Subject: "Sarita's Revenge" (MF/fm, M/F)
Date: 1997/09/21

Sarita's Revenge

by Gordon X. Oilbuckle

(This story deals with the spanking of minor children. If the subject matter offends you or you are under 18, don't read it.)


The cameraman stopped as Max Wallace barked the command from the director's chair. Lisa Gervais, the female lead, straightened up as best she could on her broken high heel, leaning with difficulty on a park bench. Andy Platt paused in walking his dog and sank to the ground, and Sarita Villamonte and Juan Gomez collapsed even more readily after their three-hour game of leapfrog.

"Platt! Clean up after your dog! We can't have that on screen in a family comedy!" continued the star/director. As the extra frantically looked through his pockets, Wallace concluded in exasperation, "In fact, let's scrap this whole scene! We've only arranged for one day in this park, so we'll pick up tomorrow at the studio when I meet Lisa after her accident!"

There was a reluctant sigh from Lisa, whose contract guaranteed her $5000 a day regardless of finished work, and howls of outrage from the extras. Most were mutters, like Andy's, "It's not his fault you carried on this scene for three hours!" but ten-year-old Sarita wasn't nearly so polite. She strode forward and screamed at Wallace, "You mean we won't be in the movie? And we won't get PAID?"

"You'll get paid union rates. Nothing more!"

"You mean, after playing leapfrog for hours, Juan and I won't even get CREDIT?" The others were looking up in horror, many agreeing with the outspoken young extra, but none, even Juan, daring to say so. "What kind of a hack director are you?"

Wallace stood up in fury. "A highly successful one, who will not be dictated to by a child barely out of diapers! Now get out of here, all of you!"

The extras reluctantly obeyed, Andy pausing to drop the tiny piece of tissue he'd finally found, with which he'd reluctantly picked up his dog's excretions, into the first trashcan he passed. A sudden gleam came into Sarita's eyes as she passed the trashcan.

"What are you *doing," Sarita?" Juan asked. "We'll have to call Dad now to pick us up!"

"'Barely out of diapers' indeed!" fumed Sarita. "After he makes me play leapfrog for hours... and in a dress that exposes my lingerie, at that! That's apparently fine in a family comedy, but dog poop isn't? Well, let's see how he likes it! You wait here and signal when he isn't looking!"

Juan tagged along with some reluctance. He just knew Sarita was about to get them both in trouble. His emotions toward the afternoon's activity were a lot more mixed. Even at the age of nine, he'd found it strangely exciting to play leapfrog with a girl wearing a short dress, though he had to admit he too had found it wearing thin after three hours. And Wallace was a notorious tyrant... a tyrant on whose chair Sarita was now depositing the contents of Andy's tissue...

Sarita rejoined Juan just in time. Max Wallace was barking some final commands to his cameramen, and plopped down onto the chair with a very satisfying squish. He suddenly looked up at the giggling children, then sprang to his feet and examined the seat of his chair. Then he felt the seat of his expensive slacks.

Juan was already halfway out of the park, but Sarita couldn't resist one final comment. "I thought I was the one barely out of diapers!" Then she whirled and followed Juan down the diagonal path.

"You're sure the bus comes in half a minute, Sarita?" puffed Juan. Both could hear the bellowing voice of the apoplectic director, long accustomed to getting his way and indescribably furious at the gales of laughter that had erupted after Sarita's final insult, as he thundered toward them in the distance.

"Timed it to the second, Juan!" breathlessly replied Sarita. "He's too slow to catch up with us... out that gate!" Then she suddenly paused. She looked around....could it be?

"Hurry UP!" whispered Juan. He was outside the park and could already see the bus in the distance. But Sarita pulled him back. At the top of her lungs, she screamed, "OH MY GOD! I DROPPED MY BUS FARE!"

Max Wallace was out of breath, and about to give up. The children's footsteps were fading in the distance, and he'd begun to turn around when he heard Sarita's scream. He whirled again and raced forward with renewed determination.

As he approached the gate, he looked ruefully at the vast amount of foliage. Probably the kids were hidden or had talked their way onto the bus. He'd probably better...


No trace of the boy, but he knew the girl was mainly responsible for his discomfiture. And she was in a perfect position, too! She was kneeling in the tall grass, bent almost double, desperately searching for something... her bus fare, no doubt. The short dress she had so resented (didn't the little brat understand period costume?) was up around her waist, revealing her white cotton panties stretched tight across the curves of her firm bottom. He gazed for a moment in what was almost admiration, before he caught himself. This was a ten-year-old girl, for heaven's sake! Not someone to admire in anything approaching a sexual sense... but definitely someone in need of discipline, and in just the right position.

Softly and quietly, so the girl, who seemed to have lost all concern with anything except finding her lost items, wouldn't hear him, Max advanced and contemplated the situation. For a moment he was ready to pull his foot back and give her a literal kick in the pants, but that would surely be going over the line. On the other hand, he could hardly be faulted for administering more traditional discipline...

He stepped forward so he was directly behind the kneeling girl, still completely oblivious to him. He thought of the dog dung that had stained and perhaps ruined his best chair and trousers, quite aside from this impudent little extra's continued insults, and made up his mind. He raised his arm, and brought it down hard on the seat of her white panties.

"AAAAAIIIII!" she screamed. She followed with a burst of four-letter words and threats to call the police, but not a trace of remorse.

With new determination, Max bent down and picked up the girl by her waist, literally sweeeping her off her feet. Paying little attention to the fingers trying to scratch his legs, Max avoided the thrashing legs and administered his own thrashing to the seat of her panties. As she paused for breath, Max continued. "One more word and the pants come down, too!"

"Rape!" screamed his victim, but Max was unstoppable. He reached for the waist of the girl's panties, and pulled them down across her firm, already pink cheeks. He peppered them with more swats that almost caused them to glow a deeper red, suppressing his thrill at the feel of the tight buttocks under his hand, churning to give him occasional glimpses of pubic hair...

Pubic hair...?

He became more aware of the girl's chest as it dangled down his leg, her hands trying to get loose, her breast... breast?

This was a ten-year-old girl?

He suddenly dropped her and turned to take a closer look at her top half. The figure of a young woman in a tennis dress, glaring up at him in fury as she rubbed her reddened, exposed buttocks, came into view, and the world whirled around him...

Sarita clapped her hand over her mouth to suppress her convulsions of laughter. "Did you see the look on his face, Juan?" she snorted. "The moment I saw that tennis player looking for her ball, in a dress that looked just like mine, I knew this was something that couldn't be missed!"

"But what about the bus?"

Sarita sighed. "Forget the bus. Now we can salvage our roles and everything else!"

The tennis player was screaming threats of lawsuits, police prosecution, and everything she could think of as Sarita swaggered into Max's view. "Excuse me, Mr. Wallace, but I think there might be a solution to this!"

The woman looked more closely in sudden recognition. "Max Wallace? The famous director and actor?"

Max acknowledged his identity, and Sarita added, "I'm sure he'd be more than happy to film you and your partner playing tennis in the park, and pay you full extra fees for his movie! 'Course, that'd mean including all the other extras, too..."

Max looked up, a renewed hope in his eyes. A new excitement had come to the tennis player, whose name, she quickly revealed, was Anita Valdes. She quickly acquiesced in the idea of dropping the charges, and the four were chatting amicably as they headed back toward the movie set.

"Gone!" sighed Max as he looked around the deserted area. Anita's eyes suddenly began to glare, but Max quickly pulled a cellular phone out of his pocket and called what he described as a beeper number. He then turned his attention to attempting to clean his director's chair.

Anita suppressed a giggle as she watched. "You thought I was her?" she asked, looking at Sarita.

Max's eyes narrowed. "That's why I was so furious! That chair was a present from Alfred Hitchcock, and these pants... those kids...

Anita's jaw suddenly set in a firm line. She suddenly stalked toward Juan and Sarita, and seized the surprised children, each by a shoulder. Then she strode toward the nearest chair and sat down.

"I think it's time we continued where you left off!" said Anita, wincing as her bottom shifted on the hard metal. She pulled Juan across her knee and tightened her grip on Sarita.

"Hey, I didn't do anything!" wailed Juan.

"You did enough!" said Anita, reaching under him to unbuckle his belt.

Max also had a gleam in his eyes as he strode forward. "You don't think I should..."

"I think you should take care of the real brains of this pair!" She gestured toward the chair at her left, then shoved Sarita across his lap as he sat down. "I can handle him... I had younger brothers... but I know from past experience that you can give her what she needs!"

Anita pulled Juan's pants down and slapped him on the seat of his underpants. Max tightened his grip on Sarita as he lifted her dress, trying not to swat her panties as hard as he'd hit Anita's, but not sure he'd succeeded.

Sarita had been spanked often enough so she was relatively used to the pain, but pretended she was being tortured by the Guatemalan military as she usually did under such circumstances, and writhed and screamed at the top of her lungs. Juan was screaming in actual agony... to his surprise, this female tennis player hit a lot harder than his father had ever done in his rare uses of physical punishment. Stretched across Anita's bare legs, he loudly protested the treatment he was receiving for not having done much but watch. And, after the afternoon's leapfrog marathon it seemed he'd spent the whole day looking at Sarita's underwear.

Anita added, "Max, what did you say would happen if I uttered one more word?"

She and Max pulled down the children's underpants almost in unison, and continued the treatment. Juan screamed and struggled even harder, but Sarita actually quieted down. She ceased struggling and concentrated on clenching her buttocks tightly, to insure that they'd be all Juan would get to see. She wouldn't have put it past Anita to have arranged that deliberately...

At length Anita let Juan go and, not without some reluctance, Max did the same with Sarita. She immediately sprang to her feet, pulled up her panties, and screamed, "I'll tell the police! And my mother..."

"And lose your place in the movie!" retorted Anita. "Clever idea, but you didn't stop to think it also applied to you. As for your parents, I know some would indeed make trouble about the events of the day. But others would just give their kids another hiding, and I think I know which your parents would do." The look in both Sarita's and Juan's eyes made it clear she was right. "If they found out about this!"

Max's cellular phone rang, and he answered it. "Yes, we're going to film a few more scenes before it gets dark. Just with the leapfrogging kids... and a tennis player. Oh, and could you bring over some more chairs? My spare one, and three others." He paused a minute and added, "Try to get some with soft cushions."