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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing adult themes. If you are not of legal age stop reading now. Any similarity between characters depicted in this story and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Fires of Creation

Maddy lay on her back in the half-dark, awake before dawn, something that had become altogether too common lately to suit her. Dozing, she made the best of a bad situation, engaging in little fantasy dreams about her lost husband, Mike. With gentle, practiced ease, her hands roamed the secret places of her body that Mike's firmer hands had caressed with such tenderness, in the times before war had literally blown their marriage to oblivion. She remembered how it was; her handsome lover taking her across his lap, the palm of his right hand spanking her upturned bare bottom to a stinging, vibrant crimson, exciting both of them to fever pitch. Patiently, he followed the intense event by making love to her in the sweetest way; slowly stoking the fires within her until every nook and cranny of her being was illuminated by the flames of passion. Holding his own satisfaction to the last, his final urgent thrusting fused them together like merging trails of red-hot lava, flowing as one where two had previously existed. The fires ebbed, fading slowly to smoldering ashes. One particular ember flickered, caught..., and held, fed by the love and substance of the passion-driven beings. Burning ever more brightly, it would become the testament of love created by Mike and Maddy.

* * *

"Push!" she heard dimly, through the fog of pain surrounding her. Bearing down, she gripped her mother's hand tightly, feeling like she was being torn apart, panting with the effort and the rending pain. Gritting her teeth till she thought they would snap, she gave a last determined shove, and was suddenly falling free, giddy from relief and release. Her mother's face swam in front of her own, indistinct, ethereal. There was the sound of a slap, followed by one of the most beautiful sounds in the world; the cry of a new human life.

"It's a boy, dear!" Maureen Ryan announced, smiling down at her exhausted daughter.

Maddy closed her eyes, breathing deeply, not even minding the awful soreness, reveling in the event, delirious with joy at the legacy Mike had left her. The nurse brought her new son, freshly cleaned off and a newly minted coin, tucking him in beside her. Maddy held him close, cuddling him to her, carried away with pleasure at having a piece of her precious Micky to love and care for. When all had departed, leaving the mother and child alone, she spoke aloud to the empty room.

"I'm going to name him after you, you know." She announced. "Michael Randolph Willis." Maddy knew Mike would be pleased that she had chosen his brother's name for the boy's middle one; a tribute to the sibling he had loved so much and tragically lost. "He'll have a good education, and when he's old enough, the opportunity to fly, if he wants to." She promised, looking upward. Her eyes seemed to penetrate the ceiling, going up into the sky above the hospital, soaring with remembered ecstasy at the times she and Mike spent cloud-dancing in the old biplane. The baby stirred, eyes closed, his tiny fingers reaching out to close around one of hers. Pressing her lips to his still-damp hair, she felt whole again.

* * *

"Come on, Maddy! We'll be late!" Mike shouted, throwing their suitcases in the back seat of their convertible.

"Coming!" she yelled back, locking the back door, allowing the screen to close with a slam.

"If we miss that train, I'll paddle your rump!" he threatened, putting on his best angry scowl for her benefit. She halted in mid-stride, fixing her lovely blonde hair, now done up in a tight roll in back. Eyeing him with her best smoldering look, she said,


Sauntering toward him slowly, she teased him, her eyes mocking, laughing at their little private joke. She would like nothing better than to have him spank her, and he knew it. Mike's temperature rose a couple of degrees as he ran his eyes over Maddy's enticing figure, his urgency temporarily derailed. She struck a pose for his benefit, gratified at the effect she had on him. With one hand on her hip, the pretty blonde put one lovely leg forward, her knee curving deliciously under the thin material of her dress. Below the hemline, a well-turned calf led down to a brown and white open-toed pump, which did its part to set off her glamorous limb.

A gust of wind fluttered her dress, breaking his concentration. Shaking his head, he grinned and turned away, muttering,

"You're a scamp, Madeline. Get in the car before I lose control and make us really late."

Her eyes toying with him, she said saucily,

"Okay, flyboy, but I'm going to make you keep your promise, later."

She got in beside him, making sure her dress hiked up more than necessary, just to needle him a bit. Finding her irresistible, as usual, he put an arm around her, drawing her close and kissing her hard on the mouth, delighting in the feel of her softness pressed against him. She murmured with pleasure at the intensity of his embrace, then, as they broke apart, complained,

"Oh, bother! Now I'll have to fix my lipstick!"

She grinned broadly, seeing that he had almost as much red smear on his mouth as she did. As Mike backed the Ford out of the driveway, Maddy got out her lipstick and began repairs to her alluring lips, expertly controlling her hand in spite of the acceleration as Mike arrowed out onto the country lane, headed for the coast road.

They sailed along the highway, racing a line of white clouds which seemed to pace them, hanging in a brilliant blue sky above the ocean. Warm summer air swirled around the car's windshield, bringing with it the heady fragrance of growing things and sharp salt air. Turning off the main highway, Mike headed toward the small railway station where they expected to get a train to visit Maddy's mother. About a quarter-mile along, Mike groaned as he saw a long freight train slowly creeping across the road at a grade crossing. They were certain to miss their train now, and would have to wait two hours for the next one. Sighing in resignation, he stopped the car and shut it off, as the end of the barely moving freight was not yet in sight. After a minute, he looked speculatively at his pretty blonde wife, eyeing her coolly as if to say,

"This is your, fault, you wicked wench. I ought to give you a good spanking right here and now." His mind continued the thread, and he looked around, sizing up the situation. Nobody coming behind them, just fields of golden grass, the beautiful sky above, and the eternal procession of squeaking, groaning boxcars. Biting her lip in mock contrition, Maddy's blue eyes sparkled as she seemed to read her husband's thoughts. Just as he reached for her arm, she squealed, her face lighting up with surprise, and bolted out the passenger door. Mike flung open his door and chased her around the car until she caught a heel on the pavement and had to grab onto the fender to keep from falling. Before she could recover, he was on her. Placing his left foot on the running board, he maneuvered her across his knee.

"Oh, No, Mike! Not here!" she pleaded, excited by the circumstance, her words saying no, but the tone of her voice saying yes!

"Yes, my naughty girl, right here, and right now!" he affirmed, flipping up her flimsy dress to reveal her magnificent pantied bottom. Putting his right arm to work, he slapped the twin globes of her gorgeous bottom, the gossamer panties providing no real protection at all from the sting of his palm.

"Owww! Ohhh! Mike! I'm sorry! Owwww!" she lamented, her lovely legs kicking as he spanked her smartly, again and again.

Once again, her words said no, but Mike knew she was loving every swat. The target got redder as he spanked, and Maddy's hand quested back, the fire in her rear making her squirm, overwhelming the pleasure she was deriving from having her handsome husband paddle her. Mike kept her bent double across his knee, however, and managed to keep the interfering arm clear of the spanking area, which he continued to smack, scolding her now and then for causing their delay. First one shoe, and then the other left her feet as the spanking continued, showing Mike that it was having the desired effect. Pausing in his efforts, he grasped the waistband of her silky panties, dragging them down to expose the rosy expanse of her glorious bottom.

"Micky! No! Please!" she yowled, embarrassed already, but now mortified at the turn of events.

There was nobody to see, however, a fact that she couldn't know, face down as she was with her dress around her head. The prospect of having her bare little hiney whapped while somebody watched, both humiliated and excited her. The emotion was short lived. After a brief minute of admiration, Mike resumed spanking, and Maddy's cries grew more strident as his firm palm swatted bare skin with a vengeance, deepening the crimson color of her once-creamy backside.

As Mike spanked, he failed to notice that the end of the train was approaching, looking up just in time to catch the appreciative leer of an aging brakeman, who was clinging to the caboose as it rolled by. He could swear the old guy winked at him, and laughed to himself as he let Maddy up. Generally, spanking led to making love, but the circumstances wouldn't permit, so Mike just watched as a red-faced (with bottom to match) Maddy struggled to regain her modesty. She hadn't seen the railroad worker, and Mike made a mental note to save that little piece of data for an appropriate time when he needed to unhinge her.

Back in the car, Maddy squirmed in her seat, her eyes all liquid, not just from crying, but partly due to the intense excitement built up in her by Mike's attentions. She wanted to rip his clothes off and make frenzied love; wanted him to take her, transport her to the next level of incredible ecstasy that they often shared. She had to settle for snuggling against him, dabbing at her mascara-smeared eyes with a hanky, feeling the firmness of his bicep and running her hand up his right thigh to the even firmer body part that strained at its moorings. Maddy wasn't the only one who was excited.

"Cut that out!" Mike admonished her, giving her a crooked smile.

She persisted, stroking the hidden love-soldier slowly, her palm pressing it against his leg.

"Listen, you shameless little strumpet," he cautioned, "we've got two hours until the next train, and if you aren't careful, I'll pull off into the woods and use all of it to take my belt to you!"

"Mmmmmmm." She cooed, nestling against him, feeling his reaction, "I'm willing, if you are."

"You're incorrigible!" he said, exasperated, slapping her hand away carefully.

Things would have escalated further, but as luck would have it, the railway station came into view, making Maddy sit up and begin repairing her makeup and clothing. By the time they pulled into the parking lot, they were both composed, but still had the look of two teen-agers who had been necking in the back seat; faces flushed and eyes bright. What made their union so rewarding was the freshness that each new day and experience brought to their lives, the way they enjoyed each other.

In the station, Maddy perversely enjoyed the way the hard wooden bench reminded her of her Mike's ministrations. By the time the train arrived, she was warm all over and wanting him more than she could ever remember. Part of her looked forward to the upcoming visit with her mother, while another, more primitive part wanted to be somewhere alone with her man, where she could meld with him totally, filling the natural void within her.

Mike sat across from her in their compartment, his head nodding, dozing, snoring softly. She wanted to stroke his face, like a mother, to kiss his forehead and bid him sweet dreams. Her heart filled to overflowing with love and caring, and she watched him sleep, child-like. The landscape flowed by, farmland, desert, farmland again, urban sprawl. She hummed a tune; Glenn Miller's "String of Pearls", thinking how very like her life was to that image. One day after the next, not all perfect, but with she and Mike growing closer all the time. Maddy vowed to herself that she would speak to Mike about having a baby. The fire within burned strong, and fiercely desired to create something tangible from their union. The ugly specter of war loomed over them, as it did over countless others who faced the untimely termination of their shared lives. Mike, like most men, was fearful that a mother and child would suffer because he would not be there to care for them. Maddy, with the age-old wisdom of women, knew that Mike's seed needed to be preserved, and would be willing to make any sacrifice to make it so; to hold on to even a small part of the being she loved so much. A tear drifted down Maddy's cheek, carrying a trace of dark mascara with it, as if the secret part of her, deep inside, had a foreshadowing of what was to come. Outside, the ever-changing landscape flowed relentlessly by, like the hands of time ticking off their very lives. They, the train, the people on it, all had their own destinations. The train's was known, immutable. Theirs was undefined; a product of all their hopes, dreams, yearnings, mistakes, victories, passions, and the vagaries of chance. Slipping over beside her lover, Maddy cuddled against him, eventually joining him in peaceful slumber as the train hurtled on into the gathering darkness.<BR>

* * *

"Ouahhh! Waaaah!" a flesh and blood alarm clock roused Maddy from her peaceful but somewhat troubling dream. For a brief moment, she was displaced in time, expecting to waken next to her lover on a train bound for San Diego. The hospital room pressed in on her, and she nearly cried as the reality of her present came crashing back. Something else was crying, though. The small bundle that was her new son demanded attention. Maddy's heart filled with love and remembrance, soothing the red-faced little caricature of her darling Micky. Raising the child to her breast, she gave him nourishment. Mike's lips had been less hungry, but no less welcome. Maddy stroked his dark hair, feeling fulfilled with her role in the continuing cycle.

Maddy was not alone. Courageous couples all over the world overcame the fear of troubled times to start and expand families. Many of those unions were severed by the horrors of war, but they did their best to keep the fires of creation burning. Their progeny carries a legacy into the future; the future of man.