Subject: The Visitor (Part of the Alex series) F/f
From: "Jessie Walker" <sapphire77@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 Oct 1998 22:15:41 -0700

The Visitor

The usual disclaimers apply. Comments and feedback are always appreciated and welcome. This is another story to the Alex series...... Thanks -- Jessie

The two women and child sat around the dinner table slowly eating and enjoying each other's complany. Anne looked over at Alex who was making train tracks through her mashed potatoes.

"Alex, sweetie, we have a suprise for you."

Alex looked up with great interest. Anne continued, "See, every Spring Break, my niece, Blaine comes to visit Vic and I. This year will be even more special because you are here and you two are the same age."

Alex scowled a little and said, "When is she coming?" Vic answered, "Sunday, morning." Alex scowled even more, "but I thought you said we could go to the carnival. It is gonna be here you know."

Vic smiled at the little girl's grumpy face. "Of course we can go silly. I am sure that Blaine would like to go to. We can all go together. Okay?"

"Well, okay," said Alex, "but she isn't sleeping in my room."

Anne frowned at hearing this. "Why not sweetie? I thought you might like sharing a room with her.... after all it is only for a week. And you have two beds in there."

"I JUST DON'T, " Alex said loudly, her eyes filling up with tears. Anne looked at Vic, who just shrugged and then said, "Ok honey, it isn't anything to get upset about. She can sleep in the guest room. It's no biggie."

"Can I please be excused?" Alex sniffed. Vic nodded and Alex ran up to her room and flopped down on the bed. Mean thoughts about a girl named Blaine invaded her mind. She already hated her.

Sunday came much too quickly for Alex's taste. She had just woken up and was padding into the kitchen when Anne walked through the door with her arm around a red-headed little girl with brilliant green eyes and a smattering of freckles across her nose. "Alex, this is my niece Blaine. Blaine this is Alex, who I've been telling you about."

The two girls stood there staring at each other. Finally Blaine smiled showing her dimples and lack of her two front teeth, and stuck her hand out. "Nice to meet ya Alex." Alex looked at the hand and muttered, "You too," and went to the cupboard to find her favorite cereal.

Anne frowned slightly as she watched Alex get her cereal. Vic walked in and Blaine ran to the tall woman. Vic swooped down and picked Blaine up and kissed her face all over and hugged her tight. "Wow, look at you Blaine. You must of grown a whole foot since I saw you last. And what happened to those teeth of yours? It is so good to see you sweetheart." Blaine giggled as Vic put her down.

Alex watched the interaction between Vic and Blaine. She let the bowl slip out of her fingers and crash to the floor. "Oops," she said loudly. All 6 pairs of eyes turned to Alex. She shrugged. Vic said quickly, "Anne, why don't you show Blaine to her room while Alex and I clean this up."

"I have cartoons to watch," said Alex hotly, "I am missing Bugs Bunny." WIth that said, she ran into the den and turned on the tv loud. Anne started heading toward the den, but Vic stopped her. "Anne, it is okay, really. Go get this little sweetie settled in and I will make us all breakfeast, ok."

Anne smiled at her partner and said, "Ok Babe, thanks. I really appreciate it." Anne and Blaine headed up the stairs to the spare room while Vic put on a pot of coffee and started making breakfeast.

Later, Blaine and Anne came down and helped Vic. Alex came in and saw the little girl helping the two older women. "She isn't doing it right," said Alex standing by Blaine watching her mix the muffins. "She isn't supposed to be stirring like that. You gotta do it fast. And look, she is licking the spoon... gross... I am not eating those after she licked it... she got her spit in it."

"Alex," Vic said sharply, "Blaine is doing a wonderful job stirring the muffin mix. And I recall another little girl who licks the spoon too. Now, if you would like to help, you can set the table."

"But I AM watching cartoons." Alex protested.

Anne stopped what she was doing and said to Alex, "Everyone is helping Alex, so I am going to rephrase what Vic said. GO set the table." Her blazing blue eyes told Alex that she wasn't joking.

Alex stomped over to the silverware drawer and opened it with a jolt, grabbed what she needed and slammed it on the table. She continued her assault with the glasses, plates, and napkins. Blaine stood on top of her chair staring with big wide eyes at Alex.

"IT ISN'T NICE TO STARE," Alex yelled at her. Blaine turned quickly around, her eyes filling up with tears. Anne went over to her side and gave her little niece a hug.

Vic said quietly and firmly, "Alex, that is quite enough. Do you understand that? You are skating on thin ice. Now you can either start being nice or you can go to your room. It is your choice."

"I will be nice," said Alex with a frown on her fair face.

"I think you you owe Blaine an apology Alex," Anne said. Alex frown deepend, "SORRY," she spit out none to nicely.

"Well then," Vic said trying to break the tension, "breakfeast is served my ladies." They all crowded around the table helping themselves to warm muffins, eggs, and bacon.

After breakfeast was finished and the dishes were done, everyone got dressed and freshened up to go to the carnival. Alex was downstairs with Vic and Anne waiting for Blaine. Blaine came running down the stairs holding something that resembled a vase.

"Aunt Anne, look what I made for you," Blaine said "It is a vase and it really holds water and everything, " Blaine said excitedly walking over to Anne.

This was just too much for Alex to take. She saw her opportunity and ever so casually stuck out her leg as Blaine walked past her over to Anne. Down went Blaine and SMASH went the vase.

Blaine instantly started howling.

"Baby," muttered Alex to Blaine. Blaine started howling louder, "She did that on purpose. I know she did and now the vase is broken and I made it special for you Aunt Anne."

Anne bent down to pick up Blaine and make sure the little girl didn't get cut.

Alex said, "I DID not do it on purpose and I don't see what the big deal is anyway, it was just a stupid old vase."

"Alexandra, go to your room right this minute," Vic said, her eyes blazing with anger.

"B-b-but, I thought we were going to the carnival," Alex stammered. "It was an accident. You are always telling me that accidents happen."

"NOW," Vic said pointing up the stairs. Alex huffed up the stairs and slammed the door. Anne was holding Blaine close and telling her that they could get some clay at the store so that Blaine could make another one if she wanted. Blaine sniffled and brightened at hearing those words.

Anne stood up and told the little red-head to go wash her hands and her face. Blaine went skipping off to the bathroom while Anne spoke with Vic.

"You and Blaine go on to the carnival. I am going to have a long talk with Alex."

Vic nodded and said, "I don't know what has gotten into that child, but my best guess is jealousy." Anne sighed sadly and nodded her head. "Whatever it is, she won't be going to the carnival which will be hard for her. She really wanted to go."

Blaine came back freshened up and smiling. Vic grabbed her hand, Anne kissed her pink cheeks and off the two went for a fun-filled day at the carnival.

Anne sat down wearily on the couch. She waited until the anger subsided and then walked up the stairs to Alex's room, only stopping in the bathroom to grab the hairbrush.

She opened the door and found Alex laying on her back with her feet up on the walls. She walked in and sat at the end of Alex's bed.

She spoke first. "Suppose you tell me what is going on with you."

"I don't like her that is all," Alex said gruffly.

"You don't have to like her, but you do have to be nice to her. She is a guest in our house. You have been nothing but rude and mean to her since she got here and I won't tolerate that. Do you understand?"

Alex shrugged.

"And furthermore young lady, you could've really of hurt her with that tripping stunt you pulled. That was NO accident. I watched you very deliberately put your foot out and then smirk when she fell. That is not like you Alex. I don't know what has gotten into you lately. But I am giving you a chance to explain right now, " Anne said, her blue eyes fixed intently on the blonde head.

Nothing. Another shrug with those little shoulders.

Anne felt her anger rising again. She waited for it to subside again. "Well, since you aren't going to talk about it, I am going to spank you now Alex. I think you knew this was coming."

Alex shrugged again and rolled off the bed. She undid her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties and climbed over Anne's lap.

Tears formed in Anne's eyes. She didn't know if she was doing the right thing by this child. She shook her head and cleared her mind thinking that yes, Alex knew the rules. She had to go through with it. With her heart hurting, she picked up the hairbrush and brought it down on Alex's bottom.

Alex didn't say anything as the hairbrush landed over and over again on her bare flesh. Her little fists were closed tight into little balls, her jaws clenched tight. Anne could feel how tense Alex's little body was, almost as if she was shutting out everyone and everything. Anne spanked more firmly and more surely, wanting Alex to let go. Her little bottom was turning bright red, and Anne offered no release as the hairbrush continued to rain down on Alex's bottom.

Anne continued at a fairly rapid pace all the time lecturing Alex. "You do not treat people like that Alex. She is a human being and has feelings. I know this is hard for you, but you have to know that you are loved and secure with Vic and I? Okay?" Anne started spanking harder with those words, the hairbrush coming down first on the right and then the left, occasionally meeting with the back of Alex's thighs in a steady and firm rythm.

Alex started struggling, but still no sounds came out. Anne picked up the pace a little harder. Finally, the little girl let loose, 'I HATE YOU. YOU DON'T LOVE ME. YOU ARE JUST GOING TO LEAVE ME." Huge wracking sobs came out making the words garbled.

Anne smiled through her own tears. She slowed the pace down, bringing Alex to more quiet sobs. She dropped the hairbrush and rubbed the little girl's back. Alex lay there whimpering. Anne lifted her up gently and Alex wrapped her arms around Anne's neck.

"Don't leave me..... don't leave me..... don't leave me," the little girl whispered over and over again into Anne's ear. Anne held her tightly and rocked her back and forth reassuring her all the while.

"No love. I am never going to leave you. Not ever on purpose ok? I don't know why your mom left sweetheart. I really don't. But Vic and I are always here for you. Always. We love you and always will. You are our little girl. We are here to stay. We are your family. We want you. I love you Alex. You are one of the best things that has ever come my way, " Anne said laying Alex tummy down on the bed. She stretched out beside the little girl and brushed the tears away.

"But you love Blaine too," squeaked Alex.

"Yes, sweetie. I do. I have lots and lots of love in me. Blaine is my niece, of course I love her. But that doesn't mean that I don't love you." Anne said looking down on the cherub face.

"But Blaine is family. She is related to you. I am not." Alex said starting to cry again.

"Oh Lovey," Anne said kissing Alex on the forehead, "you are related to my soul and to my heart. It doesn't get any better than that. I love you with a very special, very powerful kind of love. It is the strongest love I know sweetie. And nobody, absolutely nobody, can take your place. You got that? And I know that Vic feels the same as I do. We love you a whole WHOLE bunch and that will never ever change." Anne said smiling tenderly at Alex.

Alex nodded and threw her arms around Anne again. "I am sorry I was so bad Anne. I didn't mean to hurt her. I just felt so mean."

"I know baby. But I do want you to apologize to Blaine.... I think you owe her that."

Alex nodded again and cuddled into Anne as the two fell into a peaceful afternoon nap, only to be woken up by Blaine coming in with a big stuffed animal.

"Alex, look what we won you," said Blaine with a smile.

Alex came out of sleep rubbing her eyes, "For me?," she said looking up at Vic who was smiling at the sight of her two girls sleeping.

"Yeah, we felt bad cuz' you couldn't come so we won this.... Vic had to play and play the game for hours and the guy felt sorry for her and finally gave it to her," Blaine gushed.

"Thanks Blaine. Thanks Vic, " Alex said. "C'mon Blaine, let's go outside in the yard and play."

Vic walked over and laid down next to Anne on the bed. The women could hear Alex saying, "Sorry I tripped you Blaine and made you break that vase. I can help you make a new one though."

"Ah, friends at last. That must of been some talk you had with her," Vic said picking up the hairbrush.

"It was," Anne said as she began telling her partner the whole story.