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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction dealing with adult subjects. If you are not of legal age, you might want to discuss it with your parents before reading. Any resemblance between the characters in this story and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Calm Before the Storm

Medallions of golden sunlight dappled the ground, moving restlessly as the branches above swayed gently in the soft summer breeze. Mike lay with his head in Maddy's lap, wanting to simply melt into the scene and remain there forever. Madeline, "Maddy" for short, dozed peacefully, her back against the bole of an ancient tree, under which they had spread their picnic. Mike marveled at her lovliness; the long golden hair, beautiful face with its deep blue eyes, now closed in sleep, and trim but luxurious figure. In this particular setting, it was like a dream. "If I'm dreaming," he thought to himself, "please don't wake me." One of her hands lay across his chest, the perfectly tapered fingers with their red-tipped nails looking like a magazine ad. He felt a stirring in his loins as the memory of her cool touch, those smooth hands gently stroking him, arousing him, came flooding back. A low nicker came from nearby, where their horses were tied to a rail fence. Maddy stirred in her sleep, her sensuous lips parting slightly, then closing. "Don't wake up yet." Mike wished silently. He loved to watch her sleep, she was so angelic. His heart ached with love for her, and soared like an eagle when he remembered that she loved him equally. The afternoon dawdled on, lazily, full of the sounds and aromas of mid-summer: a low murmur from the nearby creek, bringing with it the tang of clean, clear water; the hum of bees, working busily; a crazy mockingbird, going through a comic routine to impress his lady love. Encased in beauty, Mike sighed deeply, giving silent thanks to the Almighty for the many blessings in his life. Like a care-free child, he closed his eyes and joined his companion in sleep.

* * *

She stood at the water cooler, lifting a paper cup to her lips. Mike felt as if he had run into a brick wall. Trying to adjust his armload of rolled-up blueprints, he fumbled one, which hit the floor with a hollow "blat". The angel, which he came to know as Madeline, regarded him with amused interest as he attempted to pick up the escaped roll of paper. Mike blushed at his atypical clumsiness, partially caused by the stunning vision before him. Then the angel smiled, a dazzling display which lit up the room, driving shadows into the corners. The young engineer stood spellbound as the angel offered;

"Here. Let me help."

Her voice was mellow, the words rolling out in smooth, confident tones that grabbed him below the belt. Flustered by a woman for probably the first time in his life, Mike stood watching while the beautiful blonde bent gracefully to retrieve the blueprint. Her tan skirt, cut just below the knee, flirted with perfectly sculpted calves, stretched tight across her superb bottom and was gathered to impressive slimness at the waist by a wide patent leather belt. Perfectly straight stocking seams pointed the way down to trim ankles and ladylike feet encased in two-tone pumps. Having made the customary tour, Mike's eyes went to her lovely hand as it grasped the rolled-up blueprint. Well manicured, it extended from a well-filled silky white blouse with ruffled trim. Following the arm upward led his eyes to her face, which was regarding him with interest. Rising, she unabashedly gave him the once-over, returning the favor.

"I'm Madeline. Everyone calls me Maddy." She said, the sweet voice stirring him despite himself.

"Mike Willis." He returned, realizing he was unable to offer his hand. "I'm an engineer in Airframe." He added, blushing a bit as he shifted the armload of prints.

Madeline stood holding the errant blueprint thoughtfully, then remarked "I've seen your name on the department roster. Nice to meet you."

"Same here." Mike answered, managing a small grin. "She was sensational!" his mind raged.

Placing the blueprint on the top of Mike's stack, Maddy said easily, "There you go. Safe and sound. Maybe I'll see you around sometime."

She smiled warmly at him, then turned and walked off down the hall, leaving him standing there. He watched her go; the delicious sway of her hips, her feet walking a straight line like a fashion model. Her natural grace completed the last piece of the puzzle in Mike's mind. This was the perfect woman, the one for him. Everything about her screamed it at him, and yet he didn't even know her, had just met her. "Lock up my heart and throw away the key." He stated to himself. "She's gonna be mine, if I have to fly to the moon to get her."

* * *

Mike awoke to find Maddy softly stroking his hair, the other hand still residing on his chest. He gazed up at her lovingly, then took her hand in his, pressing it to his lips. "Love you." He said simply, still holding her hand. "Love you." She repeated, raising his hand to her lips and kissing it gently. Mike sat up, taking Maddy in his arms for a long, lingering kiss, and then the horses were treated to an exhibition of human love-making. What had been a picnic blanket became a love nest as the glorious summer day faded.

"Oh, my." Maddy lamented, looking woefully at Mike.

Still feeling the glow from their loving, he looked at her quizzically. "What could be wrong on a day like this, at a time like this?" he wondered silently, suddenly apprehensive.

"It seems I've been a very naughty girl." She said playfully, putting on her best impish face, then continued, "Carrying on out here in the open, I'm shameless." She eyed him foxily, knowing he'd take the hint.

"Very well, young lady." He said in a playfully stern voice, "I suppose I'll have to teach you a lesson." Placing his back against the tree, he motioned her to him, patting one thigh.

"Across my lap, wench." He commanded, now really acting the part.

It excited Maddy tremendously, her eyes gleaming with arousal. She could see that he also was aroused, his manhood beginning to rise. Grinning at the sight, then adopting her best look of remorse, she lay across his naked thighs, her bare bottom ready for spanking. Maddy loved having her bottom warmed, and Mike loved warming it. Their common affinity for the activity lent a spicy flavor to their lives, making each encounter an adventure. Totally spontaneous, they delighted in surprising each other and gloried in the delicious excitement of it all. Brushing away a few bits of grass, Mike ran his right hand lovingly over her delightfully rounded rump, thinking it was almost a shame to strike it. She moaned softly at his touch, feeling the firmness of his palm against her skin and moving her hips slightly in response. Her reaction drove him over the edge, and with his pulse racing he smacked her soundly on one cheek. Maddy bucked slightly as his palm stung her bottom, then gave a small gasp as it struck the other cheek. Smack after smack, Mike spanked the rounded contours, the skin changing from its characteristic creamy white to pink, and then to a richer rosy hue as his hand covered the target thoroughly. Maddy first moaned, then gave out sharp little cries and gasps of surprise as his palm stung her bottom, occasionally striking a more sensitive spot. Her legs kicked now and then, a reflex reaction to the smarting burn when he smacked the same spot twice, or found an unstung area, ripe for spanking. Every so often he paused, lightly massaging her flaming hindquarters, softly stroking her hair and talking gently to her, affirming his love. She moved against him sensuously, spurring him on, loving the feel of his hand as it spanked and stroked her. When Mike had warmed her bottom completely, Maddy managed to slip her left hand back along her body during one of the pauses, finding his now totally rigid maleness and grasping it firmly. That ended the spanking, as Mike rolled her over, pulling her to him and covering her with kisses, overwhelming her with his mouth and gentle, questing fingers. There was no one to see except the horses and the local fauna, who got a classic exhibition. No afternoon in the Garden of Eden could have been more wonderful.

* * *

The roadhouse band was winding down on "Begin the Beguine", the clarinet holding a high note as the brass finished out. There was applause and a lull while dancers went back to their tables or waited to see what the band had in store.

"Hello, again." The voice spoke in his left ear, taking him by surprise. Turning, Mike saw Madeline, the lovely receptionist from the Aircraft company where he worked. His blood pressure and pulse kicked up a notch.

"Hi." He said, pleasantly surprised, "Nice to see you again."

Turning in his seat, he lifted his glass, half full of scotch and water.

"Drink?" he offered hopefully.

"Got one." She replied, producing a glass of her own.

Somewhere behind them, the lead trumpet began playing "Stardust". Taking a deep breath, Mike took the plunge.

"Dance?" His whole world tottered on the brink of her answer.

"Love to." Smiling at him, her deep blue eyes fairly pulling him off the bar stool, she placed her drink on the bar and held out her hand. Something like an electric current passed between them, and then he was leading her out onto the dance floor. Madeline came to his arms like she belonged there, he thought. The house lights dimmed, a rotating mirror-faceted globe above sparkling the room with myriad sparks of light, showering the dancing couples with "stardust". Moving smoothly with the rhythm, they hitched a ride on the melody, and before the song had ended were closely meshed together, moving as one to the music. Neither of them could tell you how much time passed before they finally made their way to a table, not tired of dancing, but wanting to talk. Mike was amazed to find she had no steady gentleman friend, but as is often the case, her beauty tended to attract the wrong type of man for her taste. Thanking God for his good fortune, Mike let himself be persuaded to tell her his life's history.

He had grown up with airplanes, hanging around the early airfields, doing odd jobs to earn rides and finally persuading one of the barn-storming pilots to teach him to fly. His parents were tolerant but cautious, and insisted that he further his education, so off to college he went, coming out with an engineering degree. Fully prepared, he secured a job with a local aircraft manufacturer, gaining experience and plenty of seat time in all types of planes. Madeline, he discovered, had been raised in a well-to-do family in Southern California, coming north to be on her own. Well spoken, poised, and better educated than most women at that time, she was beautiful and exciting. Articulate, outspoken, confident, she had strong qualities which were perfectly balanced by her warmth and sensitivity. A fire glowed deep in Maddy, and it could come to the surface in many ways. Possessed of a temper, she kept it securely locked away, only letting it out when it was appropriate. Mostly, the fire fed her passion. Now she had found a focus for that passion in the wonderful young man sitting across from her, she was as sure of that as anything she had ever felt. Closing time found them in each other's arms, dancing closely. The last bars of "Moonglow" faded, the house lights came up slowly, revealing just a few die-hard couples left.

"Think they want us to leave?" Maddy joked, tossing her full blonde hair.

"Musicians need sleep, too." He replied, taking her arm.

Maddy had come with a friend, long since gone. Mike led her to the black `40 Ford convertible in the parking lot, opening the door and closing it behind her. As he got in, she said,

"I don't want to go home just yet, please?"

"Okay." He said, not wanting to either.

The coast road was a ribbon of moonlight, edging the dark cliffs and black surf below. Madeline let her blonde hair stream in the wind, smelling the sharp tang of the salt air. Stretching languorously, she snuggled over against his shoulder, loving the feel of his well-worn leather jacket. She was somewhat sad when Mike pulled off the road into a scenic overlook, shutting off the engine. For a while they said nothing, listening to the sounds of the faraway surf and the little sounds the car made as it cooled down in the seacoast air, and a billion insects talking to each other.

"Race you back." Maddy said, swinging into the saddle.

"Hey, no fair!" he shouted, trying to lash the picnic stuff in place on his own horse. Finally getting aboard, he gave chase, galloping across the golden hillsides. Madeline sat a horse well, much better than he, and she easily beat him, arriving at the ranch where they had rented the horses well ahead of him.

"You cheated!" he admonished her in mock anger, dismounting from his horse.

"I did, didn't I?" she answered slyly, adding "Guess I'll have to be punished."

Grabbing the picnic stuff, he steered her to the car, giving her a sharp swat on the backside and saying sotto voce "Wait `til I get you home!" This drew a leer from one of the grooms, who was admiring Madeline from the rear, and Mike grinned at him, winking for effect. Raising a cloud of dust, Mike put the power of the Ford V-8 to work, spinning the tires as they arrowed down the country lane, headed for home. The ranch hands watched them depart, one hand saying to another,

"Man, I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they get where they're going."

"Yeah, man. Whhooooeee!" the other agreed. Shaking his head, he walked the tired horses off to the barn.

Mike and Madeline embraced passionately, at least as passionately as you can manage in the front seat of a car. There was nothing tentative about their feelings, as if they both knew right off they were meant for each other, destined to fit together. Maddy ran her hands over Mike's firm chest under the leather jacket, pulling away slightly and then whispered,

"Take me home, Mike." Gazing into his warm brown eyes, she added, "I want you."

"Are you sure?" Mike asked, knowing it was the gentlemanly thing to do. He wanted her desperately, but not at the cost of their possible future. Better to wait and let things take their course, he thought. Moving closer to him, Madeline breathed,

"I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

The words sent his heart soaring like a Fourth of July rocket, bursting with a million sparkles. Kissing her tenderly, he started the car, heading for home. She clung to him, whispering in his ear,

"There's just one thing you ought to know about me."

"Uh-Oh." He thought, "the other shoe." Waiting, he held his breath.

Teasing him, she whispered,

"Sometimes I'm very, very naughty."

Squirming a little, he took the bait, asking,


Nibbling on his right ear, she flicked her tongue in it briefly and breathed huskily,

"So sometimes, I need a spanking."

He was getting excited, feeling the heat rise. Her words, along with the ear-nibbling was having a remarkable effect.

"A good, hard spanking." She exhaled into his ear, kissing it lightly.

He thought his eyeballs would fog over. Nothing a woman ever said to him before got him this hot. He had a rock-hard erection, in nothing flat. Breathing hard, he tried not to show just how hot he was getting. He failed.

"Right on my naughty bare bottom." Madeline sighed at him, placing her hand on his crotch. It told her all she needed to know. He was rigid, and trembling like a puppy in a thunderstorm.

"Mmmmmm." She hummed, nibbling his ear once more, "I thought so." Gently rubbing the part of him that was most excited, she added softly,

"I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

* * *

Giggling, Maddy headed for the back porch, Mike in close pursuit. She pulled an empty bushel basket into the path behind her, slowing Mike down a bit. Laughing, he side-stepped it, lunging for his beautiful wife and catching her just as her hand grabbed the handle of the screen door.

"Oh, no you don't!" he chided her, sitting down on the top step and dumping her across his lap. "Now you're gonna find out what happens to little girls who cheat." Pretending to be terrified, Maddy squirmed, egging him on with her pretended pleas,

"No, please, Mike. I'll never do it again, honest!" Looking over her shoulder in mock fright, she added, "Please don't spank me! I'll do anything!"

"You'll get spanked, and then do everything besides." He threatened, grinning as he slapped her blue jeans smartly on the seat. Maddy squealed with delight as he paddled away, becoming more aroused with every spank. Mike stopped after a minute, saying,

"I think we need to get to the seat of the problem, young lady." Standing her up, he commanded sternly,

"Inside, you naughty girl, where I can get your pants down and spank you properly."

With no neighbors nearby, Madeline was brazen. Hands on hips, she taunted him,

"You can't make me, nnnh!" she mugged, sticking out her tongue at him.

Really turned on now, Mike grabbed her, and despite her token struggles, managed to get her back across his knees with her clothing arranged so she could be spanked the way both of them like best: right on her bared bottom.

Before long, Maddy was kicking and crying in earnest as Mike's firm hand slapped her fast-reddening bottom hard and fast. Somewhat winded, he finally stopped, massaging her behind, now glowing crimson. He lifted her up to sit on his lap, brushing back her blonde locks and kissing her face. Still crying softly, she kissed him back, passionately, then whispered in his ear. Nodding, Mike let her up, watching her pull up her panties and jeans, aroused beyond belief at the sight of her glorious bottom, now even rosier than before. The evening wasn't over, however. Mike opened a beer for both of them, walking into the living room, where Maddy waited, kneeling on the couch in something flimsy. On the coffee table nearby rested a familiar object. One that would take them both to incredible heights, as it had so many times before: Maddy's old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. Mike winked at Madeline, the love of his life, as he told himself that no man had a right to be this lucky.

* * *

Europe was in flames, and things were heating up in the Pacific. The world was on the brink of disaster, careening down a rock-strewn slope toward oblivion. Soon America would be caught up in the fracas, committing its heart and soul to an effort to restore harmony and avenge its sucker-punched dead. For now, Mike and Maddy lived, loved, played, and enjoyed each other with the abandon of immortals. How could they know that it would have to last them an eternity?