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Subject: EMMA AT SCHOOL Episode 4 - Asking for it

Emma At School 4

Asking for it

Emma has failed her House Test on the school rules. As a result, her only friend at the school, Deborah, has been punished - a bare-bottom strapping. As a way of winning back Deborah’s friendship, Emma has volunteered to submit to a spanking from her. The ploy has worked and the girls have now become lovers.

Nothing was said about Emma’s punishment until the morning when the girls awoke next to each other in one of the two narrow single beds in the guest room.

"Mmmmm." As Emma’s senses stirred, she became aware of the soft, warm flesh next to her and nuzzled happily against Deborah’s breasts.

"I thought you’d never wake up," her lover replied, running a finger down Emma’s spine.

"Tired," Emma answered with closed eyes and a relaxed smile, giggling then as Deborah’s hand slipped between her legs and roused her pussy, her thighs parting to welcome the touch.

"Oohh, that’s nice," she whispered, kissing Deborah’s nipples lightly and luxuriating in the snug feel of two fingers lodged deep inside her while her girlfriend’s spare hand approached her sleepy clitoris.

"Good," Deborah cooed. "I need you awake so that I can begin the first part of your spanking."

"F... first part," Emma stammered, the warmth in her pussy making conversation difficult. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I didn’t say anything about everything happening in one go. I mean, forty hand smacks and six with... well, something else - that could keep me going for days."

"You’ve only got two," Emma reminded her.

"Yes. A pity," Deborah agreed. "So... better start now then."

"Now?" Deborah’s fingers were still stroking her sex deliciously and she rather hoped that her lover might finish what she had started, rather than.... But no. Suddenly her pussy was abandoned and she was left only with a damp emptiness and the promise of a sore bottom.

"What are you going to use?" Emma asked, thinking that getting it over might be the best tactic.

"Well.... difficult," the other girl replied. "I’d love to strap or cane you... but if you do pass your Test on Wednesday then your cute little bum isn’t likely to stay covered for very long and we don’t want any marks, do we? So - go and look in the top drawer over there please."

Emma obediently got out of bed and, naked still, walked across the room to the desk, Deborah enjoying the sight of her well-proportioned body as she moved. Emma pulled back the drawer and lifted out the table-tennis bat within. It was one of those old-fashioned ones: basically a bit of wood with a bumpy plastic covering on each side. She felt the blood rushing to her head as she turned, holding the implement, to her lover.

"With... with this?" she asked quietly.

"Indeed. Hand it to me please."

Emma handed over the heavyish bat and waited for her instructions. Somehow she felt anticipation rather than fear and the heat between her thighs wasn’t abating either.

"Does... does this turn you on?" she asked. "You know.. spanking me?" Deborah replied by crooking her finger to draw Emma nearer and then guiding the girl’s hand down to her own sex, Emma fingers finding her hot, slippery and accommodating.

"Do you mind?" Deborah asked her.

"No. I just wondered. What do you want me to do?"

"Normally, I’ll spank you over my knee. However, I want this first one to really hurt so I’ll need a bit more swing. Face the desk, legs wide apart, and bend over. No, hang on."

She trawled through a couple of drawers until she found a clean white handkerchief.

"Can’t have any screams, can we?" she observed, handing the makeshift gag to the other girl.

Emma bit on the hanky and then followed the earlier instructions, for the second time in two weeks presenting her bare bottom for chastisement - this time at the hands (and bat) of a girl her own age. She didn’t have long to ponder, however, for Deborah wasted no time in lining up her shot and swinging the bat like an Olympic ping-ponger (or is it ping-pongist?). It flashed through the air and slammed into Emma’s exposed cheeks like a locomotive.

"Mmphhh!" Emma howled ineffectively through the gag as the sharp sting of the bat shot through her bottom, its afterglow reminding her of the time she’d had to pee while walking in a local wood as a little girl with her parents and had crouched down atop a clump of stinging nettles.


The gag not only prevented Emma from screaming at the pain being inflicted on her by her "friend", it also stopped her from begging and pleading to be spared the last three strokes with the bat. If she had been in a fit sense to reason she would have recognised that this bottom-warming was extremely mild compared to what was often dished out at Katherine Parr - mild, in fact, compared to the punishments that Emma herself had watched being inflicted on Deborah.

Deborah would no doubt have argued, correctly surely, that her spanking of Emma in this way would help to acclimatise her to the school’s regime and that, in any case, it was in no way exceptionally severe. Because of the gag, however, Deborah didn’t have to consider the question - in fact she only wondered whether she might not have been rather over-lenient. Certainly there was a pleasing red glow to her lover’s bare bottom, but only six strokes? She had better make sure the last three really counted. Emma noticed the difference. Having mistakenly thought that she was experiencing ping-pong punishment at its hardest, Deborah was now pointing out her error most effectively and causing Emma to bounce around in a very unladylike manner under the fierce attention of the bat, ceasing only after the delivery of the sixth stroke.

"You may remove the gag and dress now," Deborah said in a businesslike tone.

"Thank you," Emma snivelled having freed her voice and then finding that dressing was not a painless affair either - not when you’ve chose to wear tight panties and your bottom has been well spanked.

"There remain forty hand-smacks," Deborah reminded her. "That’s six sessions of six smacks - plus four for me to use now in your training."

"Tr... training," the half-dressed girl stammered in reply.

"Yes. I will choose the setting for three of those spankings, on the other three occasions you will ask me to punish you. Understand?"

"Yes, Deborah." Her friend’s voice told her that complaint was not an option.

"Of the three spankings you request (all before tomorrow night, of course), one must take place out of doors. When I choose to spank you, you will obey at once, regardless of the situation. Is that absolutely clear?"

"Yes, Deborah."

"Good. Now, sometimes I will ask you to strip to receive your punishment, at other times simply to "prepare". We’ll practice the latter one now. When asked to prepare, you must remove your panties and lift your skirt to your waist. Then you come and stand before me with your legs apart and a hanky in your mouth so that I may touch you if I wish. When I give the command you will bend down over my knee and I will take care of the rest. So - prepare!"

Emma wanted to beg to be spared this further spanking, yet she also wanted to please her lover and she dutifully slipped her panties to the floor once more, stuffed the same handkerchief in her mouth and stood as instructed in front of Deborah, pussy exposed and open.

"Very good," Deborah noted, choosing (to Emma’s frustration) not to play with her. "Now, over my lap, young lady."

Following the scenario, Emma laid herself across Deborah’s knee and felt her friend shifting her around a little to ensure she was able to get a good shot. Then she stroked Emma’s bare bottom one or twice and lifted her hand.

"Naughty girls get punished at this school. It’s time you learned that," Deborah intoned, slapping hard at Emma’s neatly turned up cheeks. "And what’s more, if you fail your house test this time, I’ll be taking the cane to you. Do you understand that, missy?"

"Nnngghh!" Emma gurgled through her full mouth, nodding her head vigorously as her bottom was smacked again.

"And if you pass, in addition to all the other punishments you receive you will submit to up to four spankings per week from me during your first three months. Six smacks on the bare bottom on each occasion. Agreed?" Again, following the question and the harsh smack which accompanied it, Emma nodded her head, despite the fact that she was now agreeing to a massive heightening of the stakes.

"Good girl, Emma," Deborah said quietly. "One more smack and you can get ready for lessons."

She slipped a finger into the warm crevice between her friend’s thighs and waited for Emma to respond with a thrust of her hips before sliding her finger quickly out and administering the final hard slap.

All through morning lessons, Emma found herself unable to think of anything but her warm bottom and the certainty that the heat in her cheeks would soon be topped-up. She failed to answer most of the teacher’s questions and she could tell by the look on his face that he was extremely annoyed not to be able to take the paddle to her. She couldn’t tell that he was logging her poor performance with a view to "settling up" at a later date. At lunch time Emma sped back to Deborah’s study and was disappointed to find her friend not yet back. Still finding her new situation like a long dream, Emma’s actions seemed to be following a plan over which she had no control. She reached beneath her school skirt and slipped her panties off quickly and then got out the rule book which she dropped onto the couch. Next she collected the various cushions together and piled them up in the centre of the couch. Finally, Emma climbed up onto the couch, hiking her skirt up past her waist and leaning across the pile of cushions. In this position, she would be able to read and re-read the rule book while she waited for Deborah to come back and then, when the door opened and her lover entered the room, she would hardly need to ask for the first of her six spankings.

Deborah was impressed. She’d not had a good morning (and in fact had got her own bottom paddled in class) and was ready to call Emma across her knee anyway. However, Emma’s planning had meant that the spanking she received was given, not in anger, but in loving thanks.

Not that it didn’t still hurt. Deborah was an impressive spanker and Emma had not yet begun to develop the tolerance of her classmates so Deborah managed to bring tears to her friend’s eyes by the time she had finished. Five more spankings followed in the next two days, the last one at 8pm on Tuesday leaving a gap of 12 hours before Emma’s second attempt at the House Test. Emma had reserved her one open-air spanking for this final session and Deborah readily agreed to Emma’s suggestion of a walk in the neighbouring fields. She equally gladly accepted the skirt and panties offered to her a couple of miles from school and helped Emma into place over the rickety wooden stile they had reached. For once, Emma could allow herself to cry out as Deborah smacked her bare bottom hard and Deborah’s smile reflected the pleasure she gained from this aspect of the punishment.

And after she had given her friend a sound spanking, Deborah pulled Emma down into the long grass and the two girls made love deliciously for almost an hour.

On Wednesday morning, Emma woke early in comfort and lay still for a while with her arm around Deborah. She lifted the sheet covering them to look over her soft, rounded body and, feeling the dampness gathering in between her legs, longed to plunge her face into her friend’s pussy - yet she knew that she would have to wait until after she’s passed her test. And there was no doubt in her mind that, this time, she would.

"OK, let’s start in the most obvious place," Amanda began.

Two hours had passed since Emma first opened her eyes and she had spent much of that time bathing and grooming herself in preparation.

The house captain continued, "How is a house public conducted?"

This was the question on which Emma had faltered last time. Now she was almost able to quote the rule book word for word.

"A house public is the term given for a punishment administered in public by the offender’s house captain or house master or mistress. Such punishments shall be given immediately after evening roll call. No pupils may be excused from watching. The offender shall be fully naked and shall be tied to a punishment horse (like the one Emma had seen Deborah tied to on her first day at the school). Following the administration of the punishment, the offender shall be left in position, on display, for fifteen minutes before being released and allowed to dress."

Emma’s answers to the rest of Amanda’s questions were equally accurate and Amanda was soon satisfied that she had fully learned the rule book.

"Well done," she said. "You’ve passed. I now want to say a few things to you about the ways in which your time here will now be different." Amanda looked at the younger girl with a quizzical look and then continued: "While I’m speaking, you may as well undress."

Emma had expected a spanking for her initial failure at the Test but was still unnerved by the thowaway line.

"Do I... everything?" she asked.

"Yes please," Amanda replied. "I’d prefer it."

As Emma stripped off her school uniform, Amanda sat in a large, blue, well-padded armchair and talked about the dormitory regime and other aspects of the school that Emma had not yet experienced. She told her about how to accept punishments from teachers in class and informed her that a number of teachers had spankings saved up for her already. As Emma shyly pulled her panties down, the house captain got up and fetched the strap from her drawer, pleased to note the lack of surprise on the young girl’s face.

"You were expecting this?" she asked.

"Yes," Emma looked into the powerfully-built older girl’s face and felt almost overawed by her poise and beauty. "I thought that I’d probably still be punished for failing the Test last time."

"Yes. You’re right, of course," Amanda replied. "And, if I’m truthful, I like to be the person to initiate our new girls into the ways of the school."

The house captain walked up close to the new girl and took her nervous-looking face in her hands, kissing her tenderly on the forehead. "Are you ready?" she asked.

"I think so."

"Good. Often when you come to me to be punished, I’ll tell you to bend over my desk or something similar to allow me a better swing. However, for your first spanking I’d like you over my knee please."

Amanda took Emma’s hand and led her across the room to a straight backed chair. Smiling to herself she sat down and then took the good-looking youngster across her lap for the first time. "I hope you’re comfy," she thought to herself as she lifted the strap. "This is going to become a very familiar posture."