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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing adult themes. If you are not of legal age stop reading now. Any similarity between characters depicted in this story and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Birds of a Feather

Rachel stood looking out over the city, its high-rise towers sparkling with reflected spring sunshine. From her vantage point, one of the topmost floors of the Plaza Hotel, the metropolis below appeared neat and tidy, like a child's playset. All of the seamy detail, the unwashed reality of urban life, was hidden by distance. Toy-like vehicles crawled slowly through the streets, with tiny human figures scurrying between them. To the West, rays of the afternoon sun glinted off the river's placid surface, making it appear less polluted than it really was. Upriver, a gleaming steel bridge looked deserted, the bustling traffic on its span invisible to her. "Things are not always what they seem." She thought to herself, thinking about how she came to be there, and what would happen shortly when her boss arrived.

Turning away from the window, she regarded her reflection in the mirrored wall of an elegantly furnished and appointed sitting room, part of her company's luxury executive suite. The suite was one of a block made available to firms who could afford them, and were generally used for visiting VIPs and busy execs who stayed in town on business. The image that looked back at her was that of a very attractive twenty- something woman; trim-figured, with long copper-colored hair and warm brown eyes. Classically pretty, her youthful face was centered around a pert, freckled nose, sitting over a cupid's bow of a mouth. A dark green cable-knit sweater attempted unsuccessfully to camouflage her full, firm breasts, while the Tartan plaid wool skirt below was short and snug enough to attractively display her delightful bottom and well-sculpted legs. Mid-heel pumps set her calves off just perfectly, a small gold ankle bracelet providing some glitter. She pivoted slightly to see her reflection in profile, smiling with satisfaction at the result. Daniel would approve, she felt sure. Reaching for her purse, she withdrew her lipstick, a tried-and-true medium red, renewing the color on her lips and smacking them together. Matching her well-manicured fingernails, her mouth now formed an irresistible and seductive natural pout, guaranteed to drive a man crazy. Rachel was only interested in one man: her incredibly handsome boss Daniel Martin. She had discovered his penchant for spanking only a couple of months ago, and also found out that he was a vibrant and very capable lover at the same time. Stuck for the moment in a lukewarm, loveless marriage which was ninety-percent arranged by the two families, Daniel walked a tightrope of infidelity, trying to maintain a modicum of respectability while satisfying his need for love and companionship. Rachel O'Neill had become part of that tightrope. It hadn't taken her long to fall madly in love with the handsome executive, and his delight in spanking matched her own need and desire to lay across a man's lap while her bare bottom was paddled to a toasty radiance. Squirming with anticipation, the saucy redhead felt herself growing moist with desire and excitement and ran both hands over her captivating behind, shivering at the remembered pleasure/pain of his firm hand on the rounded contours. It had all begun so innocently; with a small error in typing.

"Rachel?" the intercom inquired, somewhat tinnily.

"Yes, Mr. Martin?" the redhead replied politely, smiling to herself at the image of her boss, a dark-haired, handsome, and athletic prime male specimen.

"Can you come in here for a moment?" the disembodied voice asked, more of a summons than a request.

"Yes, sir." Rachel answered, a trifle nervous. She pushed her chair back, smoothing out her navy blue pleated skirt before rising to enter the office behind her, its ornate wooden door comfortably closed.

Daniel sat behind his huge dark-stained wooden desk, his hands holding the most recent proposal that Rachel had prepared for him. A slight frown appeared on his face as the trim redhead approached. He hated having to reprimand anyone, least of all this sweet-tempered and lovely woman. Rachel stood before the enormous expanse of wood, brass and leather that had been Daniel's father's desk, now under the command of the thirty year old male that Rachel most desired. His frown confirmed the girl's worry that something was amiss, and he soon clarified the matter by clearing his throat and stating firmly,

"Rachel, I'm disappointed. This is a very important proposal, and I've already found three typos; one in the spelling of the client's name."

She met his eyes briefly, the steely blue gaze making her loins ache and her knees tremble. Trying not to show her emotions, she lowered her eyes and apologized in a husky tone,

"I'm sorry, Mr. Martin. I - I guess I didn't pay enough attention."

"Daniel." He corrected, softening a bit, "Call me Daniel."

"Yes, sir. Daniel." She flubbed, losing her cool a trifle at the familiarity which caused heat to rise within, her face flushing slightly.

"Close the door, Rachel." He said softly, more a request than an order.

Without a word, she turned and walked the few steps to the large door, swinging it closed like a bank vault, its heavy brass hardware clicking shut with finality. Retracing her steps, she came back to stand before the expanse of dark cherry wood. Her thoughts raged within; "Oh, no. He's going to fire me. Oh, please, God. I'll do anything to stay near him." Waiting for him to speak, her eyes began to smart, and she was terrified that she would cry. Looking hopefully at him, she was once more affected by the gentle strength of his face and those deep, clear blue eyes. He must have sensed her fright, saying gently,

"Sit down, Rachel..., and stop looking so worried. I'm not going to fire you."

Heaving a sigh that was deeper than she intended, Rachel put a hand to her head as she sat down in one of the brass-studded leather chairs, its surface making the characteristic sound of cowhide adjusting to weight upon it. Daniel gave her a minute to compose herself, during which she noticed the presence of the distinct odor of cigars. Daniel wasn't a smoker, but his father had inhabited this office for years. The rich smell of expensive, aged tobacco was everywhere; in the pores of the furniture, walls, carpeting, drapes, everything. It was not an unpleasant aroma, in background, blended with the less pungent scents of natural wood, lemon oil and leather. There was a classic richness to it; implying power, wealth, and style.

After a moment or two, Daniel spoke quietly.

"I believe you're having trouble concentrating, Rachel. Want to tell me about it?"

Rachel shyly admitted her absent-mindedness of late, but didn't tell him the real reason. She just wrote it off to inattention, apologizing once again for her mistakes. Daniel considered her for a minute or two, then suggested almost humorously,

"Sounds like what you need is a good spanking; something to get your mind back to the matter at hand."

Her pulse pounded, a furious tingle surged through her entire body as Daniel's words seemed to echo in the room. She couldn't believe her ears. Many times in the past months she had dreamed of Daniel making love to her, but this! Her most secret and cherished fantasy had been opened like a prime pearl-bearing oyster, right in front of her, and by the object of her most torrid dreams. Rachel's eyes went all soft and liquid as she looked across into Daniel's. The truth passed between them without a word, striking the smiling executive like a baseball bat across his forehead. His smile vanished, replaced by something more like the look a starving man gets when presented with a banquet.

"Ha - hmmm." The now subdued executive cleared his throat again, looking for a way to take this situation forward without being tacky. Rachel let him off the hook by offering meekly,

"I think you're right, Mr., er Daniel. I'm willing if you are. I'll do anything you say."

Daniel took one look in her eyes, knowing it was now or never. This might be the one woman he was looking for, the one to eventually share his life in the way his present wife could never hope to. Taking a deep breath, he rose from the desk, Rachel's eyes following him as he crossed to the door and snapped the lock shut. Inside, she trembled at the sound. She was totally committed, at his mercy for better or worse. The handsome young manager had returned to stand by Rachel's chair, and was holding out his hand.

"Come with me." He said, simply and gently.

His hand was firm and cool, the skin a bit harder than she had imagined. Daniel worked out each day, his body trim and muscular. She noticed he was quite a bit taller than her, at almost six feet versus her five foot six inch size. Rachel allowed herself to be led over to an oversized leather couch that commanded one end of Daniel's enormous office. Trembling, she bit her lower lip as Daniel sat down, still holding her left hand easily. Looking up at the pretty redhead, he asked softly,

"Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes." She said in a hushed whisper, thinking "Oh, yes, YES!" silently to herself, her insides crawling with excitement and anticipation.

Besides parental spankings, she had been spanked several times by male admirers, but they had been all clumsy, abortive affairs, unsatisfying and hollow. Most of them had led to sex, none of it very good. Rachel now hoped with all her heart that this would be the charm, and something told her she was right.

Daniel gently but firmly took Rachel across his lap, allowing her upper body to rest on the cool leather of the couch. She felt a stir of air as he lifted her short pleated skirt to expose her flimsy and brief ivory nylon panties, which failed to adequately cover her magnificent bottom, creamy white and smooth as silk. Once more a tingle shot through her, and she felt herself becoming wet as she heard Daniel's small but appreciative gasp as he beheld the sight of the twin globes, ready for his palm. Laying his hand across her back, he raised his hand and brought it down smartly, slapping her right cheek. The sound echoed like a rifle shot in the wood-paneled office, absorbed partially by heavy drapes at the windows. Rachel gasped at the sting, one leg kicking involuntarily as a red blotch appeared where his palm had struck. Another spank landed on the other cheek, making Rachel whimper and squirm. It was a perfect fit, and both of them knew it instantly. Daniel's hand began smacking Rachel's upturned bottom again and again, stinging every square inch into crimson radiance as she gasped and moaned. After a couple of dozen spanks, he paused to rub out some of the fire. Rachel was breathing heavily and crying softly. She writhed against his lap, grinding her hips against his firm thighs. Reaching back with her right hand, she pushed her panties partway down, giving him an unmistakable cue. Without a word, Daniel completed the process, she lifting up slightly to help him. With her panties pulled well down, Rachel's stunning bottom was now totally uncovered, stimulating the young executive far beyond what he had ever experienced before. Running his hand over the soft but now rosy contours, he whispered words he had never been motivated to use to his wife, words of love and appreciation. Rachel nearly turned inside-out, her excitement reaching fever pitch and hanging by a thread. She couldn't contain herself.

"Oh, Daniel!" she cried, "Spank me, lover! Give it to me!"

Her passion-soaked voice spurred Daniel on, his hand once again rising and falling, spanking her now totally bare bottom hard and fast. Rachel's incredible backside got hotter and redder as he slapped away, the lovely redhead's right wrist now grasped firmly in his left hand. Her cries and moans drove him to the brink, and he was on the verge of bursting when he felt her spasm; once, twice, a primal sound coming from the depths of her throat. His hand ceased spanking, gently exploring the wetness between her thighs, caressing, probing, making her moan with delight and satisfaction. He released her, allowing her to begin undressing him feverishly, her eyes slitted with remembered pleasure. They coupled together on the huge couch, thoroughly exploring each other with mouths and fingers, ending up in a driving, thrusting embrace as Rachel came again and again until he burst inside her like an exploding sun.

They lay exhausted afterward, as an island in the wake of a hurricane. Clinging to each other as if afraid to let go, the two tried to make sense of what had just happened to them both. Revelation.

Later that evening they had dinner, Daniel explaining his personal situation: married against his will to a cold woman with the imagination of a billiard ball and the inhibitions of a nun. Rachel had covered his hand with hers, sympathetic. She didn't care, she said. Her love would outlast any trials as long as she could be with him. Daniel promised to find a graceful way out for them both, but it would take time. He was embarrassed to propose a relationship of liaison, of making Rachel a mistress. Once again, Rachel put him at ease. Trusting him, she would wait until he found a way out of the golden cage he resided in, giving him the love and support he lacked from his wife.

A low chime from the mantle clock announced five-thirty. As if in sync, Rachel heard the front door open. "That's my Daniel", she thought silently, "always on time." Running to meet him, she went to his arms, kissing him hungrily. After the embrace, he held her at arm's length, and in a mock serious tone inquired,

"Have you been a good girl today?"

Putting on her best naughty-little-girl look, she shook her head slowly from side to side and admitted shamefully,

"No, sir." Glancing down at her feet, she asked shyly,

"Am I going to get a spanking?" feeling the excitement grow, Rachel looked up at him.

"Yes, my dear. That's exactly what you're going to get, and I'm afraid that since you've been so bad lately, it's going to be a long and hard spanking, right on your naughty bare bottom."

Coming to her side, he took her by the hand, leading her to the bedroom. As evening fell, the noise of the city was joined by other, more captivating sounds from the Plaza suite; the sounds of bare-bottomed spankings and intense love-making, a lullaby for very special lovers.

Chapter II

Rachel grasped Daniel's hand tightly, emotionally swept away by the spectacle before them. Looking down on the lushly constructed garden set from their box, they watched raptly as the last act of Mozart's "La Nozze de Figaro" came to a stunning conclusion with some of the most beautiful music ever written. Rachel's eyes shone with inner passion, something fairly common with women at the opera. She wanted nothing more at that moment but to be alone somewhere with her lover, to blend with him as the combined voices of the opera singers harmonized so wonderfully. Daniel felt her excitement and arousal, her touch conveying what words could never manage. His heart gladdened with the realization of her love for him. Every minute they spent together brought them closer, and the only separation which now existed between them was a legal one: Daniel's empty marriage of corporate convenience to the daughter of his father's business partner.

"Bravo!" "Bravo!" "Bravissimo!" the cries rang out as the last strains of music died away.

Flushed with excitement and enjoyment, Rachel stood and applauded, never imagining she would have enjoyed the opera so much. She hadn't even minded sitting on a well-warmed bottom during the long acts of Mozart's masterpiece. Holding the hand of her lover, who had warmed her lovely behind for her prior to the evening's performance, was comfort enough. The glow which pervaded her behind added to, rather than detracted from her pleasure as she read along with the libretto, coming to understand what was happening on stage. She never realized what a beautiful and romantic language Italian is, and how opera itself is a reflection of life set to music, with all of the pathos, tragedy, joy, love, comedy, and intrigue that faces us all. Starry eyed, she watched and applauded as the company took its curtain call, roses being presented, the house lights having come up to normal brilliance. Everywhere was glitter and glamour, with a wide spectrum of people in the audience: from high- rollers and toffs in capes and gloves to those more informally clad in jeans and sweaters. A night at the opera was a meeting ground for those lovers of life and music, and the romance so capably captured by so many composers over the years.

Daniel saw the obvious pleasure on Rachel's face, going warm and soft inside at her beauty and childlike wonderment. She was such a diverse woman, he thought silently, so childlike when it came to going over his knee for a spanking, yet so incredibly intense and intuitive when making love. Sensing what pleased him most, she naturally and freely gave herself to him completely, with no inhibition. He couldn't help becoming aroused at the thought of how her magnificent bottom quivered and clenched as his palm smacked it, her little gasps and cries stirring the fire in his loins. And afterward, how she knew all the little things to do with her hands and mouth that absolutely drove him wild, taking him to the bursting point time and time again without pushing him past it. His thoughts were causing a physical reaction right there in the opera box, to his consternation. Rachel glanced up at him with the most loving look on her face, her eyes shining. Those lustrous brown eyes were so soft and deep, he loved gazing into them, losing himself in their warmth. Smiling back, he put an arm around her, pulling her close, remembering her astonishment at his suggestion.

"Opera?" Rachel was saying, surprised. "Actually, I'm more the rock `n roll type, dude, dont'cha know?" she mugged, laughing.

She stood with her hands on her hips, which flared sensuously under her navy and lavender floral print dress. Its three-quarter sleeves left some of her arms bare, the v-neck front exposed some throat which sported a modest gold snake chain, and it was slit in front, allowing an enticing portion of her right leg to show. Navy blue three-inch pumps set off what was visible, helping to raise Daniel's temperature as he stood in back of his swivel chair, glad she couldn't see the front of his trousers. Her eyes glinted with laughter, mocking him in a friendly way, teasing him as if she knew just exactly the effect she was having.

"You'll enjoy it, I promise," Daniel committed, "and to make it a very special evening all around, I'm taking you out this afternoon to buy a brand new evening dress, with all the trimmings. You'll be absolutely stunning when we take our seats in the box."

Rachel felt like clapping, her little-girl shopping instincts taking over. In one instant she changed from a seductress to a teenager, bound for the prom. She tossed her head, running one hand under her shimmering copper mane, and asked him pensively,

"Do you think I'm beautiful?" her eyes searching his face.

Daniel came out from behind his desk, not worried any longer about her seeing the lump in his pants which had become more pronounced. Taking her in his arms, he lost himself in her eyes, pledging seriously,

"The most beautiful woman on earth, and the one I love."

Her mouth was scant inches away, so he kissed her, a long and lingering sweet kiss that left them both breathless with desire. They were tempted to lock the door and do something about it, but both had better sense. People would talk if it happened too often, and discretion was often the better part of romance. Daniel's wife couldn't give a rat's rear-end about what he did, but her father was a different matter. They broke away from each other, Daniel watching her leave and reminding her,

"Lunch at one-fifteen, Alfredo's, then we'll shop, okay?"

Beaming with love and excitement, Rachel nodded, putting a business-like face on before she went back to her desk.

Rachel left at twelve o'clock, announcing her plans to be gone for the afternoon, with Daniel waiting discreetly until one PM and then grabbing a cab cross-town to where they had arranged to meet for lunch. The restaurant was a quiet and intimate place, dimly lit and fashionable. Its clientele were average business types who tended to their own affairs, allowing others to do the same. Scampi and fresh al dente pasta were specialties, complimented by fine vintage Chianti. The delicious infusion of aromas provided a warm and comfy ambiance to their booth as Daniel and Rachel ate in enfolded privacy, lost in their own world. Speaking in low tones, most of the conversation required no talking at all, the most effective communication coming from a touch, a look, a sigh. It was one of those times that both wanted to go on forever, but the food was finished at last, and even the most patient and understanding waiters have a living to make, in spite of lovers.

Daniel's breath caught in his throat as Rachel came out of the fitting salon. She was literally encased in a shimmering black sheath which looked almost like snakeskin, the individual shiny "scales" of the dress moving independently, undulating with her movements. It fit everywhere, perfectly. Scoop-necked and sleeveless, it provided enough throat and upper chest for an emerald necklace, gold-accented and just the right size to complement the outfit. There were long black opera gloves of paper thin Cape, leaving her lovely upper arms bare to the shoulders. Cut right above the knee, the dress was modestly hemmed, showing Rachel's trim calves which were perfectly shaped by black patent opera pumps. Her hair had been coifed into a burnished copper blaze, pinned up in back, with matching emerald and gold dangle earrings added for accent. Freshly made up, with deep red lipstick and nails, she was absolutely breathtaking, something Daniel could attest to. Steam was coming out from under his collar, his pulse racing and other physical manifestations were raging out of control.

Rachel knew how good she looked, and was enjoying the effect it was having on her lover. Not wanting to fish, she didn't ask the stock in trade question, "How do I look?", but simply gave him a tropical smile, waiting for a reaction.

"Wow." Was all he could manage, swallowing hard at the sight of her.

That one simple word, combined with the look of total amazement on Daniel's handsome face, excited her far beyond any conjured eloquence. It was this simplicity of character that endeared him so strongly to her; his open frankness and simple straight-forward behavior. Never one to play games, he said what he felt without malice or intrigue, and took whatever consequences came.

Pirouetting for his benefit, Rachel enjoyed showing off the new outfit, a lavishly expensive gift, feeling her excitement grow along with his. In her best fashion-model walk, she came to his side, and kissed him softly on the cheek, whispering a gentle "Thank you" in his ear, then making a veiled and risqu‚ comment for his ears only about what was underneath that slinky gown. He turned her away from him, putting his arms around her waist from behind, becoming more excited as he felt her stunning bottom pressing against his loins, and whispered in her ear, something about her vanity requiring a comeuppance. The store clerk thought she read the word "spanking" on his lips, and blushed as Rachel smiled devilishly, hugging Daniel's arms to her front.

"Will we have time?" Rachel asked him in the taxi, a hopeful look on her face.

Grinning at her, he made reference to the private joke he'd created about the regal air she'd exhibited in the ladies' salon.

"We'll make time, your highness. With any luck at all, we'll have the royal derriere a dazzling crimson long before supper time."

The elegant redhead leaned over against her beau, slipping her arm through his and leaning lovingly on his shoulder. Turning her face up to be kissed, she mouthed the words "I love you." His mouth covered hers for an answer, the kiss lasting until even the normally unflappable cab driver began to heat up.

"Now, princess, you can just bare that royal hiney of yours and get ready to take your medicine." Dan announced, rolling up his sleeves as he sat on the king-sized bed in the Plaza hotel's executive suite.

With a smoldering look of pure carnal lust, Rachel obeyed, slinking purposefully over to him and sitting on his right knee, her back to him.

"Unzip me?" she purred, reaching up to remove the restraint on her hair, shaking it into a coruscating copper splendor.

Her handsome lover's hands trembled slightly as he pulled the smooth zipper downward, revealing the creamy skin beneath. The job done, Rachel rose and took a step or two, turning to shrug her shoulders out of the sleeveless straps.

For the second time in one day, Daniel's lungs refused to work properly, as Rachel's form-fitting sheath collapsed about her ankles like a snake shedding its skin. The black silk underpinnings were as stunning as the outerwear, contrasted as they were against her bare skin. She turned partially away from him, presenting a luscious profile, from bra to panties and garter belt with stockings below, and those shiny black heels. With a calculated lascivious motion, she looked torridly at him as she pushed the wispy black panties down the curve of her bottom, letting them fall to the floor around her ankles. Stepping put gracefully, and with a deliberate motion, she used one foot to kick them right at her amazed and thoroughly aroused lover.

He almost had an accident; the effect was stunningly powerful, her sensuality and raw sexiness nearly unhinged him. Swallowing hard, he kept enough presence of mind to crook his finger at her and pat his knee for her to turn over. Fortunately, he didn't have to say anything, and it was a lucky thing, because his voice was temporarily out of commission. Holding his deep blue eyes with her simmering brown beauties, Rachel wantonly lay across his lap, deliberately wriggling her enticing hindquarters as she settled in place. Using his left hand, he held her by the waist and raised his right hand, bringing it down sharply on her upturned bare bottom with a crisp slap.

"Ahhh!" Rachel gasped, and then whimpered softly as her lover's hand smacked her again, right at the point where her legs joined the succulent curve of her bottom. Her legs kicked in response to the stinging slaps, and as Dan continued to spank, her gasps and moans became cries and small, sobbing whimpers.

Dan became more and more excited as his firm palm slapped Rachel's glorious bottom cheeks, turning them first a rosy pink and then shading to deeper crimson. Her delightful writhing across his lap aroused and stimulated him almost beyond endurance, his breath becoming heavy with desire, pulse pounding in spite of his excellent physical condition. As the fiery sting began to get to her, she reached back with her right hand, trying to protect her flaming rear. Dan easily caught and disabled it, gripping it gently and irresistibly holding it out of the way while his hard palm continued to spank, and spank, and spank.

Sobbing and moaning in a dream-like pleasure/pain ecstasy, Rachel had long since kicked her shoes off, one stocking becoming partially undone by her struggles. She loved the feel of Dan's hand on her bottom; the fiery sting of each spank, the smarting stimulation as he paused now and again to caress her burning cheeks, the deep glow which inexorably made its way to the warm and wet center of her desire. Other spankings in her lifetime had excited her somewhat, but Dan's ministrations took her to orgasm; rippling, shuddering, mind-blowing explosions in her consciousness.

When he knew she had achieved that incredibly special bliss, he changed from spanking to the most tender and considerate foreplay, turning her face up to sit on his knees, holding her on his lap. He continued stimulating her while straining to maintain his own containment, saving it for the final push, like a mountain climber assaulting the summit. Rachel purred and moaned in his arms, working to remove his tie and shirt, fiddling with his belt and the pronounced lump below, her feverish frenzied foreplay more than a match for his own. It took a Herculean effort on his part to keep from losing it, but finally the moment arrived. In a move that surprised and delighted him, Rachel completed the job of undressing her lover and then with a sultry, come- hither look, crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees, enticing him to take her from behind. The primitive position provided a deep and enveloping penetration that started out slowly and at last drove Dan mad, inspiring him to a vigorous, thrusting completion of their lovemaking.

Dan awoke to Rachel tickling his nose with one red-painted fingernail. Kissing him sweetly, she inquired sexily,

"It's almost five o'clock, Danny boy. Time for one more?"

Dan rolled over toward her, kissing her back with passion.

"Sorry, sweetheart." He demurred, "We've got dinner reservations at Mario's, and just enough time to make the opera if we hustle."

Later, at Mario's, Rachel enjoyed the glow of her well-warmed bottom, remembering how she had almost tantalized Daniel into spanking her a second time by teasing him as they showered together. A shadow of a smile came over her lips as she sipped the excellent wine Dan had selected to compliment dinner. She would pass on dessert, tonight. What she wanted wasn't on the menu; not here, at least. The confection of her desire could only be provided by a single source: the dark-haired, blue- eyed hunk of a man that was the love of her life.