Subject: Busted (ALEX series) F/f
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 Nov 1998 16:19:03 -0800


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The aroma of fresh baked banana bread filled the house. Vic glanced up at the clock realizing that it was almost time for Alex to come rushing through the door, excited to be home from school. She put a kettle of hot water on the stove and took out the canister of hot cocoa, ready to share a snack and conversation with Alex.

Anne was away at a conference, and Vic and Alex were "baching it" for a few more days. Vic sat down with her cocoa and waited. Soon enough a half hour had gone by and Vic was worried. Jane's mom, Sally, was supposed to have picked the girls up today. The phone rang.

"Hello Vic, this is Sally. I can't find the girls anywhere and I talked to the teacher and she said that Alex, Jane and Susan never showed up for class today."

"WHAT?" Vic asked incredulous.

"Seems that they didn't show up...... I've looked everywhere. There is no sign of them anywhere," with that Sally began to cry.

"Take a deep breath Sally. They will show up. Have you called the police?" Vic asked as she tried to steady her own breathing.

"Yes, they are out searching for them now." Sally said inbetween sobs.

Vic looked out the kitchen window and saw a cop car pull into the driveway. A big cop opened the door and Alex slowly got out of the car. Her face was tearstained. Vic sighed relief and thanked God silently.

"Sally, they are here. Here comes Alex now. The cop must of found them.... I imagine Jane will be coming home shortly. Call Susan's mom will you? Bye," Vic said in record time as she hung up the phone and ran to the door.

"Howdy Ma'am. I found your little one here by the old school house with her friends. Seems they were having fun breaking out the windows with rocks. That is no place for a little one... that is for sure. Especially a little one that belongs in school."

Alex tried to sneak past Vic and go inside the house. Vic blocked her way and said to the officer, "Thank you officer for bringing her home. I apologize for the inconvience and I agree, that is no place for a little girl to be."

"Well, seeing that the school is no longer working, I guess no damage was really done to it..... lots of kids like to go and throw rocks at it," the officer said hitching up his belt. "Still, it ain't right to be destructing property. I will leave it to you to deal with that matter," he said winking at Vic and crouching down to talk to Alex. "And you little lady, I hope never to find you again doing that or skipping school. Next time you might just have to take a ride to jail. Is that understood?"

Tears slid down Alex's face as she nodded. The officer set a hand on Alex's blonde hair and shook hands with Vic and was on his way to deliver more children to their parents.

Vic walked in the house silently. Alex followed staring down at the carpet.

Finally Vic spoke, "Are you hungry?" Alex nodded a little nod. Vic went to the counter a cut a thick slice of the still warm banana bread. She poured some hot cocoa into a cup for Alex and set it down at the table. Alex sat hunched over her food. She picked at the banana bread. Vic's deep brown eyes bore into her.

Finally Alex couldn't take it anymore. Huge crocodile tears slid down her cheeks. Vic picked up the little girl with ease and cuddled her close on her lap.

"Why are you crying lovey?"

"B-B-Because I-I k-know your mad at me," Alex sniffed and sobbed. "Because I-I was ba-ad."

"Well, I am certainly not proud of you for skipping school and deciding to throw rocks at school house windows. I am very disappointed in your behavior. I wish that you had chose not to do that."

"Me too," sniffed Alex snuggling in deeper to Vic's chest.

Vic sighed and asked, "Alex, are you sorry you did it or are you sorry you got caught?"

Alex hesitated before replying, "I am sorry I did it and I am sorry I got caught. But I knew it was wrong before I did it, but it sounded fun and Susan said she did it before and never got caught."

"Well, today you sure did, huh?" Vic said giving Alex some more bread to eat. Alex nodded vigorously as she picked at some more bread.

"So what I am wondering is how you all decided to do this and how you planned on not getting caught," Vic said turning Alex so that she could see the little girl's face.

"Well, see Jane's mom dropped us off and we ran into the bathroom til' after we were sure she was gone. Then we ran all the way through the meadow until we got there. There is a trail but all the bushes hide it.... but we found it cuz' Susan knew where it was. And we were gonna come back before Jane's mom came, but we all forgot watches."

"Sounds like you all had quite an adventurous day." Vic said

"Are you gonna tell Anne?" Alex asked


"Are you gonna tell her everything," Alex asked, "even about the cop?"


"Are you gonna spank me?"

"Yes Alex, I am." Vic said quietly and firmly.

"But why?" Alex's lower lip started to tremble, "I've learned my lesson. I won't ever do it again. I promise. Please Vic."

"I am glad to hear that you won't ever do it again sweetheart because you need to be in school and I was very worried about you. However, you know the rules here. You break the rules and you get spanked. You knew that before you left today. You got caught and you are going to get a spanking for breaking the rules." Vic said tilting the little cherub face so that she could direct her message clearly. "Do you understand that Alex?"

Tears fell down Alex's face once again as she nodded.

"Shall we get this over with Lovey?" Vic asked as she knealt down to Alex's level.

Alex sniffed and wiped at a tear and then nodded. She hugged Vic's waist, clinging tightly. Vic bent down and unwound Alex from her waist. She picked her up and carried her up the stairs, stopping in the bathroom to pick up the hairbrush, and then on to Alex's room, all the while holding the child tightly and gently.

Vic sat on the bed with Alex still clinging, her arms tight about Vic's neck. "Alex, sweetheart, it is gonna be okay. Now listen, I want to talk to you please."

Alex undid her arms and sat on Vic's lap facing her. She played with a big blue button on Vic's flannel shirt. Vic spoke, "Alex, how many windows did you break with those rocks?"

"Two windows," Alex said in a whisper.

"Hmm, two eh?" Vic thought out loud, "well, I guess that means that you'll be paying for the two out of your allowance every week. Then we will go and replace them once you have the money saved up."

Alex scowled and shouted, "That's not fair. Everybody breaks those windows. Nobody lives there and besides, if we replace them they will just get broken again."

"Yes, probably, " Vic agreed. "Still, they weren't your windows to break now were they? You had no right to break something that does not belong to you. Do you understand that? That school belongs to the state. Nobody uses it and it is abandoned, but that doesn't mean you can go and do anything you want to it. Do you I make myself clear young lady?" Vic said firmly.

Alex frowned and nodded. "Good," said Vic. "It is time for your spanking now. Take down those jeans and panties please."

"NO," Alex said putting her hands on her hips.

Vic sighed and said, "Do you want me to pull them down? I don't want to have to do that to you, but I will."

Tears clouded Alex's eyes again as she pulled down her jeans and panties. The tears spilled out over her cheeks and dripped onto the carpet.

"That was very good sweetheart," Vic said pulling Alex over her lap. "Thank you for cooperating." Vic picked up the hairbrush right from the start and started spanking Alex's bare bottom firmly. Alex squealed and kicked and screamed. Vic didn't let up, and the hairbrush rained down time and again, turning Alex's bottom pink, then red.

Vic slowed the pace a little, but spanked harder. Alex screamed in protest. The hairbrush found it's mark over and over on the little bottom that was now crisom. Alex howled and sobbed. Vic wasn't sure which was louder, Alex screaming or the smack of the hairbrush.

Vic picked up the pace again, sensing the end was near. She landed a series of hard and fast spanks all over Alex's bottom and a couple to the back of her thighs. The little girl was sobbing quietly and having a hard time catching her breath. Vic eased up giving her bottom an occasional spank, as Alex caught her breath again. Vic threw the hairbrush down and rubbed Alex's back as the little girl cried herself out.

"I'm sorry I had to be so rough on you Lovey, " Vic said softly. "But you needed to know the importance of respecting people's property." Alex nodded and sniffled.

Vic very carefully pulled up the little girl's panties and picked her up. They headed to the big rocker that had comforted Alex so many times after spankings. Vic rocked and rocked as the little girl drifted to sleep. Twilight turned into night and still the woman held the child close to her heart. Alex woke a couple hours later. Vic looked down. Alex smiled a sleepy smile and said, "I am sorry Vic. I really am."

Vic kissed her forehead lightly and said, "I know sweetie and you are forgiven." She stood the little girl up and helped her into her bed. As she was walking out she heard the little voice say, "Goodnight Vic, I love you." Her heart filled with love and her eyes filled with tears. "I love you too Alex. Sleep well sweetie," she said as she shut off the light and headed downstairs to call Anne.