Subject: Teacher's Guilt (M/fff, paddle)
From: Solstice <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 11:17:45 UTC

Teacher's Guilt

Fantasy based on fact: by SOLSTICE (c) 1995

I had caught the three of them smoking under the stands in the gym. I won't bore you with detail. The unusual thing was they were the three prettiest girls in the high school. I teach in a strict southern school. Standard procedure was a severe paddling. But I was confused. Male teacher. Three adorable teen girls. There might be fallout.

I brought the culprits to my office and had them stand in front of my desk while I called the principal, an avid anti-smoking campaigner. She was casual. "No problem. Whack 'em," was the gist of what she said, "Just follow the school board guidelines." That meant I needed a witness. I went next door and got the pretty new teacher, Melissa Harvey.

I could tell from her worried look she was new to this. "You're just a witness," I assured her. "Note the number of times I paddle them and make notes about the circumstances: no clothing removed, no sexual suggestion, stuff like that, to protect the school." She said she understood and we went back to my office. The idea (according to faculty meetings) was to make it short and sweet. The school board legal limit was five swats. I hid my glee and the pangs of guilt I felt. As I handed Melissa a white pad to make notes on, both our hands were shaking.

Without belaboring the point, let me describe the girls. Deborah is a short, flat chested, extremely pretty girl with a turned up nose. She's a very athletic, blue eyed blonde, 18, and was wearing a plain blouse and a short, pleated dark skirt. Theresa is 17, taller, with dark brown hair and eyes. She has pretty, rounded features with a full butt, large breasts and sexy legs. She also wore a short, but very tight, black skirt and a dark blouse with a vest. Vickie, also 17, is the tallest of the trio. She has dyed, teased "big" blonde hair and gorgeous light blue eyes, with a small, but developing bosom. She is slightly fuller figured than the other two in the hips. Her taut, round, very feminine butt sort of stuck out sexily behind her. She was wearing tight white denim pants which accented her sexy ass and long legs. She also wore a V-necked shirt with long sleeves.

They were three young ladies that anyone would love to paddle. 'Spoiled rotten and conceited. But now they just looked scared. I pulled open the drawer of my desk and took out my wooden paddle. It is big enough to use on the guys on the football team, so it's a formidable instrument. It has a two handed grip, wrapped with friction tape, and is 20 inches long. It's five inches wide and almost a half inch thick with a half dozen small holes drilled in it. I brandished it and the girls appeared to shudder. I strode around the desk to them.

"Debbie, over the desk," I commanded. She was trembling. She batted her blue eyes at me, pleading. I was unmoved. It would be much more fun to whack her in the ass than to let her off. I could almost feel the gnawing in her stomach, the panic in her mind. Again I felt a pang of conscience. I enjoyed her distress. She unsteadily stepped forward as the other two young ladies shifted their gaze to the floor, as if there was something incredibly interesting there. I noticed Ms. Harvey was watching us intently and biting her lower lip.

"Elbows on the desk, head up, feet apart," I said forcefully. I didn't want any resistance. Deborah obeyed and in seconds her exquisite rump was sticking up, the light material of her skirt flowing over every sexy, rounded curve of her backside. I felt an erotic jolt shoot through me. I couldn't help noticing how shapely her bare legs were, pale and perfectly smooth. Her black shoes looked small and cute, with little one inch heels. I made her open her legs a little wider and she sighed. Then I set my feet, gripped the paddle with both hands and held it lightly against the area I was about to smack, getting a feel for the distance. I brought that big hunk of wood back and up above my right shoulder. Vickie turned her head to the side to look away. Theresa looked up.

As if in slow motion, I brought the heavy piece of wood whooshing downward in a big arc and accurately contacted Debbie at the meaty base of both of her exquisite ass cheeks. I felt the paddle smashing into the squishy, soft, girl flesh and her upturned ass jiggling sexily against the wood. Then, after what seemed an eternity, normal time seemed to return and I heard a tremendous POW!!!

Debbie shot forward as if she'd been kicked by a mule. The swat lifted her a few inches, her heels rising noticeably from the floor. I saw her hemline fly back and upward gracefully as the paddle forcefully dug into the seat of her skirt. The noise seemed to fill the room and reverberate around the walls. It sounded more like a small explosion than a smack to a girl's ass. Debbie made no sound at the first shot. True to school procedure, I kept paddling without let up. The second whack landed about a second and a half later, just as hard, and just as sweet to me! A second powerful blast rocked the teenager and a deep, sexy grunt was forced out of her. Debbie's small teenaged ass was solid. It had an exciting heft to it. It seemed so alive as it angrily pushed back each time the paddle kissed it! Her cheeks bounced and rolled for a long time before regaining their impudent shape under the skirt. Each time I whacked her, I felt a sexual thrill from head to toe that felt! something like a bolt of lightning.

For the next seven or eight seconds, haughty little Deborah Reese was in agony and I was in ecstasy, the seat of her skirt dancing this way and that under my merciless rain of forceful blows. On the third whack she burst out with a loud "OHH!" and shot so far forward that her pelvis was against the desk. She twisted her hips so that the left side was higher than the other. I swung away and caught her again, full in the base of her ass. I could see the paddle sink into her butt, leaving a momentary imprint in a rectangular shape and bunching the skin upward. She literally jumped up on her toes and screamed, angling her cute, hot butt the other way, her head snapping violently downward. It looked like a sexy hula to me and only succeeded in making me more determined to land the fifth shot as accurately and as hard as possible. Drunk with power, I swung again and savored the impressive impact.

The girl shot upright and spun around, her beautiful blonde hair flying and her hands pressing the seat of her skirt tightly against her bottom. It was apparent that I had lit her ass on fire. Her face was turned upward in agony, already flushed, and I saw tears squeezing out of her tightly closed eyelids. She half stumbled backward, hit the desk with her right hip and regained her balance, quickly putting her right hand on the desk top to steady herself. She sobbed. Melissa came over with a tissue and Debbie took it. The girl walked away very slowly, as if moving was painful, and stood next to Theresa. She daubed her eyes with one hand and placed the other on her blazing ass, crying softly. She was one seriously paddled young lady. Ms Harvey frantically scribbled away on the white pad.

"Theresa," I said, again pointing to the desk with the paddle. As she stepped forward I noticed she looked positively alabaster with fright. I thought to myself that this method was not the right way to discipline students, but put the idea quickly out of mind. The girl was obedient and got into position. Her tight skirt accentuated the roundness of her ass and her bending over like that was positively obscene! I noticed her hem was stretched tight against her gorgeous thighs.

"Head up!" I admonished and Theresa faced forward bravely. Her lovely, long, dark wavy hair pushed further down her back. I felt I was losing control due to the intensity of the experience and in the face of this blatant feminine beauty. My mind was racing, caught up in a jumble of emotions. I tried to concentrate on Theresa's vulnerable, upturned ass. I swung. The paddle whacked the girl's butt low, at the junction of ass and thighs. Theresa bent her knees and wiggled and I heard a loud breath escape her. To my right I noticed Vickie had jumped at the sound of the paddle. I guess she was anticipating being next. I quickly glanced at Ms. Harvey and noticed she was wincing. The bending girl readjusted her position quickly, opening her legs a little more, hunkering down and tightly gripping the far edge of the desk as if to brace for the next swat. She kept her head up, facing straight ahead. I heard the paddle whistle as it flew swiftly by my right ear. The flat woo! d caught her full at the bottom of her ass, lifting her and forcing heat and pain deep into her buttocks.

WHAM!! "MMMMMMMmm!" Theresa moaned loudly, obviously gritting her teeth. Theresa's rear end felt even firmer than Debbie's, probably because of the tightness of the skirt. The big piece of wood seemed to bounce directly back from her behind, not sink in the way it did with the other girl. I could feel her two distinct cheeks vibrating and rolling through the paddle and it was delightful.

SPLAAT!! "UHH!" Theresa grunted. The relationship between the swat and the instantaneous cry of distress was unmistakable. And her ass felt so satisfying. She shifted her weight on her feet and her luscious backside swung from side to side for a moment, as if she was tantalizing me with the target. I swung again, as if I was trying to hit a home run.

BOOM! The sound shot right off the girl's ass and around the small room, encircling us, dominating our attention. I noticed a small rip in the rear seam of Theresa's skirt where it curved over the fullest part of her hind end. A shiny black material showed through. Probably a slip, I thought to myself.

I was surprised to see Theresa suddenly get up, unabashedly rubbing her ass furiously. The top button of her blouse had come open and the lacy top of her well stuffed black bra was clearly in view. Her red rimmed eyes were watery and wide with pain and fright. "Wait, wait," she whispered, putting one hand out in front of her, palm toward me, as if to fend me off.

"No, Theresa, no waiting. Get back in, position!"

"Okay, okay," she said, resigned. I could see her lower lip was trembling and she was fighting to control herself. She shook her head silently back and forth but followed my order. She bent back over the desk. I swung extra hard for her last shot. THWACK!! The sweet sound of hard wood contacting firm, ripe, young feminine ass filled the room again. The rip in the seat of her skirt opened still further and I eagerly stared at the shiny material beneath. Then I realized I had unconsciously been smiling and quickly changed my expression, glancing furtively at Ms. Harvey to see if she noticed. She was scribbling on her pad again. I was sorry I couldn't give the girl more swats.

Theresa stood slowly, blinking back tears and mumbling "oh...oh...oh..." Her girlish ass was obviously ablaze and she stepped very slowly and awkwardly into line with the others. She looked dejected and defeated. Her arms were limp at her sides. Her pretty hair was mussed, the top of her blouse still open and she had a pathetic, painful look on her downcast face. She looked cute, sexy and pitiful all at the same time. Next to her, Debbie was still red eyed and blushing. In looking at all three girls, anyone could have picked out who had been paddled and who hadn't.

"Vickie, your turn," I said. By now I was totally confident and simply enjoying myself immensely. "Yes, sir," the girl said quietly and moved to the desk. I could hear the rustle of her clothes as she bent over. I had to catch my breath as she bent forward and the tight white denim stretched taut with the fullness of her shapely rear end. Her ass practically popped out in that position. It looked impossibly round. I could see faint panty lines, but not one wrinkle was visible on the seat of her pants. This was a lovely girl indeed. Her long legs went on forever. Her hair fell forward. Although she was in good position, I could not resist ordering her to open her legs further, just to assert my authority. She complied, shifted her weight a few times and took a deep breath. I braced myself and swung.

The paddle made a loud POP!! on the fullest part of Vickie's ass and she let out a loud "OW!! SHIT!!!" and went up on her tiptoes. Her big butt was rock solid, but surprisingly softer than the others and very, very feminine. Her head went down a moment, as if she was concentrating on the pain. I heard her murmur, "..oh..uh.." Then she faced straight ahead again.

WHAMMM!! "PLEEEASE!! DEAR GOD!!" Again she lifted onto her toes, her eyes tightly shut, a grimace plastered across her lovely face. She twisted her back for a second, then relaxed and resumed the position. I was getting great leverage out of the long handled paddle. It was wonderful! Her blouse fell out of the front of her pants and hung loosely down. I bent my knees and swatted her again and she jumped upward. "OH!! GEEEZ!!" she cried. I got a good glimpse up her blouse and clearly saw her cute breasts from underneath. They were pointing downward in a modest, lacy white bra. She lifted her right leg and stamped her foot. "I swear I will NEVER fucking smoke again!" she declared comically. I couldn't help but smile.

She stiffened again and I swung again. The paddle flashed across her ass. WHACKK!! "OHHHH! OWW!!"

As she was still in the throes of agony from the last swat, I reared back and swung hard once more.

SMACKK!! "OHH!! OH..oh..ohhh.." Vickie collapsed forward and rested her head on her arms for a moment. No one moved. Then she slowly drew herself up, as if drained of energy, and straightened her clothing, sniffling slightly.

She had never gotten out of position and didn't cry. I was actually proud of her! Because her pants were white, I swear I could see her backside glowing a hot pink right through her underwear and the jeans. When she finished tucking her shirt in, she did rub her well scorched ass and shot me a look with her eyebrows arched, as if to say, "Wow, you did a great job!"

For a moment, they all stood there, all three beautiful young women with their hands behind them trying to console their burning hind ends. I savored the moment under the excuse of lecturing them, then dismissed them.

Ms. Harvey, blushing hotly, gave me the pad. She had dutifully noted the number of swats, how the girls were dressed and how long the whole thing took. I asked her what she thought. She was ambivalent. She haltingly explained that she knew it curbed behavior, but felt it was cruel. She was also taken aback at the force of the blows. I later got reports that she became quite adept at swinging a paddle herself, particularly on many of the jocks at the school. I hope I wasn't a bad example to her. I got reports back that the three miscreants were well teased that day when news spread about what happened. Everyone saw they were having difficulty sitting. Debbie left school early, totally embarrassed. Her mom came and got her, but there were no complaints and no fallout. Theresa's mom mentioned the paddling at a later PTA meeting and I was worried, but then she said she was grateful because I helped prevent her daughter from smoking.. When I saw the girls after their punishment, they blushed, but acted okay. They didn't seem to resent me. Theresa became a sort of teacher's pet of mine. Vickie even joked a few times with me in front of other students about the time I "fried her butt real good" with my paddle.