Subject: NEW STORY: Mistakes (Alex series) F/f
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 Feb 1999 21:29:24 -0800


I have been feeling crabby, unloveable, and sad lately. So, I thought I'd write another Alex story... which seems to help for some odd reason. The usual disclaimers apply. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks --Jessie

Warning This story contains a spanking of a minor, although done very lovingly. This is a work of fiction and is no way based on real life events. If a spanking of a minor bothers you read no further.

* * *

"Hurry up Alex. We need to get going if we are going to make it before Vic gets home," Anne said from the bottom of the stairs.

"Coming," Alex's seven year old twitter came from upstairs. The little girl appeared running down the stairs two at a time, her long blonde hair flowing widely behind her.

Anne smiled at the sight of the little girl running. She loved Alex with a fierceness she didn't know existed. She loved the girl as if she were her own flesh and blood. Anne had always been the type to be reserved, only sharing her love with a select few. But Alex had changed that for her. Alex had opened a part of Anne's heart that had long ago been locked up. Anne had thought the key had been thrown out for good... who would've thought that a little blonde haired, blue eyed child would have the key.

Such were the thoughts floating through Anne's mind as Alex jumped into her arms. Anne inhaled the sweet smell that was Alex. She kissed her cheek and said, "Let's go then."

The younger child took the woman's hand and they headed out to the car. Once in the car Alex said, "So what are we gonna get Vic for her birthday?"

"Well, I was thinking about a camera or a very nice computer chair. She is always in her office at her desk and at night she complains that her back hurts from sitting so long in a bad chair," Anne said parking the car in store parking lot.

Once inside, Anne made her way to the camera section. Alex followed along. She watched Anne's blue eyes turn serious as she looked intently upon each camera. The flourescent lights made her auburn hair shimmer. Alex thought that Anne had never looked prettier.

Anne asked the sales lady to let her see a camera that was on sale. She looked it over and shook her head saying maybe next time when it went down a little bit.

Alex frowned and said,"But Vic really wants a new camera."

"I know she does Lovey," Anne said tousling Alex's silky hair, "but right now I can't really afford getting her a camera and a chair. I think she would rather have the chair and some other smaller gifts.

"Anne, while you go get her that chair, would it be all right if I go look on my own for a present for her, please."

Anne smiled at Alex and nodded. "Okay sweetie, but be careful and don't wander off. Meet me here in 20 minutes okay?"

"Ok," Alex said as she walked away. Alex pretended to look at cards as she watched Anne head to the computer department. When she knew that she was safe, she made a beeline to the spot where she wanted to go and made her purchase.

Twenty minutes latershe met Anne at the designated spot with a big smile on her face. Anne smiled back as she saw Alex carrying a bag with a wrapped present inside.

"Well, it looks like you found something for her," Anne said. "What did you get her?"

"It's a suprise," Alex said showing off the space in her smile where her two front teeth used to be.

"Oh okay," Anne said, "you are gonna keep me in suspense too huh?"

"Yep," Alex nodded as they headed out to get ready for Vic to come home.

* * *

Vic walked in to a house filled with balloons and the delicious smell of garlic permeating the air. Alex came running into her arms screaming "Happy Birthday Vic".

Vic laughed and swung the girl up and into her arms. "Thanks babe," she said as she kissed Alex's face all over, making the little girl giggle.

Anne came out grinning. The two women's eyes met and held. "Hello Love, Happy Birthday," Anne said kissing Vic and giving her a hug as Alex squealed from being squished in the middle.

"Why don't you go take a long hot bath while I finish dinner. I've already got everything laid out for you.... go relax and we will finish up here." Anne said.

"Ah, it is nice to be loved," Vic said kissing both her girls once more and headed up the stairs.

After dinner had been consumed with great pleasure, Alex cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher as Anne and Vic had a cup of coffee and talked. "C'mon Vic," Alex said jumping on her lap, "let's open presents now."

"OK, you." Vic said giving Alex a tickle.

"Open mine first," Alex said thrusting the present into Vic's lap. Vic slowly unwrapped the present and looked in awe at her new camera.

"Thanks you two, I just love it. I really wanted one of these," she said kissing Alex and winking at Anne.

Anne had a slight frown on her face as she stared intently at the camera she had looked at earlier. Her steadfast eyes then moved to Alex as she said, "I had nothing to do with this. Alex bought this with her own money."

Vic caught the meaning of Anne's words and said, "Alex honey, how did you afford this camera?"

Alex stammered a little and said, "I saved my money." And then quickly said,"C'mon on Vic, we got lots more presents for you. Let's go into your study." She grabbed Vic's hand and pulled her to a standing position. Vic followed the little girl's lead and opened up her chair and the other littler things that Alex and Anne had gotten for her.

Anne and Alex were left alone in the office while Vic went upstairs to put away her new gifts. Alex tried to go through the door, but Anne blocked her way. "Why don't you and I have a little chat," she said.

"I got a lot of homework to do," Alex said quickly. "And you always tell me that homework comes first. Maybe tomorrow we can chat."

Anne stood looking down at Alex. "No, not tomorrow Lovey. Right now. We will wait till' Vic comes down and then we are all going to talk about how you bought that camera."

Alex stomped her foot in exasperation. "I already TOLD you how. I saved my money. I don't see what the big deal is."

"The big deal, young lady, is that particular camera costs close to $500 dollars on sale, and I happen to know for a fact that even if you saved all your allowances up, you still wouldn't even come close to having that much money. So I will ask you again and this time I want the truth. Where did you get the money Alex?" Anne said sternly.

Alex stared out the window. Anne walked over to where Alexwas standing and crouched down. She turned the little girl's face so that they were facing each other. "Alex, where did you get the money?" Anne said softly.

Vic stood in the doorway. She watched as Anne picked up the little girl who had tears streaming down her face. Anne walked over to the couch where she held Alex, neither of them speaking. Vic went over and sat down beside them and stroked Alex's hair. Alex sobbed in great heaves.

Finally Vic spoke. "Alex, you stole the money from our wallets didn't you?"

The child said nothing, but the tears started again.

Vic spoke once again. "Anne and I started noticing about 2 months ago that we were losing money. We thought we were misplacing it or forgetting that we bought something. But it kept happening and we thought that maybe the housekeeper was stealing from us. But it all makes sense now."

Vic continued, "Sweetheart, why on earth would you steal from us?" Alex's sobbing continued as she clung to Anne. Anne held on tightly fighting her rising anger and her confusion over this situation. Alex sobbed harder and shook her head.

Vic let the sobs subside and waited for Alex to speak. Finally the child spoke. "I don't know. When I first got here I-I thought you might send me away again and I might get hungry so I started taking a little money every morning from both your wallets."

"Oh Lovey, you must have realized that we love you and would never send you away." Anne said kissing Alex's cheek and brushing the tears away.

Alex nodded. "B-but then I had quite a bit of money hidden and didn't want to tell you cuz' I knew you'd be mad. And then Vic's birthday was coming up and I wanted to get her a good present." Alex looked at Vic and said, "I made you one, but it wasn't good enough for you."

"Sweetheart, homemade gifts are the best ones, especially ones made by you," Vic said.

Anne cut to the chase. "So are you saying that you kept stealing from us even after you knew that we would never send you away?" The little girl grew silent again. Anne reached over and tilted the child's face toward her own. "Alex?"

Slowly Alex nodded as her bottom lip trembled. "I am in trouble aren't I?" she said meekly.

Anne sighed and said, "Yes Alex, you are. What you did was wrong and I think you know that. Why don't you go upstairs to your room and work on your homework while Vic and I discuss your consequences, OK?" Alex swallowed hard as got up. Vic reached out and grabbed Alex's hand and gave it a little squeeze as she passed her.

Alex was staring off into space when the two women knocked on the door. "Come in," she said. She looked for the hairbrush as they came in and sat down on her bed. She saw nothing.

"C'mere Lovey," Anne said holding her arms open so that she could sit Alex on her lap. Alex climbed on Anne's lap and rested her head against her chest. Anne spoke. "We've decided to leave your punishment up to you. I think you know what you did was wrong and we both feel that you will decide fairly on a suitable consequence to your actions."

Alex looked at Vic. Vic smiled at her gently and said, "By tomorrow morning we want an answer. OK? We are going to leave you now so you can do your homework and some thinking. I am sure you have a lot to think about," Vic said getting up and kissing Alex on the forehead.

Alex watched as they left the room. Two hours later she was still no whereand hated the fact that they made her choose her own punishment! She got ready for bed and went and kissed them good night. She tossed and turned once in bed. Finally not being able to handle it, she went and knocked on their bedroom door. They were both sitting up in bed reading.

Alex stood by the door and said in a small voice. "I can't sleep."

Anne patted the middle of the bed. Alex climbed in between them and snuggled in. She mumbled something so light that neither Vic nor Anne could hear it.

"What was that, sweetie?" Vic asked.

"I said I think both of you should spank me," Alex said taking a deep breath. "I stole from both of you and I am very sorry."

Anne hugged her tightly and said, "That is my good girl. But I think one spanking would do."

Alex shook her head vigorously. "No, I've thought about it and it is only right. I would like for you, Anne, to spank me tomorrow at bedtime and I would like Vic to spank me tonight. Vic, would you please give me a spanking tonight?"

Vic nodded her head. Alex took a deep breath and climbed out of the bed and returned with the hairbrush.

"OK, I am ready now," she said climbing over Vic's lap. Vic was a little stunned at Alex's courage and determination. She looked over at Anne who had a peculiar look on her face as well.

"Sweetie, you know that this is going to be a real spanking don't you? It is going to hurt," Vic said as she stroked Alex's back and long hair.

Alex nodded. "I just want to get this over with Vic. I was wrong and I want to feel better. So would you please spank me now?"

"Alex, I love you," Vic said as she picked up the brush and lifted the little pink nightgown up to Alex's waist. She gently pulled down the little white panties with purple flowers to Alex's knees. Vic brought the hairbrush down on the little girl's bottom cheeks hard and fast. Alex squealed and squirmed. Vic put her arm around the small waist and pulled Alex's wiggling body firmly against her own. The hairbrush landed fast and furious on the pinking bottom. Alex was crying now. Anne placed one of her hands on the base of Alex's neck lightly, which seemed to have a calming effect. Anne's other hand stroked the little blonde head.

"It's okay Lovey, let it all out." Anne whispered into Alex's ear. Great sobs came from the little bundle. Vic said nothing but continued spanking, alternating from one cheek to the other and occasionally landing one on the back of a thigh. Alex's little bottom was on fire. Vic slowed her pace until she was merely patting the little girl's bottom with her hand. Alex sobbed on and on.

Vic very gently pulled up the little panties and put the nightgown in place. "It is over Sweetheart. Can I hold you please? I would love to hold you right now." Alex slowly nodded as the tears continued to flow.

Vic helped her up and into her arms where she cradled the crying girl, kissing her sweet forehead and holding her tight. Anne covered the little girl up with the blanket and watched as the teary blue eyes finally closed.

Vic looked over at Anne and smiled. "She's asleep." Anne nodded and whispered, "You can put her in between us tonight. She's had a rough night and I want to be here if she wakes up again."

Vic nodded and put the sleeping child in the middle. "She looks so peaceful," she said quietly, her brown eyes shining with love.

Anne smiled and leaned over and gave Vic a kiss. "I love you."

"And I love you." Both women snuggled under the covers and felt the warmth of love between them

* * *