Subject: Story: The English Paper (Collegegirl-3) (F/f) NC
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Date: 11 Aug 1999 22:51:06 -0700

The English Paper

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a nine-year-old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material... DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

The Time: Thursday evening, a few weeks into the term. The Place: 3rd Floor of Jameson Residence Hall (A Girl's floor). A Large Midwestern University.

The English Paper (Collegegirl-3)

I came into the dorm room after my last class knowing I had a LOT of studying to do tonight -- and would probably be up a lot later than usual. When I came in, the Brat (Mary) was already at her desk, working hard. She heard me come in, and turned around, a worried look on her face...

"Heather? Ah, I got a small problem. Our first paper is due in Freshman English tomorrow, and, well, I just don't think I can finish it in time if I go to bed at nine...."

"Oh. Hmmm -- I hope you aren't just starting that paper, young lady; I remember your telling me about it last week..."

"Oh, no, see? I've got all of my notes and research done, it's all on these index cards. And I've just about gotten the outline written, and everything. I just have to do the actual writing part. But it's already four, and I just don't see how I can put 600 words together on Robert Conrad by nine. I promise, I'll work hard; I may not even need to go late, but if I do..."

"Well, I told your parents that I thought this might happen. But, Mary -- if you had this paper to do, why weren't you writing on it last night? And if you were still doing research -- I seem to remember a long afternoon spent playing Sunday because -- ahem--"I'm all caught up on my work." Now, that wasn't a fib was it? Or do I get out the soap?"

"NO! No, Mary. I-I WAS on track for the research, and I meant to do some writing last night, but I..I.."

<sigh>"But I screwed up. So I guess no late night, and I turn the paper in late, huh?"

"No, Mary. I don't expect perfection from kids. You may stay up late and finish your paper. But I'm counting this as only a PARTIALLY excused late night -- not fully. So tomorrow night, FRIDAY night, when you usually get to stay up late? Your bedtime will be back to nine, young lady. MINUS an hour for every hour you stay up past your bedtime tonight!!"

"Huh!! But... but I might be up till midnight -- or later!! You mean, but -- what if the time is, you know, before five? Before the the cafeteria opens..."

"If I have to send you to bed THAT early, little miss, you aren't as ready as you say -- and you can just go to bed without your supper tomorrow night. And so help me, if you stay up all night I'll send you to bed right after your last class -- and you'll go to bed early Saturday night, too!! I mean it!"

"And Mary, whether it's at eight, or five, or right after your last class tomorrow -- before you go to bed I'm gonna give you a good, sound spanking for not staying ahead of your work and NEEDING to stay up late. Unless, of course, you get that paper done by nine -- so you might want to get back to work..."

Mary blanched a bit, and looked ready to argue so I said "No more discussion, Mary. Unless you'd like to type sitting on a sore bottom? It can focus the mind wonderfully..." (This was from personal experience.)

Mary shook her head vigorously and turned back to her little portable typewriter. I'd laughed to myself a bit when I saw it -- it's the exact same model I bought before My freshman year. I upgraded to a real electric last year, though. And MY late night project was math, so...

"Hey, Mary -- why don't you move over to my desk and use my Remington? I've watched you type -- you're even faster than I am, and that portable of yours slows you down. Might give you a better chance of making bedtime, hon..."

Mary accepted gratefully, and we swapped desks for the evening.

* * *

I made Mary break for supper -- though we BOTH ate as fast as possible and scurried back to the room. I heard the 'tappety-tap-tap-tap' behind me in frequent bursts, as the small wonder organized her thoughts and typed them out. Meanwhile I was working out sample Numerical Analysis problems at my desk, setting them up and then working out the answer with my slipstick. One of those new-fangled calculators would've made it easy, but who has $600 for one?

I was still studying when I heard Mary say "Done! That's it! Hey, Heather, would you look this over?"

Well, that was part of being both guardian and roommate, so I had to agree. Besides, it is so easy to keep overlooking a stupid mistake because it isn't what you expect to see, so having somebody else read over a paper is a good idea -- especially if you aren't doin' a proper rough draft, at least one night before. So I grabbed a coke out of the little fridge... That fridge was where $25 a month of the money I was getting for taking care of Mary was going, so I guess Mary was getting some benefit back. I'd always wanted one, and it was great to have cold sodas in the room, but the $25 a month rental had made it impossible. I was just lucky they'd had one left... Anyhow, I grabbed a coke and pulled my chair around to Mary's desk.

I went over the paper with Mary, and it was pretty darn good! But as I'd expected -- not up to college standards, not for spelling and grammar, anyway. Mary had kept getting her 'voice' mixed up; some paragraphs mixed past, current and future tenses! I pointed out how this made things confusing, and some misspelled words (she had a problem with 'receive', kept spelling it 'recieve'). So I told her she could either turn it in as is... for about a 'B', unless Jordan was being more generous with fish than he was two years ago. Or she could type out a final draft for a solid 'A'--it was that good. And pay the piper for it tomorrow night -- it was already a little before eleven P.M.

Mary decided to type out a final draft -- and had been carefully marking all the goofs I'd spotted, so she went right back to work. I smiled to myself as I turned back to my own studies... I was proud of the brat for making the right choice; I'd secretly decided, tomorrow night, to give her a really sound spanking if she'd decided to sluff off her paper, and not do the best she could, just to stay up a bit later tomorrow night.

So her tappety-tapping resumed, more continuously than before, and I went back to my problems. She finished typing out the final draft just before midnight, so I told her that if she got her shower and changed and was ready in ten minutes, I'd count her as just three hours past her bedtime.

I sure can't get clean that fast -- but she did. Even her face; I checked. Even behind her little ears. So I tucked her in to bed and went back to my studies -- after resetting my alarm for seven.

I REALLY needed to ace Peterson's test tomorrow, so I decided to just skip my morning workout. Mary and I both had our last classes end at just 2 PM, so I'd have enough time to get a hard swim in afterwards, during the 'free time' swimming open to anybody. Which made me glad Mary had finished pretty early -- or I would've had to be back in the dorm room to spank her and put her to bed instead...

* * *

Sheesh, I was glad I'd slept in -- for Mary's sake. She really IS hard to get up in the morning when she's missed her bedtime. I shook her shoulder twice. Then ended up pulling her blankets off and popping her pajama-clad bottom a couple of times with my hand in order to get her up!! But we both got out and about in time for our eight o'clocks...

* * *

I KICKED ASS!! I'm sure of it! I not only answered every question, I'm even pretty sure I got the bonus question, too!! And from the reactions of the other kids, most of 'em didn't even finish the main part! Ya'know, I may not be a child prodigy like Mary, but I'm just glad I'm smarter than the average gal -- or guy! Even if I DO have to work my butt off, sometimes...

Anyway, I was in the pool, swimming hard laps (alternating butterfly, for practice, and crawl, for conditioning) when I heard my name called from next to the pool.

We have a really nice indoor pool in the gym; full Olympic size, twelve lanes wide, plus a diving plunge. During 'free swim' time, like now, most of the pool is left open for just playing around and stuff, but the far three lanes are roped off for the serious swimmers. The mornings, when I usually swim, are restricted to swim team members only -- I started using it then only after I made alternate last year.

But I heard my name called from poolside, and it was Mary. She was wearing her swim suit -- I hadn't known she's brought one!!

It was awfully cute; a bright shocking pink and blue one-piece with a large picture of Minnie Mouse on it. Not the sort of suit you'd normally expect to see at a college pool!! But of course, Mary is an unusual college student...

The swimming coach was with her, so I pulled myself out and went over. "This... child... claims to be a student, and has an I.D., but I was going to kick her out anyway when she claimed you could vouch for her. Can you? or should I throw her out with a sore bottom for trying to fake her way in here..."

"No, Ma'am, it's true -- didn't you see the story in the campus paper?"

"Never read the damn thing. But you know her?"

"Yes'm, she's my roommate, and her folks have sorta made me responsible for taking care of her. She didn't mouth off at you or something? You seem kinda mad..."

"Eh, oh, no, sorry. Just that time. I'm a little surprised, though, that you'd want that kind of responsibility..."

"Our parents know each other. So, Brat, what are you doing here?"

Mary does NOT like my little pet name for her -- but there isn't a lot she can do about it. And I know, even if she doesn't, that she'd end up with a LOT worse if I hadn't carefully tagged the 'Brat' label onto her right off. Some people have no sense of proportion, ya'know? "I-I was hoping I could come do some swimming myself. I learned how a couple of years ago, promise!! May I swim a while? Please?"

How could I say no to that? But I wasn't gonna skip my workout just to watch the brat, so I swapped lanes with Jenson, and told her to stick near the rope.

Mary did O.K. for a while, but then I found her hanging on to the rope in the middle of the pool -- working her way to the wall hand over hand. I stood up (suddenly realizing that, while my five foot three inches let me easily stand up in the pool, Mary's bare four feet and maybe one inch would leave her nose a couple of inches under water out in the center of the pool where we were...)

Mary had tried to emulate me, by swimming laps, the silly kid!! Sure, it's really the best way -- but a little bit like her needs to build up to it gradually. And while she DOES know how to swim, she clearly needs a lot more practice; she's not really very good yet.

So I mentally added some advanced lessons to my 'responsibilities' and picked the sobbing little kid up in my arms and carried her over to the side of the pool. After setting her on the edge, I pulled myself out easily, took her hand, and escorted her to the girl's locker room.

As I'd hoped, nobody was there; it was now well past three. Free swimming had actually ended at three-thirty, but swim-team members were allowed to use the pool during the diver's workouts -- and since Mary was with me, nobody had ordered her out of the pool. All the dive team, (and a few swim team members) were out in the pool, so the locker room was empty.

I sat down on the hard bench and pulled a suddenly nervous little girl over in front of me. "Mary -- tell me the truth. Did you realize that you were getting too tired to keep on swimming? Did you decide to just take out on one more lap because you were having so much fun?"

"N-No ma'am! I was doin' fine. Maybe a little tired. Then, about half way across, I just wiped out! That pool is SO much longer than the one in Mayfield Park back home!! I-I'm sorry, Heather! I didn't mean to spoil YOUR swimming time..."

"That's O.K., brat. But Mary -- there isn't a life guard on the pool, because college kids generally don't need one. So you need to be much more careful here than back home. When you realized you were getting 'a little tired' you should'a sat on the edge for a while, or at least stuck to swimming near one end; there's no rule that says you HAVE to swim full laps all the time."

Mary was sniffling a bit with my gentle scolding. "A-Are you gonna spank me?" she asked.

I hadn't planned to. I mean, she wasn't really naughty. But, I admit it, I allowed temptation to overcome my sense. "Yes, Mary, I think a little spanking is in order. Get over my lap, that's right..."

And soon Mary was yelping quietly as my palm spanked the tight, wet pink rayon covering her little bottom. I felt guilty enough about spanking the child for such a minor fault, I only gave her about ten little spanks, then let her up.

Sniffling, Mary began to take the straps off of her shoulders. I got up, grabbed a towel out of the bin, and began to dry off. When I noticed that Mary had stopped, one arm out of her suit.

"What is it, Mary?" I asked.

"Ar-aren't you gonna, I mean, I assumed -- are we done?"

"Wha? Oh! You mean you were starting to get your suit down because you thought I was gonna continue spanking your bare butt? No, No Mary!! I just thought you needed a little bitty spanking -- just to remind you to be more careful in the water. That's all. It's over now..."

Mary suddenly got me all wet again -- as she threw her little body and grasped me around the waist in a big hug. "Thank you, Heather, you're the greatest!! Mommy and Daddy never let me off that easy--I would'a gotten at least a barebottom spankin' for making Mommy have to take me in from the pool like that. Maybe the paddle! You're the bestest friend I've ever had!!"

"O.K., Mary, that's enough." I patted the child's back as I wondered at how strict her Mommy and Daddy had been. Didn't they realize that ALL kids made mistakes? It wasn't necessary to spank or punish every single one -- only when YOU knew that it was something that she KNEW was naughty... "OK, now. Now, Mary, don't go feeling TOO grateful. I'm no pushover. And you're still getting a good, sound spanking tonight, remember!! So, let's get you dried off -- it's time we got back to the dorm, anyway..."

So I dried off my little charge, and got my own plain blue one-piece off. My cap had kept my hair pretty dry; I keep it a lot shorter that I really like; that makes it easier to swim every day.

We got dressed and headed back to Jameson Hall.

* * *

Mary was due to be put to bed by six (to her disgust), so I made sure we were first in line when the cafeteria opened at 5:15.

It was hardly worth bothering; fish sticks. AGAIN. Just like every Friday since I'd started college. The reason I usually ate in the Grill Friday nights. But I wanted to keep the brat with me -- just to make sure she didn't 'forget' our little appointment and vanish early.

I'd rather not have to give her the really sound spanking that would call for...

Mary's even shorter on spending money than I am. Her folks seem to think that 'meals paid' means she doesn't need much of an allowance at all.

In fact, some of that $25 a week was being spent on Mary. But I didn't mind -- the kid was actually turning out to be a pleasure, not a chore. And not just for the chance to warm her little buns now and then, either...

By five thirty we were back upstairs in our room. I looked over to Mary and said "If you want to be ready in time -- and you'd BETTER be -- you'd better shower and change now."

"Huh? A-aren't you gonna 'get' me ready for bed this time?"

"Wha? OH! No, Mary-you didn't refuse to go to bed -- you just weren't as responsible as you should have been about making sure you COULD go to bed at your bedtime. No, you can go get ready for bed by yourself -- you ARE a big girl, you know." And I sent her off to the bathroom with a crisp swat.

At ten minutes to six Mary reported back to me where I sat on the couch. She'd put on her little red-striped baby-doll pajamas. I knew that Mary preferred long pajamas, or knee-length or longer nighties, so I was a bit surprised by the choice. I'd left it up to her. Then I realized that she'd automatically donned one of her 'punishment' nighties, that her parents always specified that she wear before a bedtime spanking. These were usually the footed little cartoon-covered jammies, or the little yellow baby-doll nightie that made her look like a five-year-old.

Her current pajamas were cut a bit more grown-up then those two--they made her look six or seven. She was just so cute.

Anyway, just as I was about to turn her over my lap, there was a knock at the bathroom door, and Susie poked her nose in. Mary and my positions were obvious.

"Oh! Oops... the Brat misbehave again, H? Looks like somebody's gonna get their little sit-spot smacked. I guess this means you don't wanna hit the drag again, huh?"

Damn! No, I didn't want to 'hit the drag'. But I'd gotten the impression that Sue and Rache were getting a bit put out -- not with ME, but with Mary. So I said "Hey, no problem. Come on in for a minute -- I'm just showing Mary what happens when she doesn't keep up with her assignments and has to stay up late studying. Namely, a spanking and making up the sleep the next night." As I'd spoken, I'd calmly tugged on Mary's hands, and had guided her down across my lap as I sat on the couch.

Mary's face had turned beet red as she realized I was continuing to get her ready for her spanking. Susie had eagerly come on into the room, and watched with fascination as I flipped the silly little skirt of the baby-doll nightie out of the way and began to slap the seat of Mary's little red-striped panties with my hand.

With both doors of the bathroom open, both the spanks and Mary's squealed response to them could be clearly heard by Rachel next door -- so within seconds the twenty-year-old had stuck her nose in and was grinning as she saw my nine-year-old charge squealing and squirming over my lap as my palm leisurely spanked her little panty-covered bottom. "Hey, I see you're givin' the Brat a nice spank-spank, Heath; mind if I watch?

"Not at <spank> all, Rache. I'll be <slap> done in a few minutes. <Spank> and we can go over <Splat> to Caroway's for a <Whap!> couple of beers. Just a second..."

I stopped spanking Mary's little panty-clad butt. Rachel and Susan began to turn away, thinking the spanking over. But while I wasn't planning to really paddle Mary, her lack of planning DID need a bit more of a response than the mild panty-warming I'd just given her. Even if it WAS about all the spanking I (or Rachel or Susan, from what they'd told me) was used to delivering. Mary was used to a far stricter level of punishment, and while I couldn't bring myself to use the level of discipline preferred by her parents, I knew I had to spank her at a serious enough level that she'd take my spankings, and me, very seriously. Otherwise, the Brat just might find herself in more trouble than she could handle -- way over her head -- after the end of the term... when she went home.

So to Rachel and Susan's horrified and delighted gaze I calmly took Mary's red-striped panties right down to mid-thigh and began spanking her naughty little BARE bottom.

Mary put her head down and began to bawl, more from the mortification than the pain, as I spanked and slapped her little tush from hot pink into a bright red.

A blushing (!) Susie asked me "Ah, say, H, are you really allowed to, I mean, geez, bare butt and everything?"

I paused in my spanking. "Of course. Mary's Mommy and Daddy explicitly said I should spank Mary bare bottomed when she was naughty. And especially when I'm giving her a bedtime spanking. Isn't that right, Brat? <SPANK>"

"Yeeow!! Ow! <snif> Uh-huhh! Sure Susan. <sob> I mean, of course I get a bare-bottomed spanking when I'm naughty. That's what Mommy and Daddy always give me, back home, and Heather's my mommy here at school, so she spanks my bare bum-bum <sob> whenever I need it... she can even paddle me or use the hairbrush, Mommy said."

Ooops; I hadn't been quite ready for Susie and Rachel to know THAT yet. But, maybe coming from Mary...

"You are kidding! No way! You're allowed to use your hairbrush? Bare butt? No way!"

I started spanking again as I replied "Yes, Mary's Mommy and Daddy are really, really strict, and they expect me to be strict with her, too. Of course, I'll only spank her with the brush if she's really naughty. There! Let me get your panties up... OK, you can get up now."

"<snif, sob> Thank you for spankin' me Heather. I'm sorry I messed up like that, really. I'll be more careful from now on. D-do you want me to fetch the hairbrush now? Or maybe the paddle? I don't mind--I know I was really naughty last night..."

"Heck no, Mary! You weren't really naughty, you just made a mistake. A simple spanking should be enough to remind you not to do it again. Or else I will have to add a few hairbrush-swats onto your fanny! No, the only thing YOU will be getting is into bed, right NOW, young lady!! You have three hours of sleep to make up, remember?"

So I tucked Mary into bed, and she fell right asleep (not surprising after a spanking!) Instead of Calloways, we went up to Brian Parker's room. He had some bottles of a new beer called Coors a buddy of his had brought back from his home in Colorado. I hadn't tried it before. It actually wasn't half-bad; I think I enjoyed the second one even more than the first...

The End