Subject: Megan's Law - F/M
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Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 11:38:56 -0800

Since AOL's server is acting screwy, I agreed to repost this for kfr with full permission. It is a sequel to "Accidental Apprentice" which, in theory, should show up about the same time. Enjoy!

This is a work of fiction containing adult themes. If you are not of legal age, stop reading now. The characters depicted in this story are fictional: any similarity between real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Megan's Law

Ted was out when Megan arrived home, anxious to begin her new program of discipline.

"So much the better..," she thought to herself, "it will give me some time to get organized. He's probably stopped off at the bar with his buddies, again."

"Well, Teddy my dear," she said aloud, "that's one activity I'm going to put a stop to, because you won't be able to afford it on the allowance I'll give you."

Smiling, she busied herself by making some notes about the new house rules for her disorganized and undisciplined husband. He might stay disorganized, although he would pay for it with a sore bottom, but he would certainly no longer be undisciplined. Megan and the brand-spanking new hairbrush she had bought would see to that. Taking the brush out of her shopping bag, she smacked it experimentally into her palm, wincing at the sting. It was every inch the equal of her friend Jennifer's, the one she had just that afternoon used on Jenny's chagrined and humiliated husband. Soon enough, she thought, her own Teddy would feel its bite, soon enough.

Putting pen to paper, she outlined all the things about her husband that annoyed and inconvenienced her; the list was long, she noted wryly. That, too, would be corrected, and in short order. A look of stern determination came over her lovely face as she regarded the finished list. There might be more items to add, later on, but this would do for a start. Smiling wickedly, she took her shopping bags into the bedroom to unpack the remainder of her special items; each one designed to help her take control of Teddy and their marriage.

"Hi, hon! I'm home!" she heard Ted shout as he came in the kitchen door.

She listened, smiling to herself as she heard him open the refrigerator door and then close it.

"Hey, where's the beer?" he asked, annoyed, as he came in to the living room and stopped dead in his tracks.

Megan sat on the couch, looking like she was chiseled from stone. A white lace-necked blouse with long sleeves sat over a dark blue pleated mini-skirt, complimented by stockings and navy blue three-inch pumps. Her gorgeous red hair had been styled short, framing her face with its emerald eyes perfectly. Deep red lipstick adorned her mouth, the color perfectly matched by her well-manicured nails. Those nails were presently drumming on her arms, as she sat regarding her surprised husband with a controlled, but smoldering stare. She saw his eyes go immediately to the expanse of firm thigh revealed by her mini-skirt, and knew she had him cold.

"Down the drain." She replied, matter of factly, then asked sternly,

"Where have you been?"

Put on the defensive, he swallowed nervously and answered,

"At Mike's, having a beer."

Megan picked up on his nervousness. Jennifer had been right. If she took an authoritative stance with Ted, she could control him. Making him wait for her reply, she held him with her eyes, smiling inside as she saw him becoming more and more fearful. He had never seen her this way, and it unhinged him.

"It's late." She stated, then demanded "Why didn't you call?"

"Uh, I guess I just forgot about the time. Sorry." He replied lamely, looking away from her glacial stare, ashamed of his behavior.

"Come over here." Megan ordered him, still not moving.

She almost burst out laughing at his predictable response. Jennifer had told her how it would be, and she was one-hundred percent right. Ted gulped nervously and approached his suddenly assertive wife as if she were an alien being. "Like a naughty little boy", she thought, watching him sidle over, avoiding her gaze. When he was standing next to her right knee, she told him,

"There are going to be some changes, Teddy. You won't like most of them, but you're going to live with them and do just exactly what you are told; do you understand?"

He was beginning to tremble, and then smiled bravely but half-heartedly, trying to de-fuse the situation.

"Aw, come on, hon. I said I was sorry, what's the big deal?" he joked.

Standing, Megan laid her right hand across the left cheek of her unsuspecting mate, the handprint showing clearly. As he recoiled in shock and fear, she noticed an absence of anger, as if he realized he deserved what he got and her right to give it to him. Having gotten his full attention, Megan explained in a strict and forbidding tone,

"The big deal is that I'm sick and tired of you running around here acting like a spoiled teen-ager, and expecting me to clean up after you. From now on, you're going to behave properly, and when you act like a child, you'll be treated like one."

Letting that sink in, she placed both hands on her hips, watching his reaction. He was genuinely intimidated, both by her physical presence and her authoritative manner. While he rubbed his left cheek, she waited for him to say something, but he was silent, subdued.

"For instance," Megan went on, her eyes freezing him solid, "you acted like an inconsiderate little boy tonight, and so that you fully understand how displeased I am with you, I'm going to give you a good spanking."

If the slap in the face surprised Ted, her announcement flabbergasted him. His eyebrows nearly jumped off his face. Involuntarily, he smiled, a wide grin that was instantly suppressed as Megan hissed,

"Wipe that smile off your face, or I'll slap it off."

Sitting down, the pretty redhead grabbed her husband by the belt, quickly undoing it and yanking down his pants. Intimidated, but still clinging to his male ego, Ted gave her token resistance, grabbing for his trousers. Megan slapped his hands away sharply, then grabbed the front of his shirt with her left hand, pulling him closer to her. As he gaped in shock, she whapped his face again, twice.

"I've had just about enough of your juvenile behavior!" she said ominously, "Now get over my knee for the sound spanking you have coming to you!"

Without waiting for his response, she pulled the dumfounded man across her lap, his hands going to the floor as his weight settled across her knees. Megan grasped the waistband of his shorts and yanked them down, noticing that Ted had stopped struggling, completely bewildered and resigned to his fate. If the truth were known, he would have admitted that it excited him tremendously. Megan had taken on a completely new personality, one that was strong and full of character, and it was in full control.

With his bottom bared, Megan laid her hand across one cheek with a hard slap, drawing a grunt from him. She gloried in his twitching and squirming as her palm slapped down over and over again, reddening the target. As she had seen Jennifer do, she scolded him as she spanked, punctuating her remarks with crisp slaps.

"So you want to behave like a little boy, do you?" she asked, rhetorically, "Well, how do you like getting what naughty little boys deserve?"

He began to protest as the smarting increased, but Megan kept right on walloping his bare behind, determined to show her command. After many long minutes of spanking, she let him up at last, hauling him off of her lap with a firm grip on his left ear. The well-spanked Ted, now thoroughly convinced of Megan's seriousness, blinked at the still-frosty face of his beautiful and beloved wife, trying to comprehend what had just happened to him. Megan nearly laughed out loud at how easily she had intimidated and controlled him. He stood next to her, his face red with shame, rubbing his bottom like a paddled teenager.

"Stop rubbing your naughty bottom;" She ordered, standing to face him, "I want you to remember every stinging slap I gave you while you stand in the corner and think about what's coming."

Once again he looked incredulous as Megan announced his banishment to the living room corner. With a shocked expression, he asked quietly,

"You're serious, aren't you?"

Hands on her hips, Megan put her face only inches away from his, asking,

"What does your naughty bottom tell you?"

Blushing furiously, he looked down at the trousers around his ankles, remembering how he had just been soundly spanked, and apparently been unable to do anything about it. Smiling with understanding, Megan ordered him sternly,

"Go into my bedroom and bring me what's lying on the bed."

As he reached down to pull up his pants, she stopped him, ordering,

"Leave those where they are, young man. You won't be needing them for the remainder of the evening."

The look on his face reminded her of a Basset hound, totally woebegone as he shuffled off obediently to the bedroom. Megan wished she could have seen his face when he discovered the large, oval-backed wooden hairbrush lying on her bed. Its purpose was unmistakable; even Ted must have realized what it was to be used for, and felt a twinge of fear.

A shuffling noise announced her hubby's return, and as she sat reviewing her notes from that afternoon, she glanced casually up at him. Pointing toward the empty corner with one red-tipped finger, she told him,

"Put your nose in that corner, Teddy, and think about this: in one-half hour, you're going to get back over my knee for a long, hard spanking with that hairbrush you're holding; right on your naughty bare bottom."

She saw that he was about to protest, and stood to confront him. As his mouth started to open, she raised her right hand and shook her finger slowly back and forth, saying,

"No, no, my Teddy boy. Don't say a word, unless you want it to go much harder with you."

His mouth closed like a swinging door, and she finished,

"You deserve to have your bare bottom spanked until you can't sit down, and that's exactly what I intend to do. You know you need it, and you know that I'm the one to give it to you, so just do as you're told."

As the subdued Ted obeyed her, his face crimson, Megan stood with her hands on her hips, watching him take his place in the corner. His buns were a remarkable shade of red for only having been hand-spanked, she thought; the hairbrush would really set them aflame. She used the time to sit down and finish reviewing her notes: there were a lot of items to cover, and she wanted to make sure he understood his situation fully.

By the end of Teddy's assigned corner time, Megan had placed a kitchen chair in the living room, comfortably situated so she could get her wayward spouse over her knee. Taking her seat, she called to him,

"All right, Teddy. Come get over my knee. It's time you got your first real spanking."

He came, shame-faced and slow, handing Megan her hairbrush as she held out her hand for it. With his trousers and underwear still tangled about his ankles, he presented a pitiful sight, making her want to smile.

"Please, Megan, honey...," he whined, looking more uncomfortable than she had ever seen him, "this isn't necessary. Please, I'll try to be better from now on."

"Yes, my love, you will try," Megan said grimly, "and you will do better." Brandishing the polished wooden brush, she affirmed, "This hairbrush and I will see to that. Now do as I told you, and turn over my knee."

With a look of extreme discomfort, he finally obeyed, placing himself across her lap. Megan settled his weight in place, shifting her legs to find the right balance. Then, laying her left arm across his back, she raised the brush and smacked his bare bottom with a sharp swat.

"Owww!" he yelped, "That hurts!"

Another spank landed, and another, the oval back of the hairbrush leaving fiery red marks where it struck. Teddy yelped and gasped as Megan continued to spank, stopping every now and then to scold him.

"You bet it hurts, little man, and from the way you behave you'd better get used to it!" she warned him.

It didn't take her long to bring him to tears, his hand reaching back in an attempt to protect his smarting cheeks from the relentless hairbrush. Megan easily foiled that scheme, pulling his right wrist up tightly behind his back as she had learned from Jennifer, and then continuing to spank un-interrupted. She really enjoyed the way his buns clenched and bucked as she whacked them, and Jennifer was right: the upper thighs were a prime target, producing a sharp cracking sound and strident yells from her helpless hubby. Despite his pleas and crying, she persevered with the spanking until his entire backside was a flaming scarlet and he was sobbing across her lap. Releasing him, she let him slide gently off her lap to his knees, looking with maternal compassion at the runny eyes and nose of her overgrown little boy. Reaching for a box of tissues, she gently wiped his face, which was regarding her with a new respect and devotion. Until that moment, when she had so diligently punished his errant behavior, he had no idea she was such a strong-willed woman. The change in his attitude was evident in his face, she thought, pleased with herself. She smiled inwardly as she watched him start to rub his fiery bottom and then stop, looking up at her as if expecting a reprimand.

"You're learning, Teddy, and that's good, but you've got a long way to go." Megan told him, with a solemn look. Crossing her lovely legs, she leaned forward, the hairbrush dangling from her right hand, which rested on her knee.

"I'm going to lay out some rules, and I'll expect you to live by them. If you don't, you'll be getting a lot more of this hairbrush right where it will do the most good." she prophesied, asking him, "Are you following me?"

Megan saw he was about to start babbling again, so she held up the hairbrush for effect and warned him,

"All I want to hear from you right now is a polite `Yes, ma'am.", or I'll put this back to work for another couple of minutes; is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am" the answer came timidly, Ted looking down at the floor, avoiding her eyes.

"Look at me, Teddy." She ordered, lifting his chin with her left hand until their eyes met.

"From now on," she said evenly, "I will expect you to be obedient, respectful, attentive, conscientious, and accommodating."

Waiting for the words to sink in, she continued slowly,

"If you don't behave, you'll be promptly and suitably punished;" seeing his eyes go to the hairbrush, she confirmed by going on, "yes, with spanking and many other little methods that will be equally humbling, I promise you."

She was enjoying her newly discovered power, wishing she had known enough to employ it much earlier in their marriage. Her well-punished husband still looked miserable, but in his face she saw an admiration and respect she had never gotten from him before. Continuing, she stated firmly,

"I will employ regular discipline to help you behave; a session or two each week across my knees with this hairbrush stinging your bare bottom should provide the required incentive, knowing that more of the same awaits poor behavior or attitude."

Megan stood, motioning him to stand, as well. Rising slowly, Ted stood there awkwardly before her, his pants and shorts still around his feet.

"May I say something?" he said softly, risking her wrath.

Her features darkened, but she nodded, saying, "Just this once."

"I - I just want to say that I'm sorry if I've been so much trouble, Meg; and I love you so much, I'll do whatever you say...."

His voice trailed off as he looked down at her feet, embarrassed by his own revelation. Megan was genuinely touched, and her maternal instinct came into play. She hugged her chastened spouse in a motherly embrace, her heart gladdened by the way things were going. Jennifer predicted that she would do well, and it was turning out that way, so far.

Stepping back from him, she said gently,

"Your punishment for tonight isn't quite over."

Megan saw his eyes grow moist as he regarded the hairbrush she was holding.

"Yes," she confirmed, "you have another spanking coming, and it's going to be a good one, so you'll be sure to remember."

He looked like he was going to beg off, but closed his lips as she cocked her head to one side, in warning.

"In your top dresser drawer," she announced, "you'll find a pair of red rubber panties. Go put them on."

"Right now." She added meaningfully, as he hesitated, his eyes wide with shock. "Unless you want some additional motivation."

Her words were accompanied by a flourish of the hairbrush, and it galvanized him into action. A minute or two later, he emerged from the bedroom wearing a pair of flaming heart red latex panties, which fit fairly well. Megan smiled as she noticed that he was already showing some discomfort, the rubber holding in the heat which had been so amply generated by her spanking. Jennifer had said the panties made the bottom sweat, prolonging the after-effects of the spanking. His bottom would itch and burn abominably for the next hour, at which time she would have him get back over her knee for a follow-up spanking. When the panties came down, his bare bottom would be warmed-up and moist, perfectly prepared for the kiss of varnished wood, which would sting like blazes. Motioning him to the corner, she watched him take his place, and began reading her new house rules, prompting a "Yes, ma'am." for each point she covered.

"You will have dinner ready each night at six-fifteen; no frozen meals allowed. I'll create a food budget and add it in to your allowance."

Clarifying her statement, she confirmed, "Yes, I said allowance. Your paycheck will be deposited directly into the bank."

"You will keep the bathroom and kitchen spotless; clean tile, sparkling porcelain, and gleaming chrome; no dishes left in the sink or drain."

"You will avoid letting the clothing hamper get full; washing, drying, ironing and folding our clothes, and putting them neatly away, before I find it necessary to remind you."

"You will keep the house vacuumed and dusted, furniture polished, tile floors washed and waxed, and windows cleaned. I expect this to be done at least on a bi-weekly basis, or more frequently as I require."

"You will see that the bed linen is changed and rotated twice weekly, with the old linen being washed, ironed, folded and stacked neatly in the linen closet."

"You will make certain that the bedroom is tidied and organized at all times, and all waste-paper baskets are emptied regularly."

The list went on, prompting a low groan now and then from the embarrassed and uncomfortable Ted, his face now just about matching the crimson of his panties.

"Did I mention cheerfulness?" Megan asked pointedly. Continuing, she stated,

"I will expect and require you to do all the above things, and every other task I tell you to perform with a cheerful enthusiasm. I refuse to have you moping around with a hang-dog expression. If you look unhappy, I'll just have to give you something to be unhappy about, am I clear?"

A muted and subdued "Yes, ma'am." came from the corner. Ted's hour was just about up, so Megan went over to him and took him by the arm, leading him slowly back to what would be known as the "spanking chair". With her arm around him, she explained softly and gently,

"This is for your own good, Teddy. Actually, it will be good for both of us. I guarantee that you'll be happier after you learn how to behave yourself and obey me."

Taking her seat, Megan stripped Ted's rubber panties down to his knees and ordered him across her lap.

"Turn over my knee, young man," she said, patting her right thigh with the hairbrush, "and while I'm stinging your naughty bare bottom good and hard, think about what I expect of you."

For the next few minutes, all that could be heard in the room was Ted's crying and begging, accompanied by the crisp sound of that heavy wooden hairbrush on bare skin. The dampness caused by Ted's rubber panties made the contact of each spank more effective, making him howl, squirm and kick as Megan spanked him long and hard. She watched his bottom get redder and redder with each swat, his right hand disabled by her left. No scolding was necessary; she had said all that needed to be said, and what was left was for her to complete his punishment by stinging his naughty bottom as much as possible, to drive her point home.

It was a thoroughly subdued male that got up from Megan's lap when she finally released him; sent off to the bathroom to tidy up and get ready for bed. Megan made herself a cup of tea, holding the warmed cup in her hands and reveling in her new-found role as head of the household.

Teddy wouldn't be happy at first, but he'd come to love living under Megan's Law.