Subject: EMMA AT SCHOOL Episode 9 - House Public
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Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 01:17:01 UTC

Emma at School

Episode 9 - House Public

Emma and Deborah have been caught playing sex games in the local boys's school. They've received the first half of their punishment - a bare bottom caning in the housemaster's study - and are now about to be given six strokes more, this time stripped naked in front of the whole house.... The four marched slowly down the corridor towards the hall: Mr Lindon leading the way in his master's robes and with his cane held before him, the two naked girls following behind and Amanda, the house captain, bringing up the rear.

With as much dignity as they could manage, the two girls took up their positions, one in front of each punishment horse. Amanda had warned them not to try to cover themselves but to stand with their arms by their sides. Emma, being the more modest of the two, felt the exposure more keenly; each member of the house, including the three boys, was able to look over her naked body at their leisure and she blushed deeply.

"It is always with a heavy heart," the housemaster was saying, "that I decide to invoke the part of the school rules which deals with public beatings. However, on this occasion I feel as though I have been given little choice and both girls will therefore receive six strokes of the cane. Before I administer this punishment, I will say a few words about the offences committed in the hope that it may have a deterrent effect on the rest of you."

Mr Lindon looked gravely around at the expectant faces before continuing. Evening call took place in the entrance hallway of the house. It was, therefore, quite chilly in the winter and both girls were grateful at least for the season. The location also meant that anyone who had a reason to visit the house that evening would come across the events taking place there. Mr Lindon drew a deep breath and then continued.

"These two young ladies took it into their heads to visit St Stephen's Boys' School this afternoon. You all know that such excursions are strictly forbidden unless you are involved in an official school function, or have my express permission. If that had been their only offence they could still have expected a bare bottom caning!

"However, Emma and Deborah compounded their offence by their behaviour once there. They were discovered completely or partly naked in a boy's study by the housemaster in the company of two of the school's pupils and it was clear from the scene which the teacher uncovered that sexual activity had been taking place.

"The two boys involved have been caned themselves and I was put in the position of having to apologise for the conduct of my girls to the boys' housemaster. In the circumstances, given the exhibitionism of both girls, I decided that a public caning was the only punishment possible.

"In addition most of you will have noticed that Deborah, owing to her inappropriate dress, paid an extra penalty this afternoon."

Deborah's face turned red as a collective snigger passed among the collected audience. Everyone had either seen or heard about her enforced display of bare bottom and pussy during afternoon classes. The three girls who shared Deborah's gym class also recalled with a shared smile her nakedness during the lesson and the fact that she had been sent off by the teacher to take a spanking from Martin.

The scene set, Mr Lindon then turned to Amanda and asked her to prepare Emma while he got Deborah ready to receive the cane. Emma had to grit her teeth tightly to stop herself from fighting or shouting out as her legs were parted so that each knee could be placed on the padded rung and secured in place and then as her body was pushed forwards over the horse and her hands tied to keep her there. She knew that, from where her house-mates were standing, they now had a perfect view of her open pussy - and, of course, her upturned bottom with its fading purple marks from the afternoon's caning. To her horror, she felt a twinge between her thighs as she imagined forty pairs of eyes penetrating her and knew that she was getting a little wet. She silently began to pray for the caning to start to take her mind off her revealing pose and stem the flow of juices before her dampness became visible.

Mr Lindon was ready to answer her prayer. He stood behind her and a little to one side, making sure that his audience would be able to see clearly. Then he touched the cane gingerly to Emma's pale, striped cheeks and lifted it high in the air. To have to publicly flog a new girl within weeks of her arrival! Well, perhaps this would encourage her to think before she acted in future.

Emma and Deborah heard the whistle, but only Deborah heard the crack of impact. Emma's five senses collapsed into one the moment the cane bit into her flesh, and that one - touch - registered only one sensation: absolute and concentrated pain. With no gag to keep her voice trapped in her mouth, Emma's scream of anguish echoed harshly off the bare walls and uncarpeted floor as the burning caress of the rod seared through her."ONE!" the assembled pupils yelled together. Deborah had forgotten about that, the unison counting of strokes which traditionally accompanied house publics in Austin house. Deeply wounded by the agony of her lover as she was beaten for an offence committed at Deborah's instigation, the prurient chorus of voices behind her magnified her contrition. Assistance in assuaging her guilt was at hand though as Mr Lindon took a couple of steps sideways, lifted his arm once again and delivered the first of Deborah's six strokes.

Amanda's assertion that the thicker, longer cane the housemaster used in house publics would not be more immediately painful had helped to keep the girls' spirits up, yet it proved sadly inaccurate. The main difference between the canes was indeed this one's longer-lasting bruising, but in creating that deeper mark it undeniably bit harder.

Deborah, with her reputation as a bit of a hard character, had resolved not to cry out, but her determination was thrashed out of her with the very first stroke. She had a good deal of experience of taking corporal punishment, both at school and at home, but this ranked up with the very worse of them and, as the slim wooden weapon sliced across her unprotected rump, Deborah opened her mouth and shrieked with pain, masking the repeated shout of the assembled pupils.

Mr Lindon waited a full minute after delivering his opening salvo, Amanda Cooling timing the passing seconds to the accompaniment of the two girls' wailing and then nodded her head gravely.

WHACKK! "TWO!" "Arrrgghhhhhh!"

As the force of the blow swept through her, Emma tried to remember why she was there. Not to be punished for what had happened in that boy's study - after all, most of what had happened had consisted in her being punished! No, she knew that she was here to prove her love for Deborah, to take the cruel lash of the cane across her bare buttocks with no thought of telling the truth about their afternoon jaunt.

She closed her eyes tightly as the whistling sound nearby told her that Deborah was being beaten for a second time. If she could have found a plausible story, Emma would have engineered things so that Deborah had escaped punishment altogether and would now be standing with the others watching her flogging. Still, simply to be tied and caned next to Deborah was a great display of solidarity and love, wasn't it?

These thoughts did nothing to stem the tide of tears which were collecting in a pool on the floor, but they gave her the strength to carry on - to stop herself from pleading uselessly for clemency or from wriggling hopelessly on the horse. A minute passed....


Deborah felt as if the wood were cutting her every time Emma took another stroke. She wanted to yell out that it was all her fault - that Emma was innocent - but she knew that Emma did not want her to. Although she loved baring Emma's bottom and spanking her, although she relished the squeals of agony as her friend writhed under her chastisement, now she just wanted to protect her, to gather her into her arms and plant tender kisses on each scarlet welt.

She heard the sideways step and braced herself for her own third stroke. The cane snapped through the air and stroked her bare flesh as if covered in barbs. Despite the intense pain, she wanted to show Emma that she could take it. She gritted her teeth and felt the sting peak and then ebb slowly to a plateau of throbbing without more than a gasp passing her lips. "For you, my darling Emma," she thought.

Emma, despite her own anguish, perceived the silence that followed the last stroke and took comfort in it, knowing that Deborah's bravery was garnered just for her. She knew too, however, that such fortitude was beyond her own body's resolve and, after the familiar pause, she was made to scream again as the cane carved another weal into her flesh amid a frenzied shout of "Four!"

Mr Lindon too had noticed Deborah's success in refusing to cry out at the previous stroke and lifted his arm that bit higher the next time, let the rod swing through the air that bit faster, let the furious wood nibble that bit deeper into the youthful behind presented to him. Still, Deborah managed to hold her instinctive howl inside once again and, as he heard the roar of the girls and boys standing in a semi-circle behind him, Mr Lindon resolved to break her next time.

He was impatient for the sixty seconds to pass and showed it in his agitated sidestep back to Emma, lining the cane up as if he were going to beat her again straight away. He restrained himself, however, and dispersed a little of his frustration with a few practice swings until it was time once more.

The housemaster knew that to get so personally involved in the punishment of his girls was dangerous and guarded against it, but sometimes it was so hard... as was (and he was grateful for his loose gowns at times like these) his cock as he prepared to cane Emma once more. Her pussy's wetness was faint enough to be invisible to the pupils watching, but Mr Lindon could see it clearly. He guessed correctly that the caning itself was not responsible for her arousal, but whether it was the forced display of her most intimate parts to himself and her house-mates or something else, he was not immune to the delights of her pretty, pouting pussy.

Trying to concentrate on the area he was aiming for, rather than the open secret below, he lined up again. The housemaster wanted to save his strength for Deborah, but still delivered a solid stroke to her friend and was rewarded once more by her enchanting cry.

His mouth straightened into a determined line, Mr Lindon approached Deborah once more. Two more strokes to go. The man felt sure that if she survived this one then he would fail to crack her with the last - this would be his last attempt to reassert his authority. In fact after the extra fury of the previous stroke, the girl before him had felt her courage drain away anyway and knew somehow that she had lost the battle. Suddenly she felt less like a defiant martyr and more like a naughty little school-girl and, consequently, when the cane tackled her again with the full might of the housemaster focused on her chastisement, she gave herself up to its correction absolutely.

The expectant crowd had barely begun to form their lips around the "Five!" when Deborah's blood-curdling screech of torment cut through their collective voices in a total admission of defeat.

Emma felt the flow of her tears increase as she witnessed the shattering of her friend, aching for the feel of the wood on her own bare skin to allow her to join herself to Deborah in pain. She had to wait only a minute before Mr Lindon, reinvigorated by the success of his last delivery, beat her a final time with a great crack of a blow just above the crease between thighs and buttocks which kept her in full voice right through to the last of Deborah's six.

An hour or so later, Emma was lying (face down, of course) on her bed in the dormitory when Amanda, the house captain, came over and sat down by her, gently stroking her hair. Emma had been reliving the caning again, remembering not only the thrashing itself, but the fifteen minutes which followed it when she and Deborah had been left tied to the punishment horses for their fellow pupils to see as they went about their various pre-bedtime chores. Again, Emma had been aware of a heat between her thighs which had mingled strangely with the heat in her bottom and the knew, to her shame, that any of the girls and boys who had come close enough would have been able to see her dampness.

"Emma," the house captain was speaking softly in her ear.

"Yes," she mumbled in reply.

"I know this is a bad time, but I need to talk to you about your fagging duties."

Emma had forgotten about that. Deborah had explained to her that for her first year she would be assigned to a sixth former to fag for. That could mean bringing tea in the morning, cleaning shoes, cleaning their studies - stuff like that. The fagging system was not governed by the school rules but by an informal tradition maintained by the pupils. There were, therefore, many anomalies.

For a start, the duties covered were not written down anywhere and, therefore, there was a huge discrepancy between the extremes of what various sixth-formers remanded. Whom a girl ended up fagging for therefore had a great impact on her first year at school. The right of sixth formers to punish their fags was also an issue of debate. It was generally understood that the failure of a fag to perform her duties to the sixth former's satisfaction could be punished by a hand spanking through her knickers. However, it was well-known that many, if not most, went beyond that limit in the spanking of their fags, and that because of the position of power the sixth formers enjoyed, it was almost pointless for fags to complain.

"Yes, OK," Emma said, raising herself onto one elbow.

"Well," Amanda continued, "there is only one sixth-former to whom no one is assigned at the moment, so will be fagging for them. You need to report to them at seven sharp tomorrow morning."

Something in Amanda's voice told Emma that there was a detail she wasn't being told, but she couldn't figure out what.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's... er... it's Richard Younger."

"A boy! You... you can't!" Emma yelled, turning several heads in the dormitory in her direction.

"Don't talk to me like that or, caning or no caning, I'll take my strap to you!" Amanda's tone was suddenly severe.

"I'm sorry, Amanda," Emma groaned. "But please... it's not fair!"

"You have no choice. Girls and boys have to fag for each other sometimes because of the way the numbers work. It will be OK, he's a really nice guy."

Emma didn't dispute that. He was a kind and gentle boy, and attractive too, yet she still felt a terrible sense of foreboding at being handed over to a boy.

She woke, after a series of very strange dreams, only to look over at her bedside clock and see that the time was already seven-fifteen. "Oh no!" she thought. "It can't be!"

Following Amanda's talk with her, she had been too tired and sore to set her alarm straight away and had dozed off within minutes. Now she found herself flying down the stairs while doing up the buttons on her blouse as she went and then sprinting for Richard's study.

"I... I'm sorry I'm late!" she gasped, having burst into the room.

Richard looked at her with a displeased, but not angry gaze.

"Really," he muttered. "And do you normally just barge in to people's studies?"

"Er... no," she stammered. "No... I'm sorry."

"Stop apologising," he said, irritated. He looked at his watch.

"Well, it's getting late. Follow me."

Richard strode off out of the study and down the corridor towards the boys' dormitory area, a place usually out of bounds to the girls. She followed him meekly until he reached an open door and walked inside, going in after him and looking around while he closed the door. They were in a small bathroom, one of two which the boys shared.

The girls' changing room, where their baths and showers were found, were communal. However the boys' part of the house had been converted from old servants' quarters with the result that their rooms were all much smaller and they enjoyed more privacy.

Richard sat down on the one stool in the room and gazed at the fresh-faced young girl in front of him, looking at him anxiously and expectantly. "Very well, take off your clothes please."

"What?" Emma gasped. "I mean, why?"

"Why?" The question appeared not to have entered his head. "To find out if you're the kind of girl who carries out the instructions of her superiors without question or delay," he told her at last.

"Oh, I am," she exclaimed, realising her folly too late as Richard leaned back, folded his arms and simply said: