Subject: EMMA AT SCHOOL Episode 20 by Rosewood (REPOST)
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Date: 2 Jan 1997 00:34:46 +0100

Emma at School

Episode 20 - His sister's keeper

Deborah was just moving towards the cabinet when the door opened with a silent swing and then cracked sharply against the wall, making both girls jump.

"Hugh - you scared me," Deborah stammered nervously. "Er... Emma, this is my brother, Hugh."

"Pleased to meet you," the boy said, turning to his sister's guest. He took her hand and shook it warmly. And then, almost imperceptibly, he sniffed the air. Once. Twice. Then he walked over to Deborah and inhaled once again.

"I can smell whisky on your breath, can't I?" Hugh asked his sister with a faint smile.

"We... we just wanted a taste," Deborah replied.

"So you don't think you should be punished?" Hugh demanded.

"I... I don't know."

Emma's legs were shaking as she watched her friend quaking before her slightly older sibling. Between her thighs, a familiar warmth was gathering which unsteadily her still further as Hugh stood silent for a moment as if giving the matter grave thought.

"Well," he said, "I think I'd be quite remiss if I were to allow you to avoid being punished, don't you agree?"

Deborah nodded faintly.

"Good," Hugh said. "Take off your panties please. And your skirt too, I think. Then sit down."

He turned and began to walk over to where Emma was standing, trembling. As he reached her, he turned and added in a throw-away tone, "Oh, and keep your legs open so I can see that cute little pussy of yours!"

"You're blushing," he grinned, looking at Emma now. "Do you think it quite improper of me to find my sister's pussy cute?"

Emma's face was indeed burning. Behind Hugh she could see her lover obeying her brother's instructions and parting her naked thighs to display herself and that only made her heart beat faster.

"Well, it's just that... you know, you're her brother..." she stammered.

"I see. Is it OK if I find her face cute?"

"I guess so."

"What about her bottom. Is a brother allowed to say his sister's got a cute bum?"

"I... I don't know..."

Emma's own sex was blazing as much as her cheeks and she felt sure Hugh could sense her arousal. Mercifully he changed the line of his interrogation and asked instead:

"And you... have you been at daddy's whisky too."

"Yes," Emma whispered.

"I see. And do you expect to be punished for it?"

"I suppose..." Emma began, but then dried up and just nodded passively.

"And what punishment are you expecting?"

"I... I think... I guess you're going to spank me."

Hugh's patient gaze told her that she hadn't said enough and she murmured the familiar coda, "On... on my bare bottom."

"I think that's how it must be," Hugh said as if reluctant to impose such a penalty. And..."

As he spoke again a confident grin spread over his face slowly as he moved one hand beneath Emma's skirt and upwards.

"And do you have a cute pussy too?"

"I.. I don't know," she mumbled, feeling incapable of physically or verbally rebuffing his fingers which, even as she spoke, had reached her panties and were gently squeezing and stroking her mound through the delicate cotton.

"How modest you are," Hugh smiled, giving her clitoris a final caress before withdrawing his hand. "Very fetching. Now, before I spank you, I need you help."

He looked around the room and then continued. "I want you to select a position for Deborah to assume for her punishment. Obviously I will want a clear attack line to her bottom, but I also want you to arrange it so that her pussy stays nicely exhibited all though her beating. Is that clear?" "Yes," Emma answered under her breath.

"Good. When you have decided I would like you to demonstrate the position for me."

With that, Hugh sat down in a soft armchair and watched. "Delightful," he thought as Emma moved around the room, sizing up the possibilities. Every so often she would bend over some item of furniture, shifting her legs about to try to find a pose that matched Hugh's requirements and then moving on.

Finally, when she reached the large blue leather sofa, she seemed to decide at once. Hugh looked on with sparkling eyes as she clambered up onto it and moved along to the far end, kneeling with one knee on the seat while she lifted the other up to rest on the sofa's back. Once balanced, she shuffled slowly forwards until she was able to lean forwards right over the end and place her hands flat on the floor so that her hair fell down on top of them. She then held her provocative position without moving at all.

"That looks perfect," Hugh commended her. "Just hold still."

Emma waited motionless as Hugh got up and walked over to her. She wasn't remotely surprised when he lifted her short skirt up to her waist; rather she was surprised to find her knickers left in place. He did, however, touch her once more, his fingers moving straight to her bulging pussy this time and smiling at the dampness his fingertips discovered there.

"Very good," he praised her once again, rubbing her clitoris very gently as he spoke. "A beautiful shot of bottom and plenty of pretty pussy. Would you mind helping Deborah up into that same position please?"

"Not at all," Emma thought to herself. Watching her lover being punished was a fairly rare treat for her and one she relished. The whole bizarre situation had turned her on massively and she could think of nothing better than to fix up the desired exhibition of Deborah's "pretty pussy".

Deborah cooperated completely. She allowed Emma to guide her into position without speaking and Emma managed to do so without succumbing to the near overwhelming temptation to slip her hand between her friend's naked thighs and there luxuriate in the slippery wetness so apparent between her parted legs.

Hugh was sitting back in his original place while Emma prepared his sister for her beating. When the girl was in position, he called Emma back to him.

"Now, as for your punishment, I am inclined to go a little easier on you seeing as you are our guest." As he spoke, his hands disappeared beneath her skirt for a third time, but on this occasion touched her only briefly before grasping her panties and drawing them slowly down her legs until they rested slightly above her knees.

"I'd like you to bend over my knee please."

Obediently Emma reacted to the traditional phrase with her usual quiet compliance and Hugh smiled with pleasure at her obviously sound training. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy punishing a struggling girl: far from it, a struggle gave good reason for a more severe punishment and was often a sexually charged experience in itself. Yet there was something very welcome in dealing with a girl who, like his sister, understood the value of corporal punishment and accepted the need for it to be used, from time to time, upon her.

He lifted Emma's skirt gingerly. The first time he looked down upon any girl's bare bottom was a special moment - to be neither forgotten nor repeated. The first exploration with his eyes of the rise and fall of her naked buttocks, the cleft between them running seductively down between her thighs towards her sex - these brief few seconds were to be savoured. And Hugh always savoured them.

Slowly, unhurriedly, he raised his right hand high above his head. He realised from what had gone before that she was accustomed to receiving punishment of this kind. The simple fact of her attendance at Katherine Parr would be sufficient information on which to base that assumption. Yet he wondered now whether he had been mistaken in his decision to use his hand upon her. He knew that it was vital he if was to win her respect that his punishment of her was sufficiently rigorous that he overcame all resistance in delivering it - that he must leave her weeping in genuine repentance and submission by the time he released her. And just for a moment, he doubted his resolve to take her to that point without the aid of strap or cane or hairbrush.

But it was too late to change his mind. To ask her to get up so that he could fetch some implement would be to admit to his weakness and so, instead, he gritted his teeth and began, with a total focusing of strength and willpower, to spank her.

Hugh had judged his charge's experience well enough, although Deborah could have told him how easily Emma submitted to discipline. She could have explained that Emma's acceptance of the need for her to be punished was so complete, that she gave herself up to her master or mistress almost at once - her whole self, both mind and body. But he could not, of course, ask Deborah and so, in consequence, he had the girl draped easily across his knee in floods of penitent tears almost with the first blow.

Emma never counted the blows she was dealt when being punished unless specifically asked to. She even considered that to do so would be rude. So she was aware, as the thirtieth hard palm stroke landed on her reddened rump, only of the pain of the spanking. And of her contrition towards the young man who's hand was so severely chastising her. And of her gratitude that he should care enough to take so much trouble and to expend so much energy in seeking to correct her behaviour.


Hugh, unaware of his subject's faultless attitude towards her punishment, believed at first that it was a stream of crocodile tears that his hand was drawing as he landed it in noisy flatness across her rump and even, in his annoyance at this perceived deception, attempted to hit her harder still. But after some considerable time had passed, and after a considerable purply-redness had been cultivated beneath his hand, and after the flow of tears and sounds of crying had begun to subside from such complete exhaustion until the young body over his knee lay almost limp and lifeless beneath his furious hand, he realised his miscalculation and paused. The girl lay still, so Hugh spoke to her, gently: "Six more smacks. Tell me when you're ready."

He knew by now that he had conquered Emma completely. He wasn't worried that he might have hurt her too much; he realised that she drew the pain inside her and turned it to her good - that she used the pain of punishment to balance the more hurtful pain of guilt. And so he waited for her voice to ask him to continue.

"I'm ready," she said at last. Emma imagined that she wouldn't feel the remaining smacks; that her bare bottom was now so very sore that her flesh would simply turn away any new attack. Yet she was wrong, of course. The tiny pause in her beating had heightened her awareness of the punishment and when Hugh's hand landed once more - this time landing squarely and heavily on her left cheek - she even screamed with the sudden additional pain. And Hugh left more gaps then, a gap after each smack long enough to allow Emma to prepare herself for the next blow, a gap long enough to ensure that when the next smack was landed, it was landed to the exquisite accompaniment of her girlish shrieks.

Once finished, Hugh undressed her where she was, still draped across his knee. He didn't tell her why he was stripping all her clothes from her, and naturally she didn't ask; she didn't want to be thought rude. She waited in her upside down position until the last of her garments was removed. And then she let Hugh lift her gently to her feet.

Standing naked in front of Deborah's brother, Emma feelings were curiously mixed. She had, by now, a good deal of experience of being made to strip in front of, and of being stripped by, boys she didn't know. Apart from when she was with Richard, this was always on Deborah's direct or indirect command and if she felt turned on it was mainly because of Deborah's controlling role in the situation. With Richard, she did admit to herself feeling some arousal - but then it was different from the arousal she felt when girls undressed her - as if it was more about submission than about sex.

Yet here, things were turned on their head. This time Deborah, although present, had no control over the situation. This time it was her lover's brother who was calling the shots - who had spanked and stripped her and who was preparing to spank his sister. He had not gained Deborah's permission to touch her, yet Emma had allowed him to fondle her beneath her skirt without protest and knew that if, now she was naked, his hand moved between her thighs once more, she would do nothing to hinder his entering her. No - that was still inaccurate. Emma wanted him to touch her, to move his fingers over her swollen clitoris, to bury them inside her wetness. And this was a new feeling for her. It was entirely unlike that older feeling, from before her days at Katherine Parr: days when she would park up by the lakeside with Steven and part her legs to admit his fumbling digits. There was pleasure in that, yes; but chiefly that opening up of her sex was an act of contract. A boy expected a feel in return for the cost of cinema tickets or whatever. Emma had never really begrudged Steven that feel - after all, she liked the sensation of another person up inside her - but she couldn't remember ever wanting it the way she always wanted Deborah's hand between her thighs - and the way that, just then, she wanted Hugh's fingers to slide between her moist, pink lips and press their way to her deepest parts.

But such is the way of things, of course, that Hugh did not choose at that moment to fulfil Emma's desire. Or to full-fill her greedy vagina. He turned his attention (with what seemed to Emma to be rather thoughtless haste) from the still-crying girl before him to his sister's ready placed form.

"Emma," he spoke to her again.

"Yes." She tried not to sound to enthusiastic and her voice choked quaintly on her tears.

"Another favour. Please look around the room - or any other rooms if you like - and find me a set of punishment implements from which I can choose to spank your friend. Take your time - but don't keep poor Debs waiting in that delicious but rather indelicate pose for too long."

"Yes, Hugh," she replied and turned to begin her task.

Hugh leant back and marvelled at the deep colour he had brought to her larger pair of cheeks. He couldn't recall ever giving any girl - not even his sister - so hard a hand-spanking and it had rather revived his confidence in the effectiveness of this antique form of family discipline. Again he watched her with studied her as she moved about the room, her youthful tits swinging provocatively and her bottom flashing redly when she turned.

Hugh watched Emma pick up a few objects in the sitting room and then exit to scour the rest of the house, returning within five minutes to make her offering. He looked through the collection: two hairbrushes, a table-tennis bat, a wooden spoon, three or four of his father's paddles (the ones he left hanging from the walls), a wooden ruler, a wooden cutting board, and one or two odder objects - a vacuum cleaner attachment, an old aerial discarded from a transistor radio and the back scrubber from the bathroom.

"Thank you," Hugh said with an honest smile. "Now, I wonder. I know you've already had your punishment, but I need to decide which of these to use on Deborah...."

Emma's face fell as she realised what was now being asked of her. No, not asked - she knew she wasn't being offered a choice and didn't fall into the trap of thinking that she was.

"What would you like me to do?" she asked simply.

"Just to bend over the end of the sofa here. I'll give you one ordinary-strength whack with each thing and I want you to choose the most effective. It needn't be the most painful as I can tailor the number of strokes to the final choice. But I do want something which will bring tears and pleas for forgiveness quickly - and I'm sure you know how difficult those are to wrench from Deborah."

Emma nodded and the took up the required position, her sore behind now proffered to receive yet more chastisement. Before each stroke, Hugh gave her a number (though he didn't tell her which object he was using). As he only spanked her once with each item, and even then not at full strength, it was bearable - just. But it still meant taking an additional dozen or so strokes and Emma couldn't avoid the escape of a few more tears as her bottom was assaulted once more.

"Well?" Hugh asked her when he had finished and Emma stood facing him once more.

"Number three and number seven were both... you know, ‘good'," she told him. "And number nine too."

Hugh sought out the chosen three. "Well, Emma's used to this paddle," he said, discarding number nine, "but I think the table-tennis bat and this wooden spoon are both rarities. Let's choose between those."

Hugh had used the bat on his own girlfriend several times - but never on his sister, and although one of the wooden spoons in the selection was his father's choice of meal- time spankers, it wasn't the one Emma had picked out.

"How are you going to chose?" Emma asked as he weighed the two possibilities in his hands.

"I don't know," he answered. "Toss a coin?"

"Why don't you..." Emma's head was bowed and she was looking at the floor as if embarrassed. "Why don't you give me six more with each of them and I'll try to give you some more information about how they feel?"

Hugh looked down on the naked girl in front of him with a rising affection. He lifted her chin up and kissed her gently on the mouth and then, when she responded, a little more fiercely, his right hand moving to her breast as he pulled her close with the other. When the embrace finally ended, Emma spoke softly once more:

"Will you do these over your knee again. Please?"

In reply, Hugh took her hand and walked backwards to the chair on which he had sat when he spanked her the first time, lowering himself and pulling Emma over his lap in a single movement. As Emma leant forwards across the boy's knee this time, she did so with her legs parted to offer up not just her unprotected bottom but also her pussy to Hugh's attention. However, to Emma's disappointment, Hugh failed once more to take advantage of this aspect of her nakedness but instead proceeded with the stated task, shifting Emma's posture slightly before picking up the wooden spoon.

Emma tried not to feel slighted, although her clitoris was now throbbing with sexually charged energy, and attempted to focus on evaluating the coming spanking. The first stroke drew a sharp breath from her, cracking fiercely across both buttocks and followed then by the next blow with a gap of only a second or two. By the time the third had snapped against her bare skin the pain of the first two had blended and coursed through her body, a disjointed moaning trickling from her lips. Number four produced the first yelp of anguish, Emma's already well-punished rump reaching critical level even more quickly than usual.

THWACK!! Hugh brought the spoon down a fifth time, putting just a little extra muscle into the stroke this time and being rewarded a split second after making contact by a rousing scream from the girl across his knee. CRACK!! The final stroke too brought a screech from her, this one too delivered at full strength and completing a set of vivid red lines streaking across the duller pink-ness of Emma's bare bottom.

"Don't say anything yet," Hugh told her. "Wait till you've had both. Take a break now and tell me when you think you're ready to give the bat a fair test."

Emma just managed to take in his words through her whimpering, the redoubled pain of her behind balanced only by the knowledge that offering herself up to the extra punishment had won her added respect from Hugh. The heat from the beating with the spoon also eclipsed for a while the other warmth between her thighs. Hugh, meanwhile, was now taking the opportunity of the short rest period to examine that very part of her, perusing the glistening furrow between her pouting lips and the protruding knob of flesh nestling just above his own thigh. He could smell the scent of arousal rising from her sex and that, like the exquisite tableau, drew him in. Yet he continued to resist. There would be time, he thought with a smile. Emma's carnal yearning was obvious, and he smiled at the signs that Emma doubted his desire for her. "Later," he whispered, too quietly for Emma to hear, and lifted the bat.

Again, as Hugh swung the bat in a tight arc to touch down heavily and flatly on Emma's ruddy cheeks, it was on the fourth stroke that her muffled gasps were finally converted into full- throated cries of pain, music to the ears of a committed disciplinarian such as Hugh. He finished her off, as before, with two slightly more powerful strokes which brought enhanced vocal repercussions and then paused to get his breath back and to allow Emma's sobbing to abate.

After a minute or two, Hugh helped the girl up to stand before him again as he held out the two implements for her comment.

"Well," she began, "I think that maybe the spoon is slightly harder - you know, just a little..."

"But?" Hugh prompted.

"But, well, the bat is more... I don't know... intimate? Maybe ‘cos it's more like a hand? It's hard to explain, but it's like at school, when you get the cane..."

Hugh broke in, "How many times have you been caned?"

"Just once... well, sort of twice," she told him.

"Sort of twice?"

"Yeah. It was all for the same thing - but the punishment was, like, in two halves. First we got six in Mr Lindon's office and then..."


"Yeah, me and Deborah."

"Oh, I see. Yeah, go on... first you got six in the housemaster's office, and then?"

Emma hesitated. She looked away from him and said quietly, "Then we got six more... like... in front of the whole house...."

Her voice trailed off and she tried hard not to look at Hugh.

"In front of everyone? And... and was that on the bare bottom?"

"Yeah," Emma was almost whispering now, but she felt unable to leave out any detail. "And... and totally naked."

Hugh's cock felt as though it was ready to burst and he wanted desperately to pull Emma down to the ground with him and kiss and touch that seemingly innocent body all over - but he managed to resist - just.

"I wish dad had sent me there..." was all he said, musing wistfully on what he was missing. "But you were saying something - before I interrupted?"

"Yes," Emma tried to gather her thoughts again. Standing naked in front of this boy and talking about what it was like to be spanked felt so... intimate. She wished he would kiss her again. "Well, what I was saying was that when you get the cane, it's the most painful punishment there is - like by miles. But it's just that, a punishment. But when someone puts you over their knee and spanks you with their hand, although it doesn't hurt as much, you feel all of your naughtiness being washed away, like it's some kind of... communion or something. Does that sound really stupid?"

"No," Hugh said gently.

"So that's what I'm saying about the bat. Because it's more like being spanked that way, only harder, it's more affecting. It gets to your heart as well as your... your bottom. DO you see what I mean?"

Hugh stood up and kissed the tip of Emma's nose. "Yes," he laughed. "The bat then!"

He took her by the hand and led her over to where Deborah was still waiting to be beaten. She'd heard everything, or nearly everything, that had happened and was feeling the usual combination of sexual excitement and jealousy that she experienced whenever a boy spanked Emma in her presence. She was also, naturally, feeling apprehensive about her forthcoming beating.

Hugh whispered something in Emma's ear and then left her kneeling by Deborah's head. She lifted her lover's chin to look into her eyes and stroked her hair absent-mindedly while she waited for Hugh to get into position himself. Then she saw him lift the bat high into the air and deliver the first stroke of his sister's punishment.

As always, Deborah refused to give herself up to her punishment. It wasn't that she didn't believe in corporal punishment; she did - although most strongly when it was applied to others. But when it was her turn to take a thrashing, she didn't have Emma's natural penitence; her reaction to the pain as her naked flesh was assaulted was to grit her teeth and fight back - not to allow herself to be broken.

As Hugh landed blow after blow, Emma watched the battle going on inside her friend's head, her changing expression acting as a window on her soul. She closed her eyes tightly and pressed her lips firmly together so that no more that an occasional gasp slipped out loudly enough to be heard.

Hugh continued to spank her soundly, finding a steady rhythm of one whack every two or three seconds, while Emma watched her face carefully to follow the effect of the blows inside her head.

The spanking had been going on for three or four minutes, Hugh showing no sign of tiring but maintaining his steady rhythm, Deborah still resisting the punishment and Emma watching. The change was sudden. Emma lifted her hand in a prearranged signal and Hugh immediately began to spank hard and fast, the bat landing twice or three times each second with maximum ferocity. Emma had judged the moment perfectly, picking up the faintest sign of weakness in the face she knew so well and passing that information straight on. Deborah's reaction to the unforeseen onslaught was instantaneous. By the time five strokes had been applied with the new vigour, her mouth had opened and a long, pent-up scream of utter anguish had erupted from her.

"Nooooo! Please, no....stop it! Pleaseee! Hugh! I can't... OUCHH! I can't take any mo... ARGGHH! Emma, help meee!"

Having reached Deborah's breaking point, Hugh knew that it was unnecessary to continue for very much longer, yet her resistance always built up an indignation in him which he preferred to expunge before finishing and his sister had, therefore, to endure a full minute more of harsh beating before Hugh finally put the bat down.

He beckoned Emma to join him in surveying his handiwork while Deborah continued to weep copiously onto the carpet. The whole region from her mid thighs to the top of her buttocks was a blistering red and Emma was amazed that the girl had lasted so long without as much as a tear.

"Beautiful," she exhaled in wonder.

"Isn't it? And... come a bit closer... don't you agree about... you know?"

"What?" Emma asked.

"About her cute pussy!" he giggled.

Emma joined his laughter, but didn't answer him.

"Well?" he pressed her.

"Well..." she said, her eyes fixed now on the familiar folds, decorated as they were now with feminine juices. "I mean... I don't know how..."

Hugh interrupted her. "God, how stupid of me. Of course!"

"Of course what?" Emma responded nervously.

"You already know her pussy perfectly well, don't you?"

"What... what do you mean?"

Hugh turned her face towards him and looked into her darting eyes. "I mean you know the taste and feel of my sister's cunt already, don't you?"

"Yes," she answered levelly.

Hugh thought for a minute and then his mouth curled up at the edges.

"Great, we'll have a race!"

"What kind of a race?"

"A coming race! You lick Deborah's pussy and I lick yours. First one of you to come gets six extra whacks with... the spoon!"

"Hugh, I..."

"Come on. Into position, just like Deborah!"

Emma knew it was pointless to argue. And in any case, her own sex was crying out too loudly for attention for its demands to be resisted. Slowly she lifted one knee onto the sofa back and moved her face close to Deborah's. Behind her she could feel Hugh's warm breath drifting over her own open lips.

"GO!" he yelled, and suddenly Emma's body exploded. After the long wait, the sensation of his warm tongue sliding artfully over her clitoris and along her slit brought a glorious cloudburst of sensation which washed over her entire body. His hands were running hungrily over her bare flesh, finding her sore buttocks, her tingling breasts and her hair while his mouth sucked greedily at her pussy.

She hadn't even touched her lips to Deborah's pouting vulva, whereas usually she buried her head between her lover's thighs at every opportunity. Indeed, it was only the vague recollection of a threat of further punishment which finally stirred her to begin to make love to the girl before her.

Emma and Deborah were well practised at bringing each other swiftly to climax. The routines at school meant that the ability to grab a "quickie" was a vital skill for all lovers. However, her late start coupled with the long build up of her own desperate craving and Hugh's own personal skill meant that, within a minute of the first touch of his tongue, it was Emma who threw back her head and, with a long ecstatic cry, gave victory to Hugh.

So it was that Deborah was left half satisfied while Hugh pulled Emma, her body still reeling from the orgasm which had flooded through her, back across the room and back across his knee.

She hardly even noticed the punishment begin. By the time she had realised fully that the screeching noises she could hear were coming from her own mouth, and that the pain she was feeling was the result of yet another offensive aimed at her neatly presented posterior, a well-aimed hairbrush was already landing for the sixth time.

Having finished delivering his fifth spanking of her, Hugh lowered her body to the floor so she was lying on her back with her legs pointing towards Deborah.

"Now, open your legs wide," he said firmly.

Emma, her inhibitions seeming pointless now, obeyed, parting her sex once more for her friend's brother. He smiled at her and then turned towards Deborah, striding over to the couch and pulling her roughly down from her perch and to the floor so that her legs sat up on the seat of the sofa.

Emma knew what was coming, yet she still watched with amazement as Hugh pulled his own trousers and boxers off before pulling Deborah's feet back towards her ears and thus opening her up. He looked over his shoulder at Emma.

"I know she likes a bit of pussy," he said. "But, as I'm sure you know, she's a cock fan too. Mind you, you don't mind a man's tongue in your box do you?"

He walked back over to her, standing between her open legs.

"Go on," he said quietly. "Just for me, just once. Pretend that you're turned on by me."

Emma would have obliged anyway, for it wasn't hard in the circumstances - unlike Hugh's cock which had swollen to a monstrous size. She closed her eyes and moved her hands over her tits, hearing Hugh moan above her as he stroked his prick slowly. The whole scenario was sexually electric and Emma found her fingers almost of their own will sliding down to her clitoris where they could more easily quell the rising heat in her loins. Then, as Emma's gasps began to come more frequently, Hugh turned away from her and back to his sister. He waited for Emma to come and open her eyes and then, poised above her already, he plunged his hardness deep into Deborah's cunt, watching his sister's girlfriend's reaction and pleased to find her only redoubling the speed of her fingers flashing over her own sex.

To Emma, the fact that she was now deriving pleasure from watching incest did not escape her - it was simply that she had been taken so far along the road of sexual gratification, that she could not turn back. In empathy with the mounting cries of her mounted friend, the young girl pushed two fingers inside her own pussy and finger-fucked herself hard and fast, their voices rising in pitch in an almost musical unison as Hugh's thrusting cock and Emma's fingers did their work. Finally, amid a tumultuous wailing, Hugh buried his seed deep inside his sister as the two girls screamed their joint orgasm.

Emma began the night alone, brother and sister seeking to further their reunion in the more conventional setting of a large, comfy bed. However, after a short time during which she had to endure the groaning and thumping from the next room, Emma knocked on Hugh's door and offered to take a hard spanking if she could only join them. Hugh, of course, being a polite sort of boy, was pleased to welcome his new playmate in and, although he couldn't help being a little upset at not being allowed to fuck her virgin pussy, he did gratefully turn her over his knee to spank. And he did enjoy the extra variety that another sweetly smelling, female body brought to their games.