Subject: New Story: Mandy Again F/f non-con
From: (Mike)
Date: 17 Jan 1998 14:37:08 -0800

Although I've headed this "New Story", it is only new in the sense that it has not previously been posted to ASS/SSS. It is a sequel to "Mandy Gets the Slipper" which was posted to ASS about three years ago. Both stories were written about ten years ago, so far as I can remember, well before I had internet access.

This is a fantasy story about parental CP. I do not approve of the corporal punishment of minors in real life.

Mandy Again!

Mrs Jackson had just walked out to her front gate when she saw her daughter, Mandy, coming along the road with her friend Sandra. Both girls were smoking cigarettes. As soon as she caught sight of her mother, Mandy stood still with shock. Mrs Jackson dashed up to the two girls, caught hold of her daughter, and half dragged her to the house. Sandra stood rooted to the spot.

Once inside the angry mother ordered Mandy to go to her room and stay there. Then she telephoned Mrs Grahame, Sandra’s mother, to tell her what she’d seen. "I’ll be dealing with Mandy," she said, "and I hope you’ll give Sandra what she deserves as well!"

Meanwhile, upstairs, Mandy was reflecting on this latest disaster. It was only a week since her first ever taste of her father’s slipper and, although her bottom had long since recovered, she certainly did not want a repeat dose so soon.

She changed out of her school uniform into her pyjamas, as she had done last time, and lay down on her bed to await her father’s inevitable, as it seemed to her, visit. But it was not her father’s footsteps but her mother’s that she heard outside her door.

Mrs Jackson entered the room without knocking. Her daughter looked up and saw that she was holding a wooden-backed hairbrush.

"Your father was obviously too gentle with you, young lady," she said angrily. "Let’s see if I can make more of an impression with this!"

Mrs Jackson sat down on the side of Mandy’s bed and told the daughter "Right! Over my knees!" But when Mandy made a reluctant move to do so her mother snapped out again: "Oh no, my girl. Not like that. Pull those pyjama trousers down first! If you act like a naughty little child then you’ll be punished like one, even if you are supposed to be thirteen years old!"

Biting her lower lip, Mandy obeyed. She knew better than to argue with her mother in this mood. Mrs Jackson surveyed her daughter’s white chubby bottom. As she had expected, no marks were left of her husband’s recent attentions.

Keeping a firm grasp on her daughter with her left hand, Mrs Jackson raised the brush high and brought it down with a sharp movement of her wrist onto the soft flesh of her daughter’s buttocks. A bright red patch immediately appeared, marking the point of contact.

Mandy squirmed in her mother’s grip and squeaked out at the sudden smart. She had hoped that a spanking from her mother would be a less painful experience than her recent slippering, but that first whack had really stung! It had taken several strokes of the slipper to accumulate the stinging effect of one slap of the hairbrush.

Mrs Jackson continued to whack the brush down with some ferocity, covering the entire area of both cheeks of her daughter’s bottom. Mandy was soon screaming and begging for mercy.

But her mother was inexorable. She didn’t know how many strokes she had already handed out, but her plan was to continue whacking her daughter’s bottom until her right arm was too tired to hold the brush! She continued to smack the hard oval of wood down hard onto Mandy’s wriggling and reddened behind. Each smack of the brush rang out like a pistol shot and Mandy’s anguished yells as she frantically struggled to break loose from her mother’s restraining grip were wilder and more desperate than those her father’s slippering had evoked.

Paul, Mandy’s brother, came home from school at this point. As he opened the front door he was greeted by his elder sister’s anguished voice yelling uninhibitedly. As he entered the hall he could also discern the regular Whacks as the speeding hairbrush met soft schoolgirl flesh. Obviously Mandy was being spanked!

Paul dropped his bag in the hall and ran upstairs to find out exactly what was going on. He stopped outside the closed door of his sister’s room. He could clearly hear the sound of each wallop landed and his sisters’ unrestrained response.

Mrs Jackson, meanwhile, was beginning to tire. She paused briefly to inspect her naughty daughter’s bottom. The entire area was bright red, it looked hot enough to glow in the dark! Mandy continued to struggle and yell even when the hairbrush remained quiescent. Her brother, outside, tried to look through the keyhole to see what was happening, but he could see nothing.

"Will you smoke again, Mandy?"

"Oww . . . no . . . no . . . never . . . please stop!"

"Well, make sure that you don’t!"

Each of these last six words was accompanied by a full-bodied whack which evoked an answering yell from the naughty girl. Finally, Mrs Jackson released her hold. Mandy stood on trembling legs and clasped her hands to her bare, blazing buttocks. Outside, Paul scampered back downstairs.

Unlike her husband, Mrs Jackson didn’t cuddle and kiss Mandy after her punishment. Instead she just warned her that in future any misbehaviour would result in another visit over her knee. Then she left the room and went downstairs.