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Subject: Emma At School 3 - The cost of failure

Emma At School 3

The cost of failure

Obediently, Emma knelt on the carpeted floor and closed her eyes, trying not to imagine what would happen next. What did happen was that the door opened.

"Deborah. Come in please."

Deborah? What was she doing there? Amanda went on.

"I'm sorry to tell you that Emma has failed her House Test. You know what that means?"

"Yes, Amanda," Emma's friend replied.


"The tawse. Eight whacks on the bare bottom."

Eight strokes on her bare bottom. Emma could hardly believe her ears and she felt tears running down her cheeks.

"Correct," Amanda continued. "Stand in front of Emma please."

Emma opened her eyes as Deborah approached her, wanting her friend to hug her, console her or, better still, persuade the house captain not to flog her. But she kept her mouth closed while Deborah walked up to stand right in front of her. Not only, it appeared, was she to be punished, but her only friend at the school, as well as the house prefect, was going to watch.


At Amanda's sharp voice, Emma snapped her head up.

"Yes, Amanda," she croaked.

"Please remove Deborah's skirt."

"Wh... what?" Emma's mind was racing ahead, trying to work out what twist was being added to her punishment, but no clarification was forthcoming.

"Just do as you are told please, young lady."

Emma reached up and unfastened the clasps that held up Deborah's school skirt, dropping it to the floor. Her face was only inches from her friend's subtly bulging panties and, despite the circumstances, she felt a familiar twitching between her own thighs.

"Now pull her panties down, right to her ankles."

Something strange was happening here, Emma thought as she lifted her hands to the elastic waistband of Deborah's white cotton panties. However unlike you, dear reader, she lacked the distance necessary to recognise her error and still feared for her own bottom as she bared Deborah's pretty pussy and landed her panties on the ground.

It was only when Amanda gave her next instruction that the penny dropped.

"Good. Now, Deborah, feet apart please and move forwards a little for me. Emma, will you take a firm hold of Deborah's legs for me."

Deborah obeyed at once, spreading her thighs to give Emma an even better look at her slightly parted pussy lips and the pink secrets within and then, as Emma took hold of her legs, anticipating the next instruction by bending down over her friend to hold on to Emma's elbows. In spite of the fact that she had clearly brought about the tawsing of, not herself, but her friend, Emma could think of little at that moment but the sight and haunting scent of her friend's sex.

Again Amanda broke in on her personal thoughts.

"Until you pass your House Test," she said, a little regretfully, "I am not permitted to administer corporal punishment to you. You will, of course, receive a generous amount when you finally do pass, but in the meantime your friend Deborah will take the thrashing you have earned. Did you hear what that was to be?"

Emma felt a guilty blush rising to her cheeks as she stammered the answer.

"Er... eight strokes of the tawse on... on the bare bottom."

"Correct. Usually offenders count out the strokes as they are being beaten. As you are the offender, you will count please."

"Please..." Emma suddenly began, as if finally realising what she had brought down upon her friend. "Can't you just...."

"Silence!" Amanda ordered her. "Or Deborah, not you, will face additional strokes for insolence. "Count out loud please!"

And with that angry command, Amanda lifted the tawse high and swept it down in a long arc to crash loudly and forcefully across Deborah's bared bottom.

As her friend screamed with pain, Emma began to cry again, wondering whether Deborah would ever speak to her again, let alone continue to be her friend. Tearfully she whimpered the first count.


As the second stroke landed, Emma felt Deborah's body jump under the might of the blow and heard the jolt echoed in her loud screech of anguish.

I did this! Emma told herself. I might as well be wielding the strap myself! How will Deborah ever be able to forgive me?

THWACK! "Oooohh!"

Tears from Deborah's eyes began to fall onto Emma's bare calves as she counted out the strokes, Deborah's pain given voice in her desperate sobbing as she endured the punishment for her trainee failing the House Test.

Then, as Deborah's bare bottom was strapped for a sixth time, Emma became aware of a strong, sweet scent and realised to surprise that it was the smell of her friend's arousal - the same smell she had delighted in on the several occasions when she had soothed Deborah's well-spanked cheeks.

Could she really be getting turned on by this cruel spanking? Could this vicious flogging really be warming not only Deborah's behind, but also her pussy. Emma's own wetness (which had not surprised her) now increased as she contemplated her friend's sexual response to being beaten and she imagined herself in Deborah's position - bent over with her knickers off and receiving Amanda's robust attention. Surely all she would feel would be the burning pain of the strap? Surely she wouldn't find her sex crying out for attention in the way her friend's pussy was now?

CRACK! "Noooh!"

In her reverie, Emma almost forgot to call out "Seven!" as Deborah's scream of agony cut through her mind, her whole body on fire now as the different aspects of this electrifying event intermixed with each other.

Deborah's arousal was unmistakable now. Her pussy's wetness was visible to Emma from her position between the other girl's thighs (and therefore visible too to Amanda as she wielded the strap!). She watched as Amanda's tennis-trained arm lifted the leather high above her head for a final time and pulled it sharply through the air.

Emma followed the tawse with her eyes as it snaked down across her roommate's buttocks, cursing her position as she couldn't watch the impact and the unravelling of the new weal she knew must have been left by the stroke. For the last time (for this session at least) Deborah's mouth opened and her voice exploded bitterly around the room.

"Eight!" yelled Emma in response.

Amanda said nothing for the moment, but walked back to her desk to replace the tawse in its hiding place, leaving Deborah half- naked and exposed. Emma desperately now wanted to lean forwards to taste the sweet-smelling juices whose scent was still infusing her confused mind. However, she simply waited for Amanda to issue her next instruction which she did almost immediately.

"Stand up, Deborah," she said. "You need to get back to educating your trainee don't you. I'd hate to have to call you back here again on Wednesday. And anyway, I want to be able to have the opportunity of putting young Emma over my knee, so you need to ensure she passes. Understand?"

"Yes, Amanda," Deborah replied, still standing in front of her friend and naked from the waist down, her swollen clitoris peeking inquisitively from the folds of her sex.

"Good. You can replace your skirt... but no panties until your charged has passed, I think. Just to remind you of the importance I attach to it. OK?"

"Yes, Amanda."

Deborah pulled her skirt on and silently left the room with Emma following, head-bowed, behind. Her friend was being deprived of her panties too - as well as getting the strap. And all because of her. She began to weep again as they approached Deborah's study.

"What are you snivelling about?" Deborah demanded.

"I... I'm sorry... I'm sorry for...." Emma began.

"Oh don't bother with your pathetic excuses. Just learn that fucking book!"

And with that, Deborah threw herself onto her couch face down and began, heaving gently, to cry her eyes out. Emma gingerly tried stroking her hair, but Deborah slapped her hand away and grunted loudly. Emma had screwed up good an proper. Deborah was her only friend at the school and it was beginning to look as though she may have lost her though this horrible business.

"Deborah..." she whispered. "Deborah!"

"What do you want, you little shit?"

"I... I wanted to ask... I mean, are you... will you still be my friend?"

Deborah sat up sharply, her tears held back for the moment.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"Of course... I mean, I don't know anyone here and..." And again Emma collapsed in tears.

"Listen Emma," Deborah said a little less harshly.


"Have you just had your bare bottom strapped?"

"N... no. What do..."

"So just SHUT THE FUCK UP! I've got the reason to cry, not you!"

Emma flinched at the blow.

"I'm really sorry, Deborah. Really I am."

"Yeah, really!" Deborah retorted.

"I am. Can... can I rub some cream on you?"

Deborah's look was withering.

"And what makes you think I'd want you near me, letting alone smearing your grubby hands over my bare bum?"

"I just... I don't know anyone... I don't have any friends...."

As Emma dissolved once again, Deborah felt her heart softening a little. But she wasn't ready to let the new girl off just yet.



"Would you... if I... would you let me be your friend if I let you..." She looked Deborah in the eyes and then looked down, "If I let you spank me."

Deborah wasn't ready for that and had to check herself to stop her from jumping around the room excitedly.

"Spank you?" she asked, with a vaguely interested tone.

Emma just nodded.

"Hmmm. I suppose that might make a difference. A bare bottom spanking?"

"Yes... OK," Emma agreed.

"Let's see... twelve whacks with... with whatever I want."

Emma recalled Deborah's wailing under the cane and tawse and recoiled a little.

"Couldn't you just spank me with your hand?"

Deborah found that idea particularly delicious, but didn't let on.

"I don't know about that.... OK, I'm prepared to agree to forty smacks with my hand... and also six with the instrument of my choice?"

Emma realised that this was an increase in the scale, but nodded her assent anyway.

"Ok, Deborah. Wh... when do you want to do it?"

"I'm not sure. Whenever and wherever I want, though. Agreed?"


"Good. Now, what about my bottom rub?"

Emma was surprised at how pleasant Deborah was being now, unaware of quite how many times the other girl had masturbated herself to sleep while fantasising about spanking Emma's bare bottom. She responded by beginning to remove her friend's clothing and Deborah allowed her to strip her completely, not questioning the need for her breasts to be bared for a bottom massage.

Emma led Deborah over to the couch and placed her as she wanted her: on her knees with her bottom facing out into the room and, again with no protest, with her knees a full two feet apart. Taking her tube of cream, Emma knelt between her friend's feet which projected out over the edge of the couch and, as she rubbed a good quantity over her palms she looked, for the third time only, upon Deborah's pussy. Although, following the advice of her mum's women's magazines, Emma had inspected her own genitals with a mirror, she had never thought of female sex organs as "beautiful". But now, her face only inches from her friend's glistening pink folds, she found herself transfixed by every crevice. She could see Deborah's clitoris, enlarged like a tiny fat finger, and wanted so much to slide her own digits through the warm wetness of her and to caress that eager button.

Instead she began to smooth her cream over Deborah's bottom, but this time her hands began quite soon to roam down over the girl's thighs and then between them. She managed to restrain herself for a full five minutes before, responding to Deborah's moans and her wiggling bottom and her own mounting desire, she finally allowed a single finger to stray, as if lost, away from the pinkness of the girl's bottom and into the pinkness of her slit.

This tiny action changed everything between them. Deborah let out a long sigh of intense pleasure and Emma's response appeared one hundred percent natural, she fell into her friend's arms, her mouth seeking out Deborah's and her hand homing in on her sex. Two fingers slid easily deep inside Deborah's vagina, Emma's thumb finding her clit and circling it repeatedly. At the same time, Deborah began to pull at Emma's clothing and, within minutes, both girls were completely naked and licking and stroking each other's bodies with the passion created by a week's steadily growing arousal.

Although Emma had never experienced an orgasm at the hands of another, and Deborah only very rarely, they both came quickly and noisily, continuing their lovemaking through further climaxes until each was completely exhausted and they lay, covered in sweat, entwined in each other's arms. In the mind's eye of each girl there was now playing a very similar sequence of images. Emma having her panties pulled off. Deborah pulling Emma over her knee. Emma's skirt being raised to bare her pale, young bottom. Deborah lifting her hand and beginning to give Emma only the second bare bottom spanking of her life.