Subject: Story: Future Imperfect (Sp, ?/M, non-con)
From: Kfry2k@aol.com
Date: 1996/08/01

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing adult themes. If you are not of legal age and unsure about your reactions, discuss it with your parents before reading. Any similarity between characters depicted in this story and persons or entities living, dead, or existing, now or in the future, is purely coincidental. Credit to MissLilyO for inspiring my feeble brain. Thanks, Lily. For better or worse, this was fun.


Future Imperfect

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair, warm smell of Coletas rising up through the air....

Janey Rogers smiled at the voice coming from the car radio. Powerful driving lights formed a narrow tunnel in the stygian New Mexico desert as the red Alfa roadster barreled along at seventy-five. I should have called John before I left, she thought, worrying, it s much later than I thought, and he ll probably be waiting up for me. Looking at the dashboard clock, she confirmed her fears. Eleven-thirty P.M., with over eighty miles to go, and no phone along the route. Squirming in the well-designed bucket seat, she drooped a little behind the wheel, knowing full well that her husband would probably get out the hairbrush and spank her good for being so thoughtless. Pouting, she visualized herself over his knee, her skirt flipped up and panties taken well down as he turned her cute bare bottom cherry-red, scolding between groups of crisp, sound spanks. Her lower lip quivered at the remembered discomfort, then she brightened a bit at the recollection of what generally came afterward. Oh, afterward! She thought. At those times their lovemaking reached such an intensity that she often teased him into spanking her just for that reason. Who knows? she thought to herself. Maybe I subconsciously forgot to call him on purpose. Not knowing quite how to feel about what was in store, she put the thought aside and concentrated on driving.

The sky overhead was a great inverted black bowl, spangled from end to end with myriad stars. Low in the East, a fingernail moon was rising, just clearing the bluffs up ahead. Crackling static came from the radio speakers as the music disappeared, and Janey fiddled with the tuning, trying to get a better signal. While she was preoccupied, a feeling like being turned into Jell-o came over her, making her dizzy. Easing up on the gas, she put a hand to her forehead, and as she did so the engine sputtered and died. She eased the car onto the shoulder and stopped, grinding the starter, but to no avail. Her headlights worked, but the ignition was dead. As she looked around for some sign of civilization, not expecting to find any, she was struck dumb by the sight that confronted her. A gleaming white object, a little smaller than her car, was FLOATING by on the driver s side, about a foot off the ground. There were black letters on its side, reading P T P 31. Janey stared in horror and fascination as the object went drifting silently past her car and then turned around slowly, retracing its course and finally stopping behind her. With a low whine, it descended till it was just clear of the ground and sat there. Unable to move, almost unable to breathe, Janey sat shaking like a leaf as the object continued to sit behind her car, silently. The tension became too much. She reached for her purse to get a cigarette, and without warning suddenly found herself unable to move, feeling as if she were encased in a soft but unyielding invisible cocoon. It was too much. Janey screamed at the top of her lungs, panicked. There was still no response from the thing behind her, and after a few good screams, she realized that as yet, nothing was happening to her. Still frightened out of her wits, she sat and waited, becoming calmer as time went by. Several minutes passed, and then with a click and a whirring sound the side of the pod began to open. Ready to scream again, Janey trembled as she watched with growing terror. A rather human-looking leg appeared first, followed by a torso and head which was definitely humanoid, but artificial. With human features, the entity stood just under six feet tall, its face an impassive silver mask. It walked up beside her car and turned to face her. A large and apparently complex breastplate covered its chest, and as she stared in awe she realized that the paralysis had left her. Reaching for a cigarette, she was surprised when the entity snatched it from her, placing it in a small compartment near the bottom of the breastplate.

Hey! she yelled, That s mine!

With a slight crackle, the breastplate became a video screen, and the image of a similar creature swam into view. From somewhere, a metallic voice stated flatly,

Violation of planetary code 115934-A: Possession of illegal substance with intent to use.

What? Janey asked, amazed, It s just a cigarette! The metallic voice continued,

You are in serious trouble, young woman. Do not make it worse by being uncooperative.

Trouble? Janey repeated, What trouble? Who are you? What is this all about? My car stopped dead, and I have to get home.

Identity disk. The voice demanded, ignoring her outburst.

What? Janey said, now really confused. You mean my driver s license?

Fishing in her purse, she withdrew her picture license, which the creature in front of her held up to examine. The metallic voice stated evenly,

Insufficient identification. Where are your operator classification and travel permit credentials?

That s it, Janey offered, timidly, My driver s license.

Violation of planetary codes 0811725-Z1, 0811725-Z2. The voice shot back.

Look, I don t know about any planetary codes, but that license is up to date. She maintained, stubbornly.

Multiple violations. the voice continued. PTP subcode A-0917; possession and operation of a prohibited vehicular type. Planetary code 187325-B; use of prohibited and non-renewable fossil fuel. Planetary code 1053922-G; failure to produce sufficient identification.

Janey swallowed hard. She didn t understand what was happening, but she knew when she was in trouble. Look, she said softly, maybe I should talk to a lawyer.

The mechanical voice grated There s no need for profanity, you are in enough trouble as it is. Step from the vehicle, please.

The creature in front of her moved back, opening her door. Really frightened now, Janey got out, shaking like a leaf. What are you going to do with me? she asked softly. There was no answer, and in the silence Janey noticed - the silence. There was absolutely no sound except the sighing of the wind. The moon had risen significantly, but it looked odd, kind of amber tinted.

A thin crackle, then the voice returned. For the violations witnessed thus far, the sentence is twelve lashes each, to be carried out immediately.

Lashes? she gasped, what do you mean lashes? And don t I get a trial, or something?

You have been tried, and found guilty. The evidence is self-supporting. Your punishment will take place immediately and be broadcast on all public communication bands, as law requires. Because of your failure to provide adequate identification, you will then be remanded, along with the historic artifact you were piloting, to the custody of Planetary Detention Center 19, where your crimes against society can be further investigated and punished as necessary. Unit 31, carry out the sentence - 72 lashes.

As the metallic voice died, its image on the breastplate faded. Janey found herself in the iron grip of the Highway patrolman , who quickly and efficiently undressed her, despite her struggles. The thing was paradoxically careful to avoid injuring her, using enough force to control her, but that was all. Janey found herself in a familiar position: face down across a lap, albeit a hard and unyielding one. Looking wildly back over her shoulder, she saw the future cop raise its right hand, and marveled as a thin rod began to extend itself from the palm, reaching out past the fingers until it had grown to about fourteen inches. It had a dull sheen to it, looking rather like a graphite fishing rod, and was about five sixteenths of an inch in diameter. Janey suspected it would hurt, and she was right. Just before the creature began its task, the damping field came back on, selective, this time, disabling her arms and legs. Thus imprisoned, Janey waited for about two seconds, and then the rod struck her upturned bare bottom.

YEOWWWW! she caterwauled at the incredible sting of it, never having felt such a fiery sensation. YEOWW - OWWW she exhaled explosively as the rod hit again, not quite overlapping the first stripe. Two licks and she was already on fire. , she thought. My God, I ve got seventy more to go! The creature, computer driven, was programmed to cause the maximum amount of sting with the least amount of physical damage, and he was infallible. The rod worked its way down Janey s posterior, leaving no area unstriped as she first howled, bawled and then sobbed her regret and pleaded for mercy. The creature was totally impassive, tending to business without compassion or distraction. Janey didn t even bother to be embarrassed about the fact that the entire world, maybe the galaxy, for all she knew, was witnessing her discomfort. The terrible rod in the patrolman s hand had her complete attention. What seemed like a millennium to Janey took less than three minutes from start to finish, and when it was done, the breastplate screen came back to life.

Replace your clothes and wait in the vehicle for a retrieval crew. The voice ordered. Any attempt to escape will be harshly dealt with. With a click and a hum the face vanished again, leaving Janey standing there sobbing and rubbing her blazing bottom. The patrol creature returned to his vehicle and was quickly lost to sight. Forlorn and heartbroken, Janey got dressed slowly, the fire in her rear end subsiding very little. What will happen to me now? she sobbed to herself, finally getting into her car and wincing as her bottom made contact with the leather bucket seat. Breaking into wracking sobs, she leaned on the steering wheel and wailed I j-just w-want to g-go home!

Having fallen asleep from the tension of it all, as well as the hour, Janey didn t notice the return of the jell-o effect. Her car rocked violently and a diesel horn blared in her ears as a semi hurtled by on the narrow road, sending swirls of dust and sand into her face. Jesus! she exclaimed angrily. That guy drives like an asshole! It slowly dawned on her. She could hear insects! Heart beating wildly, she turned the key in the ignition. The engine coughed to life, roaring as she gunned the throttle. YES! she yelled. Looking in the mirror, she jammed the car in gear and floored it, the rear wheels spitting sand and gravel. Had it all been a dream? she wondered. The smarting of her bottom said no. Driving with one hand, she fished in her purse for her driver s license. Gone. The dashboard clock said one o clock A.M. What the hell am I going to tell John? she wondered, I m not exactly ready for another spanking just now. Since he would undoubtedly spank her for being thoughtless, he was bound to see the evidence of her encounter with the future police . Well, she thought, I ll think of something. All the way home she was looking in the mirror, dreading that she would see a white pod come into view behind her. The radio was left on, its progression of top-forty tunes an anchor to the present. These are the good old days, Janey thought to herself, no matter how bad they may seem, sometimes. The highway unrolled before her, every mile bringing her closer to home.