Subject: "Strapping It On" (F/M, spanking, sex)
From: Michele <bookbabe@bigfoot.com>
Date: 1998/09/12

Strapping It On

The way things are going I'll end up reposting the whole goddamn oeuvre before I finish anything I'm working on. Anyway, now and then I get fem-dommy and toppish. Enjoy.

copyright Bookbabe 1997

* * *

Maybe Freud was right. Maybe what women really want is a penis. Well, not a penis, exactly, but a phallus, an erection, a cock.(Call Andrea Dworkin, see if I care).

Well, this woman, anyway. I've always fantasized about strapping on a cock and fucking a man.

Go figure.

Anyway, this particular fantasy had been stewing in my libido for a long time, taking shape, blossoming, eager to achieve fruition. To come to life.

Then came my birthday. You had offered the sexual favour of my choice as a present, and I had agreed, requesting only that you leave fulfilling the fantasy up to me. I wanted to keep my present (and the nature of my fantasy) a surprise.

I know, I'm perverse.

So my birthday rolls around and you meet me at my apartment for dinner. We have a wonderful meal that you thoughtfully cooked, then adjourn to the living room to relax. A brightly wrapped box sits on the coffee table. "Open it," I offer generously, considering it's my birthday.

With a wide grin you rip off the paper and opens the box, your expression eager and a little smug. You probably think I've purchased a paddle that you can christen on my naughty ass. Ha.

I have to stifle a giggle as you pull a dildo and harness from the box. Actually, I'm incredibly nervous, both about your reaction and the idea of acting out my fantasy, and intensely aroused. I can feel my cunt pulsing.

"That's my birthday present, hon," I inform you. "A present for us to share." I'm silent for a moment, then I take a deep breath and blurt out, "I want to fuck you, Jess. I want to know what it feels like to have a cock- to penetrate you and open up your ass. And I think you're dying to find out what it feels like to take it."

For a moment you are silent, your eyes riveted by my toys and their significance. What a quandary for a dominant man, to cede his power and control- if only temporarily- to his generally submissive lover. I wonder if you will refuse and back away from our new game. Then your eyes rise to meet mine, and I see your hunger and your need. It makes me feel very powerful. I move closer to you, so that our bodies touch. I reach up to cup your chin, the harness and dildo resting on your lap. Pulling your face toward me, I kiss you, my tongue sliding wetly across your lips.

"Trust me," I encourage you, "trust me to know what you want. And trust yourself." Slowly you nod in acquiesence, your expression bright and eager, your erection jutting against the crotch of your jeans.

Rising from the couch I continue talking to you, noticing a new assurance and authority in my voice: "let's go into my bedroom, Jess." Taking the dildo and harness from your lap, I walk down the hall, hoping like hell that you will follow me.

And you do.

Once we're in the bedroom we both begin to undress. You sit down on the bed. Standing nude before you, holding your gaze, I untangle the harness and put it on. I adjust the leather straps so that they fit snugly around my waist and are stretched taut between the cheeks of my ass. The leather feels soft and supple against my skin, yet at the same time it bites sharply into my anus and clit, and I enjoy the constricting, chafing sensation. I reach for the dildo. It's made of rubber, about six inches long, and fairly slender, except for an enlarged, swollen head. It's meant to look life- like, and so it is a soft, fleshy pink colour, and you can see veins along the shaft, and the glans is clearly defined. Your glance is drawn to the dildo, and I know that you are wondering what it will feel like to spread your cheeks and welcome it in your ass. Your cock jerks and throbs in response to your imaginings.

Carefully I attach the dildo to the harness, ensuring that it is firmly in place. For a few seconds I stroke it, closing my eyes, going somewhere private in my head. The rubber warms under my hand, and with my eyes shut I imagine that this is no replica of a dick, no fake, but a real cock- mine. An extension of my body, a piece of living flesh- my flesh- that I am going to use to fuck you. It's as if some perverse, feminine sexual magic has turned my cunt inside out and used its flesh to create a phallus.

Opening my eyes again, I look at you, see that you are riveted by the sight of my hand on my cock. Your own fist slides up and down your erectionin rhythm with mine. For a moment we jerk ourselves off together, in tandem. Is this what a circle jerk is like? I wonder bemusedly. As my hand slides up and down, the base of my erection presses against my clit. I feel my pussy juices sticky on the soft skin of my thighs, and I exult in the notion that, for this evening, I can have it all- cock, cunt, clit-that there are no limitations on my sexual identity. Everything seems fluid, bright with possibility.

Lazily stroking my erection, I approach you.

"Get down on your knees, Jess," I demand, and immediately you comply, so that your butt rests on your heels. Still beating off, you stare at me, your eyes focused on the sight of my cock straining toward you.

"Suck my cock, Jess. Suck it for me. Get it wet, really wet, so that I can slide it up your ass." While my voice sounds confident and in control, inside I'm feeling unsure, wondering how far you are willing to take this fantasy.

Without hesitation you grab me by the ass, pulling my cock towards your waiting lips. Looking down at your head, I see your mouth open and your tongue snake out. It slides around my glans, and I arch my hips in response, seeking the warm wet suction of your mouth. You do not disappoint me. You use your hands on my ass to feed my dick into your hungry, waiting mouth, and I close my eyes, luxuriating in the sensation. As you begin throating me, taking me as deep as you can, I thrust gently in and out of your mouth, marvelling at this reversal of roles. How quickly you have accustomed yourself to the demands of receptivity. I bring my hands up to my breasts, fingers finding my nipples already erect and aching.

"That's it, Jess," I urge you, my voice husky and demanding. "Suck my cock like a good little boy. Suck it hard. Get it wet for me. Get it nice and wet for your tight little asshole."

In response your head bobs wildly, and I feel my cock slip past the muscles of your throat and ahhh how good how truly wonderful that feels- to be inside of you, to feel your mouth working to take me, to feel you surrendering to me and welcoming my cock into your mouth and throat. My hands drop from my breasts to your head, sliding through your hair to your ears, and I pull your face closer to my crotch, until I feel your lips, slick with spittle, against the base of my dick. I hear you choking and gulping in your attempts to throat me as deeply as possible, your fingers clenching reverently at the flesh of my ass.

Abruptly I pull your face off my cock, tilting your head with an index finger under your chin. Your hands fall from my ass to hang loosely at your sides. I look with approval at your flushed cheeks, swollen lips and heaving chest. "I didn't know you were so talented, Jess," I compliment you. "What a sweet little cocksucker you are."

You flush at my words, but you don't flinch from the intensity of my gaze.

"Are you ready, Jess?" I continue. "Are you ready for me to fuck your asshole with my dick?"

"Crouched at my feet you nod, seemingly unable to speak, and I tap your cheek with a warning hand: "Answer me, Jess. Ask for it. Beg for my cock."

For a second I sense resistance in you. Your internal struggle between submission and defiance is evident in the mulish expression on your face and in your clenched hands. Then, with a soft sigh, you give into your desires, your body sagging. "Yes, Michele," you whisper. Your fists relax, and you turn your palms upward toward me, "please, fuck me."

"Get up," I order, and quickly you obey. With gentle pressure on your chest I turn you around, then topple you onto the bed, so that your torso rests on the bed, your arms are extended across the sheets and your feet are planted on the floor. For a moment I enjoy the sight of you, recumbent before me, then I give your ass a sharp smack, aroused by the sight of my handprint, red against the whiteness of your flesh.

"Get your ass in the air, Jess." You readily comply, arching your rounded cheeks willingly toward me.

And now I am overcome with a desire to spank you, to understand the pleasure you derive from paddling and strapping my backside. My hand flashes down again, and I watch closely as the meat of your asscheek shifts and your skin reddens some more. You groan a little, an encouraging sound, and bury your face against the quilt. Determinedly I spank you again and again, each blow more forceful as the mingled sounds of your pleasure and pain grow louder and more urgent. I'm delighted by the way your ass bobs and weaves, alternately rising to meet my hand and dancing to avoid it, the way your cheeks tighten and relax as I continue to spank you.

It excites me to see you assuming my position; I'm both gratified and touched that you so willingly lose yourself in my role, if only for this evening. And I begin to understand the power you must feel as I lie obediently across the bed, waiting for my punishment.

But as I listen to your soft sobs and watch your ass move in response to my descending hand I also understand the responsibility that comes with this role- I feel like I'm attuned to your responses as never before. I want to honour this gift of your submission to me with attentiveness and concentration on your pleasure.

I use one of my feet to nudge your legs further apart, greedily drinking in the sight of the straining muscles in your thighs and the reddened, blotchy look of your butt. With determined fingers I separate the cheeks of your ass, sliding an index finger down your tight, clenching cleft. You moan in anticipation and your ass arches higher, offering itself to me.

Gently I begin to caress the tender flesh of your anus, my fingers brushing against your wrinkled hole. I rub some lube onto your waiting entrance, then slowly but steadily ease my finger into your tight hole, feeling your sphincter clench against me, then open. For a few moments I am content to thrust this one finger in and out, relaxing and easing your secret passage. My other hand falls to my cock, stroking it and enjoying the resulting pressure against my aching clit.

As your body opens to me, I introduce a second finger into your anus, sliding the digits as deeply as possible into the heat and tightness of your rectum. Your legs and torso tense for a moment, so I keep my fingers still, letting you become accustomed to their thickness. "Trust me, Jess," I whisper to you and I sense you relax a bit. Then gently but steadily I turn the fingers embedded in your ass with a twisting motion, swivelling my wrist to further stretch your sphincter. I hear you groan, a low, pleading pleased sound, and you arch your butt, seeking to deepen the penetration.

"What do you want, babe?" I ask, my fingers thrusting in and out of your ass. "What do you want me to give you?"

You are stubbornly silent for a moment, the only sounds in the room that of your harsh breathing and the slick slide of my fingers in your rectum. Oh how difficult you find it, giving in to me and the once secret demands of your body, which now lie exposed, both literally and metaphorically. And while I am secretly sympathetic to your unwillingness to surrender to this strange genderfuck, tonight I'm determined to turn our notions of masculine and feminine inside out, wring them dry and reinvent them with you.

"Give it up to me, sweetheart. Give in," I coax, my fingers still filling your butt. I want you to ask for my woman's dick in your ass. Looking across the broad expanse of your back I note the play of the muscles in your shoulders in response to my thrusting fingers and the sweat that trickles down the hollow of your back, pooling in the cleft of your ass. Your hands clench and pull at the sheets on the bed as your body rocks with each thrust of my fingers.

Suddenly the hard, tense lines of your body seem to soften, almost imperceptably, and a low wrenched sigh escapes your lips.

"Please Michele," you rasp. "Fuck my ass."

"With what, Jess?" I demand, determined to wrest all control from you.

"With your cock, Michele. Oh god, please fuck me with your cock," you beg, and I reward your surrender with a soft kiss on the tanned skin of your back. I rub my face against your skin; your body is redolent with the odors of sweat and anticipation.

I ease my fingers from your ass and turn away from you for a moment to grab the lube. Spreading it onto my palm I coat my dick, sliding my hand along its rigid length. I can hear you groaning impatiently, nervously waiting for me. Then, spreading your globes once again, I nudge your asshole with the head of my cock.

Eased as your passage has been by the ministrations of my fingers, my dickhead slides easily past your sphincter, and closing my eyes I can feel the tightness of your ring of muscle sucking at my girlcock, trying to pull me in deeper. Ooooh yes now ah now it is so entirely obvious and clear the compulsion to penetrate thrust pierce plunge plug shaft plow fuck. How incredibly wondrous to be enveloped encompassed surrounded squeezed enclosed milked clenched encircled by tight hot flesh. To have a cock. To be a man. Squeezing the cheeks of your ass with trembling, reverent hands, I slide my phallus deeper into your rectum.

Your ass opens to me like a flower bud unfurling. Like a heart unfolding.

As my dick penetrates you more deeply, you move readily back to meet it, and quickly you take my cock to the hilt. I pull your ass cheeks apart and am entranced by the sight of my cock spreading and widening your anus. My hands slide up your back, caressing your sweatshiny skin until I reach your shoulders. Your breath is coming in short, rapid pants and a sudden, piercing sensation of tenderness and amazement shoots through me at your willingness to unravel the threads of your masculinity and reknit them for our pleasure. But now I want more from you. I want to see your face, want us to see each other's faces, as we cum. I ease my cock from your ass and see your ring of muscle clench in loss.

"Michele?" you murmur questioningly, your face buried against the bedsheets.

"Turn over Jess," I ask. "I need to see your face when I fuck you." Immediately you obey, looking up at me trustingly, your eyes shiny with arousal.

"Grab your thighs and show me your ass," I demand urgently, and you are quick to comply. You pull your legs backwards until your ass is arched toward me in sluttish display, your gaping, oiled hole waiting for my cock. Again I penetrate you with my dick, sinking fully into your ass until I am in you to the hilt. For a moment I am still, savouring the sensation of the walls of your rectum massaging the length of my shaft. I look down at your reddened face, shiny with sweat, eyes closed as you accustom yourself to the depth of penetration, your hands palm upwards against the sheets, opening and closing in rhythm with your breathing. Your own dick, hard and oozing pre-cum, is rigid against your heaving belly.

As my girlcock begins a series of gentle, exploratory thrusts I reach for your cock, and begin to stroke it in tandem with the motions of my hips. I pull my cock almost all the way out of your ass, rimming your wrinkled hole teasingly as I squeeze lightly on your glans.

Your ass pushes against my cock, seeking deeper penetration, even as you plead, your voice hoarse and raspy, "please babe, let me jerk me off. Let me cum."

Again I slide my erection all the way into your welcoming rectum, drinking in the sight of my dick up your ass and your hand on your cock.

My free hand clasping your raised thighs I begin to shaft you, slowly and deeply. I close my eyes, savouring the sensation of tightness and heat around my cock. The sensation of fucking a man. My head spins at this act of transgression, this inversion of roles. Suddenly I am subject rather than object, no longer a passive verb, but active. I am so used to thinking of my sex in terms of cunt- pliancy purse softness sheath liquid openness- but now I am cock-rigidity hardness girth- and I exult in the act of fucking your ass fucking your vulnerability fucking your masculinity fucking Jess. My thrusts become stronger, fiercer, and you moan in response. Opening my eyes I see you bucking beneath me, your hands moving up desperately up and down your erection. My own hands slide from your thighs up to your nipples, and I pluck and twist them, lightly at first, then more roughly, feeling them harden and tighten between my fingers.

"Michele . . . . oh fuck . . . god fuck shit . . . oh please Michele let me cum yes please let me cum," you call out; your eyes are wide and frantic as you beg for release.

"Not until I tell you, Jess," I warn, my own voice ragged and hoarse, and you groan wildly, despairingly, in response.

Shafting you as powerfully as I can I grind my clit against the base of my cock, feel it respond greedily, seeking relief. I sense my climax approach and my hands fall again to your thighs, struggling for purchase on your sweaty skin so that I can shaft you harder. Fucking you with a series of short, sharp thrusts I feel my orgasm shooting through my cock my clit my cunt and I scream out, "cum with me now Jess now yes now," burying my girlcock as deeply as I can into your rectum, shooting my load deep into your ass.

You convulse wildly, your body arched like a bow, and I see the semen spurt from your cock, splattering on your belly and chest, coating your chest hairs and raw nipples even as you howl, a long keening cry, your face flushed and distorted in a mixture of agony and pleasure. As our breathing begins to slow, I tenderly, slowly, pull my cock from your ass and gently lower your legs to the bedroom floor. You wince as your ravaged, burning butt touches the mattress. I sink onto the bed so that I am sitting beside you, my legs weak. With shaking hands I remove the dildo, then the harness, letting our toys fall to the floor.

Suddenly you pull me into your arms, hugging me close. I rub my face against your chest, licking with a wet, greedy tongue at the sweat and jism coating your flesh. Abruptly your hand slides from my neck into my hair, tugging firmly until I am looking into your face. In it I see a mixture of amazement, tenderness and disbelief.

"Thanks for the birthday present, Jess," I whisper, smiling widely. Smugly. You simply shake your head.

"You're a crazy bitch," you mutter, brushing my lips with your own, hugging me close.

"A bitch with a cock," I remind you. "A chick with a dick."

I start to giggle.

Suddenly you flip us over, so that now you lie above me, the lean hardness of your body pressing into the softness of my breasts and belly. A shiver ripples through my body.

"Don't forget, Michele, that my birthday's coming soon," you offer softly, looking into my eyes, " and you know what they say- payback's a bitch."