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Date: 28 Nov 1996 02:24:56 GMT

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing adult themes. If you are not of legal age stop reading now. Any similarity between characters depicted in this story and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


End of Innocence

Finishing up the breakfast dishes, Maddy stepped away from the sink, turning to ask Mike;

"Can we have a Christmas tree?" she asked hopefully, looking at her husband with the most angelic little-girl face she could manage.

Drying the last plate, Mike hung up the dish towel and narrowed his eyes a bit, putting her on, as he asked "I don't know. Have you been a good girl?"

She pouted, pushing out her lower lip. "No," she admitted, her hands clasped behind her, swaying from side to side, "but can we have one anyway?"

Mike burst out laughing, destroying the tableau. Maddy smiled from ear to ear and leaped on him, laughing as well. With her arms around his neck, she hugged him and planted a coffee-flavored kiss on his mouth. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her to him in a bear-hug of an embrace, kissing her passionately in return. At the end of their long, Sunday morning kiss, she leaned back to look into his eyes; warm, brown eyes that made her feel secure and loved inside. Her love for him was evident in her own sky-blue beauties, those windows to her soul that Mike adored so very much. Volumes of endearment were exchanged in that gaze; the lovers' information highway. Taking her hands from his neck, he held them both, one soft palm in each of his firmer mitts. Their fingers entwined, palms together, causing them both a rush of the most sensual nature. Their eyes still held, but smoldered now, showing the powerful effect they had on one another. Drawing her close, Mike felt Maddy nibble on his left ear, and then whisper into it:

"If I pay the price for being naughty, can we have a tree?"

Mike was getting really warm, and played the game. Releasing her hands, he ran them both over Maddy's sensational bottom, cupping her cheeks, feeling the incredible softness through her nightshirt. She moaned softly, pressing against him, her breath now coming hot in his ear. The lovely blonde derived extreme pleasure from his hand on her bottom; especially when it was spanking it, stinging the fullness of those creamy cheeks into a rosy glow.

"You know what the price is, don't you?" he breathed back at her, giving one bottom-cheek a little smack.

Running her hands down to his waist, she slid them under his pajama top, her fingers tracing electric trails up his muscled back. Flicking her tongue in his ear, she breathed,

"I get turned over your knee," her hands caressed him as she went on,

"for a good, hard spanking." Smiling wickedly as she felt his mounting excitement,

"Right on my naughty bare bottom." She finished, kissing his neck hotly.

Mike was so hot that he could have taken her right then and there, and she wouldn't have minded a bit. That would destroy the game, however, so he gritted his teeth and told her,

"That's right, you incorrigible little minx. March your saucy little behind into the bedroom; I'll be there in a minute or two with the strap."

She gave a small gasp at the unexpected revelation, her eyes widening at his words.

"That's right, my naughty little girl;" Mike confirmed, pleased with Maddy's excited reaction, "after I've warmed that cute little caboose of yours with my hand, you're going to get a dose of well-oiled leather."

He referred to a hearty paddle-strap that Maddy had made for him, and was reserved for very special occasions. It was made from a section of thick machine strapping, about eight inches long and just over three inches wide, with a wooden handle. The beautiful blonde could attest to its stinging power, and her eyes misted over a bit at the thought, then just as quickly glistened with delicious anticipation. Placing both hands on his firm, flat chest, she gave him a look that would melt steel and strolled seductively into the bedroom, giving him a sultry glance over her shoulder.

"Owww-woww!" "Ohhhh!" "Micky, please, I promise!" "I'll be a good girl!"

Maddy's cries rose in pretended protest as Mike's hand spanked her fast-reddening bare bottom again and again. Smack after smack stung the smooth skin, making her long, lovely legs kick in response. Squirming against the smarting burn was all she could manage, as Mike had her right arm disabled, preventing its interference.

"You bet you will, little lady," Mike confirmed, using his best dominant tone, "especially after the strapping you're going to get when I'm done with my hand."

Bearing down, he really whapped the target hard and fast, slapping it into a blazing red before stopping. Maddy moaned, sobbing a little,

"Ohhhh, Micky. Oh, God it hurts. I love you." She whimpered, laying helpless across his lap. He rubbed the flaming red mounds that had started out so creamy white, soothing some of the smarting. When she had recovered her breath a bit, he sensed the right time and picked up the strap.

"Now, my sweet little gremlin," he said wickedly, "you get that delectable bottom warmed properly."

Her cries rose once again, only with increased pitch and volume as the nasty piece of leather burned its way across her bare bottom. Mike spaced out the spanks, ensuring the effectiveness of each one. Taking great care, he used a practiced skill to deliver the maximum amount of sting without injuring her, which took her to a heavenly ecstasy that she shared only with him. Once again, he knew when she had been spanked enough, and turned his attention to loving her.

Cuddling on his lap, Maddy gloried in the glowing embers of her bottom, pressed against his firm thighs. Covering him with kisses and caresses, she stimulated him to the straining point, finally collapsing together with him on the bed, where they completed their love-making in a passionate frenzy. The glow was still present when they awoke from a short nap, and his hands stroking the smoldering areas of her behind sent them over the edge once more into another coupling. By the time they were satisfied, the sun had risen well into the December sky.

Maddy snuggled against him on the cool sheets, sharing a cigarette.

"Well?" she inquired, exhaling a line of smoke, "Have I paid the price for being such a naughty girl?"

"In full." Mike confirmed, one hand behind his head, grinning at her.

"Then I want my Christmas tree." She insisted. "When can we go looking?"

With a sly grin at her, he said easily,

"I've already picked one out. It's a nice Blue Spruce, about a mile up the hill in back. Want to see it?"

Grabbing a pillow, she growled, "Oooooh! You, you, arggh!" and began what would become a classic pillow-duel, with flying feathers and lots of wrestling. Before they were done, the bedroom was littered with down, and they were laughing like children.

"Let's take a walk, and I'll show you the tree. Want to take a picnic lunch?" Mike asked her, drying his hair with a towel.

"Okay, let me get dressed and I'll pack some of the chicken from last night and some beer." Maddy replied, brushing her gorgeous blonde mane into a shining splendor.

Beautiful blue sky, riddled with marshmallow cumulus clouds sat atop the woods behind their bungalow. Cool, but not cold, it promised to be a wonderful afternoon. The air was clean and fresh, with that special smell that foretold the approach of winter. Hand in hand, the couple ambled slowly up the wooded hillside, feet scrunching on pine needles, sinking into the soft carpet of them. A scrub jay looked skeptically at them, then announced their presence to the forest with a raucous cry. Maddy leaned against Mike's shoulder as they paused for a minute to look back down the slope. Their modest bungalow sat hunched near the foot of the hill, hunkered down in a cozy spot, comfortable even by appearance. No words were needed. She turned her face up to him, and he kissed it, both of them appreciating how fortunate they were to have each other and this glorious day.

The chosen tree, which Maddy readily approved of, stood proudly before them at last. Wonderfully symmetrical, it seemed almost a shame to cut down, but it would serve a worthy purpose. They would decorate it together, in celebration of the season, and it would warm their hearts with its aromatic beauty. They ran their hands reverently over its branches, lifting them to their noses to drink in a fragrance which has no equal in the forest. Nearby, a large flat outcropping of rock formed a natural picnic table, providing a splendid view and a ready-made eating surface. They munched on cold chicken, French bread, pickles and cheese, washed down with slightly warm beer. Afterward, Maddy lay with her head in Mike's lap, wishing time to stand still.

"Too early to cut it, now, isn't it." She remarked, breaking a long silence.

"Yeah." He agreed, stroking her hair softly. "It would just dry out."

Time slid by, the shadows lengthening as they sat, touching, thinking, communicating without a spoken word. It was getting chilly, and Mike finally said,

"Getting cold?"

"Mmmmm-hmmm." She hummed, nestling against him.

"We'd better get back, it's getting dark." He offered half-heartedly, not wanting to break the magic of the moment, enjoying the feel of her against him.

"Uh-huh." She agreed, taking his hand in hers, but not making a move.

It was sometime later that they both noticed stars overhead. The air was still; somewhere a bird mourned the sun's demise. Their tree looked down on them benevolently, as they gazed down the hillside on their cozy cottage, marked by the lighted kitchen window.

"Star light, star bright..." she said quietly, her voice trailing off.

He wrapped his arms around her, loving her more at that moment than he thought possible. In the distance, the sound of a steam whistle came to them on their hillside; a passenger express on its way down the coast.

At long last, they rose together, in silent agreement. With the moon already down, the path down to their house was challenging, but found them giggling and rosy-cheeked as they climbed the back porch. Stamping their feet to shake off pine needles, they turned and gazed back up at the hill, searching the trees in vain for a glimpse of their private tree. Maddy whispered in Mike's ear, something about her bottom being chilly from sitting on that cold rock on the hillside. It was a hint, and one that Mike would act on, before another ten minutes had passed.

A lone conifer, separated from its fellows by a peculiar deadly bond to a human couple, looked down on the small bungalow as lights progressed from one room to another, winding up in the bedroom. Distant sounds carried back, almost too faint to be heard on the sighing breeze; sharp slaps and small ecstatic cries, then softer, more erotic murmurings. After a time, the dwelling was dark at last, its occupants sleeping in each others' arms, secure in their loving innocence.

* * *

By the next morning, December 8, 1941, everything had changed. The world would never be the same again. People would hear President Roosevelt's voice as he informed the nation about Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, and learn how a once proud battleship, the U.S.S. Arizona, lay at the harbor bottom. Many fine young men lay lifeless inside; men who would never again wrap a present for a friend, pass a heaping plate of mashed potatoes to a younger brother, kiss a sweetheart. For Americans, the age of innocence was at an end. The beast was at the door, and it had to be slain. Flags all over America dipped in silent tribute, and sleeves were rolled up in preparation for the effort to come. A murmur of outrage and protest grew to a rumble; then a terrifying roar.

The sleeping giant had awakened.