Subject: The Tip Off (Very Late SSC entry by Rosewood)
From: Rosewood
Date: 2 Jan 1997 21:29:06 +0100

The Tip Off

I did write this during this year's competition but, due to the much-aggrieved death of anon.penet.fi, I didn't ever manage to post it.

Reading through it again, I think it's rather good (how modest!) so I thought I'd post it anyway - if the judges feel like making a response, that would naturally be very welcome.



* * *

It was perfect. No burglar alarm, plenty of high quality audio-visual and computer equipment, a cleaner prepared to leave a window open for a few quid, and a single occupant with a date.

"Kevin," the shadowy figure whispered in the darkness as she cut the expensive videoís electrical umbilicus, "you truly are a wonderful man." As she gathered her booty, Lisa smiled at the accolade. A fat, drunken butcher was how Kevin appeared to casual observers, but such valuable information!

The girl was about to move towards the window when she heard the unmistakeable sound of a turning key. Silently, she pressed her slim figure against the wall and held her breath. Footsteps. Then the room was bathed in bright light, dazzling Lisa for a few long seconds.

"What are you doing here?" spluttered the man silhouetted in the doorway.

"I..." Lisa began. "But youíre supposed to be..."

She tailed off, realising her mistake too late.

"Yes, youíre right. Iím supposed to be at a very important meal. Fortunately for me I forgot my wallet. I wonder if you have as good an excuse for your presence."

Robert looked the girl over. She could be no older than seventeen, with long hair tied back for utility and eyes which fixed on him like those of a forest animal caught in car headlights.

"Letís just ask the police to join us for your explanation."

"No please!" Lisaís voice was desperate. "Please donít call the police!"

"I see." Robertís tone was severe. "Prepared to take the money, but not the consequences?"

He set the phone down on the table and continued to speak as he rummaged in a cupboard.

"Your choice. Grown up criminal? Dial 999. Naughty little girl? Take your jeans off and bend over the table. That option earns you three spankings: fifty smacks with my hand, twenty five with this hairbrush, and six strokes with the cane."

He flourished the painful looking instrument as he delivered the sting: "All on the bare bottom."

"Please, not on the..." the girl began, but Robert cut her off with a scowl.

"Weíre not negotiating terms. Iíve given you the alternatives. Now choose!"

As Lisa began, tearfully, to remove her Levis, Robert picked up the cane and strode round to stand behind her, waiting for her to take up the required position.

"Iíll strip her completely for the hairbrush," he thought as he slipped his captiveís cotton panties to her thighs and prepared to cane her.

"Naturally she must go over my knee for her hand-spanking. After a spell in the corner."


"Oh no! Please... it hurts!" Lisa screeched delightfully as the first thin red line was neatly painted across her pretty bottom.

It was perfect. A delicious young girl, out on probation and keen to avoid the law, and with a delectable derriere. "Kevin," Robert whispered as he sliced the rod through the air to cut her soft cheeks again. "You truly are a wonderful man."