Subject: EMMA AT SCHOOL Episode 19 by Rosewood (REPOST)
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Date: 2 Jan 1997 00:34:38 +0100

Emma at School

Episode 19 - Going back for more

"It was exactly a week later, the second party."

"Were the same people there?"

"Mainly. Just one or two changes."

"And did you have to choose completely different people?"

"Not completely," Deborah explained. "I was allowed to choose three people twice during the whole three weeks and everyone else only once. And I decided to save up the doubles for the last few numbers."

"So the second week was all new people?" Emma inferred.

"Yes. Although there was actually one person there who I had got off with when I was twelve and he was sixteen. We'd been at this party and... surprise, surprise... I'd been drinking and... well you now how it is."

"Hardly," Emma retorted. "I'd hardly kissed a boy when I was twelve!"

"Hmmph! Little Miss Prim and Proper!" Deborah sneered. "Anyway, I didn't fuck him."

Emma didn't like the tone of the conversation and knew that she had started it.

"When... when did you... you know?" she asked.

"What? Lose my virginity?" Deborah smiled. "Er... it was Valentine's day, about three months after my thirteenth birthday. And it was someone special. I really loved him. We lasted about eighteen months altogether. He was a good lay too, considering he was a virgin too."

"I'd like that," Emma mused.


"To lose my virginity... if I ever went with a boy, I mean... to someone who was a virgin too."

Deborah laughed. "That's gonna be pretty difficult, unless you want to go for fourteen-year olds or real dogs!"

Emma joined her laughter and the two kissed, tenderly.

"So... with this boy when you were twelve?" Emma enquired.

"Oh, yeah. Well, we just kissed and stuff. I think maybe I let him feel me up a bit."


"You know... finger my pussy a bit maybe. We were in a crowded room after all."

"You were in a..." Emma began. Deborah interrupted her.

"The lights were out!" she cried defensively.

Emma put her arms round her girlfriend's neck and laughed. "I can't believe that at age twelve you thought that kissing a boy and letting him finger-fuck you were in the same league. Were all your friends like that?"

"I've never really thought about it," Deborah answered. "I guess we were pretty wild. Oh wow!"


"I've just remembered something else."


"Well," Deborah lay back against the soft curve of her friend. "That party was the first time I saw someone get spanked... like when it wasn't just a punishment."

"What do you mean, ‘not just a punishment'?" Emma asked.

"There was this girl who dropped a glass of beer over a boy and - I don't know who started it - but suddenly there was this shout of, like, ‘spank her... spank her...' round the room."

"And did you join in?" Emma felt sure she knew the answer to that question without having to be told, but asked anyway.

"Mmmm. I think so..." she giggled, getting a playful (though uncommon) slap across her bare thigh from Emma.

"Ow!" she yelped, still smiling. "You'll pay for that!"

"I know," Emma replied wryly. "So..."

"Oh, I didn't think you'd want to know," Deborah said. "I thought it was just too disgusting!"

"I'll tell you if I don't want to know," Emma replied. In fact, she was often disturbed by her lover's stories - but they still made her feverish with arousal.

"Oh, OK," Deborah agreed. "Well, someone switched on the lights and two boys held onto the girl."

"Did they know her?" Emma asked.

"I don't know. Lots of people knew each other there."

"But why didn't anyone stop it?" Deborah cocked her head to one side, still trying to fathom out this beautiful creature who had fallen so completely in love with her.

"I don't know. Maybe they do know each other. Maybe people were scared of getting beaten up. Maybe they were just too turned on to do anything but watch. I don't know.

"But, anyway. The boy who got the hairful of drink starts to undo her jeans. The girl starts crying out really loudly - shouting and swearing at him - and another boy gets a hanky and ties it around her mouth to shut her up. Eventually - ‘cos she's really wriggling about - he gets her jeans open and yanks them down to her knees. Then he goes back for her knickers. "Everyone is just watching, open mouthed. The girl has stopped struggling, and there's a tear running down each of her cheeks while the boy down in a chair and pointed first to the girl and then to his lap. Then - and this really got to me - the girl shook off the two guys holding her and placed herself over his knee for him to spank her. It was awesome. I remember noticing at the time that, even though her legs were pressed tightly together, you could see her pussy between her thighs.

"And then he spanked her. I don't remember how long it went on for. I just remember the noise: this guy's hand smacking down hard on her bare bottom, the girl's muffled screaming through her gag... and the cheering of the crowd while she took it."

"How did you feel?" Emma asked, scared by the thought of what her reaction might be in similar circumstances.

"Me. I nearly came in my pants. It turned me on more than I had ever imagined was possible. I tell you, Emma." she only ever used Emma's name when she was really emphasising a point. "If that boy had come up to me straight afterwards and told me I was next, I'd have pulled my panties off myself. I'd have done anything for him."

"Anything?" Emma asked. "Fucked him?" Deborah looked her in the eyes seriously and thought for a moment.

"Yes. I guess I would have," she said.

"But he didn't?"


"And you weren't sufficiently enthralled to suggest to him that your bottom might profit from similar treatment?"

"No. Well, not sufficiently brave, anyway," Deborah sighed. "No, I just went back to canoodling with Rob. I have a feeling I was so turned on that I lost my knickers entirely that night - and that can be quite tricky when you're wearing a mini-skirt."

Emma was becoming slowly desensitised to her friend's tales and didn't even comment on this revelation, although she did wonder what Deborah's father would have done if he had spotted the loss of her most intimate garment. "So," Deborah was continuing, "I saw Rob at the party and figured - well, he was still fanciable and he had not been able to get a good look at my tits last time, so I decided to let him have number 12 - that just left five others to sort out.

"I won't go into loads of detail... there's still the third party to come, after all. It was much more embarrassing than the first party though. Having my tits kissed through my bra was no big deal, but letting a strange man put his hand up my skirt and touch my pussy was pretty weird - in front of loads of people, I mean."

"Sounds par for the course to me," Emma commented quietly. "Who was he?"

"Some guy daddy works with," Deborah told her. "I don't remember very well. The next one was a work colleague as well."

"That's the one who took your skirt off?"

"Yeah - he made quite a meal of it, doing it from behind to give everyone a good view and then making me bend down for him to rub my bum. But it was the next one that was the first really tricky one.

"I chose this neighbour, someone daddy plays golf with who's quite a lot younger than him. Late twenties, maybe. Pretty handsome actually. Anyway, he made me lie on my back and spread my legs wide - I suppose he had to do that really - and then spent ages between my thighs! One of the hardest things was that he was really good. His tongue would sneak in from my thighs just as I began to get really hot and he would lick gently along the inner edge of my panties, first on one side and then the other. As he carried on, the cotton slowly got more and more bunched up over my pussy until his tongue was actually running along the outside of my cunny lips. He could easily have just slipped under and inside - I was kind of wishing him to - but he didn't. He was very proper and did what was on the sheet and no more.

"Ooh - do that some more!"

This last instruction was to Emma, who had buried her head now between her lover's thighs and was being neighbourly and causing a temporary halt to the storytelling.

When Deborah resumed, she quickly disposed of the final two episodes of the middle party and went on to the caning that went with it.

"And that time you got six strokes just through your knickers?"

"That's right. Six, horrible, painful strokes. And all the time thinking that next time it would be naked!"

"So go on, tell me about the next time. First you got your panties taken off?"

"No. First some guy sucked my tits. Then I had my panties taken off - by this guy my dad works with...."

"What? Anthony again?"

"No. I saved him for the next part. Going down on me. I thought it might make up for the way he treated me before."

"And did it?"

"Not really. I mean, it was brilliant. Fucking brilliant. I came so quickly, it was like some kind of machine. But he was still being such a cold bastard about it. Afterwards, he just walked away."

"Poor darling," Emma comforted her, exaggeratedly. "but you enjoyed it?" "Oh yes! By the time I got to the next one - you know, being fingered - I was so horny, I could... well, accept anything really. I chose this man who lives round the corner. I guess he's twenty something. His wife was there and I could tell she wasn't happy about any of it, so a cruel streak in me said, 'it's him!"

"Anyway," she continued. "He was pretty good too, I had another two or three orgasms and that helped me to do what I'd planned next."

She looked mischievously at her friend. "I don't know if I dare tell you." "You cow. You can't not tell me!"

Deborah looked at her lover reproachfully and wagged a finger at her. "You don't expect to get away with that do you?"

Emma averted her eyes and shook her head.

"I'm pleased to hear it." She got up and strode across the room. "Then, after I've punished your rudeness, I may consider telling you the next bit. If you're good."

"Thank you," the other girl whispered, watching carefully as Deborah pulled open a drawer sharply and withdrew the bare table tennis bat from within. "Stand up and come here!" the older girl barked, dragging a chair to the centre of the room and sitting down heavily and authoritatively.

Emma got up slowly and walked across the room, feeling in some ways as she did when she was about to be punished at school - and partly as if the two of them were playing a game. She knew, however, that her bottom would find it hard to accept the latter version.

"Well?" Deborah spoke brusquely, and expectantly.

"I... I'm sorry for being rude to you," Emma muttered, "and... and I deserved to have my bare bottom smacked."

"Indeed you do. Pants down, skirt up!"

Emma always felt a wave of embarrassment carrying out this order, even though the two girls were lovers. Something about the absence of choice, she guessed as she bared her bottom and pussy before, at Deborah's instruction, bending over her friend's knee to atone for her rudeness. When, several minutes later, Emma's bottom had been sufficiently well warmed to meet with Deborah's satisfaction - and when her sobs had reached a pleasing insistence - Deborah slipped her friend's knickers off completely.

"I'm going to leave you here for a bit," she said quietly. "In case you need more... but also so I don't have to look at you while I tell the next part of the story."

"I don't need any more..." Emma began to blurt out, but was silenced by three stinging cracks of the bat to her right cheek indicating Deborah's disagreement.

"I had already decided who to choose," Deborah continued, as if there had been no interruption of the tale. "I went up to him and said...." Emma knew better than to break into the pause and simply waited.

"I said," there's only one person in this whole room, probably in the whole world right now, "whom I love enough to perform oral sex on." And then I undid his jeans while he just stood there still.

"Your... your dad?" Deborah might have nodded, Emma couldn't see. But she needed no affirmative to confirm her suspicion.

"He didn't say anything," Deborah continued in a monotone, "but he was hard when I pulled his cock away from his pants. He looked beautiful. Somehow, it wasn't like sucking a boyfriend's cock, it was like giving my dad a hug in the morning. My lips seemed to fit perfectly round him.

"I'm not sure how everyone else there reacted, but no one said anything at all to me afterwards.

"When I felt his climax building up after a few minutes, I stopped for a moment. 'Lie down on your back,' I told him.

"Again, no dissent. He lay back and allowed me to slip his jeans down, and then to continue where I left off.

"I don't normally swallow boy's cum, but I knew I would swallow my dad's. Then, when he had cum, I dressed him again and kissed him on the mouth before turning to walk away to the other side of the room."

Deborah pushed Emma to the floor then and fell on top of her, searching out her clitoris once again.

"Then it was time for my "seeing to" she said loudly, changing the subject forcibly. "Two seeing tos," she corrected herself. "A public fucking and a public beating."

"Who did you choose for the first honour?" Emma asked, trying not to think about Deborah and her father.

"You know, "he friend answered with a smile. "To this day, I don't know his name. I wanted to avoid any questions of favouritism or attempts at repeat attempts, so I selected someone I'd never seen before.

"I just walked up to him and said, 'I'm all yours.'"

"He hardly batted an eyelid. He just pulled me close and slipped a hand between my legs. I think he was checking that I wasn't a virgin and he wasn't 'spoiling' me.

"Then, suddenly, he was inside me. I hadn't even noticed him opening his flies, and yet there was this thick cock pounding up inside my cunt. "It was gorgeous too. Not one of these skinny little things the boys at school have - but you wouldn't know about that would you? A lovely fat prick that really fills you up.

"He used his fingers too to bring me to orgasm, and then called one of the girls over to pull his trousers off. Once she'd done that, he slid down to the floor with me still on top of him, sliding up and down slowly on his lovely totem pole of a willy. I felt as if I'd had one good cum and there'd be time for more. I wanted to make sure he enjoyed it too.

"After I came again he changed position again. And he'd obviously had good advice from women because he found ways of making me really excited like most boys don't at all.

"He was kneeling now, with my thighs in the air so he could push slowly into me and press against my G-spot (if I've got one).

"And all the other people were cheering him on - which they hadn't at all before. And the more they shouted the hornier I got, until I came for the... I don't know which... time.

"Only then did he push my legs back towards my ears and just fuck me hard and long, coming inside me (I didn't know that he was wearing a condom until that a moment) just as I felt another wave of pleasure go through me."

"And then you got the cane again?" Emma asked.

"Yeah. I could hardly stand up, I'd been so well-fucked. But somehow I made it up to the platform where daddy was standing.

"I don't remember much then. I mean, I don't remember getting into position or anything. I just remember the eyes of all those people burning into my flesh, my bare skin, my pussy, and then the terrible flash of pain as the cane bit into my skin over and over again.

"Mr Lindon's cane is just not comparable. Not at all."

Emma noticed Deborah rubbing her bottom as though she could still feel the pain. Then the girl looked up at her and smiled.

"And that's the end of the story really! Another drink?"