Subject: SSC: Physical Power? by Rosewood
From: Rosewood
Date: 24 Jul 1995 10:45:50 +0200

Physical Power?

Anyone who has read my stories knows that I find it very difficult to be concise, so I had to have a go at this. For the discipline, you see.

Anyway, it's 499 words (I think). Usual disclaimer applies.

Love Rosewood xx

* * *

"Let's see. The formula for power, as a function of current and resistance? Er...."

Mr Richardson's eyes trawled the classroom briefly.

"Mandy. Stand please."

Nervously, she pushed herself to her feet and looked at her teacher.

"Oh. I don't know, Sir."

The smile faded, a darker expression creeping over his classical features.

"Really. You've done your homework?"

Mandy dropped her head to stare at the floor and mumbled, "No, Sir."

"I see." The pause was so drawn out that Mandy looked up at him again. He seemed to be calculating his reaction.

"Well, I'd say you needed a reminder," he said at last. "Come out here and stand in front of my desk."

Everyone in the school had heard the rumours of Mr Richardson's occasional return to the punishment regime of an earlier age. But no one had ever seen it. Mandy made her way silently from her place to the large oak desk, her eyes never leaving her teacher.

She'd had a major crush on Mr Richardson for months. His next command almost made her faint on the spot.

"Now, bend over. Jamie, would you come out here please?"

Mr Richardson and Jamie. The two males in the room whom she lusted over, now working in concert.

"Lift Mandy's skirt please, right up high."

Mandy felt the cool air wrapping round her exposed thighs and watched Mr Richardson as he nonchalantly continued to scribble equations on the blackboard.

"I think this whole class needs an indication of how important I consider homework. Panties down please, Jamie."

Mandy heard a faint gasp from her classmates as the instruction was given and as Jamie, without question, executed it neatly, baring her bottom and dropping her white cotton knickers uselessly to the dusty floor.

"And let's have her feet about a metre apart shall we?"

Again, Jamie responded to his teacher's injunction with commendable obedience and Mandy began to weep quietly with humiliation as her wetness was opened up for him and the rest of the class.

"Thank you, Jamie. You can sit down now."

Mandy forced herself to look again as Mr Richardson reached up to take the wooden metre rule down from the top of the board and then, with a look of calm determination, walked around the desk.

As he rested the cool wood on her young buttocks, Mandy pressed her face into the desktop and gripped the edges tightly. As the touch left her, she imagined the teacher lifting the rule high above her and then heard the terrifying sound of its searing return through the air.



Mandy's eyes flashed open in surprise to see Mr Richardson preparing to clap loudly a second time.

"You weren't with us at all were you Mandy," he asked pleasantly.

"Er... no, I'm sorry," she replied, blood racing to her face.

"So. The formula?"

"Oh, yes. Um... P=I-squared R."

"Thank you, Mandy. I knew you wouldn't let me down. Well done, as always."

Mandy returned his smile.