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We're baaaaaack.....

A fellow spanko who owns a Web hosting business offered to host the Corner for free, so it's back. I still don't have time to update it regularly, but it's still one of the biggest archives of spanking stories on the net.

Welcome to Laura's Spanking Corner, an archive of stories and other information related to erotic spanking. If you're under 18 (or the age of consent in your country) you shouldn't be here, but then you knew that already, didn't you?

For many adults, including your hostess, giving and receiving spankings and other types of corporal punishment is an intense, powerful,and often erotic experience. It can lead to intense trust, wonderful emotional releases, delicious naughty feelings, and a great deal of fun, sometimes sexual, sometimes not.

Saint Francis

These schoolgirl stories by Mary Catherine and Dean Michaels are lovely, and very close to some of my core fantasies. Yum.

Collegegirl Stories

This series by Lurking Dragon, set at a midwestern college in the 1970's, is one of my favorites.

Frequent Questions

You got questions? We got answers, on spanking, s/m, and more.


There are plenty of other web sites out there, from story sites, toy vendors, and home pages to support groups, publishers, and videos.


Laura's Spanking Corner is now hosted for free on an ISP run by fellow spankos. However, I still want to thank the sponsors who helped keep the site running in the past..

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