Subject: Mandy Gets The Slipper M/f
From: (Mike)
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 1995 22:11:42 GMT

Mandy Gets The Slipper

NB This is a fantasy story about parental CP. I do not approve of this in real life.

Thirteen year old Mandy had been to her first Wimbledon that day. Now she was back home she was still excited by what she had seen. She wanted to practice her own tennis. Unfortunately she chose to do so in the living room.

Her mother had warned her not to play with a tennis ball inside the house, but Mandy was taking advantage of her temporary absence. The ball spun out of control as the girl hit it a little too hard. It smashed into a large vase, totally demolishing it. Just at that moment her mother came back.

"Mandy! Look what you've done now! Why don't you listen to me? Go straight up to your room and get changed!"

Mandy scampered away, glad to be getting away from her angry mother. Meanwhile Mrs Jackson began clearing away the mess, muttering angrily to herself.

Mr Jackson came home from work at 7 o'clock. His wife told him what had happened and asked him to go up and "deal with" Mandy.

"What do you mean 'deal with'?"

"I mean take your slipper to her. That girl gets away with murder! When I was her age I got the slipper from my father often enough!"

Mr Jackson thought that it really ought to be his wife's job to discipline their naughty daughter. He didn't object to spanking their son, Paul, but he had never slippered Mandy before. Still he would do what his wife had asked him, as he usually did.

He went upstairs to his bedroom and opened the cupboard door. He extracted the large leather slipper which until then had been reserved for Paul's punishments and walked over to Mandy's room.

His daughter was lying on her bed, wearing her pyjamas. She looked up as she heard her father's approach, and turned away as she saw what he was holding. She had feared that she might get the slipper, but had hoped that it wouldn't come to that.

"You've been very naughty, Mandy," her father began. "I know you've been warned lots of times about playing with balls inside the house. Now you've broken a valuable vase. When Paul broke a window last year I slippered him until he couldn't sit down! It's time you were taught a lesson, young lady!"

Mr Jackson sat down on the bed and made his daughter go over his knee. Her chubby bottom, clad only in lime-green pyjamas, was exposed and ready for punishment. He raised the slipper and brought it down slapping hard on the right side of Mandy's bottom. She squirmed slightly in his grasp but made no sound. He continued to whack the hard but flexible sole of the slipper down on alternate sides of his naughty daughter's bottom.

After only four whack s the whole of Mandy's bottom was stinging and tingling intensely. She started to cry quietly, but kept her mouth tightly closed - she didn't want her father to think she was a coward.

In fact his thoughts were quite the opposite. He had expected his daughter to make a terrible fuss. He decided he couldn't be hitting her hard enough and increased the force of the swats.

After a further six or so wallops Mandy felt that her bottom just couldn't take any more. It felt impossibly sore. She just had to yell out.

"OW!! Dad, please, no more! Have a heart!"

But her father felt relief at knowing he was getting through to her and continued spanking alternate cheeks with full force. Mandy began to struggle frantically and now constantly cried out in pain, but the slippering continued methodically.

At last, after about twenty swats, Mr Jackson put down the slipper. He lifted his sobbing daughter off his legs and cuddled and kissed her. "Just remember, Mandy, naughty children have sore bottoms!" he said. He told her to stay in her room and walked back down to rejoin his wife.