Subject: Story: My New Roomie (Collegegirl-1) (F/f) NC
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My New Roomie

Story: My New Roomie (Collegegirl-1) (F/f) NC (Lurking Dragon)

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a nine-year-old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material... DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

The Time: Late August, 1971 (Thursday) The Place: 3rd Floor of Jameson Residence Hall (A Girl's floor). A Large Midwestern University.

My New Roomie (Collegegirl-1)

Twenty-year-old Heather Williams stood up and mopped off the sweat dripping from her brow. Steve had pulled away in his pickup an hour ago, and would be getting home soon. God, what would she do without Steve? Her boyfriend had graduated last year, and would be leaving tomorrow for Tech. Not that he was really all that interested in engineering -- but a deferment was a hell of a lot better than getting his cute buns blown off in Nam! She hoped he'd do O.K.--Tech was a long way from running track!! Still, that should let her keep her GPA up... still 4.0, she had hopes of making Valedictorian next year--but the work kept getting tougher each year.

She'd been unpacking for the last hour -- and at last, her clothes, books, stereo, her prize 13 inch COLOR portable TV she'd just bought, all of her STUFF was finally put away into the (very limited) space of her dorm room.

Heather felt a momentary twinge of regret at that fact. As a Junior, she finally had the right to live off-campus, either in one of the apartment houses west of campus, or in one of the many 'co-op' houses across the 'drag' in town. But that just wasn't meant to be. Even with the money she'd saved from her job at Sonic all summer, even with leaving her car (another wince) at home with Mom and Dad, saving the high campus parking fees, even with all that, there was just no way Heather would be able to swing rent for off-campus housing. And there was no way Daddy would help her out there!! An occasional 'touch' now and then would be possible -- IF she was in the dorm. But dear Daddy didn't trust his little girl in the 'unsupervised' apartments -- and would cut her off in an instant if she moved into one.

So she was in for yet another year of dormitory living. And she didn't even know who her roommate would be!! The dorms were always overcrowded, and she and Rachel and Susan had all three been crammed into one of the small rooms last year -- as SOPHOMORES no less!!

But this year, as Juniors, that wouldn't happen. She and the other two girls had matched pennys -- and Heather had lost. Which was why Rachel and Susie were moving into the room on the other side of the bathroom -- and Heather would have to take 'pot luck' on a new roomie. At least she'd managed to arrange for the 'end' room -- the one at the very end of the hall, next to the fire stairs. That meant she'd only have to worry about the noise from ONE wall -- and Rachel and Sue wouldn't be any problem! The floors were thick concrete; she'd never heard anything through them, even during a stereo war. Peace and quiet at last! Depending on what her new roommate was like...

She just hoped it would be a junior -- a sophomore at least. PLEASE don't let her get stuck with a know-nothing fish!! GOD that'd be AWFUL -- a kid like that would drive her nuts.

Or worse -- a senior. Which would make HER low girl on the totem pole. Heather looked at the made-up lower bunk, and considered having to move 'upstairs' to the upper bunk to make room for some snotty superior senior-type girl. Actually, she'd been in the top bunk for two years now, and sorta preferred it -- but standards had to be met.

But maybe a senior wouldn't be so bad...


"Hello? Yes, this is Heather Williams. No, I haven't found a roommate yet... the housing office?? Sure -- I'll be right down..."

Now, why would they call her all the way downstairs to the office just to meet a possible roommate?? Unless -- oh, GOD maybe they were gonna try to talk her into taking on a fish after all. Or maybe... Hey! Maybe they wanted her to monitor!! Hall monitors got neat SINGLE rooms and didn't have to share a bath!! They were USUALLY seniors, but maybe they didn't have enough!!...She'd miss her friends, of course, but they'd understand...

With that encouraging thought, Heather trotted down the stairs (she always took the stairs -- it helped her keep her slender figure in top-notch shape. She hadn't been a State Finalist in the butterfly for nothing!!)

When she knocked on the Housing office's door and was called in, Heather was startled. Her first impression was that her Daddy was there!!

But the face above the clerical collar was not that of the Reverend Williams, despite a strong resemblance. And the slender woman in the gingham dress next to him was not her Mommy.

And the four-eyed brat in pigtails seated between them had no place in college at all.

"Yes, Mrs. Stephens? May I help you? You said something about a potential roommate... is she around here?"

"That would be me."

Heather's jaw dropped and she stared. It was the BRAT!

"No way, kid. You can't be more'n, what, ten? 'leven at most?"

"But it IS..."

"Yes it is, I'm afraid." That was the reverend. "Quiet before your elders, dear. I'm Reverend Thomas, by the way. Yes, I'm afraid our little Mary here is quite the genius..."

"Prodigy Daddy!! I've told you -- If I invent warp drive or a Universal Field Theory -- THEN I'm a genius. Until then, I'm just a prodigy!"

"WhatEVER!! Don't interrupt me again, young lady! Now be quiet -- I'm sure Miss Williams understands what I mean... Now, Mary actually only just turned nine last week..."

Oh, yeah, she understood all right. And was already shaking her head in denial -- NO WAY was she baby-sitting this brat all year!! UH-UH!!

"I see you're well ahead of us." That was the mother. "Yes, we were hoping you'd take our little girl under your wing. There simply isn't anything left for her back home -- we don't even have a community college. But I'd feel SO much better if someone we trusted had our little girl 'in hand', so to speak. She IS still much to young to be out on her own..."

"Mom-mee!! I..."

"You are TOO YOUNG! We talked about this, young lady -- and if we can't find someone suitable, well, you'll just have to wait a few years before you go off to college! Now, Heather, Donald and I know your Daddy -- we met at the interfaith conference last year, and Donald was most impressed with his faith and strong moral values... as I was by your mother's good sense and child raising skills. She certainly kept that brood of hers under control! So when we saw his name in the list of potential roommates Mrs. Stephens showed us, as next of kin, we decided we wanted to speak with you first..."

Ooops!! That was a problem -- if she said no and they talked to Daddy about it... Daddy would call this Christian Fellowship and blister her butt if she turned them down... her parent's best 'child raising skill' seemed to be their talent for turning a tender young bottom into a crimson ball of agonizing pain. It worked, though -- Heather was certain that all four of her younger sisters had been proper little angels at that conference...

"But we would never impose. If you don't want to help us, I assure you your father will never hear about it -- I saw the look on your face, dear, and we want willing cooperation, not coercion. I DO understand... having our little Mary underfoot would be quite limiting on your, ah, social development... we would, of course, need to compensate you for your efforts..."

Heather's eyes suddenly brightened at that wonderful word. "Compensate? You mean -- ah, you'd be willing to pay me to..."

"Precisely. Would, say, $25 a week be enough to compensate you for the trouble?? Before you answer, I should mention that you will need to insure that she follows the rules we've laid down for her. And that means she's to be in bed at nine every night, which might be very hard on you, and your own studies..."

Less than she might think. Heather got up and hit the pool every morning at six A.M. She wasn't on the team yet, but she was still improving, and had been made an alternate late last year. So she tended to hit the sack early herself. And with Steve gone, (she DID love him so), Heather fully intended to 'hit the books' and keep away from the party scene this year anyway -- that stuff was no good for an athlete!

But still, keeping track of a nine-year-old brat in the dormitory would be a real pain. But a profitable pain. Heather suddenly grinned as she realized that that extra $25 a week WOULD have been enough to let her move off campus.

Except that she could only GET it by staying IN the dorm.

Which was when she realized that she was gonna take on the brat.

So she said so. "Ma'am? Yes, it would be a big stress on my life, but less than you might think. But I see some problems. I've got a good chance of making the swim team this year -- which means I'll have to be up and out at six, well before Mary will be up. Will that be a problem?"

"Just a moment." That was Mrs. Stephens, the housing coordinator. "I have ten thousand things to do -- I know Heather is your first choice, because you know her parents. If she's going to agree, why don't you go up to the room and discuss it. If it doesn't work out, come back down and we'll try the next name on the list..."

"That would be fine, Mrs. Stephens. Shall we go?"

* * *

They re-convened in Heather's dorm room. Heather seated herself on one of the two plain, armless chairs provided with the built-in desks, while Rev. and Mrs. Thomas seated themselves on the built-in couch (which opened into the third bed), while Mary plopped herself down on the lower of the two bunk beds -- messing up Heather's neatly smoothed blanket, to her annoyance.

"Now, we were discussing if my swimming practice would be a problem; I'll be getting up before six for a six-thirty practice every day, and I won't be here to get Mary up in the morning. Will that be a problem?"

"Not if you get her to bed on time!!" That was the father. "Mary has been getting up and out on her own for some time now. I don't see that as a problem, do you, dear?"

"No, it's going to bed that Mary sometimes has a problem with. Never getting up -- IF she got to bed on time. Manage the one problem, and the other just doesn't happen."

The poor kid was looking mortified as her parents calmly discussed her 'behavioral problems' with the young lady who, it looked like, would be in charge of her that year.

"Good!! But occasionally, sir, I WILL have to stay up late, to study. And with all the best intentions, ma'am, sometimes Mary will have to, too. This is college, and I suspect it will be tougher than any of you suspect. Maybe we should put her in the lower bunk -- we can drape a blanket around it, and she should be able to go right to sleep even if I have to stay up studying..."

"That's a good idea. We brought a blanket that should do. But I'm worried about letting Mary stay up late at all, even for studying. I'm not certain I trust her judgment about that. Donald?"

"So we don't trust it. We trust Heather's judgment. If YOU think Mary has a legitimate need to stay up late studying, then you may let her do so. Try to have her make it up by taking a nap the next day, though, if possible. And you will have to have somebody make sure she gets up on time the next day..."

"My friends Rachel and Susan are next door. I'll want you to meet them. I'm sure they'll be glad to help out occasionally; we've known each other for years." And Heather now had a legitimate reason for taking the top bunk -- without losing face. "I'm sure Mary won't give me any trouble about going to bed when I tell her to..."

"Ah, actually, she might." That was Mrs. Thomas. "As I said, Mary has a bit of a problem about going to bed on time. And that isn't the only... difficulty... she has."

"Well, I'm afraid I don't understand." And Heather was puzzled. "I mean, Mary will know I'm in charge. And I guess I could call you if I had to. But if she doesn't do what I tell her, well, I'm not sure what you think I could do about it... officially, I'll just be her roommate, and..."

"Hrmph. Actually, Heather, we were hoping you'd agree to be somewhat more than that. Would you please read this letter?"

The Rev. Thomas handed Heather a legal-looking document. And all three Thomas's were very quiet as she read it. Mary's eyes were wide open and staring at the lovely young lady as she read.

"I-I'm not quite certain what this means, sir. Just what does the term 'in loco parentis' mean in this context?"

"It means, dear, that for all intents and purposes you will be our agent in all your dealings with our daughter." That was Rev. Thomas. "You will exercise parental authority over her..."

"I know, dear, that roommates are generally equals." interrupted Mrs. Thomas. (A lot SHE knew!) "It's a relationship of give and take, of getting along together. But I'm sure you see that this can't be a traditional roommate relationship. One of you will have to be in charge, and that will have to be you."

"OK, so I'm in charge. So if she acts up or disobeys me, what then?" Heather knew what then. She was almost certain. And it would make living with Miss Brat a hell of a lot easier. Maybe even pleasant. But she wanted to be absolutely certain. "I mean, do I ground her, or send her to the corner, or what?"

"WHAT corner?" asked the amused Reverend. And indeed, the dorm room was remarkably lacking in corners unencumbered by furniture. "But if you can find one, by all means stick her little nose into it. AFTER you've paddled her rear end, though!"

YES! rang through Heather's mind, though not a sign of her triumph showed in her face. And Mary's face turned beet red and the child looked quickly away from Heather's face. Clearly this was no surprise to her -- it had probably been made perfectly clear to her from the first the sort of authority her carefully selected 'roommate' would exercise over her -- and her bottom.

"Paddled? Do you mean that you want me to spank Mary when I feel she deserves or needs it? I have no objection, of course; as you know I have four sisters, ranging down from Lucy, who is fourteen, to little Nancy, who's just six. As the eldest, I've helped take care of all of them for years, and I've spanked them when they needed it. And I've been baby-sitting since I was thirteen, so Mary's won't be the first sit-down I've warmed by a long shot. But when I've taken care of somebody's kid, I've always made certain I know exactly if and how they want me to spank..."

"That's very wise, dear; I certainly agree." said Mrs. Thomas. "And I think your little speech just confirms to us both that you ARE the one we want to take care of Mary while she's in college. Do you agree, dear?"

"Definitely. I'm convinced Heather is just the person we need. And, dear, if you don't mind, I would like to call your father and let him know what you're doing for us. 'Compensation' or not, this is an act of true Christian brotherhood, and I'd like him to know just how proud he can be of you..."

WOW!! $25 bucks a week AND brownie points with Daddy?? And on top of that, a chance -- no, a DEMAND that she warm their little darling's seat whenever she felt it necessary? Which she would ENJOY no end, just as she'd enjoyed spanking her little sisters or the little boys and girls she'd baby-sat for all these years. Heather felt like she'd died and gone to heaven..."Certainly, sir, if you insist. I'm proud to help you out, and I'm sure my Daddy would love to hear from you. I'll be speaking with him myself, of course. In fact -- I really should call and ask him about this whole thing before we make it final. I'm sure he'll agree -- but..."

"Of course, of course! Should've thought of that myself. Go, call him up -- but let ME talk to him. I want him to know just how much this means to us..."

* * *

When the Rev. Thomas and the Rev. Williams had finished talking, and Heather had endured a long list of 'do-s' and 'don't-s' from her proud Daddy about her newfound task, the four finally sat down together to complete their discussions.

"We were talking about how we want you to discipline Mary when she needs it." continued Rev. Thomas. "Hmmm, that may be hard to describe in detail..."

"Dear, were you still planning on 'discussing' Mary's behavior in the car on the way down with her before we leave?" asked his wife.

"Do and am." The Rev. suddenly frowned. "Heather, Mary was quite the brat on the was down. Whining, fidgeting, interrupting us, continually distracting me from some really bad driving -- we don't get traffic like that back home! Finally I had to promise her a good spanking before we left for home in order to settle her down. A good idea, honey. Instruction through setting an example..."

Mary's face had turned from red to white as her obvious hopes for the avoidance of her impending punishment were smashed.

"Actually, dear, I was thinking that this might be an opportunity. For Heather to start with Mary from a position of authority from the very first, with our support and advice on how we want her to handle little Mary when she's naughty. Sort of an introductory spanking..."

"You want me to give Mary a spanking right now? With the two of you still here?" Heather was a bit put off by the request.

"That would seem to be the idea. And I rather agree with Helen -- it would certainly start the two of you off on the right foot -- with you clearly in charge all the way. Yes, by George, I think you've hit on just the thing!! Mary, get off of that bed and come over here now. Heather, perhaps you'd be more comfortable on this couch; Helen and I will take the chairs..."

The three rapidly rearranged themselves, as a suddenly reluctant and frightened Mary was pulled willy-nilly from her perch on the lower bunk and deposited in front of her designated executioner, who had placed herself on the center of the plastic-covered couch.

Seconds later the slim nine-year-old prodigy had been pulled over her new roommate's jeans-covered thighs, stetched out along the couch. For an instant, Heather regretted that she'd put the jeans on before moving and unpacking her stuff; her shorts would have left Mary lying pleasently over her slender bare thighs. But there would be time enough for that later...

Heather noticed that Mary's short pleated blue skirt had pulled up slightly as she'd been turned over Heather's lap. She reached to smooth the garment -- then in a sudden moment of daring, slipped her hand under the skirt and turned it up over the child's back.

Heather held her breath as she waited for the Thomas's to object, even as she let her hand reach down to pat the seat of Mary's cotton underwear. The cute little cartoon bumblebees that covered the thin fabric were hardly the norm for a college girl; but Mary was no ordinary college student... No objections were forthcoming, and both parents just looked on expectantly.

So Heather raised her hand up and began to spank. Barely a whimper escaped the young prodigy as Heather's hand smacked down onto the child's tender bottom-summits. Heather was a bit surprised; most kids reacted more to the sting of the first spank, especially one of hers; Heather liked to spank hard. But she shrugged to herself and continued spanking her new charge as Mary's parents looked on.

Spank after crisp spank smacked into the thin fabric covering Mary's young bottom, and soon the child was beginning to sob and wail with the fierce sting building up in her bottom. Heather could see the child's pale bottom turning a bright pink through the thin fabric of her undies. Finally, after twenty-five hard smacks, Mary began to cry, and Heather stopped spanking and shook her hand, which was burning from the sting.

Heather looked up from the child over her lap to ask the Thomas's if her spanking had been to severe, when Mrs. Thomas spoke first.

"That was quite a nice warm-up, dear, but isn't it about time you took her panties down?"

Heather was stunned. Yes, she'd spanked a lot of kids. Her sisters, her neighbors. About a dozen, maybe, all told. Some only once, others, like her younger sisters, a dozen times.

But NEVER on the bare. She'd been tempted a few times -- but she'd known better. She wasn't sure how, but she'd known that if she'd ever tried to paddle one of her sisters bare butt, she'd have eaten off the mantel for a week. Heck, she'd only dared spank Nancy over her panties twice -- and both times that was all the four-year-old had on!!

Not that Heather didn't have any experience with bare-bottomed spanking. She had plenty. But only with HER bare bottom getting the spanking!! Her Mommy only lowered panties for exceptional naughtiness, and Daddy had only spanked her bare butt a few times, mostly when she was littler than Mary. But clearly Mary was subject to a level of punishment well beyond what Heather considered normal; her parents must be really, really strict!! Which meant that Heather had a lot more spanks to deliver to her new charge.

Spanks to be delivered to the child's tender BARE bottom!! The only problem -- Heather's hand was killing her!! After all, she hadn't given anybody a spanking for two years -- and never a spanking as harsh as the one she'd just delivered. The one that Mrs. Thomas considered a 'nice warm-up'! Heather wondered -- there was that ONE time, when she was eleven, when Mommy had caught her smoking a cigarette -- when even lighting the MATCH was a spanking offense... no way! But -- it certainly couldn't hurt to ASK...

All these thoughts raced through Heather's mind in less than a second. Then, as she reached for a crying child's panties, she said "Thank you Mrs. Thomas. I'm afraid I'm a bit out of practice; my hand is hurting quite a bit..."

"Oh! of course, dear! Donald, why don't you run down to the car..."

"No! No Ma'am! That won't be necessary. If you could just open the top drawer of the dresser, there -- yes, the built in..." And Heather calmly slid Mary's bumblebee panties off of her well-pinkened butt and right down to her kneehollows, as if she'd been doing it all of her life.

She thrilled at the beauty of the well-spanked bottom thus bared before her. Mary was just so CUTE, especially when she was crying so nicely, crying reinforced by the baring of her cute little tushie. Mary knew well what that meant -- more burning spanks for her tender little sitter!

"Of course, but... Oh! Excellent! Here you are, dear! I agree, it should do very nicely -- I knew you were the right one for our little Mary!!" And she handed Heather her flat-backed wooden hairbrush she'd been given by her grandmother on her thirteenth birthday. And Heather gently rubbed the back of the brush on Mary's tender nates. The child bucked slightly, twisting back to look over her shoulder.

"Nooo! Not the brush!! Pleease! Please don' spank me with a hairbrush! Pleease!! Just use your hand some more! Please Heather!!"

"Nonsense, dear!" replied her mother before Heather could respond. "You know full well your father planned on striping your bottom a few times with his belt!! AFTER a good dose of your paddle! You KNOW your behavior called for far more than just a bare-bottomed hand spanking! I was going to send your Daddy down to unpack your paddle, but Heather's hairbrush should do just as well. Well, Heather? What are you waiting for?"

Absolutely nothing. So Heather pulled the flat back of the cherry hairbrush off of Mary's well-tenderized seat, then brought it back down with a brisk <SMACK!>

Mary howled as the brush spanked her bare bottom. And Heather almost gaped as she saw the lovely red oval the brush left on Mary's tender young bottom as she raised the brush for another spank.

"Snap your wrist a bit more as you spank the brush into Mary's bottom." advised Mrs. Thomas, as Heather raised the brush for its second spank. Heather took the advice, snapping her wrist to deliver the next spank with an additional burst of stinging speed onto its nine-year-old target. And was gratified when her efforts were rewarded by an even more enthusiastic howl of pain from her charge--and a compliment from Mrs. Thomas on her technique.

Heather now had to restrain Mary from bucking herself off of her lap. She did so easily, her athlete's strength easily restraining the slender child. To Heather's amazement, Mary's hands remained clasped in front of her, as if in prayer. Even when the pain reached its peak of total intolerability, the child's hands remained tightly clasped in front of her, not even trying to reach back to protect her tender backside from the searing spanks that burned into it.

Heather was awed at how quickly Mary's small bottom turned crimson under the smacks of her hairbrush. She'd had no idea the object had such a terrifying power to inflict pain. After only a dozen spanks the child was lying still, bawling hard, unable to even struggle against the awful pain that raged in her bare bottom.

Heather stopped spanking, and looked towards Mary's parents.

"Why have you stopped, dear? Mary isn't made of glass -- her little tushie may be red and hot, but it can take quite a bit of spanking yet. Believe me; I've often spanked Mary for ten minutes straight with her little paddle. It hurts terribly, of course, but then that's the idea, isn't it? To teach a lesson?"

"Of course, Ma'am. But I want Mary to be my friend, too. And after all, it's only natural for kids to fidget and be impatient in the car. She was probably nervous about college and all. I'll spank her harder and longer if you feel it is necessary, but I'd rather let her off for now so we can get her moved in."

Heather held her breath, hoping she'd struck the right note between strictness and compassion. And it worked; Mrs. Thomas grudgingly agreed that Mary was sufficiently spanked -- barely, and helped the child up and off of Heather's lap. "But I'll expect you to give her a bedtime-spanking tonight to reinforce the lesson... though you can go easy on her if she's VERY well-behaved until then. Do you have a problem with that, dear? It's what we usually do whenever Mary's been really naughty..."

Heather quickly agreed to administer the additional punishment before bed, and started to stand up...

"Now, you thank Heather nicely for punishing you, Mary -- and for letting you off so easy, too!!"

Mary suddenly flung her arms around Heather, hugging her tight, as she said "Thank you for spanking me, Heather. And thank you for letting me off so easy; I PROMISE I've learned my lesson and won't be any trouble at all for you. I'll try to do whatever you tell me too and behave myself and study real, real hard..."

"Enough! Mary, fine! Ok, now, why don't you go, let's see -- go kneel on the bed facing the corner -- that's about the best we can do in here. Go on!! You need a little corner time to get yourself together. Meanwhile, I'd better go tell Rachel and Susan what's going on; they must think there's a madhouse over here."

So Heather and the Thomas's went through the bathroom and Heather introduced them to her friends. The Rev. Thomas wasn't completely happy about Rachel Bronstein, Heather noticed, but didn't say anything about it. The two girls were amazed at Heather's new roommate -- and a little jealous. Imagine having a roommate who HAD to do what you wanted them too -- or get spanked for it! They were also quite willing to help out when Heather wasn't available. Nothing was said about it, but Heather intended to make it clear to her friends that they should feel free to spank Mary when she needed it -- with their hands, over her panties. Like the kids they'd all baby-sat for. She'd point out to them that THEY had no authority 'in loco parentis' over Mary.

The group reconvened in Heather's room, where the 2 girls oohed and ahhed and tried to comfort Mary about her bare, red bottom. They were fascinated by how well-spanked a little girl Mary was, and were secretly amazed at how quickly the child was recovering. Heather told Mary to pull her panties back up, and everybody went down to the Thomas's car to fetch up Mary's stuff.

* * *

And just before nine, after Mary had taken her shower and brushed her teeth and gotten all ready for bed, Heather led the child over to the bottom bunk, sat down, and pulled the nine-year-old over her lap. She slid Mary's pink pajama pants down to her knees, along with her little pink panties. And then Heather applied a dozen good, sound spanks to the cute little bottom with her strong right hand.

Mary was incredibly grateful to be let off so easy, she almost crushed the junior with her hug.

The end (for now)