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"We shrinks have a name for people who can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. We call them 'crazy.'"

-- Dossie Easton, in The Bottoming Book

Stupid Disclaimer

This web site is dedicated to safe spanking play between rational, informed, consenting adults. Although many of the stories on this site involve children being spanked, the stories are just that: stories.  Fiction.  Made-up.  Many of us enjoy fantasizing about or play-acting the child's role in our spanking play, about giving up control and being helpless, but that's not the same as advocating the spanking of real-life children.

The above statement really shouldn't be necessary, but I've occasionally gotten complaints from clueless people who think that this site is child pornography or advocates child abuse. The difference, of course, is that child pornography and child abuse harm actual children.