Subject: EMMA AT SCHOOL Episode 17 - Apres Bridge
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Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 11:32:33 UTC

Emma at School

Episode 17 - Apres Bridge

On their parents' return from their bridge game, a little earlier than expected, both girls were sitting, talking animatedly, in the same room in which Emma's sister had already been spanked twice. Mr Denning didn't look very pleased.

"Kaitlin! I sent you to bed didn't I?"

"Yes, Daddy," Emma replied before her sister could speak. "I asked her to come down so I could talk to her about her behaviour."

"Well, I'm glad you take these things seriously - but I wish you had taken equally seriously the fact that I had given an instruction!" Mr Denning snapped. "And what about you, Kaitlin? Did you imagine I'd be happy about you being up?"

Kaitlin shook her head penitently.

"You're off to your friend tomorrow, aren't you, Emma?"

"Yes, Daddy," his elder daughter replied with a smile, looking forward with pleasure to seeing Deborah once more - and with a little trepidation to meeting the rest of this family about which she had been told so much.

"Daddy?" Emma said again.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"I'm sorry for asking Kitty to get up after you had told her to stay in bed. I know I shall have to be punished for it.

"Well, I think if my girls know when they've done wrong and are prepared to accept the consequences, I should be a happy man. Kitty?"

Kaitlin's eyes were fixed on the floor. She knew that she could, by mentioning her smoking, get her sister off. She knew she should. Yet she couldn't, and a single tear trickled down over one cheek.

"Yes, I deserve to be punished too," she confessed.

"I agree," her father frowned. "Though your sister shall have to take the brunt of it as she invited you downstairs. I'll see you both in your room in four minutes!"

The two girls shot upstairs, Kaitlin watching for a fury in her sister's eyes which never arrived.

"Are you angry with me?" Kaitlin asked.

"No, not really," Emma told her. "I did ask you to stay downstairs and talk to me."

"Yes, but you hardly invited me down."

"Perhaps not," Emma agreed. Then a sly smile spread across her face. "Of course, if you feel that you need to request an additional punishment from me to make up for me covering for you, that would be very fair."

The two girls had no time to progress the conversation further as, at that very moment, the door swung open and Mr Denning walked into the smallish room the two of them shared when Emma came home, followed by their mother. There was no preliminary lecture.

"You know what I am punishing you for - and it's late," he explained.

"Both of you take off all your clothes and stand facing me with your hands upon your head.

Although both girls had undressed before their father within the last twelve hours, stripping now with each other present too brought a new embarrassment, enhanced neatly by their father's choice of punishment. Mr Denning did not attempt to steer his eyes away from the blooming breasts and lightly thatched pubic hair of his girls, despite his wife standing behind him: he was proud that they'd both turned out so beautifully. Emma, unsurprisingly, was the first to make herself ready, while her sister took a little longer.

"I'm going to spank you first, Kitty," he said, sitting on the side of her bed and holding out a hand to the fourteen year old which she took without fuss, determined to put on a good performance for her sister.

Slowly he drew her to him and then laid her across his knees, keeping her head up and her legs out straight behind her.

"I'm going to give you twenty smacks," he told his daughter. "Then I'm going to put your big sister over my lap and give her thirty-five," he continued, Emma's gasp almost audible.

"Darling, could you possibly give my neck a rub. Thanks, dear," Mr Denning then asked his wife. Obediently (Emma couldn't help wondering whether the household's new regime extended to the spanking of her mother), Mrs Denning took up position behind him and began to massage his neck and shoulders. "Mmmmm. That's lovely!" he exclaimed. "Perhaps I'll forget about that last rubber after all," he concluded, feeding Emma's suspicions.

Then, and Emma could only hear this as she was facing away from her sister with her hands still on her head, Kaitlin's bare bottom began to suffer her father's wrath.

It was a good solid spanking, Emma could tell - both by the cracking rapport of the blows - and by the loud screeches of Kaitlin. "Her squeals may," Emma considered, "be a little exaggerated - but this is good, solid, old-fashioned corporal punishment. And, at the thought that it would shortly be her making her way over her father's lap to have her bare bottom soundly spanked, the familiar heat began pulsing in her most secret places.

Emma could feel herself moistening at the combination of her and her sisters' nakedness, Kaitlin's current predicament, and the discipline she had yet to receive.


"Seventeen," Emma counted to herself as her sister's loud squeal gave evidence of the punishment's effectiveness. Just three more and then it would be her own naked body laid over her father's thighs. She closed her eyes and counted off the remaining smacks and then waited for her father's command.

"Emma, turn around."

Obediently, the girl turned to face the rest of her family. Kaitlin was still sprawled over her dad's knee, her bottom bright red from her recent chastisement. Emma was suddenly aware of the tautness of her nipples and a flush spread quickly across her face and delicate neck in embarrassment.

"Kaitlin, get up and put your hands on your head. Emma, I'll have you over my knee, please."

For only the second time in her life, Emma took up the traditional posture for the receipt of paternal punishment. Her experience at Bottom's Up she considered as totally different to this - the proper chastisement of a man's children by his own hand.


Emma rewarded her father with a good, noisy yelp of pain at his very first smack and continued to wail loudly throughout the rest of her spanking as Mr Denning lifted and dropped his heavy hand over and over again, the ringing salvos of the rhythmic smacking blending with Emma's howling to make music for his ears.

When Emma's spanking was over, her father stood both girls in front of him to give them a brief post-punishment talk about obedience before putting them both, still naked, to bed, kissing their tear-stained faces and wishing them a good night.

Emma slept fitfully, her hand between her thighs as she dozed. Images of her, her sister and Deborah receiving spankings from a multitude of known and unknown hands chased each other across the canvass of her dreams. Emma was spanked on a bus by an inspector for not having a ticket - knickers down right in front of a busload of people who did nothing to stop this humiliating occurrence but simply quietly muttered their approval as her bottom was warmed. Deborah tied Kaitlin up with her legs spread and went on to fuck her with a huge assortment of sex toys and household objects. Deborah herself was subjected to a long hard caning over Emma's dad's knee before having her greedy pussy eaten by him and Kaitlin simultaneously. She woke up several times during the night in a sweat, shocked by the impure thoughts of her subconscious but at the same time gasping with lust as her fingers raced over her clitoris.

Somehow in the morning, Emma managed to get through breakfast as though nothing had changed in the house - although every wooden spoon or chopstick transformed itself in her mind's eye into an instrument of chastisement. She couldn't wait to get to Deborah's house where she could give herself up to her lover's hands.

Mr Denning dropped her off, reminding her sternly to behave herself, although Emma knew enough about Deborah's own father to realise that this was an absolute imperative.

Deborah was at home alone, her brother being out for the evening and her father and sister not expected back until the following day. The girls made full use of their solitude, abandoning themselves to mutual desire for a long, warm, wet couple of hours, and then, after a long bath together, plonked themselves, like teenagers across the globe, in front of the TV.

"Hey," Deborah whispered conspiratorially. "Do you fancy a drink?"

"What? You mean a drink drink?" Emma replied with a nervous grin.

"Sure do." Deborah pointed at the full drinks cabinet and nudged her girlfriend.

"It's OK," she said. "Dad won't be here till tomorrow and Hugh will be out till really late."

"Would your dad be angry?" Emma asked.

"You do not want to get caught by my dad drunk," Deborah said meaningfully.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked.

Deborah looked at her friend for a moment and then picked up the scotch bottle and poured two large drinks.

"Get comfy, have a starter and then I'll tell you."

The two girls snuggled down together on the soft blue sofa and began to drink, giggling loudly as they became more tipsy. Deborah wouldn't tell her story until they had reached the third, but by then she seemed to have gathered her confidence.

"Well, I had a boyfriend staying. No, that's not right. He was a friend of my brother - otherwise daddy would never have left us alone together...."

Emma interrupted. "When was this?"

"Oh - about a year ago. Anyway, me and Andy were in the house on our own and he persuaded me - honest it was his idea - to sneak a bottle of vodka or something out of the cabinet and up to my room. He was very persuasive - I mean it only took him another half hour or something to persuade me out of my knickers and... well, anyway, we're going at it like..."

"You mean you were making love?"

"If that's what you want to call it - I was being well fucked, that's for sure..."

By now, the alcohol was fizzing in Emma's head and she lay her head on her friend's shoulder and listened to her unravelling the story, a gentle humming feeling beginning to grow between her thighs. She slipped a hand beneath her skirt and trickled her fingers over her mound through her panties, knowing that Deborah would notice and hoping it would help her storytelling flow.