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Date: 27 Sep 1996 15:11:39 -0400

Hard Work & Horseplay

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing adult themes. If you are not of legal age and unsure about your reactions, discuss it with your parents before reading. Any similarity between characters depicted in this story and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

"Hey, Mike! You coming? The cab's waiting!"

Mike glanced up from his desk at the boyish tow-headed face in the doorway. It was split from ear to ear by an excited grin, flushed with the prospect of a day on the town.

"No thanks, Johnny." Mike answered evenly. "Got to finish this letter." Seeing the disappointment on the kid's face, he added "I'll catch up with you later."

"Okay." Johnny replied, more soberly. "Gosh. Your wife must be some dame, the way you're always writing to her." A horn sounded outside, the cabby anxious to be on his way. "Gotta go." The kid said urgently, "See ya." "Hey, wait up!" he yelled as he dashed out the door, running for the taxi.

Mike grinned to himself at the kid's excitement as he returned to the letter before him, a daily letter to his wife and love Madeline. Her picture sat on the desk under a small lamp, her beautiful features gazing back at him almost longingly. Mike's heart ached with desire, followed by an equal sensation in his loins as he recalled the many wonderful times he and Maddy had shared. Now, with him in Army Air Corps flight school, they were separated by time and space, and it would be weeks yet before his first furlough. A Sunday stillness settled over the barracks, almost everyone in his unit having taken off for the day. Surrounded by the aromas of military life; wool, shoe polish, brass cleaner, the mustiness of wooden barracks, Mike reviewed the letter silently to pick up his train of thought.

"My dearest Maddy,

It seems like I've been here for years, even though they keep us hopping all the time. Not an hour passes that I don't think of you and our life together. I realize the importance of what I'm doing, but I resent every moment I'm separated from you."

Leaning back Mike chewed the end of his pencil, watching the smoke rise from a half-smoked Lucky Strike resting in the ashtray. Curling in the air currents, every curving plume seemed to remind him of Maddy's trim but lush figure.

"Try to get some on the car." Mike remarked sarcastically as Maddy sprayed him with the garden hose for the umpteenth time, grinning impishly. Soapsuds cascaded down over the smooth rounded contours of the `40 Ford, a liquid sheen making the black paint look inches deep. The handsome couple worked at cleaning their pride and joy, the elegant convertible that took them practically everywhere together in style. Maddy soaped a rear fender, bending over to scrub the chevron-shaped tail light, and Mike watched with a stir of desire as her bottom jiggled inside the fairly tight cutoff jeans she wore.

His lovely blonde wife had earned herself a spanking that morning by wickedly switching his toothpaste and shaving soap. Spitting soap, he had pursued her all over the house, Maddy laughing and squeaking with delight as she lead him a merry chase. Catching her in the kitchen, Mike sat on a chair and dumped her across his knees, flipping up her bathrobe to reveal her perfect bottom, then slapped her bare behind rosy red. Maddy loved having Mike spank her, and even though his palm hurt plenty, she writhed with pain and delight as his hand spanked and spanked until she had kicked both her slippers into opposite corners of the room and was crying freely. By this time, they were both hot as a firecracker, and Mike's hand began exploring the area between Maddy's gorgeous thighs, feeling the moist heat and becoming even more aroused. Her voice husky with desire, Maddy asked Mike to take her right there, and Mike obliged, bending her across the kitchen table and entering her from behind, urgently but gently. His hands stroked her flanks and reached forward to her breasts, softly kneading and caressing her, whispering words of love as she moaned with delight, moving with him.

"Oops!" the playful blonde exclaimed, having doused her husband once more, accidentally on purpose. Mike closed one eye and cocked his head at her, saying,

"You trying to get my goat, young lady?"

"Why, Mr. Willis," she laughed, a melodious ripple that stirred Mike down deep, "whatever are you talking about?"

She struck a defiant pose, one hand on her hip, kind of saucy and tempting. Mike gave her a skeptical look and then glanced down, searching for a witticism. He looked up just in time to catch a burst of water right in the chops. Spluttering from surprise, he took off after her, trying to avoid the hose which was now spraying in all directions. Maddy ran like the wind, laughing merrily. Down the driveway, around the house, through the bare spot in the hedge, into the backyard....

Radial engines thundered overhead as a couple of T-6 Texans passed low over the training base, rattling the windows. Probably a couple of instructors sharpening up, Mike thought silently. His pleasant daydream shattered, he returned to the letter, using all his ability to tell the distant Maddy of his love and longing for her.

"Right this minute I would trade everything, even my flying, to be with you for a single hour. Here's hoping you're being a good girl, and will be waiting for me when I get home. I'm counting the days until I can touch your face, kiss your lips, hold you in my arms (and other things the censors won't allow me to say). Till we can see each other again, I'll always be,

Your loving Mike"

The table radio was softly playing "I'll be Seeing You." Maddy lay face down on the bed, one leg kicked up, re-reading Mike's latest tender letter. Her beautiful blue eyes misted with love and desire for her handsome husband, now so lonely and far away. Stark naked, she hadn't bothered to dress yet, it being Saturday morning. When they were together, Saturday mornings were always something special. Maybe he would surprise her with breakfast in bed, and sweet love for dessert. She often did the same, waiting on him like an emperor's servant girl, knowing what pleased him most and giving herself to him completely. It was also a perfect time to engage in a little spanking play, which both of them enjoyed, and usually led to more intense love-making. Maddy lowered the letter, staring at her dressing table, and the one item on it which was most forlorn: her old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. In better times, it had been used often to warm her bare bottom soundly and thoroughly in Mike's capable hand. Now, it was relegated to simply brushing her glorious blonde hair. Leaving the letter on the bed, she got up and retrieved the brush, cradling it in her hands, feeling the smooth density of the hardwood and its considerable heft. On impulse, she bent over slightly and gave herself a smack, wincing at the sting even with the tentative nature of the blow. Laying on the edge of the bed, she gave herself a few more swats, imagining that she was over her lover's lap, getting a good spanking. It stung, but it wasn't the same. In her dresser mirror she could see the red marks left by the brush, and it made her even sadder. Tears of frustration and loneliness started in her eyes as she dejectedly sat on the bedspread, picking up Mike's letter. Aching in her heart, she flung the hairbrush into the corner and collapsed across the mattress, burying her face in the covers and bawling like the day her daddy died.

Mike snapped to attention as his flight instructor entered the room.

"As you were." Major Bennett ordered easily.

Mike relaxed, reaching to stub out the ever-present Lucky burning nearby.

"Not going to town?" the major inquired, interested and curious.

"No sir, uh I mean yes, sir. Later. Just wanted to finish this letter to my wife." Mike answered nervously.

"This her?" the instructor asked, picking up the picture on Mike's desk.

"Yes, sir." Came the assent, Mike nodding his head.

"She's a beautiful woman, Willis. You're a very lucky man." Setting the picture down, he turned to go, and then remarked, "Makes what we're trying to do even more important, doesn't it?"

Relaxing a bit, Mike lowered his head and affirmed, "Yes, sir. It sure does. I hope we can make a difference."

"You can count on it." Major Bennett stated firmly. Then, in a friendly but mentoring manner, he added, "Do yourself a favor, Willis. You're going to need every bit of skill and luck you've got to survive this war. Stay focused. It's all right to remember what you're fighting for, but don't hang on too hard; it hurts your concentration."

Mike had no answer, and actually, none was required. He stood by his chair, looking at the man for a moment or two. Finally, the major turned to leave, saying,

"Go have yourself some fun, mister. The mail doesn't leave until noon tomorrow, and the letter will still be there when you get back."

He left before Mike could reply, leaving the barracks nearly empty once more. Sighing, Mike folded up the letter. He would finish it later. Right now he needed some relaxation. "Maybe I'll call a cab and meet the guys in town," he thought. "Yeah. Couple of drinks wouldn't hurt." Straightening his tie, he slipped on the rakish garrison cap and left, leaving the empty bunks and silent barracks behind. It took a while for the cab to come, and as tail-end Charlie, Mike had it all to himself. They hadn't even cleared the main gate before he was thoroughly wrapped up in another installment of his favorite daydream: the lovely Madeline.

Maddy dodged around the neat row of Sunflowers, running for her life, but Mike took a shortcut through the Victory garden and caught her before she could barricade herself in the old shed. Out of breath and laughing like schoolkids, they kissed ardently, until Mike broke away and announced,

"No you don't, you wicked girl. Evidently the bottom-warming I gave you this morning didn't teach you anything. Now you're going to get what's coming to you."

Maddy thrilled with delicious dread as she watched Mike roll up his right sleeve and then start to remove his wide leather belt. Standing with her hands clasped behind her, Maddy twisted back and forth, trying to imagine what that belt was going to feel like, her face shining with excitement. Watching as her husband doubled the belt, she thrilled even more as he silently took her firmly by the arm and led her into the shed. Without a word, he stripped off her shorts and sat on the ancient packing crate so often used for a spanking seat. Looking up at the angelic face, now wide-eyed with apprehension, he ordered,

"All right, you naughty little brat. Over my knee. Maybe a good strapping will teach you not to play tricks on me."

Maddy lay across his lap, feeling the rough texture of his jeans against her smooth skin, and sensing a firm bulge in one particular spot. Smiling just a little, she prepared herself for the strap, but was still surprised at the burn of it when it landed across both cheeks. A gasp escaped her lips, followed by another as the leather whacked her again across both thighs. Kicking involuntarily, she let out a sharp

"Ahhhhhh! Owww! oh, Mike!" as the belt smacked her bare bottom over and over, striping her creamy white skin and turning it a fiery red. Soon she was yelping her discomfort, but not wanting him to stop as the strap burned its way up and down her backside. Writhing across his lap, Maddy loved the way he spanked her, soundly but not viciously. It stung, and burned, and smarted, but she had no fear that he would really hurt her. He would take her to a place reserved for those who find release and fulfillment from being spanked and loved at the same time, a heavenly ecstasy with a love/hate admission price. She was dimly aware when he stopped, feeling his hand, which was so hard when spanking, now soft and gentle as he caressed her inflamed bottom. He talked soothingly to her, helping her up and seating her on his lap. The rough denim chafed against her well-strapped bottom, but Maddy didn't mind. Mike cradled her in his arms and talked of his love for her, brushing back her beautiful blonde hair and kissing the tears from her face. Their cat, Kilroy, sat on the workbench nearby under the window, watching as the two progressed from an upright state to a horizontal one. He must have been thinking that it took humans much too long to accomplish something as simple as sex, as he lay down and closed his eyes, oblivious to the loving couple on the floor, now totally lost in each other.

* * *

At training bases all over the country, young men were becoming skilled pilots, in preparation for an all-out effort against tyranny. There would be losses, even before the end of training. Some candidates would wash out, and contribute to the war effort in other ways. Others would achieve their final destiny, becoming the arrowheads that would strike deep at Axis oppression, coming wave after wave until the enemy was overwhelmed in defeat. One night stands and whirlwind courtships abounded. Long-distance romances were commonplace. Everywhere in the free world, people dug down and found a way to get by: one day at a time.