Subject: EMMA AT SCHOOL Episode 15 - Vows
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Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 11:30:18 UTC

Emma at School

Episode 15 - Vows

Emma has been publicly spanked and strapped at "Bottom's Up", a club which her father has recently joined. Now Emma as consented to join the club as an associate member - which entails a heady mixture of rights and responsibilities - and is now being prepared for her initiation....

Lena and Yaluda, the two girls who were now pulling Emma's clothes from her, were girls of a similar age to Emma (she assumed they weren't their real names). However, her attempts to involve them in conversation were fruitless and she guessed that they were not permitted to speak to her. The rest of the room was now deserted, everyone (including Emma's father) having made their way to the Members' Hall.

Once she was entirely naked, the two girls took a hand each and led Emma through the deserted dining room and past reception until they reached a large oaken double door. Lena raised her hand and knocked heavily three times, the door opening immediately and revealing a rather grand hall in which forty or fifty people were sitting.

The man who had opened the door, dressed in what looked like an old-fashioned footman's outfit, now took Emma from Lena and Yaluda and ushered her, without touching, down to aisle towards the stage upon which the gravel-voiced man was standing. Lena and Yaluda sat down in spare seats near the door and Emma found herself approaching the stage unclothed and alone, unable even to find her father's face in the crowd. The stage was bare except for a low, red velvet stool directly in front of the gravel-voiced man; there were also three other men and one woman, dressed in robes, standing nearby and each carrying a large wooden paddle. Emma reached the stage and the footman disappeared, leaving her alone.

"Young lady, I understand you wish to be admitted to our club."

"Yes... sir," Emma replied, unsure as to how to answer. The robed man half-smiled.

"Sir is quite acceptable. You should call all full members sir or madam unless asked not to. I am the Grand Master of the club and I preside over committee meetings, appeals, and so on. Please climb the steps and kneel on the stool before you."

Emma did as she was told and knelt, shivering a little from the cool breeze drifting through the room, but mainly with nervousness, and the Grand Master laid his hand upon her head.

"To begin your initiation into our club, you must accept your new name. This name will always be used when you are at the club or dealing with club members. Once you accept your new name, you may not terminate the initiation procedure."

The man paused and looked straight into Emma's eyes.

"Are you ready to accept your new name?"

"Yes," Emma whispered.

"Good. I name you... Delphine. You will now be asked to make the four vows of membership, secrecy, obedience and discipline."

As he spoke, one of the three men on the stage passed the paddle he was carrying to the Grand Master who held it in both hands in front of Emma's eyes. There were words printed on its surface and two large holes punched into the wood in the shape of a hand.

"Please read the words on the paddle and then kiss it," the Grand Master told her. Emma read in a clear, ringing tone:

"I vow to live by the rules of the club. I vow to wear my membership band at all times and to make myself known to other members I may meet, whether within these walls or outside."

Having read the words, Emma leant her head forwards to kiss the thick wood simply.

"Place your hands on the floor, please," the Grand Master ordered her, Emma obeying to leave her bare bottom raised high up in the air and facing the audience.

She heard his footsteps as he moved behind her and then felt the coolness of the wood as he rested it for a few seconds upon her cheeks.

"Delphine," he intoned in a loud voice. "As Grand Master I accept and seal your vow of membership."

And with that, the man swung the heavy paddle through the air and struck Emma firmly across both buttocks. Her bottom, still marked in red from the strap, flared with intense heat as the blow landed and Emma couldn't hold back a resonant screech of pain at the impact which drew a murmur of appreciation from the audience.

WHACK! "Noooohhh!" The second crack seemed harder still and the pain rattled through her horribly. It was, perhaps, less painful than a caning, but it was a difficult distinction to make as, instead of the cane's thin strand of exquisite suffering, the paddle set light to her whole bottom. And, she realised, that meant that each stroke would, unlike in a caning, be landing on the same spot. In fact, the Grand Master's aim was so accurate that the pale hand shapes left in a sea of red after the first stroke were perfectly matched, one on each cheek, on the second stroke. And the third. Again, Emma's scream swelled and pricked at every heart, the associate members each recalling their own initiation ceremony and the full members simply revelling in the sight of this young girl being so delightfully trounced

Through her tears, Emma noticed the Grand Master's feet before her again and, as he placed a hand gently under her chin, drew herself back up to a kneeling position to face the second paddle.

"I vow," she read, "to safeguard the secrecy of the club and never to talk about its activities to anyone other than a fellow member. I vow to conduct myself in such a way as never to jeopardise the security of the club and its members."

Again Emma kissed the proffered paddle, this time marked with two crosses, and then again she bowed down low to accept the bite of the wood across her bared buttocks. Again her cries of anguish fell from her lips as the paddle cracked three times against her skin, this time leaving a cross superimposed upon the hand imprinted earlier.

"I vow," she read again tearfully, as the third paddle was placed before her, "to obey, within these walls and outside, the instructions of all full members in line with the rules of the club. I vow to accept, without dissent, the direction of the committee and its officers."

This time it was a large O shape which was embossed on Emma's rump as three more strokes were delivered. By now, after nine blows, Emma's cheeks were a blistered mixture of red and purple and the constant blaze she felt seemed to her now to have surpassed the torment even of Mr Lindon's cane. Slowly, she struggled to raise herself up to face the final paddle. For a short while, she found herself unable to focus on the inscription and a muttering began to circulate amongst the audience as people wondered whether the initiation would be completed. Finally, however, Emma's trembling voice recommenced.

"I vow..." She was swaying a little from side to side and the Grand Master put a hand on her shoulder to help steady her.

"I vow..." she continued, "to accept the discipline of the club and its members in line with the rules of the club. I promise... to bare my bottom, whenever and wherever required to do so, to the hand of any full member of the club, and welcome such chastisement in contrition for my wrongs, real and imagined. I promise also to submit to any other punishment which is justly assessed in response to my imperfect behaviour within these walls or outside."

When finished, Emma again dropped her hands to the floor and focused all her energy on retaining her position for the final paddling. Not only, she realised now, was she consenting to being spanked on demand here at the club, but elsewhere. The prospect of meeting a stranger in the cinema, or on the bus, or in the street and finding that they have the right to lower her panties and turn her over their knee and spank her soundly, was both terrifying and exhilarating. Even as the Grand Master brought the paddle down flat across her scarlet cheeks, Emma felt her pussy moistening again and her mind flooded with the images prompted by the final vow. At each stroke, while the room filled with her crying and wailing, Emma saw a hundred different scenarios flash past her eyes, each involving her discipline, and realised with a strange insight - so this is like dying, then.

There was a hand upon her head, the Grand Master she realised, and she fought to hear his words above the raging in her soul:

"Accept Delphine into your midst. You have heard her vows of membership, of secrecy, of obedience, and of discipline. You have seen her kiss the wood and receive in turn its kiss. Be thoughtful of her vows, and yours; be respectful of her privacy; be insistent of her obedience; be exacting of her discipline. She is one of us."

Then his hand moved to her face and he lifted her head to look down kindly on her.

"Delphine, welcome. Remember your vows. Always have regard for the privacy of your fellow members; always strive to be obedient to their commands; always accept their just discipline with the good grace your have show us this day."

He turned and took something from the woman who was once again holding the "discipline" paddle; when he faced her once more, Emma saw that it was a bracelet of some kind. The Grand Master took her left hand and slipped the bracelet on, locking it securely in place. It was a beautiful black and gold design with a series of Bs round its edge in a hypnotic, interlocking pattern. It was obviously, now fitted, impossible to unfasten.

"This is your mark of membership," the Grand Master was saying. "You must never attempt to cover it, or remove it; it must never leave your wrist." Now, for the first time, Emma saw that the Grand Master also wore a similar bracelet, although on his one the colours were reversed and the pattern, which looked little different at first, was actually made up of interwoven Us.

"It is the mark by which you will recognise your brothers and sisters; this design identifies a full member, that which you wear an associate member. Remember that you are obliged to make yourself known to a full member you encounter, whether or not they appear to notice you. Remember that your obligations are the same regardless of whether you meet here, or elsewhere in the world. Remember that full members have the right to require you to go with them to a private space and there to chastise you, with the sole restriction that they should use only their hand. It is not necessary for them to cite any specific instance of misbehaviour on your part; such chastisement is to be considered as just punishment for the many wrongs of thought and deed about which only you can know. If a full member witnesses, or is informed of, or otherwise learns of a wrongful act for which you are responsible, remember that it is for that member to decide upon the penalty that you must pay. Such penalty may be exacted in private, or not. It may of course require the removal of some or all of your clothing. It may employ the hand, a paddle, a strap, a cane, or any other implement.

"It is for the full member dealing with your punishment to decide upon its severity: what implement, if any, to employ, and how many strokes to apply. It is for the same member alone to decide upon the location and other particulars of such punishment: whether it be public or private, who else may witness it, what clothing you remove, what position you adopt. It is for the same member alone in these circumstances to consider the question of secrecy and whether the secrecy of the club is put at risk by the chosen form of punishment.

"Over none of these decisions do you have any right to object. If you accept that you are guilty of the charge laid against you, you must accept the punishment stipulated. If, and only if, you deny the charge itself, have you a right to appeal. In such circumstances, you should inform your accuser that you deny the charge. Your accuser may accept your denial. If they do not, then the question will be put to appeal at the first convenient time. Such appeals are held here and are heard by myself and two other senior members. This is not a criminal court; the burden of proof is not on the accuser. It is for the accused to demonstrate their innocence.

"Any member making a purposefully false accusation will immediately forfeit their membership for life. Thus far in the history of the club, no members have been dismissed from the club for that reason and so, you will understand, a high premium is placed upon the word of the accused in such circumstances. We recognise, in contrast, the motivation to falsely deny accusations - especially where the stipulated punishment is particularly severe. It is for that reason that the action taken against members who falsely deny accusation is somewhat different. That is to say, that if the appeal upholds the original charge and punishment, the accused will then receive, in addition to the original punishment, fifteen strokes of the cane upon the bare buttocks delivered in this very room by a member of the appeals panel.

"In concluding my remarks, I should point out to you that in approximately four out of five cases, the appeal panel upholds the original charge and punishment!"

"Have you anything to say?"

"Yes," Emma replied, holding her head high. "I wish to affirm my honest commitment to my vows and to the club. I recognise the importance of discipline, and of honesty. I am... very pleased to have been accepted by you."

At that, there was a loud round of applause and the Grand Master whispered to Emma that she should stay in place until everyone had gone and that her master would return to collect her. She returned his smile and then, feeling full of contentment despite the throbbing of her well-beaten bottom, waited patiently for her father to collect her.

"Sweetheart. I am proud of you."

Her father's words, whispered in her ear as she held her pose, finally broke her in a way the paddle hadn't done. Suddenly, as Mr Denning slipped his hands under her arms to lift her, Emma's tears began to flow in a ceaseless torrent and, as she soon as she had regained her feet, she threw herself into his comforting arms and buried her head in his chest.

Her father's arms were strong and safe. As Emma let out all the pent up emotion, not just from that day's events but from the turmoil of the whole term, he held her naked body tightly to him. His large hands stroked his daughter's hair and arms and back, careful not to graze her injured bottom which was such a mess of wounded flesh that he too had cried as its markings were inflicted, and then lifted his daughter's face to look into her eyes.

There had been so many doubts and questions within them both up until that moment. A father, in the privacy of his own home, turning his wilful daughter across his knee to deliver with his hand a measured injunction to improve, is an event which few would consider worthy of remark. Where the girl has reached the age of fourteen or fifteen and has completed much of her transformation (in form at least) from child to woman, and where the father, in spite of this ripening, still insists that the punishment is given flesh to flesh - that is to say that, while no doubt the naughty girl protests and pleads and wails and begs her father, "No - please, daddy - don't!", he tugs at jeans or pulls at skirts and slips her flimsy panties down (and does this while she stands before him still, so looking on her naked, juvenile and newly-woken sex) before he pulls her firmly into place to soundly spank her bottom till it glows with the red proof of pain - where this is the scene, some might prick up their ears and shake their heads and call such punishment "irregular". So where, and here we speak of Emma and her father, the chastisement of a young girl is taken in the directions that have been unfolded here, neither father nor daughter can be unaware that this is not a "normal" form of filial discipline, and so the many doubts and questions arise.

It is not necessary to enumerate them all here. Most of them are obvious and quite expected and, although they are in many ways related, they are different for father and daughter. For Emma, the very fact that corporal punishment and her recent sexual experiences and kindling were so strongly connected, the fact that when being prepared for punishment,or sometimes when receiving it, her pussy would moisten so gluttonously, the fact that she so often bid, in the darkness of her dreams, her father come to her, and open her, and savour her - these facts led to a hundred guilty accusations. For her father, the fact that he had turned her over to a school which bares the bottoms of its charges for chastisement with such unquestioning regularity, the fact that he had introduced her to a club where she would be expected to give herself to unknown adult men and women to be similarly disciplined, the fact that, when stripping Emma's knickers from her and thus baring to his eyes her innocent (or so he daily prayed) and lightly tufted pussy, a fire of sexual arousal would burst aflame within his own loins - these facts conjured a hundred imagined fingers pointing at his heart.

Yet in the course of these last short hours, and in the shared tears of their embrace, the greatest fear of each - that the other might guess at these weaknesses and in consequence hate them for the darkness in their soul - was fully banished. Mr Denning bent his head to kiss his daughter's delicate lips with a tender kiss of purest paternal love, and they each knew in that moment that the insuppressible surges of emotion and desire which inhabited them both, could never threaten the purity of the contract that had been made between them. Emma, despite her lustful fantasies, when she bared her bottom for her father's hand or belt knew that the punishment itself was given with the single object of her improvement. Mr Denning, despite the swelling that pressed against his trousers at the sight of his unclothed daughter, when he pulled her over his knee knew that the falling of his hand upon her waxen cheeks was accepted as the result of no other yearning than that his daughter should learn right from wrong and act upon that learning.

In the car as they drove home, Emma found it almost impossible to sit still. Her father even found it necessary to threaten stopping by the side of the road to spank her once again, and even then she didn't immobilise herself entirely. She attempted to distract herself by reading through the rules of the club, and there is one rule in particular that must be noted lest any reader should falsely understand Emma's membership. Both the injunction to obey full members, and the injunction to submit to their discipline, are tempered by the express instruction that their should be no sexual contact (defined in this case as touching of genitals or breasts) between full members and associate members under any circumstances. Full members found to have broken this rule, or attempted to break it, with or without the associate member's consent, were to be summarily ejected from the club. In its fourteen year history, there had so far been but two cases where such misconduct had been reported and both had resulted in the ejection of the full member concerned.

The drive home took about an hour and it was four-thirty by the time the car turned onto the asphalt driveway of the house. In that time, Emma and her father had talked about many things, but not one word had passed between them on the subject of their lunchtime stop-over. Emma assumed that it would similarly not be a matter for discussion at home.

"Hello!" Mr Denning's voice echoed around the hallway as Emma followed him inside. "Hi, folks! Where is every..."

His voice trailed off as he pushed open the sitting room door and Emma, stepping into the room behind him, saw why. Emma's mother was sitting on the sofa, her face set stonily in anger, and Emma's sister was curled on the deep red recliner with tears trickling down her face.

"What's wrong, Kitty?" Emma asked, kneeling by her sister and kissing her cheek.

"Eight words your sister has learned to be afraid of," their mother said sternly. "Just you wait until your father gets home!"