Subject: Mary Lou Jenkins Arrives In Hell Part 1 (F/f)
From: Lurking Dragon <lurkdrag@nym.alias.net>
Date: 2 Dec 1998 22:01:58 -0800

Mary Lou Jenkins Arrives In Hell

I just wrote this story a couple of days ago, so it may not be as polished as my Melody stories. It is something very different, and I would really like to know what everybody thinks of it.

Background: This is the first in a new series set in, well, Hell. My Hell is rather different than the more traditional concepts, but is more reasonable, I think. At least it gives hell a rational and semi-reasonable purpose, and makes it at least semi-justifiable.

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a 16 year old soul occupying her own body as a young child. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

Mary Lou Jenkins Arrives In Hell Part 1

Mary Lou sat on the wooden office chair in the small windowless cubicle. She had her knees pulled up next to her chest and shivered in terror. The sixteen year old knew she was dead. And she was certain she knew where she was, too.

She was in Hell. The bus trip across the burning fields of hellfire had made that pretty certain. But now she was in a more familiar environment. The cubicle could almost have been one of the ones used for counseling back at Lyndon Johnson High. A small, plain room with dirty grey walls, a plain desk (with nothing on it), a hard wooden swivel chair for the counselor, and a stright-backed wooden seat for the counselee. Though Mary hadn't remembered the chairs back in school being quite this uncomfortable.

The door opened, and Mary squealed at the...thing...that entered. It was clearly a devil. Dark red, bearded visage; short sharp horns curling up from his forehead. Cloven hooves below. A long, forked tail curling behind him. In his hands was a thick folder of what looked like computer paper.

But his face wasn't evil. Just stern. And he was wearing a dark red leisure suit over a pale pink dress shirt. With a blood-red tie around the loosened collar of that shirt. And the cloven hooves stuck out below a the suit slacks. Mary couldn't see what arrangements had been made for the tail.

As the devil sat down at the desk chair, he actually smiled at her!! Then he spoke:

"First of all, Mary, let me reassure you. Yes, you are in Hell, BUT! *HELL IS NOT FOREVER!!* Except maybe for the idiot who came UP with that bit of garbage. If hell were forever, there would be no point to it. It would be meaningless torment for simple revenge or spite. Obviously, that isn't the way The Boss works!! No, Hell has a reason! a GOOD reason."

"And you aren't here because you were a particularly bad kid. Yes, I know, you DID screw up ROYALLY there at the end, but that is NOT why you are here. Well, it is ONE of the reasons, but not much more than any of your other sins. Actually, Mary Lou, with very few exceptions, EVERYBODY comes here first, before they can go on..."

"Huh?? Hey, that sound more like, yaknow, that Catholic place, ah..."

"Purgatory?? Yes, well, they are right and wrong, actually. Same place, really, just a matter of degree. Actually, after looking over your record of sins" (he gestured at the folder) "and unsins, the Catholics would probably consider your stay here Purgatory, not Hell. Really, not a terrible record. Not a great one, either, but very few are..."

Huh?? UNSINS? What the heck were THEY?? thought Mary Lou.

"However, in reality, there is no difference. Now, I know you have tons of questions, but please, let me complete your orientation first. I think you'll find I answer most of them. My name, by the way, is Camapardosulous. Just call me Cam. Now, first let me tell you WHY Hell is. You'll probably be surprised!"

"The problem, you see, is guilt. Yes, guilt, as in 'guilty conscience' or 'stain of guilt on the soul'. Same thing. The problem is, you see, a soul with ANY guilt left in it simply cannot go into Heaven. Period. That's what we are here for, to get rid of that nasty guilt, so you can move on."

"Huh? How do you get rid of guilt??"

"I said NO QUESTIONS!!" roared the demon, and Mary Lou felt a sudden burning pain in her posterior, causing her to jump upright in her chair!! "Now shut up and pay attention, young lady!!"

"Now, as I was saying, the only way to eliminate guilt is through punishment, at least for true sins. Unsins have other options, though often we find that punishment works best for them, too. I know, I know, I'll get to what an unsin is later!!"

"Now, guilt falls into four major categories. First are wrongs you committed during your life that you were adequately punished for at the time. These you can forget about; all paid for before you died, they are already covered. Next are things for which you were punished at the time, but for which the punishment was inadequate by the only judge that truly matters--yourself. You'd be surprised how many Catholics get here convinced that their souls are 'pure' after doing their confession and penance stuff. That IS enough to move the sin into this category, but with the wimpy 'penances' most priests hand out these days, that's about all! But you'll find that these sins are a LOT easier to purge than the next category."

"Those are sins you got away with. All the things you did wrong in your life that nobody ever caught you at, or that you were 'forgiven' for, or 'let off' on, or 'given another chance' over, or talked or pleaded your way out of paying for. That's right, little girl, all of those little pecadillos are coming back to haunt you, and you'll have to purge each and every one of them before you can get to heaven."

"And that won't be easy. You see, death tends to harden up the soul. Guilt is a lot harder to purge after death. A little sin that could have been purged by a fine, or a bit of community service, or a good spanking in life requires MUCH harsher methods now. As a rule of thumb, it requires about a thousand times as much post-death punishment to purge a sin as pre-death. It isn't so bad for category 2 sins--inadequately punished ones. The level of punishment needed there is determined by just how inadequate the punishment was-- anywhere from ten to seven-hundred-fifty times as much as an original 'in life' punishment would have been. But category 3, unpunished sins, run around a thousand to one."

"That's how Hell got its bad name. Originally The Boss set it up to have one punishment per sin, post death, just like in life. But due to the thousand to one ratio, the punishments were ridiculous. Boiling in oil for ten years for theft, and so forth. The Manager, Satan, proved, oh, millennia ago that that wasn't the best way to go. It left the poor souls entering Heaven so traumatized they could barely understand it was over for centuries. He showed that inordinately severe punishments weren't effective; it took a punishment that was almost 8000 times as severe as would be called on in life to purge the average unpunished sin!! So The Boss made the S-man manager of Hell and told him if he had a better idea, make it work. (The Boss never has taken critisism well). The new system takes longer, but the souls arrive in Heaven ready to...well, you don't Need to Know that yet."

"Anyway, now we use the new system, and be thankful we do!! Now, sins are purged using more appropriate levels of punishment. We can do this because the Manager figured out how to use the soul's inherent malleability to allow you to pay for your sins as the person you were when you committed them, using punishments just a little more severe than you might've actually gotten then. Then, to make up the death difference ratio, we just repeat the punishments a thousand times or so. But, why don't I just give you your first punishment now, and I think you'll see what I mean."

Cam opened up the folder and opened the mass of computer paper to a relatively early page. "Here we are!! You should remember this one!! 'Number 2-4-7, please!!'"

Suddenly Mary Lou saw the room blur and evaporate out of existence. Her shock-numbed mind suddenly awoke, and she cried out "Hey! Wait! Not yet! Wait!" but it was too late. There was another blur of reality, and...

Mary Lou was sitting down again--but this time well off the ground. She was in a high chair!! But how...Oh! Looking down at her own body, Mary Lou suddenly realized she was a little girl again. A VERY little girl, about two or three years old. She was wearing a pink taffeta little dress with yellow trim she vaguely remembered from her early childhood. Or maybe from childhood photographs.

At the sink across the kitchen--hey! This was the kitchen of their old house!!--across the kitchen her mother was cleaning off dishes, preparing to put them into the dishwasher. Suddenly Mary Lou was two people.

A part of her was herself, a dead sixteen-year-old high school kid. But suddenly she was also a little girl. A very angry little girl. And the little girl was running her body!!

Her Mommy WASN'T paying attention to her!! She wanted more milk, and her Mommy was ignoring her!! "MAMA!! Me want more milk! MA-MA!!"

"In a minute, dear, as soon as I'm finished!!"

Oh no!! Mary Lou suddenly remembered this!! It was years and YEARS ago!! She'd...

Suddenly, in a fit of temper, baby Mary Lou reached forward and slapped the edge of the plate on the table in front of her. The plate flipped up into the air and fell to the floor with a CRASH!!

Guiltily, teen-Mary Lou remembered what had happenend that day years ago. Her Mommy had spun around...then, relieved that her baby was OK, she'd just cleaned up the mess, assuring little Mary that accidents happened and that she should be more careful and not reach for things on the table herself. And little Mary Lou, KNOWING she'd been very, very naughty, had guiltily kept silent and promised to be more careful, never revealing that she had, in essense, broken the plate deliberately.

Mary Lou's Mommy spun around. "I SAW that, Mary Lou Jenkins!! You broke that plate deliberately!" Little Mary Lou flinched back into her chair as her stern Mommy turned off the water and swept around the table towards her naughty daughter. Before either Mary Lou could really register what was happening, their mutual Mommy had her hands under their armpits, and the child felt herself being pulled free of the high chair. As she was unceremoniously hauled upstairs by an angry Mommy the now-terrified child heard her parent say "Well, little miss, fits of temper are a naughty little habit I will NOT allow in this house!! As soon as I get you to your room we'll see if a good spanking will help you behave yourself from now on, won't we!!"

A spanking!! The 'real' Mary Lou blushed, at least internally, at the thought of the childish punishment she was about to receive. As to baby Mary Lou, she let out a howl of protest as she realized what was about to befall her naughty little bottom.

But now the room was reached, and Mommy was seating herself on the side of Mary Lou's sister's bed, across the room from her own little bed. Her big sister, Mary Lou remembered, had been off at school, or maybe kindergarden. Mary was stood firmly in front of her Mommy, already sniffling as her Mommy quickly reached up under her little skirt and pulled down her little pink girl's 'Pull-Ups'. Once her little bottom was bare under her dress, Mommy paused...

"You have been a Very Naughty Little Girl, Mary Lou. And what happens to Little Girls who are Very Naughty in this house? Well?"

<sniffle> "Nooo! Waaah! Mama!"

"Mary Lou!! What Happens to Very Naughty Little Girls Here?!!"

"Waah! A Spankin! Don' spank meee! I be good!!"

"I'm sure you will be good, Mary Lou--at least for a while!! But a good, sound spanking is just what you need to HELP you to behave like a good little girl, so that's just what I'm going to do!!"

And Mary Lou felt her little body being turned up and over her Mommy's knees. Felt her tafetta dress being pushed impatiently up onto her back. And felt her Mommy's hand spanking her little bare bottom!!

Her Mommy's hand spanked the little girl's bare bottom briskly, slapping up and down crisply onto the tender girlflesh. And Mary rewarded her Mommy's efforts with loud shrieks of pain and grief.

And the real Mary Lou found herself crying and bawling right along with her younger self, because suddenly she WAS her younger self, crying and wiggling over her Mommy's lap with the wholehearted abandon of a very little girl getting a well-deserved bare bottomed spanking!! HOW her fanny stung and burned!! It HURT and she was just a little girl and she CRIED and she was SO SORRY. And not that she'd gotten caught, either. Mary Lou was well beyond regretting THAT. She was thoroughly regretting her NAUGHTINESS and resolving sincerely to herself (and incoherently to her Mommy) to be the BEST little girl for EVER and EVER.

Finally her Mommy stopped slapping her poor little bottom into a hot bonfire and set her little girl onto her feet in front of her. "Well, little miss, do you think you have Learned Your Lesson?? Was that little spanking enough to help you Keep Your Temper In Check from now on?? Well?"

"Waaaaah! I be good!! I be good! Waaah! Mama spank me good! I be best lil' girl ever!! I spank'd 'NUFF!!"

To Be Continued in Part 2

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Subject: Story: Mary Lou Jenkins Arrives In Hell Part 2 (F/f M/f) (Lurking Dragon) From: Lurking Dragon <lurkdrag@nym.alias.net> Date: 2 Dec 1998 22:24:18 -0800 Newsgroups: soc.sexuality.spanking

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a 16 year old soul occupying her own body as a young child. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

Mary Lou Jenkins Arrives In Hell Part 2

Mary Lou Jenkins has just gotten a good, sound hand-spanking on her bare bottom as a three-year-old from her mother; the spanking she SHOULD have gotten for her naughtiness that day 13 years ago, but didn't. She stands in front of her Mommy bawling and rubbing at her bare bottom, just glad that the painful punishment is over, when...

"Well, little miss, do you think you have Learned Your Lesson?? Was that little spanking enough to help you Keep Your Temper In Check from now on?? Well?"

"Waaaaah! I be good!! I be good! Waaah! Mama spank me good! I be best lil' girl ever!! I spank'd 'NUFF!!"

"I don't think so, young lady. I think you need some MORE spanking to help you to be a good girl. I think you need to go over to the closet and bring me Mr. Spank-Spank so I can give you the really, really sound spanking you need to be a really, really good girl from now on!"

Both Mary-Lous-in-one felt a fresh rush of panic at this awful declaration of intent to further spank on the part of her Mommy. Mary Lou-the-elder remembered painfully her very few spankings with the little paddle called Mr. Spank-Spank, all from much later on in life than the baby girl she was now!! But the baby Mary Lou she also was also knew Mr. Spank-Spank in the here-and-now!!

"Noooo! Not Mr. Spank-Spank!! Pleeeeze!! He stingy my bare bum-bummy too bad!! No spank me with him, Pleeeeeze Momma, No spank me bummy wit' Mr. Spank-Spank!!"

"That's enough of that, young lady!!! I said you need a good, sound paddling with Mr. Spank-Spank on your naughty little bare bottom, and that's what you're going to get. And if you aren't back over here with Mr. Spank-Spank by the time I count to three I'll ask your Daddy to give you ANOTHER spanking before beddie-bye!!"

Mary Lou blanched at this further evidence of her posthumous Mommy's extreme strictness. She quickly spun and tried to run to the closet, forgetting the toddler diaper fettering her ankles. Mary Lou fell down, and quickly kicked off the Pull-Ups as she heard her Mommy toll out the count of 'ONE'.

Mary Lou opened the closet door as her Mommy called out "TWO!". Her little hand grabbed Mr. Spank-Spank by the edge in order to lift him off of his nail. She could barely reach the little paddle.

The little paddle was originally from a cheap paddle ball game. Or, to be precise, from two of the games. Mary Lou's Daddy had removed the rubber bands and balls, sanded the paddles smooth, then glued them together for greater strength. He'd then sanded the now thicker, but still lightweight paddle, carefully rounding over the edges, and painted the final product a bright pink. But while Mr. Spank-Spank had certainly been hanging on his nail by this time, in reality only Mary's big sister had ever felt his terrible sting, and then only a few times. Mary Lou remembered her Daddy telling her once that he'd made the little paddle for Susan after the regular paddle-ball paddle he'd been spanking her with, for playing with matches, had broken during the spanking. He'd made Mr. Spank-Spank so he'd have something light enough to spank a little girl with, but sturdy enough to endure a good, sound spanking.

Mary Lou got Mr. Spank-Spank down and turned to rush back to her Mommy even as Mommy called out "THREE, and that's another good spanking for you tonight, Mary Lou! Best get back over here with Mr. Spank-Spank RIGHT NOW before it gets any WORSE!!"

It wasn't fair!! She'd TRIED to fetch the paddle in time!! But then Mary Lou remembered that she was IN HELL. Fair had nothing to do with it!! She rushed back over to the bed, stumbling to a stop in front of her Mommy and holding out the wicked little pink paddle in front of her.

Mommy took the paddle and set it beside her. Then she picked up her naughty little daughter and set her gently on her knee. Mary winced as her well-spanked bottom pressed into her Mommy's Dacron slacks.

"I know you hate getting a spanking, dear. And I hate having to spank you. But it really is the best thing, dear. Best to get all the guilt spanked out of you now, so you can be a really good little girl."

"Now, let me get you over onto your little tum-tum. That's better. No, just a bit further out on Mommy's knees, so I can spank all of your naughty little bottom Let me just lower my left leg...there, and now I lift up the right, just a bit...All right, now give me your naughty little hands, so I can hold them away from your bare little bottom...that's a good girl!!"

Mary Lou was quickly and efficiently positioned by her Mommy for her spanking. Placed well out on her Mommy's lap, her little body fitting easily over the front half of her right thigh where her Mommy could easily spank both her right AND left little hams. Mommy then lowered her left leg and raised her right a bit, pushing Mary Lou's little bottom up high, emphasizing how bare and vulnerable it was, making Mary feel even littler and naughtier. Then finally, Mary had to put both her hands behind her, where her Mommy easily took both tiny appendages into her big left hand, leaving poor Mary completely helpless and vulnerable.

As she'd been turned over, Mary Lou's Mommy had efficiently rucked up the child's taffeta dress, leaving it all bunched up under her arms and well away from her poor naked heiny. Mommy gently stroked and patted little Mary Lou's hot, sore fanny as the child sobbed on her Mommy's lap. "I'm sorry, Mary Lou; I know you're little bum-bum is all hot and stingy and sore, but..." her hand reached onto the bed to retrieve Mr. Spank-Spank. "I'm afraid I have to paddle your hot little bottom a lot more to teach you what happens to naughty little girls who lose their temper with their Mommies. Mr. Spank-Spank is going to really, really hurt when it spanks your little bare bottom, especially since its already all hot and sore and tender from the good spanking I just gave you." She patted little Mary's flinching fanny with the paddle. "But you're just going to have to take your medicine for being a bad little baby. Try to take your paddling like a big girl, dear."


Mary Lou howled and wiggled and squirmed and kicked as the little paddle stung her well-spanked baby bummy intolerably. She squealed and twisted and struggled, but her strong Mommy held her little girl firmly over her lap and continued to spank her bare little bottom with slow, measured, stinging swats; upper bottom: left, right, center!! lower bottom, right down where Mary Lou sits: left, right, center, center, right, left!! right across the fleshiest part of her slim hips: right, left, center, center!! Over and over the measured swats stung poor Mary Lou's tender nates, until they burned with the very fires of Hell.


Mommy was actually spanking FASTER!! Mary Lou howled and bawled as her fanny burned and stung from the very sound spanking the little girl was getting. Then she broke down, lay still over her Mommy's lap, and just cried her little eyes out, bawling and sobbing as hard as she could. And still the wicked little paddle stung her bare bottom.

And then it stopped. For almost a minute Mary Lou cried and bawled over her Mommy's lap from the burning fire in her little rump. Then she finally realized it was over. Or was it? She was still over her Mommy's knees...


"Yes, dear, it's over. I've given you a good, sound spanking on your little bare bottom, with Mr. Spank-Spank, but now your spanking is all over."

Mommy rubbed Mary Lou's back, and even her bottom a bit. (which made her cry harder--it HURT!!) Then Mommy stood her bawling child on the floor in front of her and quickly swept her tafetta dress up and over her head, leaving the baby girl as bare naked as the day she was born.

"I'm afraid your punishment isn't over, though, baby girl."

Mommy stood up and led Mary Lou over to the 'time-out' corner. As she did, she snagged one of the little chairs to the children's little play table. Oh, no!! thought Mary Lou. Surely Mommy didn't want...

She did. The little hard plastic chair was placed into the corner. And a bare-naked naughty little girl was gently picked up and firmly placed into the chair.

Right onto her very, very well spanked little bare bottom.

Mary's bawling increased as the burning in her seat went back up from the firm, gentle pressure of her own weight pressing the tenderized flesh into the hard plastic. She sobbed as her Mommy sternly told her "Now quiet down and sit still for your corner time, Mary Lou Jenkins!! Sit quietly and behave yourself. You'll stay in the corner for thirty minutes, then I'll put you to bed until suppertime!"

Mary Lou sniffled, but quietly to herself. A half hour!! that was FOREVER (said her three-year-old self. Mary remembered now--the incident had occurred a few days after her third birthday; it had to be, because the tafetta dress had been a birthday present from Grandma, and she'd stopped needing to wear Pull-Ups during the day soon after reaching three). A half-hour wasn't too bad, thought Mary Lou the teenager. But not sitting down on a well-spanked butt!!

Eventually her corner time was over, and Mary Lou was allowed to get up. But only while her Mommy popped her into fresh Pull-Ups (which made her poor bottom burn again), then into her blue sleeper (with the bunny feet) prior to putting her naughty daughter right to bed for the rest of the day.

Mary Lou's naughtiness had begun at lunch. It was just barely one.

She would be in bed until suppertime.

* * *

Supper was painful, even though Mommy let her (made her) sit on a pillow in her high chair. Mommy told Daddy--and her sister Susie-- all about how naughty she'd been, and how she'd cried and bawled and wiggled as Mommy had spanked her bare bottom. And especially how red Mr. Spank-Spank had made her bottom, and how she'd had to do a half-hour of corner time SITTING DOWN afterwards.

And Susie teased her unmercifully about what a bad little girl she was, to need to be spanked so hard. As if HER little bare bottom hadn't gotten more than its share of spankings!! Mary Lou was just glad she didn't have any more siblings.

And just as supper ended Mommy added "And of course, when I told her to go fetch Mr. Spank-Spank so I could give her bare bummy the sound paddling it needed, she just cried and protested. So I told her to be back with it by the count of three or I'd ask you to give her a bedtime spanking, David. And sure enough, she didn't make it!!"

"Da-Da! No FAIR!! I try, but I fa' DOWN!"

"But you didn't fetch Mr. Spank-Spank the first time Mommy asked, did you Mary Lou?" asked her Daddy. And Mary Lou had to admit that no, she hadn't. But she'd just been spanked!! She hadn't wanted another spanking right away!!

"Hmph. I'd think you'd have wanted to behave right after a good spanking. Well, too late now, young lady. It's time for you girls to get your baths. And then, Susie, you may come back down and watch T.V. while I give Mary Lou the good, sound bedtime spanking her Mommy promised her."

Mary Lou began to cry and sob as her Mommy led the girls upstairs for their baths while Daddy did the dishes. Susie exclaimed at how red and sore her little bottom still was--and she was right!! The hot bathwater was VERY uncomfortable to sit in. But Mary Lou was VERY good during her bath!! Even when Susie acted up and got a couple of swats from Mommy, Mary Lou was a perfect angel.

Usually Mommy took Mary out and dried her first, but tonight Susie was dried and sent out. Then Mary felt her little body being taken from the tub. She was carefully dried, especially her sore little bottom. Then Mommy dressed her in her knee-length Sunflower nightie.

She patted Mary Lou's little bottom through the thin fabric. "Daddy will put your Pull-Ups on after your spanking, dear. Do try to be a good girl for him..."

And Mary Lou was escorted to her time-out corner to await her Daddy and her spanking. At least she was allowed to wait STANDING in the corner.

And when Daddy arrived, he walked over and picked her right up into his arms. And as he sat on Susie's bed, Mary Lou felt herself being turned around. And then she was over her Daddy's big lap, her head and feet barely extending over the bed. And her Daddy's hand was patting the back of her nightie.

And then he was spanking her.

Mary Lou yelped and howled as her Daddy's hard hand stung her well- spanked little bottom. She wiggled, she tried to cover up her bottom, she screamed. Nothing kept his hard hand from smacking the thin, tight-stretched cotton covering her poor tender fanny.

So Mary just started to cry. And at this evidence of surrender, her Daddy stopped spanking her.

Just long enough to get her little nightie up high enough to bare her baby bottom. Before he resumed spanking her.

It was a long spanking. Much longer than her Mommy's earlier hand- spanking. Though not quite as long as her paddling. Mary was crying hard, bawling really, when the little girl's spanking finally ended.

Mary was set on her feet, her nightie falling down to cover her well- spanked bottom. Or it would have if her little hands hadn't jumped back to try and rub some of the firey sting out of it.

"Now, Mary Lou Jenkins, you go and fetch Mr. Spank-Spank."

Mary's jaw dropped. He COULDN'T mean to spank her even MORE!! A fresh ocean of tears erupted out of her eyes.

And she ran to the closet and fetched Mr. Spank-Spank as fast as she could!!

Daddy took the nasty little pink paddle from his daughter. The backs of her hands were firmly pressed protectively over her well-spanked bottom. "Very good, dear. You just remember to do what you're told WHEN you're told, even if it is to fetch Mr. Spank-Spank, and you won't get into so much trouble. Now, put Mr. Spank-Spank back, and I'll get a diaper and panties and put you straight to bed."

And he did. Mary Lou hated to be put in diapers and plastic pants, even if her Pull-Ups were essentially the same thing. But she gave no sign of this to Daddy, knowing that the baby diaper was one more little punishment for her naughtiness.

And as she drifted off to sleep, Mary Lou Jenkins awakened suddenly-- sitting on a hard wooden chair in Camapardosulous' office.

And she suddenly jumped to her feet!! Her BOTTOM!! It HURT!!

"Sit back down, young lady!! Yes, that's just a little after effect. It will fade presently. And I suppose you may ask questions. But try to keep them down."

"B-But!! But...I remember all of it now. But I STILL FEEL GUILTY!! How CAN I? That punishment was BRUTAL!! Child abuse!! my parents would NEVER have spanked me that way!!"

"No, they wouldn't; a far lesser spanking would have purged that sin from your soul at three. And if they HAD punished you so brutally, they would have paid for it; here, if no where else. That, my dear, was the absolute maximum punishment you could possibly get, as a three year old, that would not go to the point of diminishing returns. And of COURSE you still feel the guilt. I told you, it is a LOT harder to expunge guilt after you pass to this side. Still, that session was QUITE effective. If your future repetitions of the scenario matched it--they usually don't--you'd only need to repeat that punishment, let's see (he consults something like a computer screen buried in his desk) eight hundred and sixty-two more times before that bit of guilt is completely purged from your soul."

Eight hundred and sixty-two times?? Mary Lou began to sob as the full measure of her fate was completely understood.

"Of course, since that was a childish sin, and you were a child when you did it, your punishment was one suitable for a little girl, and you were punished as a child. But then, you died at sixteen, so I suppose almost all of your sins are childish ones, and so I expect you will be getting a LOT of spanking over the next few centuries."

CENTURIES?? Oh, GOD!! That folder was HUGE!! But, childish sins...

"You are worried about the sin that killed you. And you should be. Not only did you disobey a direct order from your parents NOT to attend that party, you borrowed your sister Susan's car without permission to GO to the party, even though you'd just gotten your license a week earlier, after your sixteenth birthday. And then at the party you drank several beers, and the punch which you KNEW was spiked. And had a wreck on the way home. Oh, yes, young lady I'm afraid paying for THAT sin will NOT be easy. But it could've been worse. You DID manage to swerve and miss the oncoming car. Even though that sent you over the edge."

"A good thing, that. Because, you see, that final sin of yours is STILL a juvenile sin, and a large part of it will be paid through your bottom. Not at home, of course, since it WAS a crime. You'll be spending time in Hell's Reform School, which will be quite hard."

"But if you had killed those people, a husband, his wife AND TWO CHILDREN--that, my dear, would have required REAL punishment. The sort of thing Hell is famous for. That is a crime you literally could 'never forgive yourself for'. Well, you CAN, we know how to help you do that. But it takes years, sometimes centuries. Of REAL pain. For EACH death. As an example, Mr. Eichmann is spending most of his time being slowly tortured to death, usually by fire, acid or slow flaying. We keep him alive for oh, three or four months before he dies. And we need to kill him that way a thousand times or so for EACH of the people he was responsible for murdering. It is cases like his that got Hell its reputation for eternal pain. Not eternal, in his case. Just two million years or so."

"But I haven't completed your briefing, yet!! Pay attention. We still have one category to go. Unsins."

"You mentioned those!! What is an unsin??"

"I told you to listen!! This younger generation!! Ah well. Unsins are things that are NOT sins that you nevertheless feel guilty about. Usually these involve doing things that do NOT hurt other people or yourself, but violate your cultural code of conduct. Or from doing things that are, in themselves, OK, but in an environment or situation that is inappropriate. They constitute virtually anything you may feel guilty over that isn't a REAL sin. They can be dealt with in two ways. First, we'll try counseling. Once a person understands that an unsin really ISN'T something he sould feel guilty for, it can be easily eliminated. I'm afraid that doesn't work as often as we'd like. Usually, we end up having to punish you for your unsins, too. But counseling often reduces the amount of punishment needed."

"And, like Category 2 sins, Category 4 sins don't require quite the level of punishment Category 3 sins need. And, unlike Category 2 sins, often the punishments can be relatively mild. Take one of the more common unsins, a failure to believe in God. Now, be realistic; since God does not--cannot--provide hard evidence for his existence, but must be taken on faith, he cannot, ethically, punish people for failing to believe in him. Believing in him is very useful, and a sound faith--like yours!!--can help one avoid a lot of time here. Especially since self-punishment and penance CAN be effective, at least in reducing a lot of Category 3's to Category 2's. But it isn't necessary. But sometimes even the staunchest athiest feels terribly guilty once he's here and knows the truth. So we have to punish them since even FALSE guilt will prevent entry into Heaven."

"One that I like to use for that is to have him stand up in front of a hall of 1000 Southern Baptists, or other extremely faithful people, confess loudly that he was wrong about the existence of God and apologize. Then all 1000 get to come up, shake his hand for realizing the truth (albeit too late), and individually tell him some variant of 'I TOLD YOU SO...'"

"You don't have that problem. But you DO have a LOT of instances of the MOST common unsin, especially for teen-agers. Masturbation, of course, is what I'm referring to."

"Huh?? Masturbation is an UNSIN?? But the bible..."

"Onan was punished for flagrant and deliberate disobedience to a DIRECT command from the Boss, not 'spilling his seed'. As usual, the Church screwed up the interpretation. But don't worry about that yet; I'll schedule some counseling time later."

"Now, in case you haven't noticed yet, food and sleep are things you don't really need any more. I think we should get right back to getting rid of all that nasty guilt. You know, we used to start with the very first sin and work our way all the way through. Some went though the entire list in order over and over; others ordered all the punishments for a given sin be completed before moving to the next one. But that was terribly boring--imagine a thousand little spankings for the same temper tantrum all in a row. And taking the sins in the order they occurred resulted in a pile up of repetitions of the very worst sins at the end of the process. Now that we have computers, we can keep it all straight without missing any sins, or overpunishing others!! And random number generators help keep things interesting. Lets see!! Ah!! That spelling test you cheated on in second grade...'Number, ah, 5-7-6, please!!'"

And the small room vanished in a swirl of fog....

The End.