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Mary Lou Jenkins In Hell

Chapter 2

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a 16 year old soul occupying her own body as a young child. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

Note: I am not very happy with Hell. The spankings just keep expanding beyond what I am really comfortable with. I have finished this second chapter, in 3 parts. I'll be going over the last two over the next few days, then posting them. But this is probably the last Hell story I will write...

Camapardosulous completed Mary Lou's orientation lecture. Mary Lou was still in shock over the severe punishment she had just received as a three year old girl for her long-ago deliberate breaking of a dinner plate. And she was even more shocked to learn that the severe spankings she had gotten had eliminated less than 1% of the guilt she still felt over the naughty incident. She realized with horror that she would be spending years -- centuries -- here in Hell purging her soul of all of her guilt. At least, since she was only sixteen (and barely that) when she'd managed to kill herself through pure childish stupidity (and she sure didn't look forward to purging THAT guilt... Though Cam seemed to want her to get used to her milder punishments before starting in on something major like that) all of her sins were categorized as 'childish'. Basically, she needed to get rid of her leftover guilt from all her unpunished naughtinesses during her entire childhood.

Mary Lou figured everybody probably had to do the same thing -- but most older people would probably find the childish sins, and the spankings and childhood punishments used to purge them, a relief and break from the harsher punishments meeted out for adult misbehavior. After all, adults were expected to know better...

But now Cam was calmly declaring her briefing over, and was saying it was time to get to work purging Mary Lou of a lifetime (a short lifetime) of guilt...

"Lets see!! Ah!! That spelling test you cheated on in second grade... 'Number, ah, 5-7-6, please!!'"

And the small room vanished in a swirl of fog....

And Mary Lou was sitting in her second grade classroom. For an instant, she felt just a bit dizzy. She remembered this incident all too well. It was early in the year, and Mrs. Nash was proving to be a far stricter taskmaster than her first grade teacher had been. She'd had homework each day for the two weeks she'd been in school.

And of that homework, what she'd hated most were the spelling drills. Not that these were very complicated; simple, childhood words, that she needed to learn how to spell. Not as simple as 'cat' or 'dog', but simple words and names. Like Texas, or Iowa, or zebra, or cause. But she'd hated the work.

And she had a simple solution to the problem. Cathy sat right next to her, on her left side. Cathy was a good speller who had turned in every homework assignment, and usually won the spelling bees.

And Cathy was left handed. Mary Lou could easily see her paper when she was working on it. She didn't even need to try hard...

Teen-Mary Lou remembered the incident vividly. She'd cheated on her very first spelling test, sneaking peeks at Cathy's paper for each of the twenty words. And she'd gotten away with it, too. Mrs. Nash hadn't noticed a thing -- she'd mostly had her eyes down on the list of words to call out, anyway.

And Mary Lou had felt so guilty over her naughty behavior, she'd buckled down and hadn't NEEDED to cheat on a spelling test ever again.

But this was the first test. And while Teen-Mary Lou knew how to spell each of the words as they were read out, it was little seven-year-old Mary Lou who was taking the test. And peeking at Cathy's answers, to boot.

Shiverring with anticipation of the pain she knew was coming, Mary Lou was a helpless passenger in her earlier body as word after word was copied from Cathy's paper.

jelly. aid. cinder. news. primer. horse. sheap. (Hey!! Cathy missed one! thought Teen-mary Lou). Then...

"Mary Lou Jenkins!! Put down your pencil and come up here!!"

Sure enough, Mary Lou had gotten caught. Mrs. Nash wrote a big red 'F' on her paper, and sent Mary Lou to the corner to await the end of the test -- and her punishment.

Mary Lou knew that, in fact, schools in her district were not allowed to spank naughty pupils. But she remembered that in second grade that was far from well known. In fact, the rumor was just the opposite; Principal Lilard (Principal Lizard behind his back) was widely feared as the weilder of the most savage and fanciful of punishments. As she'd gotten older, Mary Lou had realized that these rumours were in fact legends, passed on by the older students to the younger by long tradition of terror.

Mary Lou strongly suspected that those old rumours would prove all too factual in Hell.

"Come here Mary Lou Jenkins!!" ordered Mrs. Nash. And Mary Lou had to walk over to where the large (She couldn't have been THAT big!) woman was pulling the straight backed chair kept next to her desk out in front of the entire class. With a sniffle, Mary Lou walked over to meet her fate. Mrs. Nash opened a drawer, and to Mary's horrified gaze removed an 18 inch ruler, over an inch wide, and horrifyingly thick. Mary Lou swallowed as she saw the implement of her bottom's doom. Teen and Child Mary Lou's were now integrated into a single person, and it would be that combined child-teenager who would receive her just, if long delayed, punishment for cheating.

But now Nash was seated, and Mary Lou was being drawn towards the stern woman. And Mrs. Nash was scolding:

"Blatantly cheating... hear me say keep your eyes on your own... show you what happens to little cheats in MY class... SPANK your naughty little bottom!!...Principal Lilard has to say... AFTER I've spanked your bottom red..."

Mrs. Nash made Mary Lou stand before her just long enough for the teacher to unfasten her pink striped shorts and slip them right down to her knees. Mary Lou was already sobbing as she felt herself pulled over Mrs. Nash's broad lap, her pink cotton panties pointed skyward as her teacher settled her over her knees.

And then her spanking began.

Mary began to cry as Mrs. Nash's hard hand began to smack the tight seat of her little panties. The woman peppered the little girl with crisp hand spanks, that soon had Mary Lou crying tears of true remorse.

"Waaah!! I'll be good!! I won't ever cheat ever AGAIN!! Please don't spank me!! Pleease!! Owww! Waaah! I'll study harder!! Waaah! I'll do all my homework!! Yeeow-waaah!! Stop spankin' me!! Pleeeze!! Yeeeoweee!"

After a couple of dozen sharp spanks, Mrs. Nash paused. Her hand rested on Mary Lou's panty covered behind. "You know you've been a very naughty little girl, Mary Lou. And naughty little girls need their bottoms spanked soundly. I want to make certain you learn your lesson right now, so that we don't have to do this again any time soon. And I want your classmates to see what will happen to THEM if they cheat on one of my tests. "

"So I'm afraid I'll have to take down your panties..." Which the large woman did, slipping her fingers under the elastic of Mary Lou's panties and slipping the thin fabric right down her legs to her knees, baring her little pink bottom in front of the entire class of giggling seven-year-olds!! "And give you a good, sound spanking on your naughty little bare bottom!!"

"Noooo!" cried Mary Lou as Mrs. Nash's hand began to spank again. But now the slaps were much louder, as her teacher's hand impacted tender girl-flesh rather than cotton panties.

But Mary Lou had to endure only a dozen bare bottom spanks before her teacher again paused.

<WHACK!!!> "Yiiieeeeeowwww" howled Mary Lou as the first of many sharp slaps impacted her bare bottom. Slaps not from Mrs. Nash's hand, but from that awful eighteen inch ruler she'd taken out of her desk.

Broad red stripes began to criss cross Mary's tender little bottom as her teacher spanked her naughtiness and guilt out of her sore flesh. And Mary Lou put her head down and bawled out her sorrow.

Finally the spanking ended, and Mary Lou was stood up in front of her stern teacher. Mrs. Nash then pulled up Mary Lou's little panties. She reached for her shorts, but when she picked them up Mrs. Nash ordered her to hand them over, saying "You won't need those in the principal's office, young lady. And if you think I spanked you hard, just wait until you find out what Principal Lilard has waiting for you in his office!! You'll soon be a very sorry little girl, I can promise you that!! Now, here's your punishment slip. You go right to the principal's office. Don't dawdle! You CAN get into even worse trouble than you are in now, young lady!!"

And so Mary Lou found herself stumbling down the school corridor towards the principal's office, note in one hand, while alternating between wiping her tear stained face and rubbing the burning sting out of her panty-covered bottom with the other.

When she got there, the secretary noted her lack of lower garments, and said "Ah!! Another naughty little girl in need of a good, sound spanking. Well, you'll get more spanking here than you'd believe possible little girl. Give me the note, and I'll buzz Mr. Lilard."

A few moments later, Mary Lou was ushered into the principal's office.

Principal Lilard was a large, stern-faced man who sported a large moustache. He was already reading the punishment slip the secretary had opened and handed to him.

To Mary Lou's increasing terror, she could faintly hear the sound of regular slaps coming through the door behind Principal Lilard's desk. And with them the faint howls and screams of at least two and probably three children getting soundly spanked! Then Mary Lou remembered one of the most common legends about the Principal's Office, one that had been far more juicy, and therefore persistent than the others...

"Well, a little cheater. And you were such a good girl your first year, too!! Well, this is one nasty habit we'll just have to nip in the bud!! I'm afraid I'll be sending a note home to your parents. Cheating on a test requires at least a one-day suspension, so you will have to stay home tomorrow and return on Thursday. I imagine your parents will want to punish you as well. Well, cheating on a test certainly has earned you some time on the Machine..."

Mary Lou's heart skipped a beat at the confirmation of her worst fears. There had been a long-standing (and totally false) rumor clear through third grade that the Lizard had a spanking machine that he used to punish naughty students far beyond what could be done by human hand.

It seemed that in Hell, the legend was true.

"But before I take you in for your main punishment, I believe a bit of a warm up is in order. Come over here and get over my lap, young lady! I think a good spanking with my hand on your bare bottom should help you to really feel the Spankatron's punishment!!"

And the sobbing Mary Lou had to bend over her principal's lap while he patted her bottom, then pulled her little pink panties right on down. And began to spank.

Over Mrs. Nash's well-applied ruler stripes, the Lizard's palm felt like a hot iron. Mary howled and cried as her bare bottom was peppered with crisp spanks!!

But this really was just a warm-up, and Mr. Lilard paused after only a few dozen crisp swats. Or perhaps it was his secretary, buzzing him that he had another naughty pupil to deal with, what interrupted her spanking.

But Mary was stood on her feet, her ear was firmly pinched in the man's large hand, and the naughty little second-grader was being marched over to the other door.

At first Mary Lou tripped over her lowered panties, but after three steps they fell off, and she was escorted bare-bottomed through the soundproofed door.

As they walked into the Spankatron room, Mary saw that there were, in fact, six machines, three along each wall. The machines were a seven-year-old's concept of a spanking machine, not a really workable device. And three of the six machines were occupied.

The nearest held a fifth-grade girl. The child was bent well over a ridiculously large bolster, that lifted her bottom high enough that her feet were well clear of the floor. Her body extended onto a padded table, and was secured by straps that held her wrists. A waist strap held her still over the bolster, but her legs were left unsecured to try and kick away her pain.

Behind her were two robot arms, one on either side of her bottom, that looked like something Disney would have drawn. They were cartoon arms, complete with metallic hands. Only one arm held a 20 inch long rectangular paddle, 4 inches wide and with dozens of blister holes drilled through it. And the other held a broad leather strap. And these implements were being applied to the ten-year-old's bare bottom about once every three seconds. The paddle would spank and swat her fanny four times -- then the strap would come in, usually nice and low, to leave a welt across her rapidly blistering bottom. The child howled and cried. She had clearly been in the clutches of the machine for some time.

On two other machines, a second grade boy (from Mrs. Peterson's class) and a third grade girl were bawling as their bare bottoms received similar treatment. Mary Lou wasn't sure, but she thought her fellow seven-year-old's paddle didn't have any holes. But the other hand was wielding a switch!!

Mr. Lilard stepped over to a cabinet and opened it, even as the third grader's machine ground to a stop. From the cabinet he removed a paddle, about eight by four inches big. He also removed a long, limber piece of thin plastic -- a nasty switch! He closed the cabinet and began to pull the sobbing Mary Lou over to the nearest free Spankatron.

"I'll let you up in a minute, Judy, as soon as I get Mary Lou here into her Spankatron and her paddling and switching underway."

The bawling Mary didn't resist as her principal lifted her little body up and over the padded bolster. Her loss of shorts and panties made baring her bottom unnecessary as she was firmly fastened into place. The paddle was grasped firmly by the Spankatron's 'right' hand, while the switch was grasped by the left mechanical appendage. Mr. Lilard patted Mary's bare bottom and went over to free Judy from her machine.

The eight year old collapsed after being released from the spanking machine, her little hands patting and fanning away at her poor little bottom. As she was escorted from the room Mary Lou could see how her entire bottom and upper thighs had been spanked to a deep, painful-looking shade of dark crimson. That was one well-spanked bottom!!

And from their respective machines, a little boy and slightly-less little girl continued to howl and cry as Spankatrons spanked and smacked their bare bottoms.

Mr. Lilard paused at a control panel near the door, set a couple of dials, and threw a switch.

Behind Mary Lou, a mechanical arm raised its little paddle and began to spank.

<Smack!!> "Owww!" Hey, that wasn't so bad!! Not as hard as Mrs. Nash's ruler <Spank!!> "Yaaaow!" Ow!! spanks. Maybe this wouldn't <Splatt!!> "Yeeeowww!" be quite so bad, at that!! <Spank!!!> "Yaaaoow!!" Maybe she could <SsssssSWAP!> "Aiiieeeowowow!!" Mary howled as the plastic switch snaked across her tender youg bum -- right down across the base where she sat down. It HURT! More than the paddle, but it still wasn't intolerable. And it was only one lick out of four...

But Mary had forgotten one thing.

It was a machine spanking her.

True, the spanks were not very hard. Even the switch-licks weren't all that hard, measured for a little seven-year-old's bare bottom. But they landed on Mary's bare bottom every three seconds. With every fourth, fifth or sixth stroke a lick of the switch. Each spank stung.

Each spank stung more than the last one, as they inevitably heated up Mary Lou's naked nates.

And they kept on coming.

After ten minutes Mary Lou had gotten over two hundred spanks -- forty of them hot little licks from the lightweight switch. She was crying and bawling hard, sobbing and wiggling over the leather bolster. But nothing interrupted the Spankatron's implacable spanking of her bare bottom. Over and over hard pine smacked into increasingly tender little girl-bottom. Occasionally followed by the very different sting of the little switch. And the pain just continued to build to truly intolerable levels of punishment and regret.

After twenty minutes, Mary was sobbing and crying as hard as she could. She was just a little girl, a thouroughly spanked little girl, and she would've given anything, simply ANYTHING just to make her horrible paddling and switching STOP!!

After thirty minutes, and six hundred spanks applied at three second intervals, the Spankatron stopped.

Mary Lou hardly noticed, as she continued to bawl and howl at the intolerable pain in her bare rump. Until Principal Lilard came back in to release her from the torture machine and take her back into his office. The other two children were long gone; Mary Lou hadn't even noticed the endings of their punishments. But two other children had taken their places over the bolster's of other Spankatrons. A black third-grade girl was getting spanked with what looked like a rubber paddle to her left, while next to her a fourth-grader was getting her bare nates alternately paddled and switched!! The children's loud crying echoed through the room.

The principal gave the sobbing child a short lecture and a shorter spanking (just a few handswats over her bare bottom, standing up, but Mary howled like she'd been branded). Then he returned her panties and sent her to her classroom -- with a stop by the little girls room to clean up first.

Once back in Mrs. Nash's room, Mary Lou had to endure the indignity of having her shorts replaced by her teacher -- AFTER having her bare bottom displayed for the edification of her classmates.

Then, to her horror, she was marched over to the high stool sitting in the corner. To sit on her well-spanked bottom. Sit STILL. With a large, conical dunce cap on her head.

For the rest of the day. Including recess. And lunch. Until her Mommy came up to school to pick her up and take her home.

Her very angry mother...

To Be Continued.

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Subject: Story: Mary Lou Jenkins In Hell Chapt 2 Part 2(F+/f) From: Lurking Dragon <lurkdrag@nym.alias.net> Date: 31 Jul 1999 19:31:01 -0700 Newsgroups: soc.sexuality.spanking

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a 16 year old soul occupying her own body as a young child. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

The last 2 parts of what may be the last Hell story are being posted. I think you'll see what I mean about the spankings getting a bit too squicky...

Mary Lou Jenkins In Hell Chapt 2 Part 2

Somewhat to Mary's surprise, she did NOT get a spanking when she handed her note to her angry Mommy. (Who clearly already knew about her extreme naughtiness). Well, not MUCH of a spanking. Mary Lou had been hauled straight up to her room by the left earlobe, and planted right into the corner. And seconds later she'd stood in front of her Mommy being stripped bare naked, Mr. Spank-Spank lying on her own bed next to Mommy's thigh.

But once she was over her Mommy's lap, Mommy had said "I was afraid of this. The Spankatron has left your poor little bottom in no condition to spank, Mary Lou Jenkins. So I suppose <Spank!> I'll have to let <Spank> you off easy <Splat!> today." Mary Lou howled as Mr. Spank-Spank's lightweight impacts caused her welted and bruised bare bottom to explode again in pain. And yet she could TELL that the spanks weren't very hard at all.

And there were only a dozen of them. "There! That's all think I should give you today, young lady!" Her Mommy helped the bawling Mary Lou up and off of her lap. And took her, still naked, out into the hall and to the bathroom. They passed Susie in the hall, who smirked as she looked back at Mary Lou's well-punished bare bottom and said "Oh, Mommy, was Mary a bad little girl at school today? Did she have to go to the principal's office for a good spank-king on her littl' bare bum-bum? Are you gonna give her another good spankin' before bed, huh? And can I watch? Pleeze?"

"Hmph, you know perfectly well that Mary Lou cheated on a test. But I don't think she'll be getting spanked tonight; the Spankatron was entirely too thorough on her naughty rump. So I am getting her ready for bed right now, and will be putting her to bed without her supper instead..."

Oh, no! thought teenage Mary Lou. It's barely past three!! And I have to go to bed NOW?

"Still, she's suspended from school tomorrow, so there will be plenty of time for spanking and other chores then. And I certainly WILL be giving her a sound bedtime spanking tomorrow night, to make certain she behaves herself at school Thursday. And if you behave yourself, I'll certainly allow you to watch your naughty baby sister get her spanking; the humiliation and embarassment will add to her punishment, and the example will be good for you, too!"

Mary began to sob harder as her future fate was described, and she thought about her oh-so-snotty-and-superior big sister watching her squirm and bawl like a baby during her spanking tomorrow. But then Mommy was hauling her into the bathroom and firmly directing her nose into a corner as she got the tub ready...

Bathed and dressed in a bright pink, footed pair of bunny-pajamas, Mary Lou was again escorted (by the ear) back into her bedroom.

And was promptly tucked into bed and told to close her eyes, stay quiet, and go to sleep.

Mary Lou had been told by Camapardosulous that she didn't need to sleep any more. That was true. But she quickly discovered that she COULD sleep, at least when she was a well-spanked second grader sent to bed as a punishment.

* * *

The next morning Mary Lou was awakened by her Mommy getting her sister up to get ready for school. And when Mommy told Susie to "Hurry up and get ready, and you can watch while I give your sister a little wake-up spanking..." Susie virtually flew into her neat frock, shoes and socks. (The fifth grader was NOT a tomboy -- quite the opposite. Very unlike Mary Lou).

In the meantime, Mommy had been pulling down the covers off of Mary Lou's small body. She picked up her younger child and seated herself on the dainty flowered sheets, depositing her naughty daughter face down over her knees. The velcro fasteners of the drop seat of her bunny pajamas were pulled open, and the seat of her little white panties exposed to view. It wasn't easy to pull down the panties with the pajamas in the way -- but her Mommy managed.

"OOOO, Mommy she looks so CUTE like that..." cooed Susie as she came back into their shared bedroom. "With her drop-seat dropped and her little panties all bunched up below her little bare bummy and all. Can I give her a few spanks, Mommy, please please can I?"

<Smack!> "In a minute, dear, once I've warmed her up a bit. <Spank!> Look-her little bottom is all healed from her spanking at school yesterday, isn't it? <Whack!> See what a good night's sleep can do? All nice and pale and tender <Splat!> and ready for her Mommy to turn it all red and hot again!" <Spank-Smack-Whap-Smack!!!>

It was true; Mary Lou had awakened completely without pain -- even though she KNEW that her tormented bottom would (in reality) have ached for a week. But now it was fine. And all ready for an entirely new set of painful spankings to be applied to it...

Mary Lou was crying quietly when her Mommy invited her sister to spank her naughty bottom a few times. Which Susie enthusiastically did. And then her helpful sister fetched Mr. Spank-Spank from the closet and handed it to Mary Lou's Mommy, and Mary's real morning spanking began...

Ten minutes later Susie was off to school,and Mary Lou was bawling hard as her Mommy took the naughty child off of her lap and deposited her on the floor in front of her, and began to take off the little bunny suit. The worst part was that every time Mary Lou would try to move her hands to rub out the fire in her fanny, her Mommy would gently take her hands and move them back to the top of her head, saying "No, Mary Lou, don't try to rub the sting out of your bottom, leave <spank> it <spank> there <smack> to help you remember to be a good <smack> little <whack> girl <spank>.

There were several of these little six-swat spankings before Mary Lou was dressed for the day. Dressed in her Sunday Best, a clean white dress with puffed sleeves and a tight pink sash tied behind her waist in a big bow, little white socklets and brightly polished black patent shoes. And under the dress, a little slip and her best pair of white panties, the ones with lace trim.

Once downstairs, Mary Lou was taken to the kitchen. She was given a large breakfast -- of messy foods. Toast with slippery jam. Pancakes with butter and syrup. Ham with a honey sauce.

And instructions to be SURE to keep her nice clothes neat and clean.

Or else.

Mary Lou suddenly found her seven-year-old self in charge. And scared. But Mary Lou was proud of her earlier self. Despite the difficulties, the little girl managed to finish every drop of her breakfast without spilling a bit on her nice clean clothes.

Her face ended up a mess, and was firmly and rather harshly washed afterwards by a stern-faced Mommy, but her clothes were clean, and provided no excuse for additional spankings from her Mommy.

Then Mommy produced a big book and set it down in front of Mary Lou, telling her that she would be sitting there studying spelling for the rest of the morning. And that there would be a test after lunch.

And suddenly teen-age Mary Lou was back in charge, and felt that this part would be easy; after all, SHE was a pretty good speller...

The words were all in Portugese. She didn't know any of them.

Mary Lou started studying and memorizing like mad....

* * *

Lunch was again made of messy foods, but this time ONE small dollop of mayonnaise ended up on the blouse of Mary Lou's dress. So after lunch she ended up over her Mommy's lap to have her dress and slip raised, her panties lowered, and the stirring spoon applied to her bare bottom hard enough to make her cry. So that she'd end up taking her test sitting on a sore bottom.

One thing. The test was fair. Every word Mary Lou was asked was on the list of two hundred she'd been given. Sometimes she had trouble recognizing which word it was; pronounciation guides had not been provided in the list. Mary Lou had pushed herself to the limit, studying, achieving a level of concentration she'd never managed in life. She only missed fifteen of the fifty words she was asked. Despite the ridiculously hard task she'd been given, she'd PASSED.

As a result, she was allowed to keep her panties on as her Mommy bent her over the table for her fifteen swats. With the hairbrush.


After lunch Mary Lou had to help her Mommy clean up the living room and set up the card tables.

Oh, Hell. It was Wednesday -- Mommy's bridge club. And sure enough, the last thing Mommy fetched into the living room was the high stool from the kitchen. The one who's padded seat had fallen off, so that it was plain, hard wood.

And when the bridge club arrived, Mary Lou was seated on the stool, facing the corner, waiting for them.

"Ladies," her Mommy spoke. "I know we usually meet here for cards, but as you know, Mary Lou was sent home in disgrace yesterday for cheating on a test. She's home suspended today, and I was hoping you would be so kind as to make her afternoon with us totally hellish by helping me to thoroughly spank her naughty little bottom... for the rest of the afternoon."

"Of course, Jane." That was Mrs. Piccola. "That's why you asked each of us to fetch along what we like to paddle our own kids with. I've got my trusty hairbrush right here in my purse..." There was a general murmer of agreement among the ladies.

"Very well, then, shall we start out by cutting the cards to see who goes first?"

Mrs. Piccola's King of Spades easily beat the highest card anyone else had managed, and Mary's poor bottom would be encountering the sting and burn of Mrs. Piccola's hairbrush first.

Mary Lou was led off of her chair and over to where the large woman had seated herself in one of the card table chairs. She suddenly handed he large hairbrush to Mary Lou, asking the child to think about how it would soon be stinging and burning her bare bottom.

Mary gulped as she did as she was told. The hairbrush was very old, and a lot wider and thicker than her Mommy's. It would sting and hurt like hell when she was spanked with it...

But now Mrs. Piccolo was turning Mary up and over her lap. "Mary is seven, right Jane?" Of course it was.

And Mary knew why Mrs. Piccolo asked, as her broad hand smacked down onto the seat of her little dress seven times. With dress, slip and panties padding her seat, these first spanks were not much problem.

But the thick folds of dresscloth were already being raised to Mary Lou's waist. And then the woman's hand was impacting the back of Mary Lou's thin cotton slip -- a far more vulnerable target.

A target that was impacted fourteen times. Mary was sobbing quietly as the slip was turned up and her frilly panties exposed. And spanked. This time, inevitably, twenty-one times.

Mary Lou was sobbing now, almost crying, as her panties were slowly drawn down to her knees. The twenty-eight handspanks completed the job of triggering childish tears, and Mary cried.

And began to howl as the hard hairbrush began to impact her bare bottom. Hard. She cried and bawled and wiggled and counted as each of the thirty-five hard hairbrush spanks blazed into her bare nates. And she screamed out a howled "NOOOOOO" when the thirty-sixth spank landed....

Fifty hard hairbrush smacks left Mary Lou Jenkins a bawling little red-eyed, red-bottomed baby as she was escorted back over to the stool. Where something had been added.

Mary Lou stared in horror as her Mommy adjusted the opened-up waffle iron sitting on the top of her corner stool. And her crying increased as her dress and slip were pinned up, and her still-bare red bottom lifted and planted right onto the warm metal of the iron.

"Are you sure that thing is safe?" asked a concerned Miss Williams.

"Oh, yes. David installed something called a resistor to reduce the power to the heating element, and we carefully determined just how high we can turn the iron up before it starts to scald. It's 3 clicks below that now; I could hold my hand on it for three minutes before it became too uncomfortable..."

Mary relaxed as she realized that the iron wasn't going to scald her poor bottom. But suddenly realized that it didn't have to. The stubby spikes that made the waffles... wafflely probed and dug into her well-spanked bottom horribly... and the iron was hot, and with her bottom already so hot, it began to feel like it was being scalded. Mary Lou tried to wiggle her bottom a bit -- which pressed the spikes in even harder and hurt WORSE!

"Now Mary, YOU get to decide when you get spanked next. As soon as you are ready, you may get off of the iron and we'll get your next spanking set up. Of course, if you take more than ten minutes, we'll have to turn the heat up to encourage you to ask..."

Mary burst into tears at the news. And asked for her next spanking even as her Mommy reached for the dial...

The high card was the ace of diamonds, held by young Miss Williams, who was engaged to Mrs. Grayson's son Tommy. "Since I don't have any children, I'm afraid I don't have a favorite 'spanker'. Do you mind if I just use my hand?"

MARY definitely didn't mind, and none of the other women objected, so Mary was quickly taken off the stool, re-pantied, and delivered to Miss Williams lap. The pretty young woman turned Mary over her knees with an unexpected expertise, and as her skirt and slip had been left pinned up, Mary was quickly squirming as the small hand spanked fire into her pantyseat.

A fire that rapidly built up, as the woman's hand flashed up and down rapidly, her spanks impacting Mary's panties faster than one a second. Mary was crying hard when the spanks paused -- just long enough for her panties to be quickly rucked down, then they resumed, this time on her bare little bottom. If anything, faster and harder than before!!

By the time the spanking ended, Mary Lou knew that even a simple hand-spanking could be a horribly painful and punishing experience. Especially with an expert like Miss Williams doing it!! The sobbing and crying child howled as her really red bottom was set firmly onto the waffle iron's hot surface.

Five minutes later she couldn't STAND it any longer. Even another spanking was better than the stinging heat building up in her tormented, spanked bottom. She suddenly broke down and yelled "SPANK ME! I READY! SPANK ME!"

She was immediately picked up off of her hot seat, and was then led in front of the Bridge Club to see who would next turn her over...

The winner was the eldest of the ladies, Mrs. Mackintosh. Who reached into her purse and pulled out one of the most horrible things Mary Lou had ever seen. It was a strap, obviously designed for spanking children. At one end was a handle, but the foot-long leather spanking end had been divided into two wide, thick tails.

"This, wee'un, be a proper Lochgelly Tawse I be bringin' over from Edinburgh years ago. It's striped the naughty bottom's o' all five o' me bairns, and any a one of'em would pale to see me take it out ee'en today. So, lassie, get your little setter up and over me knee, an' I'll see if I canna teach ye a proper lesson... wi'a proper leatherin'"

Mary was sobbing hard as she was helped over the scotswoman's heavy wool-covered legs, her bare bottom still exposed, as her panties had never been replaced after she'd kicked them across the room during Miss William's spanking.

But her sobbing turned to howling as twin stripes of burning fire branded themselves across her tiny rump. And her howling increased as the redoubtable woman continued to welt her small bottom with a 'proper leathering'. By the time the last pair of red stripes had been painted across her nethercheeks Mary had been reduced to a limp, squalling bundle of firing pain fibers. She just lay still and bawled as hard as she could.

She was so worn out by the harsh licking, Mary couldn't even walk to her corner stool by herself. Finally, the ladies decided the 'poor dear' had simply had too much too quickly. So they decided to let Mary take a short rest on the couch while they actually placed a rubber of bridge...

* * *

One rubber of bridge later, Mary discovered that after her little nap there was no choice -- she would receive another spanking before being returned to sit on the waffle iron-as long as she could stand it.

Mrs. McCarthy won the next draw of the cards, and produced a horribly large man's leather-soled bedroom slipper from her purse. And smiled gently as she invited Mary Lou to bend down over her broad lap for another good spanking.

A sobbing Mary Lou complied, and felt the woman's callused palm begin to spank her now-replaced frilly panty-seat. Mary Lou was soon returned to the sobbing state of the well-punished child -- but was a little peturbed as she was let up off of Mrs. McCarthy's lap, still wearing her panties and still without having felt the sting of that awful-looking slipper.

She soon realized why as the woman, taking her arm firmly, escorted her over to the couch -- and pushed her up against the overstuffed arm of it, ordering her to 'bend yourself up over the arm of the couch, dear, get your head right down onto the sofa, and push your naughty little bottom up just as high as you can, dear..."

With her dress and slip still pinned up, Mary Lou felt horribly exposed as she had to thrust her seven-year-old fanny up over the arm of the family couch. Her exposure increased as Mrs. McCarthy slipped down her thin panties to bare her bottom before the bridge club. And readied the slipper.

It was AWFUL!! Not as bad as the strap, but every bit as bad as the hairbrush!! Only the slipper was just flexible enough to wrap around her bare bottom and smack an even bigger slab of rump with each swat!!

And the swats kept on coming, spank after hard spank burning and stinging and roasting Mary Lou's poor bare bottom as Mrs. McCarthy scolded her about keeping her eyes on her own paper, and wasn't she ashamed of herself, and how all naughty little cheaters deserved to get was their little bare bottoms spanked until they bawled and cried. WHich was what Mary Lou was energetically doing when her sound spanking finally ended...

And she had to hobble back over to the corner, with her panties fettering her ankles. To the horrible waffle iron, whch would have been Hell to sit on even when COLD.

Even on an UN-spanked bottom.

To find that her Mommy had decided, since she'd had such a nice 'break' from her punishment, to turn the waffle iron up a notch.

As Mary's bare bottom was firmly planted onto the hot, stubby iron spikes, she howled! It felt like her bare bottom was seated directly on the stove!!

Mary Lou looked down, fully expecting to see smoke coming out from under her bottom. But there was none. Nor was she even being truly scalded. The iron was much, much too warm to be comfortable, but was not quite scalding -- about like a heating pad on medium, when it gets too hot to lie on any more, and you quickly pull it off of your sore back -- but it still is safely below the temperature needed to actually burn flesh.

Mommy wouldn't ALLOW Mary to request her next spanking until she had spent a full three minutes on the hellish seat. As soon as she WAS allowed to, Mary politely requested her next spanking.

Which turned out to be from her Mommy, and Mary Lou was soon crying and bawling over her Mommy's lap, feeling the familiar sting of Mr. Spank-Spank as it spanked and stung and burned her tender, and now tenderized, bare bottom over and over again.

The only really intolerable thing about Mommy's spanking was how long it was -- she spanked Mary Lou for a solid seven or eight minutes, applying literally hundreds of sharp spanks to her burning bottom.

And worst of all, of course, Mary Lou was placed firmly back onto the hot waffle iron after the spanking.

For another three minutes -- minimum.

To her shock, Mary Lou actually managed to make it almost five minutes before she gave up and begged for her next spanking.

She was startled, however, when her Mommy reached for a card.

"<Sob> Momma! <Sniffle> You draw-ed already!! Wha' you doin'?"

"Why, Mary, dear, she's your MOMMY." replied Mrs. Grayson. "WE each only get ONE chance at your naughty little bottom, but your MOMMY will spank you as many times as the cards say to..."

Mary Lou's crying increased. She'd been subconsciously counting on eight good, sound spankings being the end of it. It now seemed that she might be getting spanked the rest of the afternoon....

To Be Continued...

__++_ ~~{ ) \ {{ --}}}}>>>:} There are no Dragons in Hell. ~~{_O_/ ++

Subject: Story: Mary Lou Jenkins In Hell Chapt 2 Part 3(F/f M/f) From: Lurking Dragon <lurkdrag@nym.alias.net> Date: 31 Jul 1999 19:31:02 -0700 Newsgroups: soc.sexuality.spanking

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a 16 year old soul occupying her own body as a young child. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

Mary Lou Jenkins In Hell Chapt 2 Part 3

Again Mary Lou waited to discover whom the cards would select to spank her poor, sore, burning bottom.

Mrs. Thomas won. Again, the elected spanker began by thoroughly warming up Mary Lou's panty-seat (panties pulled back up AFTER she'd been removed from the waffle-iron). And Mrs. Thomas gave Mary Lou Jenkins a good, sound, bare-bottomed hand-spanking, too.

Then, like with Mrs. McCarthy's slipper, Mary Lou found herself, already bawling, being bent over the arm of the couch.

Mrs. Thomas reached into her big shoulder bag -- and a wide strip of pure fire blazed across Mary Lou's bare bottom, leaving a wide stripe of bright-red welted pain behind it.

Mary Lou screamed and twisted around enough to see Mrs. Thomas swing back the old-fashined razor strop prior to sweeping it forward into her bare bottom -- which exploded into another chaos of horrible, burning pain.

By the time the twentieth hard lick had raised the twentieth dark welt on her poor, blazing buns Mary Lou had kicked her panties back across the room, and had been easily reduced to a bawling, helpless baby. A screaming and howling baby, who BEGGED to be let off, begged NOT to be spanked any more, NOT to be put onto the horribly burning, torturing waffle iron, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE!

The ladies had a brief conference, and decided to be merciful. They set the waffle iron back down to its original setting, deciding that the higher temperature MIGHT scald, given the hot, welted nature of Mary Lou's bare bottom.

Then two of the ladies gently held Mary Lou's arms and made certain her full weight pressed her bottom right into the waffle iron. For a full five minutes. THEN Mary Lou was allowed to decide when her next spanking would begin.

Mary Lou cried and howled as the hot iron tormented her welted and well-spanked bottom. She couldn't STAND it! It BURNED! It HURT!

But she COULDN'T take another spanking yet!! She just COULDN'T.

It was all Mary Lou could bring herself to do, to ask for her next spanking as her frowning Mommy readied to turn the waffle iron back up to the middle setting.

And Mary Lou stood and cried as she enjoyed the brief respite of standing before the Bridge Club while her next spanker was selected.

Only three spankers were left: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Grayson, and her Mommy. Unfortunately, Mary Lou knew that as the pool of potential spankers shrank, the probability of her Mommy being selected -- for an additional, bonus spanking -- increased...

But it was Mrs. Smith who was selected. She reached into her purse... and took out a pocket knife!! Surely they wouldn't let her CUT...

"Now, Mary Lou, I want you to take this knife, go out into the FRONT yard, and cut me three nice, whippy switches from the willow tree. Then peel off the bark and make sure you get all the little buds off; if you don't peel the switch properly, well, it's YOUR bare bottom that will feel it when the buds come down, not mine!! No, forget your panties, leave your dress alone and GO!"

Mary Lou's dress was still pinned up in back. And her panties were lying in the corner, where she'd kicked them.

And her bare bottom was covered with welts and red stripes, making it perfectly obvious what a naughty little girl she'd been.

And now she had to walk right out into the front yard, where all the neighbors could see, her bare bottom exposed, and openly cut and trim THREE nice, long switches to be used to further stripe her naughty little bottom. And with no dawdling, either!!

Mary Lou was bawling even as she left the house. Crying hard. Sure enough, even as she opened the door, Mr. Parker, the mailman, was coming up to the door. (This was Hell. OF COURSE he was just coming up to the door.) "A-ha! What's this? Well, well, I guess you've been a naughty little girl, Mary Lou. Why aren't you in school? Or is that why your little bottom is bare -- and looks like it's been getting a good, sound spanking for some time? Hmmm?"

"Mary Lou cheated on a test at school, and is home suspended -- and getting spanked -- today. Why don't you stay a bit? She's going to cut a few switches for Mrs. Smith to lick her bare nates with, so why not wait and enjoy the show I'm sure she'll put on?"

"Hmm, why not? I am ahead of schedule."

And so Mr. Parker watched as Mary Lou tearfully cut three long, whippy willow switches, each longer than her arm. And carefully peeled off every bit of bark, and all the little buds and things, until the whippy lengths of green wood were as smooth as her own bottom USUALLY was.

And Mr. Parker laughed at her, and gave her advice about smoothing the switches. As did Mrs. Podopulous across the street, who walked over to watch. And the Jenkins twins next door, who giggled in high-pitched five-year-old voices at how red and spanked the 'big girl' next door's bare bottom looked, and at how much more spanked it would be after her switching. And by the time she had all the switches ready, a dozen neighbors and passer-by had stopped by and commented on Mary Lou's bottom, or the switches, or SOMETHING.

Not to mention the two dozen cars that had driven by -- each one slowing down sharply, obviously taking in Mary Lou's impending doom.

But only Mr. Parker came inside to watch, as Mrs. Smith bent Mary Lou over the arm of the couch once again, her bare bottom turned up for the switching. Mrs. Piccola sat on the couch and held her hands.

Mary Lou had expected Mrs. Smith to select one of the switches and start spanking her with it.

Instead she howled as the woman grasped the ends of all three switches in her strong right hand, and swept all three lengths of willow across Mary Lou's bare behind, leaving behind a triple set of hot, stinging welts across the tender flesh.

Mary Lou howled and bawled as the seven-year-old was thoroughly switched, her already bruised and heavily-welted bare bottom stung and striped by the thin, stinging welts left by the triple-switch. And Mrs. Smith didn't stop swinging the switch until every inch of Mary Lou's bottom was a solid mass of stinging, raised welts, many of them beginning to bleed slightly.

Mary Lou was a VERY sorry little girl. Especially when, after the licking finally stopped, Mary Lou was directed, not back to the hot waffle iron on the corner stool, but over to one of the card chairs. Where Mr. Parker was sitting.

To be turned over his lap. "I always prefer to apply a good hand-spanking AFTER the switching. It hurts SO much more over a nice set of welts." commented Mrs. Smith. "I was planning on giving her the spanking myself, but as long as Mr. Parker is here..."

And so Mary Lou found her howling and crying reaching new heights as her burning bottom was briskly hand-spanked, spanked by the mailman's large, work-hardened hand, with his male strength behind the swats.

And he spanked her for a very long time; for fifteen minutes the women ooohed and ahhhed as the mailman soundly spanked the naughty little girl. And when it was finally all over, it was all Mary Lou could stand to do to hobble back over to the corner, where her Mommy and Mrs. McCarthy gently picked her up-and set her bare bottom down onto the near-scaldingly hot metal of the waffle iron. Mary Lou's screams and bawls couldn't possibly get worse. But she tried.

Mary Lou couldn't stop bawling long enough to ask for her next spanking! Even as the heat of her bottom increased under the warming influence of the heating element, even as the waffle iron's dull spikes brutally enhanced the pain in her poor bottom, Mary Lou just couldn't bring herself to ask for another spanking. Or was too busy bawling to try.

Even after Mommy turned up the heat.

It was only when Mommy started to turn up the waffle iron to the so-far-unused maximum level, which Mary Lou truly feared WOULD burn her bottom, that the seven-year-old manage to force herself to stop bawling long enough to ask for her next spanking....

To Mary Lou's incredible relief, it was Mrs. Grayson who was selected. Which meant that she WOULD only be getting eight good spankings -- only one from her Mommy -- after all. Then Mrs. Grayson opened her purse and removed a paddle.

A very large paddle, fifteen inches long, at least, NOT COUNTING the long handle. Four full inches wide. A half-inch thick.

A dozen dime-sized holes drilled all over it's face. It was a bumble-bee blistering paddle!!

Mary Lou's heart fell, as she again remembered where she was. Hell.

Mary Lou was already sobbing as she was turned over the large woman's legs for her spanking. Mrs. Grayson made her lie sort of catty-cornered; her hips were turned over Mrs. Grayson's right knee, and Mary Lou's body was lowered across and in, so that her head ended up almost under her left arm. The woman set her right foot onto a low footstool, arching her knee -- and Mary Lou's bare buttocks -- up even higher. Mary Lou suddenly realized that her arched, inwardly-turned position would allow the woman to plant the hard spanking surface of her paddle right across mary Lou's bare bottom, from the tops of her hips right down to the tender flesh just above her thighs.

And that's where Mrs. Grayson brought the paddle down. Only every inch of Mary Lou's bare bottom. And right down to the tops of her knees, soundly paddling the back of Mary Lou's thighs.

And she kept up the paddling until every inch of Mary Lou Jenkin's bare bottom and thighs were completely covered with nice, big, white blisters. Until half of those blisters had burst, and were weeping fluid. Until Mary Lou's entire spanking area had been turned into the living equivalent of raw hamburger.

Then Mrs. Grayson let Mary Lou cry out her agony for almost half an hour. It took that long for the agony in her bare bottom to subside enough for Mary Lou to realize anything -- even where she was or whose knees she was over. But finally Mary Lou's howling began to subside just a little bit...

Which is when Mrs. Grayson began her hand-spanking of Mary Lou's brutalized flesh.

And her howling began again.

After these final swats, Mary Lou's Mommy took her upstairs, cleaned her up a bit, changed her into a pair of jammies and settled her baby girl down for a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

* * *

Supper was horrible. For one thing, Mary Lou's Mommy and Daddy had broken out her old high-chair. Which was really too small for the seven-year-old. Which didn't help the fact that sitting on the chair was very, very painful to her little rump, padded only by her babydoll-nightie's thin cotton panties.

But Mary Lou was hungry, and didn't even balk at her dinner of liver, onions, asparagus, and (ugh) saurkraut. Even though she could SEE the rest of the family enjoying their hamburgers and french fries!

After supper, Mommy and Daddy cleaned the table -- while Mary Lou waited nervously in her high-chair. And Susie also waited, but impatiently.

She was eager to get upstairs and watch her bratty-baby sister get a good, sound bedtime spanking. On her little bare bottom. From BOTH her Mommy AND her Daddy. Mary Lou's bottom was still very pink and sore from her brutal afternoon lesson. Although the amount of healing that had 'mysteriously' occurred during her long afternoon nap had left her bottom all ready for some more sound spanking. It had healed to the point of being just a little hot, sore and tender. Just the right point where the pain of her previous spankings would enhance the pain of her next spanking, without being dulled or muted by lots of endorphins.

The worst possible level of spankedness to be in before another spanking -- from Mary Lou's point of view. Of course.

As Daddy washed the dishes, Mommy helped her seven-year-old out of her high chair and escorted her upstairs to the bathroom. Before her spanking, Mary Lou would get a nice, hot bubble bath to get her all clean, and to relax her muscles, and to soften and tenderize and sensitize her skin for her next spanking.

For teen-age Mary Lou, one of the worst things about this bath was that her ten-year-old sister was allowed to 'help' bathe Mary -- and the mischievous child took advantage to thoroughly wash all the really embarassing bits -- since Mary Lou was restrained from doing ANYTHING herself; she was being GIVEN a bath, not taking one. For little Mary Lou, the doubled child realized, the worst part was not being allowed to play with any of her toys AT ALL.

Mommy carefully bathed Mary Lou's bottom at least twice, using the skin-conditioning soap from HER bathroom. And after her bath, she carefully rubbed baby oil into Mary Lou's sore bottom. That actually felt wonderful -- and little Mary Lou enjoyed it. Teen-aged Mary Lou shuddered, knowing that the oil was softening and tenderizing her skin to maximum sensitivity...

Mary Lou was put into another one of her baby-doll nighties, the pink ones with the Cabbage Patch Kids on it. The little nightie made the cute little girl look more like she was five than a big seven. Worst of all, from Mary Lou's point of view, was that she was only dressed in half of the nightie.

No panties.

So that when Mary Lou was sent into the corner to await her Daddy's arrival, the short little nightie only barely half-covered her little bare tushie. Until her Mommy told her to hold up her skirt...

Daddy arrived shortly after that, and the Spanking Chair was fetched in from Daddy's study. This was just a plain, straight-backed wooden chair Daddy usually sat in when turning one of the children over his lap for a spanking in the study.

But now Mommy was seated in the chair, "All right, Mary Lou Jenkins. Time to get your little bare butt over here so I can give you the very sound spanking you deserve for cheating on a test! Come here!"

Already sobbing slightly, Mary Lou minced her way over to her Mommy, her little hands hopelessly pressed against her tender little bottom in a futile effort to protect the tender hemispheres from what was about to fall on them.

And Mary Lou sobbed as her Mommy turned the naughty seven-year-old across her knees. Mary Lou remembered how awful that feeling had always been, when she'd been little, and naughty, and about to be spanked. Though she'd never really been spanked very hard. Mary Lou remembered that her worst real spanking had been a fairly long dose from Mr. Spank-Spank, on her bare butt, when she'd been nine and had been caughty playing with matches. That had really stung, and afterwards she'd spent an hour facing the corner, but then she'd been forgiven, and it was all over. She's even sat down for dinner that evening without much discomfort...

Not in Hell. Here she was to be punished and punished severely. And her Mommy flipped up the little skirt of her baby-doll nightie and commenced the latest installment of her punishment.

And HOW those spanks stung and burned!! Mary Lou began to sob as her Mommy's hand spanked stinging fire into her tender young bottom. And this was just a hand-spanking! Just a warm-up for what would follow!

Two dozen sharp spanks had Mary Lou crying softly. That was when Mommy asked Mary's ten-year-old sister "Would you like to give your sister a few good spanks, Susie, to help her learn to be a better behaved sister and little girl?"

Of COURSE Susie wanted to spank her little sister, and as Mary Lou was held firmly over her Mommy's lap, that's just what her big sister did. Spank her pink and sore bottom just as hard and as fast as she could. Mary Lou burst out into more tears of mixed pain and outrage as her sister spanked. Who would'a thought a ten-year-old could spank like that??

Then the spanking was over, and Mary Lou was being swung up and off of her Mommy's lap. And sent over to where Daddy was seated on her own bed. Daddy gently took Mary Lou by the wrists, and held the sobbing child still, forcing her to look at and listen to him.

"Mary Lou? Mary Lou? Are you listening to me? Cheating will NOT be tolerated in this house, young lady. And we are here to give you a good sound spanking do that you understand that. You know how naughty a little girl you were! So, Mary Lou Jenkins -- Go to the closet and fetch Mr. Spank-Spank!! Now!!"

Mary Lou froze for a second -- then spun around as her Daddy let go of her wrists, and ran for the closet as he intoned "ONE!"

She pulled open the closet door and grabbed Mr. Spank-Spank off of its nail as Daddy intoned "TWO"!

Spinning around, tears streaming, she ran back towards her Daddy, paddle in hand, and tripped over her sister's casually extended foot...

And flew forward into her Daddy's arms even as he intoned "THREE".

She'd actually MADE it! Thanks to her sister's attempt to trip her up!

Which told Mary Lou that, even in Hell, SOMETIMES the random factors might just fall in HER favor...

Her Daddy was setting her back on her feet, taking the nasty little paddle from her hand. Mary Lou could swear the paddle was longer and thicker than it had been when she'd gotten her three-year-old punishment.

Oh, yeah. This was Hell. Mr. Spank-Spank probably WAS a lot nastier here than back in 'reality'...

But now Daddy was helping his little girl over his broad lap, getting her settled down and settled in for "a nice, long spanking session over my knee. A good, sound, old-fashioned bare-bottomed spanking, until you cry like a baby, is just what you need to teach you about how to behave in school. And that, young lady, is just what I'm going to give you!" <WHACK!>

Mary Lou yelped as the first stinging smack of Mr. Spank-Spank whapped into her tender little bottom. And continued yelping as Daddy spanked the little paddle into her bare nates over and over.

Daddy was spanking pretty hard, and Mary Lou was crying and bawling far before the first minute -- and the first fifty spanks -- had impacted her little seat. But the spanks weren't TOO hard; each individual spank was plenty enough to sting, but not enough to really hurt the child. Unfortunately, there were a lot more than one spank. More like a spank every second.

And the spanks just didn't STOP. Daddy's arm just kept going up and down, like he was one of the Spankatrons, like a machine. But unlike a machine, Daddy's spanks always seemed to impact whatever part of Mary Lou's bare bottom wasn't expecting the next smack.

Sometimes three spanks in a row would wallop the peak of one bottom-summit. Other times the tender areas just above each thigh would be alternately warmed for several swats. But whereever the spank struck -- it would be where it would cause Mary Lou the absolute maximum sting and burm in her bottom, the most punishment!

Mary howled and bawled and cried, like the little girl she was, as her soft, tender baby bottom was soundly spanked by her stern Daddy. She promised to Never Do It Again. She swore to Be The Best Little Girl Ever. She begged Daddy to Please Please Please Stop Spankin' Me.

Nothing worked; Mary Lou was over her Daddy's knees getting her little buttocks soundly paddled until Daddy was Sure that She Had Learned Her Lesson. Which took over five minutes of continuous spanking, before Daddy was convinced that Mary Lou's bare bottom was done.

But all things come to and end, and eventually, so did Mary Lou's paddling. For a few seconds, after being allowed off of her Daddy's lap, Mary Lou bounced up and down doing the Spanked Girl Hot Hips Hop. Then her Mommy took her by the hand and escorted her to her corner.

And she grabbed a chair from the girl's little card table on the way.

These weren't the little play-table chairs, but larger ones bought for the growing girls more recently. They even had a thin layer of padding on the seat of the armless, plastic chairs that had come with the children's table.

Mary Lou would soon be infinitely grateful for that thin layer of padding, as her horribly sore seat was firmly planted into the chair, and chair and child picked up and set directly into the corner.

Mary Lou sat on her blazing seat and contemplated her sins for the full fifteen minutes of corner time. And then was called out by her Mommy.

As she turned around, she saw something that sent a cold shiver of pure terror down her shildish spine. The most fearsome sight a naughty seven-year-old girl could see.

Her Mommy, seated in the spanking chair, holding her broad-backed wooden hairbrush in one hand, smacking it gently into the other.

Mary Lou's spanking was far from over.

Mary Lou cried and sobbed as she traversed the short distance to her doom. And was gently helped over Mommy's lap by Daddy and Susie.

Susie was so helpful; she even gently took Mary Lou's hands and held them in front of her. Daddy had been able to hold both of her wrists in his big hands in the small of her back when she'd tried to reach back during her paddling. Mommy wouldn't have to...

Mary Lou's little baby-doll nightie was lifted away from her baby bottom, and Mommy commenced expressing her displeasure with her second-grader. Again.

And again and again and again.

On her already soundly spanked bottom, the hard hairbrush spanks were pure Hell. Mary Lou howled and bawled and cried and sobbed. She again made the endless childhood promises of the Well Spanked; Permanent best behavior. Eternal obedience. Never, EVER doing it again. And so forth.

Until she was howling and bawling so hard there was no possibility of coherent speech at all.

The hard hairbrush spanking went on. And on. And on. For another solid five minutes, and by the time Mommy applied the last spank to Mary Lou's cherry red bare bottom, the child simply lay there over her Mommy's knees and took the spank, and continued crying.

For a few minutes, Mommy rubbed Mary Lou's back, and assured her that her spanking was over, and then she rolled her baby over and cuddled the child for a while...

It took even longer to get Mary Lou settled down enough to put her to bed than the spankings had taken.

Even including the corner time!

* * *

The next morning, Mary Lou was awakened by her father. Who turned her over his knee, upped her useless little baby-doll nightie, and gave her a good, sound handspanking before she was really even awake.

Which did wake her up. Mommy then came in and helped get her ready for school.

Mary Lou was unsurprised that she was dressed in one of her little sailor suits, that made her look so cute and juvenile. The real problem, though, were her panties.

Or rather, her lack of them. Mary Lou was being sent to school PANTYLESS. Nothing covering her little (again-red) bare bottom but a SINGLE thin layer of cotton.

But that was how she was going to school. First to the Lizard's office. She had a sealed note for the principal...

In the principal's office, Mr. Lilard took her note. "Hmmm, well, you certainly were a well-punished little girl yesterday. I see your Mommy and Daddy both spanked you soundly. And the entire Bridge Club, too. Well, that should certainly help you resist the temptation to cheat on any more tests!!."

"However, your Mommy feels that a bit of a reminder today might help. Take my hand, dear -- your Mommy wants you to have a little session on on of the Spankatrons..."

Mary Lou was already sobbing as the principal escorted her into the Spankatron room. They were alone there -- there really hadn't been any time for any kids to get into mischief -- technically school didn't even start for half an hour... Her sobs got even harder as the Lizard removed a floppy-looking paddle from the cabinet, and escorted Mary Lou over to the nearest machine. She was soon secured in position, her little sailor dress turned up, and the floppy rubber paddle grasped by the metallic hand of the Spankatron.

The only good things about Mary Lou's second spanking on the Spanatron were 1) The spanking was only ten minutes long, and 2) The floppy little rubber paddle only stung and burned about as badly as her Mommy or Daddy's palm...

After her spanking, Mary Lou left the principal's office, sobbing, and made her way to Mrs. Nash's room. She entered her home room. And beheld Mrs. Nash. Seated on the straight-backed chair at the front of the room.

Holding her ruler.

Mary Lou's heart fell, and she began to cry even harder...

* * *

As Mary Lou bawled her heart out, her red and sore bottom pressed firmly into the corner stool, the dunce cap firmly on her head, the entire world began to swirl and fade around her...

And she reappeared in Camapardosulous' office, seated on the hard wood chair -- her bottom still feeling the aftereffects of all the horrible spanking she'd endured. And Mary Lou burst into fresh tears of horror...

As her 'advisor' re-entered, he glanced up at the bawling child and said "Good news, Mary Lou!! That little episode was incredibly effective. I think it was the 'I forgive you' cuddling from your Mommy. Almost a half-percent of your guilt is gone!! Only two hundred and forty-seven repititions to delete THAT particular piece of guilt from your soul!! Good job!"

Mary Lou looked on in horror -- and knew that it was true. She STILL felt guilty about the incident. Even after all those horrible punishments... she burst into renewed tears. Not another one, not right away, PLEEASE...

"By the way, Mary Lou, I've gotten you an appointment with one of the masturbation councellors; she'll be here in a while. We only have time for a short one... I know, we'll take care of that nasty matches incident, when you were nine..."

"<Sob> Hey! Wait a minute! I was PUNISHED for that one! A really, really long spanking with Mr. Spank-Spank. Are you SURE that isn't a first category..."

"Eh? No, no it's still a two. But just barely -- you really DON'T feel much guilt left about that one. One, maybe two spankings."

"And these won't even have to be much harder than the originals!!"

And before she could further protest, the world began to fade about her...

The end.