Subject: Story: Bicycle (Collegegirl-4) (F/f F/f) NC
From: Lurking Dragon <lurkdrag@nym.alias.net>
Date: 25 Aug 1999 05:20:34 -0700


Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a nine-year-old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material... DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

The Time: Tuesday Afternoon, October. The Place: 3rd Floor of Jameson Residence Hall (A Girl's floor). A Large Midwestern University.

Bicycle (Collegegirl-4)

Heather looked up as Mary came in from her last class -- and jumped up and hurried over to the child, asking "What in the world happened to YOU, Mary?"

Mary had gauze taped across both knees and one elbow. Additional scratches had been band-aided on her forehead and legs. Her hair was mussed and her short, flouncy yellow-polka dotted dress was torn almost up to her hip; her pink polka-dotted panties flashed into view as Mary minced into the room, a terribly guilty look on her face.

"I-I wrecked my bike, Heather. <snif> I-I was riding along the bike path between the Union and Sheffield Hall, around that blind curve, ya'know? And I guess I WAS goin' too fast, there were people on the bike path, walking, an' I swerved to miss 'em and the front wheel hit a rock an' I went flyin', and the tire is flat now and I dunno how to FIX it... And-and the campus policeman who took me to the Clinic gave me this an' said I had to give it you..."

'This' was a ticket, for reckless driving, and would cost Mary a $10 fine. It also meant that the campus cop had really felt Mary was at fault; they were pretty good about that. Heather felt that Mary was probably leaving something out, possibly to try and spare her little bottom part of what she had to KNOW was coming.

Mary couldn't afford the ticket, not on her allowance. So Heather would have to cover it... which was O.K., she'd let the Brat pay it back at a dollar a week. As to the bike, it would serve the brat right to be on foot the rest of the term... except that Heather KNEW what a royal drag THAT was from her own freshman year; she hadn't thought to bring her bike until the second semester. She supposed she'd just have to take care of THAT, too.

But first, there was the matter of a naughty little bottom that needed taking care of.

"Mary, I am disappointed with you. I thought a big girl like you would have more sense that to abuse your privilege of riding on campus." As she spoke, Heather motioned for Mary to close the dorm room door and come over to where she was seated on the couch. Heather turned Mary away from her and began to unzip the child's ruined dress. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you, Mary. I know it seems unfair, since you got yourself all banged up, but that ticket means whap happened was YOUR fault, and you KNOW you deserve a spanking for it, don't you?"

As Heather gently removed Mary's dress, the child sobbed out her agreement that a spanking was in order. "But not too hard, Heather, PLEASE..."

As Heather bent over and began removing Mary's shoes and socks, she considered the girl's request. And decided to deny it. "No, Mary, you've been a bit of a handfull the last couple of weeks. I had to spank you for staying up too late just Sunday night, and you've been a bit flippant with me on-and-off. I think you're feeling just a little bit too much freedom and liberty -- you need a nice, sharp dose of little-girl reality. So..."

Heather took Mary's arms. The child was now wearing nothing but her little cotton singlet (sort of a sleeveless T-shirt) and her polka-dotted panties. She sniffled as Heather said "So... I think you'd better go fetch me your paddle, young lady. I think you've earned a good, sound paddling -- this little mistake is just the last straw. Besides, you could've been really hurt, or really hurt somebody else, and I think that calls for the paddle, don't you? And maybe a bedtime spanking to reinforce the lesson, too!"

Mary was sobbing slightly, as she turned, sniffling, and walked over to her dresser. She opened her underwear drawer and took out a nasty looking walnut paddle...

As Heather saw the paddle, she quickly corrected Mary's misconception. "No! No, Mary, not that one; you've been very naughty, but I don't think it calls for the Wrath. Just bring me over the other paddle."

Mary looked back at Heather, relief on her face, as she replaced the paddle in the underwear drawer and removed a slightly smaller one. "Ar-are you sure, Heather? I mean -- this was trouble with the LAW, a ticket an' all, and Daddy..."

"I know your Daddy would probably use the Wrath, hon, but I hope I never have to use that thing to blister your bottom. Frankly, Mary, I think that that paddle is too severe for a little baby like you. And yes, I know you've been spanked with it before; that doesn't mean I think it's right. You'd have to do something seriously bad to make me reach for that paddle, young lady. No, just bring me over the other one, and I'll give you a good, sound spanking and put you to bed until suppertime..."

And so Mary fetched the paddle over to her roommate-guardian, and handed the length of wood over. Heather set the paddle on the back of the couch and helped Mary up and over her lap. The scantilly clothed child shiverred slightly in the cool room, and Heather chafed the child's bottom through her pink panties for a moment before slipping them down to her knees.

Heather then took up the paddle and patted it against Mary's small, bare bottom. This was the paddle used for the majority of Mary's punishments at home, even though Heather had rarely used it, and even then only for a few swats, as a special penalty when Mary did not take her spanking well, putting up too much of a fuss or trying to struggle more that Heather felt a hot, stinging bottom merited.

But this was to be a real paddling, just like her parent's delivered. The paddle was one of the common souvenir paddles -- her friend Betsy had had one similar to it hanging on the back of her door in her bedroom -- the one HER mommy had used to spank with...

The paddle was about 18" long, 3" wide, and 1/4" thick. It was made of a pale wood -- Heather didn't know what. On one side was the traditional humorous ditty; there were pictures of a deer near the handle, and a bear out near the tip, in red ink, and between them were the words: For the cute little Deer with the Bear Behind.

Mary always referred to it as 'the Bear paddle', and according to her, it had been the primary implement of her spankings since she was 'just a little kid'. That was probably why the paddle had been altered; Heather felt that the original paddle, like the one her friend had, would be far too severe even for Mary NOW, much less years ago. But Mary's paddle had had the rectangular end trimmed off into a nicely rounded tip, which had resulted in the Bear losing a foot and part of one ear. But it eliminated the sharp angles at the tip, that could dig in and severly bruise a bottom if they struck a wiggling child directly. Also, both the top and bottom edges of the paddle had been carefully rounded over and sanded smooth, eliminating the sharp edges that could leave serious bruises or welts on a delicate bottom.

It was still an implement of serious correction, but Heather was glad that the paddle had been modified. Sure, by being careful, even the original paddle could have been safely used; but the modifications made it harder for Heather to accidentally welt or bruise her charge's bare nates.

Mary had flinched when the paddle had patted her bare bottom; she'd clearly expected a hand-spanking warm-up. But Heather had decided that a sharper lesson was in order, and began the spanking with a sharp smack of the paddle.

And then Mary was bawling as Heather brought the paddle up and down onto Mary's bare, bouncing bottom with sharp, crisp spanks. Heather quickly appreciated how much the paddle obviously stung Mary's bare bottom, even when applied with little real force. By simply moving her hand back, and applying the end of the paddle to whichever bottom cheek she wanted to sting, Heather found that the leverage of the long paddle (The wider spanking surface was a full 13" long) caused the end to SMACK down into Mary's bottom with tremendous, stinging speed.

Heather was startled at how rapidly Mary's bare bottom turned a bright, hot red under her brisk spanking. After only a couple of minutes of brisk spanking, Heather slowed down her spanking to one swat every three or four seconds -- because Mary was already bawling and squirming and showing all the unmistakable signs of the Well Spanked Little Girl.

And Mary had 'often' been spanked 'for ten minutes straight' with the little paddle!! Again, Heather wondered at just how strict and severe the Thomas's were.

Finally, Heather just had to bring the spanking to an end. Mary's bare bottom was cherry red, and the child was just lying there bawling, a little 'yip' the only response to each brisk paddle-swat. Heather had been very careful, and felt certain that she'd managed to avoid bruising even Mary's tender little-girl butt, at least not badly. But the hot, red, burning sting in the child's rear told her that Mary had been Well Punished, and any MORE spanking would almost certainly end in bruising -- if not blisters.

So Heather rolled the bawling baby over face-up on her lap, and began to cuddle and comfort the well-paddled child. She did NOT tell her that she was all forgiven; that would have to await the end of her bedtime spanking. But Heather did reassure Mary that she loved her, that her spanking was over, for now, and that she should be a good little girl and go right to sleep for a nice afternoon nap.

Again, Heather spoke to Mary as a little bitty girl, and Mary responded to the affection by hugging her paddler hard and bawling into her breast. But eventually Heather had Mary settled down into her little bed. She carefully pulled Mary's little panties back up as she settled the child into the bunk beds; it was a miracle that Mary hadn't kicked them completely off. Or maybe not; Heather hadn't taken them down as far as usual this time...

Once Mary was tucked in, Heather pulled the heavy blanket they'd rigged around the lower bunk into position, to darken the area under the top bunk and let Mary sleep.

* * *

Heather found Mary's bicycle in the rack in front of the dorm. The small, pink girl's Schwinn 3-speed was unmistakeable in the rack of larger bicycles. And it was a mess! The front tire wasn't just flat -- it was bent badly, as well!! Heather fumed a bit, as she realized that Mary had understated the damage -- which meant that she'd probably understated the speed she was going, too!!

Of course, as upset as she was, the baby might not have even noticed the bent wheel. Maybe. At least it wasn't the BACK wheel; with the internal gear system of the 3-speed, that wouldv'e required a replacement, not a repair, and Heather's budget couldn't have possibly handled it -- which meant contacting Mary's folks about the incident...

And Heather was afraid Mary's father would NOT consider a 'good, sound paddling' a sufficient punishment... even with a good bedtime spanking added in...

Well, the back wheel was fine. She'd carry the thing over to Mechanical Engineering and have Hansen take a look at it; he was a Mech-E major, and a friend of Heather's who owed her a favor or three...

* * *

Hansen could fix the wheel, but he'd need both a new tube AND a new tire; both were ruined. He agreed to do the entire job -- including parts -- for $20 (free access to the ME machine shop helped). But that would certainly put a bit of a crimp in Heather's budget for this month!! Oh, well, there was no escaping it, so Heather paid the man, and winced at the thought of the Grill meals that would be replaced with Cafeteria meals...

On the way back, she encountered Mary Parker, who had seen the accident. Heather was quietly furious as she returned to the dorm room. That BRAT!! She'd LIED to her... or at least, she hadn't told the WHOLE truth, which was just as bad!!

Heather decided that the bedtime spanking would have to be a LOT harder than she'd planned -- Mary NEEDED a good lesson for THIS prank!

* * *

Heather woke Mary up, got her dressed, and went down to the cafeteria with her. She told her about Hansen agreeing to fix the bike. Mary was ecstatic, but seemed worried; she probably hadn't thought that Heather would take care of the matter quite so quickly. Heather casually commented that the front wheel had been badly bent. Mary quickly responded "Oh, yeah, I-ah-I did notice that. But it didn't look TOO bad, and I thought that maybe I..."

"Nope, it must've been worse than you thought, kid, 'cause Hansen said he'd need to use the Mechanical Engineering workshop to get the wheel straight. And the frame was a bit bent-up, too. Still, he'll get it done right; he's a darn good mechanic..."

When they got back to the room, Heather sent Mary straight into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Mary winced, having obviously hoped to delay her bedtime spanking until bedtime. But instead, after she emerged in her little Minnie-Mouse bathrobe, she found that Heather had thoughtfully laid out her pajamas for her.

The little blue, footed cartoon-pajamas that made her look like a four-year-old.

Mary blanched, then turned towards her dresser...

"Hey, Brat, stop that! I laid out the jammies I want you in for your spanking tonight!"

"Y-yes, I know Heather, but you forgot to lay out some panties..."

"No panties tonight, young lady. Just the jammies. Yes, I know, they are thin enough that you can see right through them. So before your spanking, anybody who comes by can see your sore, pink, paddled butt. And AFTER your spanking, they'll be able to see your even sorer, hot RED butt, but you'll be in bed asleep, so you won't care! Now, put 'em on and go sit down at your desk and do your homework. What assignments do you need to do tonight? Yes, NOW!. Hmmm, not TOO much. Get to work, Mary. I expect you to be done by seven. Then it'll be time for your spanking, then bed. No, NO BUTS! Now, Take down those jammies, Brat! Yes, right now! Now, sit back down! You know better than to talk back at a time like this -- you can just do your assignments sitting down on your sore BARE bottom... get to work!"

Mary sobbingly got to work, and Heather quickly finished her own assignments. As seven o'clock approached, Heather got up and went next door.

"Hi, guys! Look, Sue, Rachel. Did you hear about Mary's crack up? No, she's fine -- although I gave her a good spanking this afternoon for cycling so recklessly. And I found out later just HOW reckless she really was, so I'm giving her another good spanking in a few minutes, and I was hoping you guys could come watch. Yeah, I thought that an audience might be just the thing to teach the Brat a lesson. A little embarassment... Thanks, guys, see you in ten..."

Heather returned to her room just before seven, and told Mary to pull up her pajamas. Heather was seating herself on her desk chair as Rachel and Susie came through the connecting door. "That's right, Brat, I asked Sue and Rache over to watch you get spanked. Any objections? I thought not! Now, let's get you over my lap..."

Mary found herself blushing beet red as her 'big sister' turned her slight form over the knee. The chair meant that Mary ended up bent more over than when Heather spanked her on the couch. Her little head dangled down around Heather's knees, and her poor little feet didn't even reach the floor -- though they tried. The uncomfortable position stretched Mary's sore little bottom and enhanced her awareness of it. Mary could sense how tender the stretched skin was, and how much that would make the spanks sting.

And she was right, as Heather deliberately applied a dozen stingers to the seat of her thin little pajamas. Mary yelped at the burn of the spanks, and Rachel and Susie wondered at the red flush they could see through the thin blue fabric covering Mary's bottom.

Heather paused in the spanking, and reached for the waistband of the little bunny pajama pants (with feet!). And then Mary's bottom was bare before her rommate's friends, and it was Mary's BARE bottom that was absorbing Heather's brisk spanks.

Several spankings over the past few weeks had hardened Heather's palm, and the junior found her hand only stinging slightly after applying a round two-dozen bare-bottomed spanks to the nine-year-old's rapidly reddening rear-end. Finally, Heather stopped spanking -- but kept the child bent over her lap. "Mary, that was the spanking I'd decided to give you this afternoon, to remind you to cycle carefully. And if you'd been truthful, this would have been the end of it. BUT YOU LIED TO ME, BRAT!! DIDN'T YOU?" <SPANK-SWAT-SMACK!>

"Owww! Waaaaaah! Waaaah! Hether! Waah! Sorrry! No spank more! Pleeze!"

"I met Mary Parker, Brat, and she said when you went around that curve YOU WEREN'T EVEN HOLDING ON TO THE HANDLEBARS!! Admit it! You were showing off, weren't you? STUNTING, ON CAMPUS!! Well?"

"Waaaah. Y-Yes Heather. I-I was feeling so GOOD, an' so FREE and everthin' I-I just couldn't HELP it, I-I dunno..."

"Yeah, well, you should'a told me this afternoon. Yes, it would'a earned you a harder spanking this afternoon, maybe. But then I wouldn't have to do THIS. Susie, would you go into the john and soap up the Brat's washcloth? Really, really soapy, I mean. Then wring it out a little and bring it here..."

"Noooo! No Heather!! Not a mouth-soaping!! Pleeeaze!" Mary began to wiggle in distress over her roommate's lap as her fate became firm.

"And Rachel, if you'd be so kind as to fetch over my hairbrush, We'll be all set to paddle Miss Liar's bare bummy here to a nice, hot, painful red..."

By now Susie was returning with the well-soaped washcloth, and Heather was turning Mary face up onto her lap. "Now, put your hands behind you, Mary, and open up wide!!"

The crying child complied with her instructions, as Heather took her soapy cloth and began to thoroughly wash out the interior of Mary's mouth. After several minutes rubbing one corner after another of the soapy cloth all over the child's tounge, teeth, and gums, Heather took the really soapy center of the washcloth and stuffed as much of it as she could into Mary's small mouth.

And left it there for a few minutes, as Heather rolled the child back over into spanking-position and applied a few more brisk hand-spanks to her burning buns.

Mary couldn't cry very well through the soapy washcloth, so the brisk smacks were met only by pitiful little wails. Finally, after a dozen spanks, Heather had Susan pull out the soapy cloth.

"Rinz! Pleez Rinz!" begged Mary, desperate to get the taste of Ivory out of her mouth.

"No way, Brat. Not until after you've had a good, sound spanking on your naughty little bare bottom with the back of my hairbrush! THEN you may rinse..."

Mary's crying recommensed as Heather accepted her hairbrush from Rachel, raised the smooth, rounded back up over Mary's flinching, tender nates, and spanked it down soundly onto the child's bare bottom. Mary howled and kicked, but kept her hands clasped in front of her as her bedtime hairbrush spanking got under way.

Mary howled, and cried, and tried desperately to wiggle or squirm her bare bottom out from under the next descending spank. But nothing the child could do prevented that next spank from further intensifying the horrible burn building in her tender seat

Her earlier sound paddling had left Mary's poor bottom tender and sore, horribly prepared for the intense burn of her second good, sound little-girl spanking of the day. And so the child eventually just turned her head down, let herself go limp in acceptance, and bawled her eyes out as Heather soundly spanked the naughty child into true repentance and sorryness.

For a long time, after the horrible hairbrush had stopped smashing into her poor, sore bottom, Mary lay over Heather's lap and cried. Finally, the older girl helped the child up off of her lap. Her pajama pants fettered Mary's ankles -- the elastic-ankled feet of her jammies made them impossible to kick off. Heather whispered into Mary's ear, pointing over to where Rachel sat, fascinated, on the couch. Mary's wails increased at the orders, but, spanked into total obedience, she walked over to the other girl and said

"H-Heather say's I'm to a-ask you for a-a little spanking, Rachel. T-To help me remember the lesson, she says. W-would you s-s-s..."

"I'd be glad to spank your little red butt, kid. Lie on down over my lap, then... that's right... How many swats do you want me to give her, H?"

"A dozen -- she's about spanked out now. And another dozen from Sue, if she doesn't mind??" She didn't.

And so Mary got an additional two-dozen crisp hand-spanks from the other two girls. And those spanks really, really burned, even though they didn't spank as hard as Heather; Mary's hot, sore, hairbrushed bare bottom saw to that!!

And after the last sound spank had been applied to Mary's poor tender behind, the child finally was allowed to rinse the horrible taste of soap out of her mouth, standing bare-bottomed in front of the sink; then she had her little jammie bottoms drawn carefully up, and was tucked gently into bed to cry herself to sleep.

And her last thoughts, as she drifted off to sleep, would have totally shocked Heather. For Mary thought about how lucky she was, and how nice Heather was, to let her off so easy. Her Daddy would've certainly blistered her bare bottom with the Wrath of God paddle, and probably spanked or paddled her bare bottom every night for a week!!