Subject: Story: Getting to know you. (Collegegirl-2) (F/f) NC
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Date: 2 Aug 1999 22:59:35 -0700

Getting to Know You.

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a nine-year-old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material... DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

The Time: Friday evening. The Place: 3rd Floor of Jameson Residence Hall (A Girl's floor). A Large Midwestern University.

Getting to know you (Collegegirl-2)

Finally registration was over. Half of Heather's classes had either been cancelled or overbooked, most of them required classes, of course. She'd had to frantically rearrange her schedule, running around all afternoon getting permissions and waivers and forms signed; she was worn to a pulp. But with one exception, she'd managed to get something acceptible for all her courses.

The one exception was her math class, Advanced Numerical Analysis. She HAD to have that class or Vector Analysis THIS term -- and had been forced to sign up for Peterson's class instead of Jefferson's.

Peterson was not only an old fart, and a boring lecturer; it was rumored he was a true male chauvinist pig, who didn't believe any woman could ever understand anything about math.

Aceing HIS class would be harder than climbing Mt. Everest -- and Heather HAD to to maintain her 4.0!

Heather was pissed.

Mary had had an easier time -- freshman classes were fairly standard. Although she was signed up for Calculus II -- usually a Sophomore class. Mary was REAL bright in math. Heather had gone with her to Registration, and helped her work her way though the bureaucratic labyrinth provided by the University. Then they'd gone to the bookstore (the off-campus USED bookstore Heather used -- not the over priced campus store Mary had started to head for -- along with all the other poor fish...) and gotten all their books together. They were all set for Monday by the time they settled down for supper Friday night.

Actually, Heather was finding Mary quite tolerable. She was quiet, did as she was told, and rather shy. Despite all the students who came over and asked about why she was with Heather and about why she had college textbooks with her. Mary answered their questions briefly, but didn't put herself forward. Mostly she stayed quiet and listened instead of talked.

Heather was a bit worried about Mary, but figured her parents were the main reason she was so subdued. Or maybe the poor kid was just overwhelmed. Hopefully Mary would come out of her shell after a while and start interacting more with her fellow students.

Although she would never be completely accepted socially. Heather knew that, and hoped Mary either guessed it or could learn it without getting hurt. She was just too young, and SOME of the discussions and talk around the dorms was just not appropriate for her.

After supper the two girls sat and watched Heather's TV for a while, and Rachel and Sue came over to ask if Heather wanted to go over to the drag for a beer. "No thanks, guys, I have to keep an eye on the kid..." Her friends quietly commiserated with her about the chain around her neck, and how 'the brat' was gonna ruin her social life...

Heather actually hated the taste of beer, and only drank it because her friends seemed to expect it of her. She'd used the excuse of her swimming to avoid a lot of the two's bar-hopping last year, but figured Mary would be an even better excuse to avoid drinking.

She saw no reason to endanger her chances at the team in order to drink something that tasted so bad... just to fit in.

* * *

At nine-thirty, Heather looked over to where Mary lay on her bed reading, and said "Hey! It's getting on towards that time, kid. Better get a shower and change." (Heather had talked Mary's parents into letting her stay up ONE hour later Friday nights, since she had neither school nor church the next morning).

"Oh. Sure thing, Heather. In a minute."

Heather returned to her magazine. A few minutes later, she again reminded her charge to go get ready for bed -- this time more firmly.

At ten-oh-five, she quietly stepped over to the lower bunk, reached in, and took the book out of Mary's hands. "OUT!" she said.

Mary looked up. Suddenly the vague, glazed look left her eyes. She glanced at the alarm clock on the back of the couch. And winced. "I-I'll go get my shower right now..."

"WE'LL go get your shower. If you're too immature to get ready in time by yourself, why, I'll just have to get you ready for bed, won't I? No, leave those alone and let's get you into the bathroom!"

Heather escorted Mary into the bathroom, locked the far door, and then let down the lid of the toilet and sat down. She quickly turned Mary around and began unbuttoning the back of her light green frock.

The little frock with the puffed sleeves made Mary look even more like a little girl. She'd wanted to put on one of her three pairs of jeans before leaving for registration, but Heather had said no. One of The Rules she'd been left said that Mary was always to dress 'as a young lady' whenever she was 'in school', and Heather had interpreted registration to be part of being 'in school'. That was why Mary had only three pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts with her; her parents had brought over a dozen 'proper' little girl outfits for her -- skirts, blouses, and dresses. (Even two little sailor outfits that would be more appropriate for a five-year-old).

And because Heather thought Mary looked cute enough to eat when she was dressed 'properly', that was one of The Rules she meant to enforce strictly. It was a rule that didn't apply to HER, of course; even the Thomas's understood that Heather was old enough to dress as she chose. But that Rule was the reason that Mary found herself raising her arms as Heather pulled the green frock over her head.

Her little cotton undershirt followed, then Heather reached down and began to untie Mary's shoes.

"I can do that, Heather... I'm not THAT little! Good gosh!" protested the little girl.

"I know that, Mary. This is part of your punishment." Heather slipped one black patent show off of a little foot and slipped off a sock. "I want you to finally learn to go to bed when you're told to. So I've decided (The other shoe and sock were removed) that whenever you don't get ready to go to bed on time (Heather paused, took the almost-naked child by her arms, and looked into her eyes) I'm not only going to spank you before putting you to bed -- I'm also going to GET you ready for bed. Just like I did my little sister Nancy, when she was four. I'm gonna undress you -- like this." Heather slipped Mary's little white cotton panties (this time with yellow sunflowers) down her legs and off of her tiny feet, leaving the child bare naked. "Then I'm gonna send you to the corner -- with the doors closed, at least the bathroom HAS a corner." Heather turned the small child towards the door and sent her over with a smack on her small bottom.

"Now stay there, kid!" And Heather quickly stripped off her own clothes. Then she reached into the shower stall and turned on the water. One good thing about going to bed early -- there was always plenty of hot water available! "OK, kid. Turn around and come over. It's bath time..."

Mary turned around and blushed as she saw her nude roommate. "Wow! Heather you're Gorgeous!"

No she wasn't. But then, Heather figured little Mary hadn't seen all that many naked grown-up girls. Her breasts were small and flat, not big like most boys wanted (Steve was different. He'd always been more interested in her tight but nicely-rounded rump than her underendowed chest). Of course, her lack of mammary excess was a definite advantage in the butterfly...

"But-but why did you take off your clothes? I mean, ah..."

"I told you, Mary. I'm gonna GET you ready for bed. And I can hardly GIVE you a shower in a shower stall without getting into it with you, now can I? We'd soak the whole bathroom..."

Mary blanched and said "Th-that's O.K. I can get my own shower, really I can... I did yesterday! Please..."

"Nope! When you don't go to bed on time, and I have to spank you and put you to bed, I'm gonna take over every bit of getting you ready for bed. Now, the temperature is just right, so get your little butt over here and under the water."

The shower was awfully small for even one person; with two inside, there wasn't enough room to swing the proverbial cat. Nevertheless, Mary found herself pushed from one position to another as Heather carefully scrubbed down every inch of her slender body with a soapy washcloth. Even her face was washed like a three-year-old's. "You'd better watch your mouth, too, kid," noted Heather, "or you'll taste this soapy washcloth all around the inside of your mouth as well as the outside. And remember to always tell me the truth -- little lying mouths get washed out just like little filthy mouths..."

Mary knew all about those parts of The Rules -- the penalty having been inflicted more than once through her nine years. So she kept wisely quiet.

Heather even washed out Mary's short, brown hair, undoing her little pigtails and combing them out with her hands. Then Mary was all clean, and it was Heather's turn.

Mary was turned away from the spray, as Heather placed her carefully in the corner of the shower stall. Her feet, knees, shoulders and nose were carefully pushed up into the tiles, and she was told to stay right there.

This got her sufficiently out of the way enough for Heather to finish taking her own shower.

Heather opened the shower door, and stepped out into the steamy bath. grasping a towel, she quickly dried herself as best she could, then summoned Mary from the stall.

Heather quickly dried off Mary, then took the child firmly by the arm and escorted her still damp form into the dorm room. Heather slipped on her terrycloth robe, which should serve to finish drying HER off. She sat down on the plastic-covered couch and told Mary "All right, Mary. Go fetch my hairbrush from the dresser, please."

Her punishment imminent, the still bare-naked Mary quickly trotted over to the dresser and fetched back the feared spanking implement, handing it to Heather with wide-eyed apprehension. "Turn around, kid" ordered Heather. Then she proceeded to brush out the snarls in Mary's hair. Then Heather set the brush down on the back of the couch, took up one of the towels she'd fetched from the bathroom, and proceeded to dry her small charge off thoroughly. Again, Mary was not allowed to help, but was treated as a VERY little girl being dried off by her Mommy.

Once Mary was dry and her hair had been re-braided into her pigtails, Heather made her sit down on the couch and fetched over her pajamas.

She carefully selected the little blue pajamas she'd noticed in Mary's drawer. The slightly-too-small ones with the little cartoon animals all over them. One of the two sets of nightclothes Mary had carefully moved to the very BOTTOM of the drawer, clearly meaning NEVER to wear them. (The other was a cute yellow baby-doll nightie with matching panties. With it's puffed little sleeves and tiny skirt, it would make Mary look like a little six year old.)

Once Heather had helped Mary into a plain white pair of cotton panties, she then put the little P.Js. onto her. She leaned back and decided that she'd been right. The booted little cartoon jammies made her cute little roomie look like a FOUR-year-old...

Mary was clearly expecting her spanking to begin, but Heather was far from finished. The nine-year-old was escorted back into the bathroom, where Heather stood right behind her in front of the sink and supervised her teeth-brushing and flossing. And made the child do it three times before being satisfied that 'little Mary' had done it properly. Then Heather checked next door, but her friends hadn't come back from their night out. She hadn't expected them, not on a Friday night, but had hoped to show off how cute her little charge was in her little pajamas. And how cute she was when she was squirming her way through a spanking.

But by now it WAS getting late, and Heather reached out and took Mary gently by her earlobe. Mary started at the sting as Heather tugged on the tender flesh and began to escort Mary back to the couch.

Mary knew she was in for it, and was already sobbing as Heather marched her over to the couch, sat down, and moved the child over to her right. As her thumbs slid into the waistband of Mary's pajama pants, and began to slip the thin fabric off of her waist, the child burst into tears, promising Heather that she wouldn't do it again.

But she'd done it once, and that was enough for a punishment. Once the little footed pajamas were bunched around those feet, Heather tugged on Mary's arm and encouraged the child over her knees. Heather's terry robe had, of course, fallen away from her legs -- and the twenty year old totally enjoyed the feel of Mary's soft, slight weight pressing into her warm, slightly-damp flesh.

Heather had learned her lesson, and while her hand spanked into Mary's little panty-seat as hard as it had yesterday afternoon, the junior restricted herself to only a dozen hard spanks before pausing. Mary was sobbing quietly as Heather gently began to slide her little panties off of her pinkened bottom.

But Mary howled as Heather reached over to the back of the couch, picked up her cherry wood hairbrush from where she'd left it after brushing Mary's hair, and spanked it down HARD onto the child's little bare bottom.

Mary's bare bottomed hairbrush-spanking was under way.

Spank after crisp spank impacted the child's bare bottom, and Mary began to yelp and howl and cry as her poor fanny was painted with bright red ovals of burning pain. It hurt, and she wiggled and squirmed her nine-year-old body over her disciplinarian's soft lap, kicking her small legs up and down. (The fetter of her little booted pajamas made kicking her feet impossible).

And yet her hands remained clasped before her, as if in prayer. Mary made no move whatsoever to cover up or defend her poor bare bummy in any way. Heather was amazed and horrified -- what terrible punishments had the Thomas's inflicted on the poor child in the past to so completely restrain her little hands?

Heather decided she didn't want to know.

Heather applied a dozen crisp spanks to Mary's rapidly reddening bare behind. Then continued the spanking...

After another three or four spanks, Heather paused in the spanking, set the hairbrush back onto the couch shelf, and waited for Mary to calm down enough to understand her scolding.

A few moments later, Heather's hand was emphasizing her instructions on going to bed on time, preparing for bed when told, and generally obeying her roommate in all things. Mary's responses to these instructions, while far less coherent, were certainly enthusiastic and sincere, at least for the moment.

Finally Heather turned Mary over on her lap, pulled the little girl close, and began to comfort and hug the poor child, assuring her that now that her spanking was over and she was all punished, all was forgiven, and she was a good little girl again. Heather deliberately spoke to Mary as if she were a slightly dim five-year-old, rather than a nine-year-old child prodigy. This reflected her own Mommy's technique, for the elder Williams felt that a child needed the emotional support of being allowed to be a cherished child after the trauma of a good spanking. Even Heather had been comforted and babied after her last spanking from her Mommy -- just before she'd been sent off to college.

But from the way Mary clung to Heather, bawling and crying at first, then just hugging the older girl for dear life -- something about her reaction made Heather think that the child had never been hugged and forgiven after a good, sound spanking. Heather felt a flash of anger at Mary's parents -- then stopped. Their ways weren't her or her parent's ways, Heather knew, and it wasn't her place to judge them--lest SHE be judged, and by her Daddy, not the Lord!

Heather got Mary settled down, her panties and little booted jammies back into their respective places, and then helped the little one over to the lower bunk. Where she tucked the surprised little gifted girl into her bed, tucking her little teddy bear in next to her, and then smoothed her hair and pulled the blanket up to semi-isolate the child while Heather finished getting ready for bed herself.

And Mary drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face....

The End