. He points over their shoulders toward the beds. "You girls have 5 minutes to get changed. We'll wait outside."

Mary and Amy turn slowly toward their beds as Andy and Tim walk to the door. "Three, two, one . . ." Tim says under his breath. "HEY!" Amy exclaims. "The guys turn and look at the girls who are staring confused at the clothes on their beds. They start to change places but Andy stops them. "No girls." Mary stops, turning bright red. "You . . . you mean . . ." Both guys nod their heads and Amy flushes as she realizes what Mary has already figured out. "No . . . you can't . . . TIM!!" Amy cries. Andy and Tim cross back to the beds and give the girls a final hug and a kiss on the cheek. "It'll be ok," Andy whispers to Mary. "You'll see, this is for the best . . ."

Amy begins to cry again the moment the door is closed. "How could they do this?" she asks through her tears. Mary has a pretty good idea and she tries to explain as they start to change into the clothes that have been laid out for them. "Oh," Amy says quietly understanding better as she pulls on a fresh pair of white cotton panties and buttons her oxford shirt up, flipping the collar down over her tie. "I can't remember the last time I saw Tim so mad. He NEVER uses my middle name!" Amy wipes her eyes and blows her nose as she looks at herself in the mirror. Mary gives her a smile of reassurance as she pulls on her knee socks and slips into her shoes. "It'll be ok Amy, honest," she says as they hear the knock on the door. Both of them turn simultaneously, looking at each other and nodding. "Come in," they say, the butterflies starting to flutter furiously in their tummies . . .

It's all Andy and Tim can do to keep from laughing out loud as they catch sight of their errant schoolgirls. The two of them looked so contrite at the moment and absolutely adorable to boot. Luckily Amy and Mary Catherine were just about the same size so their uniforms fit each other perfectly. Amy looked every bit the Saint Francis schoolgirl in Mary's navy and forest green plaid skirt, oxford with plaid tie and navy sweater vest and navy knee-highs, neatly cuffed. Her long dark red hair was held back in a ponytail with a matching plaid scrunchie. As for Mary Catherine she looked stunning in Amy's uniform from Flintridge Prep. He never realized what a good color burgundy was on her. She was wearing a crisp white shirt and a burgundy and white striped tie with a dark gray cardigan that made her eyes seem bluer than normal. The pleated burgundy skirt was a bit shorter than the one she wore at Saint Francis, skimming her legs at mid thigh and the white socks came up to just above her kneecaps. Her hair was held back with a wide burgundy headband and the sturdy white oxfords with burgundy inserts looked like they came right from the 1950s!

All business now the guys position the chairs so they're back to back. Andy and Tim sit down and beckon the girls over to them. After a moment's hesitation Mary walks over to Tim as Amy crosses over to Andy. Mary Catherine's mouth went dry as she stopped in front of Tim. "I'm very sorry this is necessary young lady," he says. "I expect Ames to be wild but I honestly thought you had more sense than to sneak out to a party on a school night. Andy's always telling me how well behaved you are." "He does Dean . . . uhmm, Tim . . . uhm Dean?" she says surprised. "Dean or Dean Downs for tonight is just fine Mary Catherine." She blushes furiously. It's obvious the guys intended for them to feel like high school freshmen instead of college freshmen. "Yes Dean Downs," she whispers obediently. He looks up and smiles, "To answer your question, Mary yes, he never stops talking about you and how proud he is of you." "He must really be mad then if he's having you spank me instead Dean Downs." He reaches for her hand and gives it a small squeeze of reassurance. "I think you know him well enough to know that he could never be mad at you. He was simply upset Mary, not so much now that he knows you're ok, but still he didn't want his temper to get the best of him and I was far too upset with Amy to deal with her rationally. So switching your spankings seemed easiest. Gives us a little distance and a bit of perspective from the situation. I'll spank Amy myself later and I bet Andy plans to spank you for this too eventually, but we didn't want to spank you girls more harshly tonight than you earned for your little transgression. Understand?" Mary nods, she did understand and while it was highly embarrassing she knew she'd get over it. A spanking always cleared the slate between her and Andy and she was sure this spanking would be no exception.

Honestly she was most worried about the other girls finding out. She could control her emotions, more or less, but Amy tended to cry pretty hard. It would be too embarrassing for words if the other girls heard them getting spanked! As Tim continued to talk Mary's eyes dropped lower and lower and she blushed brighter and brighter. Her ears began to get that funny buzzing that they got when Andy used to lecture her in his study back at Saint Francis and her throat began to feel very tight. She could barely understand what Tim was saying, let alone hear what Andy was saying to Amy. Mary wished the floor would open up and swallow her whole!

As for Andy he was giving Amy a lecture nearly identical to the one Tim was currently giving Mary Catherine. "I have to tell you Amy I'm disappointed. Mary's pretty impulsive and wild. I've come to expect this kind of behavior from her over the years but Tim's always telling me what a levelheaded girl you are. I hoped you'd have a settling influence on her but it seems like the influence has been the other way around." "Tim actually said that Andy?" "Dean Michaels for tonight young lady and yes, he's always telling me how mature you are." Amy blushes, she sure didn't feel mature at the moment! "Do you really have to spank me though An . . . I mean Dean?" Her eyes drop and she turns bright red all over. "I've . . . That is I've never . . ." Amy looks up at Andy helplessly. "Dean Downs . . . Tim that is . . . he's . . . he's the only man who's ever . . ." Her voice dies out, too humiliated to continue. Andy looks up at her. "Are you trying to tell me that Tim's the only man who's ever spanked you Amy?" She nods, absolutely mortified that Mary Catherine's boyfriend was going to spank her, and if her feeling was correct that he planned to do it on the bare! My . . . my dad left my mom when I was three and I never saw him again. I don't even remember him, let alone if he ever spanked me."

Andy looks up and smiles at Amy reassuringly. "It won't be nearly as bad as you think and I promise it will be over before you know it and then you'll have a clean slate with me and with Tim. We'll put this behind us like it never happened, ok?" Amy closes her eyes and nods. "Good girl, now that was partying during the school week and being out of the dorms when you should have been home studying or at the library and no note saying where you were going, right?" Amy stands up straight, trying to remain calm as she nods. "Oh, and drinking." Amy's throat closes, she'd hoped Dean Michaels wouldn't remember that. "I have to say I'm especially disappointed about that Amy. I know Tim doesn't allow you to drink at all and especially not at a fraternity party. Not only is it illegal but it's dangerous-someone could've slipped something into your drink or you could've drank too much . . . something bad could've happened very easily, couldn't it?"

Amy nods, the tears starting to form again. Tim was VERY strict when it came to her drinking. She'd gotten caught drinking a number of times at Flintridge . . . on a couple of occasions she'd been so plastered she could barely see straight. The last time Tim had found her drunk at school was in the equipment room of the gymnasium at the end of her sophomore year. She was lying on the floor with her panties around her ankles and her skirt hiked up to her waist, her legs in an unladylike sprawl. He'd walked in with Amy about twenty seconds away from losing her virginity to a boy from the Arlington Military Academy that she'd met that evening at a school dance. It had been a horrible night, Tim had caned her and the boy. It was supposed to be six of the best, but with exceptions (Tim's rule is that the stroke doesn 't count if she gets out of position or puts her hands back during the spanking or fails to count) she'd actually taken nine strokes in all. It was her first and only caning and she didn't touch another drop of alcohol her last two years at school.

Amy thought he'd loosen up once she was out of school and they'd started dating but the first time he saw her with a drink in her hand he made it very clear that underage drinking was something he definitely did NOT approve of. She'd gotten caught a second time on New Year's Eve when he caught her pouring champagne in her glass instead of ginger ale and since then she'd been a good girl. She didn't know why she did it, she didn't even like beer! A guy had handed her one at the party and it was hot in the SAE house and she was thirsty . . . "What Dean?" Amy says, snapping back to the sound of Andy's voice. He'd said something to her, but in her haze she didn' t quite catch it. "I said go get your hairbrush off the dresser and lets get to it young lady. I think I've said enough for one night." Dazed, the tears already overflowing Amy walks over to her dresser and with shaking hands picks up her hairbrush and carries it back to Dean Michaels . . .

Meanwhile Tim had finished lecturing Mary Catherine and he was in the process of rolling up his sleeves. Mary's hands were clasped behind her and she was staring a hole through the tops of her shoes. "It's going to get pretty warm Mary Catherine you may remove your sweater if you'd like." Nodding, Mary took off the sweater and neatly folded it, placing it on her bed. "Good girl, now go get your ruler out of your desk and bring it here." Mary sucks in her breath deeply. "My . . . my ruler?" she asks, her lip beginning to tremble slightly. "Yes Mary, your ruler . . . the one Dean Michaels gave you." Mary's head began to pound. Andy had given her his freshman ruler as a gift when she started at Stanford. It was meant as sort of a joke between the two of them. Every time she sat down at her desk she saw the thick, highly polished cherry ruler and remembered the spankings she 'd received from it over the years when she'd acted like a naughty little brat and how far she'd come from that schoolgirl. She'd never expected to feel its bite across her cheeks again and she was certain that Tim planned to spank her with it on the bare. With lowered eyes she came to stand before him again and slowly hands him the sturdy little ruler . . .

Almost in unison Andy and Tim reach for Amy and Mary Catherine and pull them firmly across their laps. The girls quickly feel a strong arm wrap around their waist and a steady hand neatly fold the hem of their skirts' up, tucking it into the waistband. Tim's hand reaches up and with a smooth tug lowered the burgundy knickers to Mary Catherine's thighs while Andy eases Amy's snow-white panties down to rest around her knees. "Smack" "Smack" a hand lands smartly across each girl's cheeks. "Smack . . . smack . . . smack" "Smack . . . SMACK" The sound of sharp spanks quickly filled the room as Andy and Tim began warming up the girls bottoms. "SMACK . . .SMAAACKKKK . . . SMACKKK!!" "Is this getting through to you Mary Catherine?" Tim gently scolds. "You're 19 years old, nearly a grown woman . . . you should be too old to need your panties lowered like a little girl but it'll keep happening as long as you continue to act like a child . . ." "I expect you to use good judgement Amy . . ." "Smack . . . smack . . . smack . . . CRACK!" "I know the rules aren't always pleasant but they're for your own good Mary and . . ." "SMACK . . . SMACK . . .WHAAAAPPPP!!!!" "CRACK . . . SMMMMMAAAACKKK . . . WHAAAP . . . SMACK . . . SMACK!!!!" "We're only trying to protect you girls Amy, do you understand that . . . the rules aren 't punishment, they're to keep you safe." "We can't . . . SMACK . . . always . . . smack . . . be with you girls . . . smack, smack . . . Mary . . . smack . . . so we need to know that you're acting responsibly."

Mary and Amy were shifting uncomfortably across Tim and Andy's laps, squirming from the smarting spanks and the scolding being given to them along with their spanking. Amy's eyes were already filled with tears and she was beginning to gasp with each spank on her tender cheeks. "Oh my god," she thought in a daze, "he spanks so much harder than Tim! How does Mary Catherine make it through a spanking?!" Mary's eyes were closed and she stiffened each time Tim's palm landed on her bottom. He spanked really hard-much harder than Andy did, even though it was without the heat that she felt when Andy turned her over his knee. "No wonder Amy cries so much!" she thought to herself. Mary's legs begin to cross at the ankles as Tim's hand continues to land across her bare cheeks. "SMACK . . . SMAACKKKKK . . . SMAAAAAAACKKKK!!!!!!" "CRACKKKK . . . WHAAAP . . . SMAACK!!!!" Andy's hand lands firmly again and again on Amy's compact cheeks. "Snnnnnff" Andy hears Amy begin to sniffle and he pauses a moment, allowing her a chance to compose herself as he picked up the flat wooden hairbrush. Mary has kept quiet throughout her spanking despite the fire beginning to blaze across her bottom but she gasps audibly as she felt the cool, thin freshman ruler lightly tap the fullest part of her seat. "I hope this won't be necessary for me to do ever again Mary Catherine . . ." Tim says firmly. "I have enough trouble keeping up with one errant schoolgirl Amy so let's make this the last time we meet as anything but friends, ok?" Andy asked Amy as she struggled to keep from crying.

Both girls nod earnestly, the promises tumbling fast and furious out of their mouths. Neither one of them was thinking of how embarrassing it was to be over the knee of a guy who was a friend, not their boyfriend any longer . . . or worried about what the other girls in the dorm might hear or find out about. All they could think about was the spanking at hand and how much longer it would last!

"Crack . . . smack . . . whap . . .SMAAAAAAACKKKK . . . CRACK . . . WHAAAAPPPPP" The sound of stinging wood meeting the backsides of two very chastened young ladies filled the room. The lecturing was over, Andy and Tim merely concentrated on turning the bottom of the girl across their lap a bright, even shade of red. Everything had turned out ok this time, no harm done by their little outing, but they wanted this lesson to stick with the girls so they'd never have to think twice about the right thing to do again. "SMACK . . . SMACK!!!!!!" Amy broke first and Tim paused as he heard the first sobs break over his shoulder. He hated hearing Ames cry and he wanted nothing more than to stop Andy and take her into his arms. They'd agreed as they waited for the girls that this was necessary and that they wouldn't interfere with the discipline that the other handed out. He lifted the ruler again and brought it smartly over Mary's cheeks, causing another gasp. "SMACK . . . SMACK!"

On his end of things Andy gave Amy another half-dozen spanks before she began to cry in earnest and she went limp across his lap. He immediately put the hairbrush aside and gently rubbed some of the sting out of her cheeks as he quietly reassured her. Andy winced slightly as he heard each spank land on Mary Catherine's bottom. Now that he had stopped spanking Amy the sounds were much clearer and everything that was happening behind him came into sharp focus. He desperately wanted to stop Tim but Andy had given him his word that he wouldn't interfere. "SMACK . . . SMACK . . . CRAAAACCCKK . . . WHAAAAAAAPPPPP!!!!!"

Mary counted silently in her head, willing her way to 24 without crying out. "It'll be over soon . . . you can do it," she told herself as she dimly heard Amy cry. "Smack . . . 22 . . . SMAAACKKKKK . . . 23 . . . CRACCCCCCCKKK . . . 24 . . . SMACK . . . SMACK . . .SMACK!!!!!" Alarm bells of all sorts started going off in Mary Catherine's mind. She'd never gotten more than 24 with the freshman ruler in her life. She gasped audibly. "SMACK . . . Twenty-four" she cried out as if saying it would make it stop. "SMACK . . . ooohhhh, owwwww . . . 24!!!!!" Tim paused and tapped Mary sharply on her bottom. "Mary . . . shhhh . . . I want you to listen." Mary Catherine was starting to hyperventilate slightly, her tear-filled eyes clouding her vision, her breath catching in her throat. "Counting doesn't do any good with me young lady." As Tim says it he begins to bring the ruler down on her bottom again, slowly and precisely, accentuating his point. "Allowing you to count lessens your discipline, you steel yourself for the spanks, knowing it will be over soon . . . SMACK . . . SMACK . . . This may be the . . . SMACK . . . last stroke . . . SMACK . . . or there may be five more . . . SMACK . . . or 25 more . . . SMACK!!! I find it's much more effective in the long run when a girl doesn't know for sure. . . SMACK . . . it makes her a little less stubborn and more sincere in her promises not to misbehave again." Tim fell silent as he began to spank her in earnest again. The ruler barely fell another half dozen times before Tim felt her stiffen across his lap and he heard the first real cry out of her mouth. Another three and she was crying like a little girl, her legs no longer kicking, her body limp across his lap. Tim stopped immediately. He knew from Andy how hard it was to get Mary Catherine to yield during a spanking. He'd normally never tell a girl what he'd just told Mary but he couldn't think of a quicker way to bring an end to her spanking.

A few minutes of reassurance followed, then Andy and Tim put the girls on their feet and quietly told them they could pull up their panties or step out, whichever was most comfortable. They'd gained enough of their composure back to be mortified by stepping out in front of each other's boyfriend so despite the discomfort they both chose to pull their panties up. Andy gave Amy a small hug and a kiss on the cheek before sending her into Tim's waiting arms and Tim kissed Mary on the forehead and squeezed her shoulder fondly before pointing her toward Andy. Suddenly Andy's arms were around her and the whole world disappeared. All Mary Catherine could feel were his strong arms hugging her close and his voice quietly comforting her. "Want to go for a walk Princess?" Andy whispers in her ear as she leans her head on his shoulder. Mary nods, burying her face in his jacket. He kisses her on top of her head. "Let's just get your coat and maybe a scarf, it's cold outside tonight. "Would you like a sweater too?" Mary nods again as she takes a quick glance over her shoulder at Amy and Tim. Tim is sitting on Amy 's bed with Amy on his lap holding her close and stroking her hair as he whispers to her. Amy and Mary Catherine were so much alike, yet so different. Mary watched as Amy nodded repeatedly as he spoke. She suddenly threw her arms around Tim as he cuddled her and patted her knee. Amy needed a lot of reassurance after a spanking. Mary needed comfort and reassurance too, but she always preferred a walk with Andy to clear her thoughts and cool her bottom.

Taking a final look at Amy and Tim she allowed Andy to help her on with her coat and took his hand as they walked out of the dorm. Luckily the hall was quiet. It was nearly 1:00 am, past her bedtime, but she knew from experience that most of the girls on the floor weren't even home yet. Honestly though Mary Catherine wasn't sure how she'd ever sleep, her bottom throbbed horribly at the moment. It was so warm that even the chill night air didn't seem to bother her. They walked silently down the well-lit path, Andy waiting for Mary Catherine to speak. Finally on their second trip around the building she said softly, "I'm so sorry I disappointed you Andy. Does it help for you to know that I had a really miserable time tonight? At the party I mean, not that having Tim spank me was fun either."

Andy stops Mary and leads her over to a small bench, easing her onto his lap-careful to keep Mary Catherine off her bottom. He brushes back her hair and looks into her eyes in the moonlight. "No Princess, it doesn't make me feel better. In fact, I'm sorry you didn't have fun. Want to tell me what made it so rotten?" Mary nods and slowly begins to tell him how she felt like she didn't fit in with the other kids, how the entire time she'd felt guilty because she'd broken her rules and let Andy down. "I decided on the way home that I don't think I want go through sorority rush after all." Andy looks at her surprised. They'd talked long and hard about her joining a sorority. He hadn't been all that thrilled with the idea of her joining a sorority her freshman year when she was still adjusting to college and a new life but he knew how much it meant to her. "What made you change your mind Em? You were so excited about rushing just a few weeks ago." "I know, but . . . I just don't think I belong to that world anymore . . . I've . . . grown up I guess." Andy sighs, realizing it was true. She had grown up quite a lot this year, she'd become quite an amazing young woman but he didn't want her going straight from little girl to grownup all at once. He knew that she was happy now but she'd eventually be sorry if she didn't have some of the experiences other girls her age had. "Well, it's up to you Mary, but I think it would do you good to loosen up and have a little fun." She looks at him surprised, she was the one always pushing for more freedom and he was always the one keeping her grounded and focused. Now that she finally agreed with Andy he was changing his mind!

Andy smiles at Mary. "I know it's confusing, trust me I'm surprised too Em. I realized tonight that I was still treating you like you were a schoolgirl, not the woman I know you are. It's up to you but I think you should rush and I think we should relax some of your rules a bit. You know right from wrong and you know when you need to study or go sleep. I forgot for a while that college was supposed to be fun . . . and despite what you thought tonight you made me so proud the way you took responsibility for your actions Mary." She smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him gently. "Thanks Andy, I really needed to hear that." He kisses her back. "I know Princess, I know."

They sat on the bench for a good half-hour, slowly kissing each other in the cold night air. Finally Mary's bottom cooled off and she shivered slightly, bringing Andy back to reality. "Let's go back so I can tuck you in Em," he says as he sets Mary Catherine on her feet. She nods shyly as she intertwines her fingers with his. They walk back slowly, Mary yawning deeply. As they get to the front door Mary turns and asks, "Hey, what are you and Tim doing here anyway? I totally forgot to ask earlier. You two never come up during the school week." Andy laughs as he tweaks her nose, "That's your fault Princess, you're always teasing me that I'm never impulsive. I woke up this morning and decided that I missed giving you a good night kiss and tucking you in at night. Tim felt the same way about Amy so we hopped in the Jeep to surprise you girls." He slips his hand into his pocket and pulls out an envelope. "I also thought it might be nice to get away for the weekend, just the two of us since you don't have class next week until late on Tuesday." Mary stares at Andy as he puts the envelope in her hand and closes her fingers over it. "Tim's taking Amy skiing up in Tahoe but I thought it would be nice to go someplace a little quieter . . . no crowds, no responsibilities . . . so . . ." He trails off and smiles, "Go ahead and open it."

Mary looks at him and opens the envelope, slipping out the plane tickets and opening the folder. "Hawaii?!" she asks as she throws her arms around Andy. "But . . . we can't, you said that we needed to finish the renovations on the kitchen first and that I had to take my midterms before we even thought about going away for a long weekend." He gives her a kiss on the nose, then moves down to her mouth, tracing her lower lip with his tongue before kissing her gently. "We've earned a little stress relief. I just hope the ride isn't too uncomfortable for you." Mary blushes . . . suddenly her bottom didn't hurt at all. "I'll make sure you have a pillow to sit on tomorrow."

Andy and Mary get to her room and walk inside. Amy's in bed, nearly asleep, Tim beside her reading Northanger Abbey aloud. "Hey, we thought you two were never going to come back," Tim says. Mary Catherine grabs her jammies and heads to the bathroom to change and brush her teeth. Andy helps her climb into bed and carefully tucks her in. "Simon?" he asks. Mary shakes her head, but smiles as Andy tucks her teddy bear in beside her anyway. "Remember . . . you don't have to grow up all at once, ok?" he says softly. Tim puts his hand on Andy's shoulder and quickly whispers something to him. Andy nods and gives Tim a minute alone with Mary Catherine as he says good night to Amy. Tim drops down on one knee and gives Mary a fond kiss on the cheek. "Still friends Mary?" he asks kindly. She blushes furiously, nodding her head. "Always Tim." "Good, I'd hate to lose a friend like you." Saying goodnight he walks out of the room, telling Andy he'll meet him downstairs.

Andy leans down and kisses Mary Catherine goodnight softly on the lips. "I want you girls to try to get some sleep. Don't spend the whole night talking ok? We kept you up way past your bedtime tonight and you've still got that quiz tomorrow." Mary nods. "Now I set your clock for 8:00 am and we'll bring you some breakfast so you can make it to class by 9:00 am. I'll pack for you while you're in class if you can trust me to pick out what you need." Mary nods, giving her assent. "Don't forget my camera and extra film . . . and my green silk slip dress . . . oh and extra sunscreen." He kisses her one final time to stop her from listing the contents of her entire closet then leaves, locking the door behind him so the girls are safe for the night.

As Andy and Tim drive off, headed to their hotel for the night Amy and Mary Catherine turn from their backs to their tummies, and begin to quietly tell each other everything, talking until they fall asleep . . .

1999, Mary Catherine Whitney